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  • chevy4mechevy4me Member Posts: 203
    Anyone know how they got an extra 15 h.p. out of the 2000 5.3L ?
  • krallenkrallen Member Posts: 12
    Ordered 3/4 reg cab with everything July 8.

    Seems like 1/2 of options are in limited supply.

    Does anyone know about optional heavy duty auto trans option (995). I will plow snow. Also how is aux battery set up--With isolator for stuff like camper or in tandem with first battery?

    Has anyone had the shimmy problem with 3/4 ton?
  • wesley1wesley1 Member Posts: 17
    Hi, Since you brought it up, let me add my question. I also plow but haven't started down to my Western dealer to get the new fit kit for the old plow. I have the 6.0L and been wondering where the GM factory crams the second battery when you order it? The only place I see would be a tight fit at the passengers fire wall, I would have to mod the fender brace there.
    Any one out there with a second battery please let me know.
    As for wiring, on my last truck I had the deep charge marine type battery on an isolator to charge. I dedicate the plow to that battery and it worked fine.
    Here is WesternPlow's web site:
  • jimmyg1jimmyg1 Member Posts: 3
    My LT 1500 now has 700 miles. Been to the shop 4 times already. Still haven't fixed the pull to the right, the speaker/door panel rattles and now a very poor fit by the chevy bedliner I had installed. Does anyone else have these problems? I'm about ready to sell this vehicle and never buy Chevy again. The dealer has been extremely rude about fixing my vehicle. They see me driving in and roll their eyes. My advice to anyone considering a Silverado is don't buy. This is a low quality vehicle that looks great on paper but is a pile of [non-permissible content removed] in terms of build quality. GM workers apparently don't give a crap about good quality.
  • citroen7citroen7 Member Posts: 62
    After 3 not fixed problem occur you have the right to the lemon law review. If would write to your states Attorney General get the paperwork sent it registered letter return receipt to the dealer and demand 100% refund. Buy a GMC there built better.
  • bizmarkbizmark Member Posts: 2
    Well, my Silverado has been into the shop 5 times now for a disappearing squeek. The dealership hears it when I pull in, but can't find anything. It sounds like is is coming from the right front brake, but three technicians can't find the culpret. I'm meeting with the owner of the dealership on Monday to talk about the lemon law and what he can do (without lawyers getting involved). 2300 miles in 1 month, 3 lost days of work, 2 Saturdays, and I still don't have the truck I was promised..."a quality truck that should reach 300,000 miles without much difficulty". Yeah right.
  • 26andrew126andrew1 Member Posts: 93
    gmc and chevy come off the exact same line. different trim is the ONLY diff in them. Exact same trucks same people putting them together, same everything.
  • rwagonerrwagoner Member Posts: 338
    After only one month of ownership, I get to take my Silverado into the body shop. Seems a semi-truck blew apart an entire tire, which sent the tread into traffic on the freeway. I was able to avoid it by switching lanes but the stupid Honda driver (is that repetitive?) that was in front of me in the old lane ran right over it and sent it over to me.

    Luckily not too much damage. Needs a new left fog light and the plastic thing that goes under the bumper. A very small dent on the left side (I'm hoping the paintless dent remover guy can fix it).

    I hate retreads on semi-trucks!
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    No Dave, that large opening is so GMC can suck dead flies like the Dirt Devil it resembles.
  • whootazwhootaz Member Posts: 1
    I just got my new Chevy yesterday. Nice ride and a pretty penny but it should last me 10 years. Will keep ya up to date with how things are going.

    I could have boughten a 2000 but would have had to wait 8 - 12 weeks. Thus settled on a 99.
  • f220swiftf220swift Member Posts: 103
    I agree with Quad. Are you sure you are not thinking about the width of your mouth opening instead of grill openings. Go Chevy!
  • jeffthrojeffthro Member Posts: 35
    The larger grill of the GMC makes no difference in allowing more air flow. Dave, the last time I checked, both the GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado have IDENTICAL air intakes and IDENTICAL exhaust. To get more power, GMC needs to be bigger at both intake AND exhaust. This is basic street auto mechanics.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    Would you guys stop it with this Grill thing?

    Makes no difference.


    I love the Dirt Devil comment!...Best one I have heard yet!

    (Sorry Dave...It is true)

  • mfreemanmfreeman Member Posts: 37
    Dave's comment about they allow the engine to run cooler is probably true to a small degree, but people buy them because they look cool!

    The only thing wrong with the GMC is how long I have to wait for my Sierra 4wd 5.3, z71, extended cab to be built. This is going to be a painful 8 weeks. :(

    Mike F
  • planejaneplanejane Member Posts: 167
    Today is the day, do you get your truck today or not? What excuse do they have this time, if not? Its been 1 day short of 3 weeks for my order and they still can't give me an order number. What the heck. Tomorrow is Tuesday, I will check with the dealer again after the list comes out.

    Why won't GM pick up my truck for the line?

  • citroen7citroen7 Member Posts: 62
    differant factories entirely, same parts true, slower line, more QC, and a couple hundred more in price. plus a nicer grill. Bizmark, 5 times is a dealer problem other dealers could probably fix it. don't let them bully you. Write to the attorney general first BEFORE meetin the mangager and get another truck or refund. Try a GMC Sierra.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    A large grill and a tiny grill opening would make a difference. The 2 are so close..No difference will be noticed. Todays air inductions come from other tubes anyway. With Oil/Trans/coolers also...Dream on that a GMC will be faster!


    My truck will be built the WEEK of august second (today). Could be today...could be friday! Once it is built My dealer will have an instant invoice sent to him electronically. It is being built about 25 miles from my dealer...but will take "hopefully" a week to be delivered from the day it is built. So hopefully it is built today or tomorrow...and by next wed/ will be in my Clutches!!
    You should be hearing something soon about an ORDER date will be much longer.
    I'd guess about Halloween or so you will have a truck.

    Good Luck

  • rwagonerrwagoner Member Posts: 338
    No. Not true.
  • rwagonerrwagoner Member Posts: 338
    It is interesting reading the Tundra board "Welcome Toyota Tundra." I especially like the way facts are presented, as in "The Tundra gets batter gas mileage no matter what the EPA says."

    I feel sorry for Toyota buyers (and import buyers in general). They have never experienced a real car or a real truck. My wife's family was like that ... she grew up driving only Hondas. Thought they couldn't be beat ... until she drove a Sebring Convertible and my old S-10. Now she knows what power, comfort, and long-term reliability really mean. We don't have to spend $300 very few months for "maintenance" like we did on her Integra.

    I wonder if Toyota will see their small truck sales decline with the new Tundra?
  • jeffthrojeffthro Member Posts: 35
    Yeah, I know the feeling. I have a production date of August 30th for my 4.8L Silverado. It is being built in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I'm hoping by 2nd week of September it will be delivered pending my verification and approval of the invoice. Good luck with your delivery.
  • dalynndalynn Member Posts: 1
    I've had nothing but trouble with my 99 Silverado with 8,000 miles. Vibrations at highway speed, turned out to be out of round tires. Turns out GM admits that there is a suspension problem that makes the truck more susceptible to out of true tires. Goodyear says its not the tires as the same tires are used on Ford and Jeep. Now the instrument cluster went nuts, idiot lights flash on and off at will, and others won't work at all. Dealer has had truck 30 days, says vendor GM uses is swamped trying to fix them. I asked for a new one and he said I'd have the same trouble with a new one. So GM must be putting marginal panels in existing production trucks while they try to figure out final fix. Good Luck with yours, I just traded for a Ford 150..... PS. It took GM 5 months to replace bad tires, and that was with me calling Customer Help line approx. 9 times.
  • anne5anne5 Member Posts: 1
    Just picked up a truck last week. The sheet metal on the tailgate of the truck, underneath the latch is distorted. Obviously a manufacturer defect. I will be contacting the dealer and follow the procedures to get this fixed. But I am wondering if anyone else has taken a close look and noticed this as well?
  • rhinncrhinnc Member Posts: 66
    Out of 22 new trucks on the dealer lot..22 had what you are talking about. Seems some colors show the dent worse than others. My 99 Z71 looks no better, or worse than the others.

    Looks like when they "punched" the hole for the tailgate latch the metal deformed somewhat.

    By the way, check out a 98 or earlier as well. Keep in mind you have to have a reflection on the spot just right, but there are some on those models as well.
  • rwagonerrwagoner Member Posts: 338
    Every truck I have seen has the same distorted metal on the tailgate. Chevy assistance says they have received no complaintes other than mine. There is reinforcement at the problem points, so the "Paintless" dent removers I have used in the past can't fix it; the ones that use suction can't do anything either. Seems nothing can be done unless the panel is repaired by a body shop and repainted, something I don't think I want ... factory paint always seems better than repainting.

  • anthonysanthonys Member Posts: 8
    You must do all that sleeping you talk about at the wheel!!!! Last time I checked the Chevy 3/4
    could have the exact same 6.0L engine with the exact same torque curve!!! Problem is, the GMC is heavier than the Chevy!!! I certainly have no problem with the Fords and Dodges breathing both Chevy *AND* GMC exhaust, however you would be hard pressed to say GMC is any faster than a comparably equipped chevy!!! My guess is you have never been side by side with a Chevy,(no doubt behind it!!!)
    but if you had, I could clearly argue that your
    GMC would fall behind in looks as well!!!
    CHEVY RULES!!!!!
  • planejaneplanejane Member Posts: 167
    If I have to wait til Halloween to get my truck, I will turn into a witch! No, all kidding aside, it was what I figured. Any longer than that would be unacceptable. DOn't you agree? I wonder if any GM people (the ones that give a dam) read this Edmunds site - wouldn't it be interesting - GM reads all of our personal comment, praises and complaints. This must be the message board for ANY car manufacturer who is interested in REAL consumer reactions on their products.

    To tell you the truth, I don't want to make you crazy with my impatience, but I do feel lost in the sea of "Silverado-Land". Would love to get behind the wheel of mine sooo bad, and finally - FINALLY - well, drive it around - I guess. You know what I mean. I feel like in the entire U.S. - of ALL the dealers out there (thousands?) there is no other truck like what I want and need! I keep thinking in the back of my mind, there is ONLY 1 ASSEMBLY LINE, and they can't keep up with the orders, all the Bowtie Guys aren't getting any sleep trying to build trucks to keep up with demand. I mean what's the deal here? It seems like Ford and Dodge, as secondary as "we" think they are, aren't having trouble making delivery.

    What is the solution for this, people shouldn't have to wait this long. 10-12 weeks, tops is long enough, now when people are waiting for Chevy's for 3-6 months or longer, who the heck has all this patience - then you can't even find one on a lot cause the selection sucks. Yes, I am complaining - OK, I will shut up now.

    :-| Just me, Cindy

    I can't wait til you get your truck, I am anxious to experience it with you. Keep me posted.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    Chill Girl!

    I would imagine before Halloween...but don't be surprised...I am hearing 8-14 weeks for them now.

    There are 3 Assembly lines...not 1
    There is Pontiac,Michigan..Canada..and somewhere else in the US that escapes my mind right now!

    Problems are not recovering from the strike yet..and the fact that the system sux! The union guys have a quote to build x amount of trucks per day..they build them in about 6 hours..and go home getting paid for 8...They want GM to get better euipment in some plants so they can work 4 hours and get paid for 8. What is wrong with the picture here? So they are getting plenty of sleep. Some Ford and Dodge trucks are hard to get as well.

    GM would like all truck sales to be Out of stock. They have made the GM discount less attractive to order VS out of stock.

    Selection doesn't suck dealer has at least 30 Silverados in stock. Most LS..a few Base..and a few LT's. Pretty much most popular options to satisfy most everyone...(except someone who wants a 3/4 LT or an LS with rubber floor)

    So keep chillin' and it will be here soon! I'm not sure if hanging out here makes it better or worse?

    You are anxious to experience MY truck with me??..You are pumped up...aren't you? You can't want mine more than me though...I think?

    Good luck

  • bogradybogrady Member Posts: 7
    Several others have had this problem. There's a post the Silverado forum (forum #604, post #305)about this. Forum #656 is devoted to this. It's a problem with the axle seal. It has nothing to do with the brakes. Have the seal lubricated and voila! the problem goes away.
  • citroen7citroen7 Member Posts: 62
    true, GMC factory, Oshawa, Canada. They don't make chevies there.
  • citroen7citroen7 Member Posts: 62
    correct me if I'm wrong
  • mksalemmksalem Member Posts: 42
    My '99 Silverado (not Sierra) was built in Canada 12/99 - It even came with dried up maple leaves in the bed, eh . . .
  • rwagonerrwagoner Member Posts: 338
    Since my Silverado was built at Oshawa, I doubt its an all-GMC plant. It would make no sense to have a special factory for only GMC when (relatively) so few are sold. There are not enough GMCs produced to require a full plant. That's not a knock on GMC, mind you ... had I liked ANY of the local GMC dealers I might have bought one. Combine GMC with Chevy and suddenly Ford is 2nd place.


    Who gets his truck back from the body shop tomorrow ... good as new. Damn big rig tire treads. (Thank you State Farm).
  • rwagonerrwagoner Member Posts: 338
    By the way, have I mentioned lately how much I like my (Canadian) Silverado? 1800 miles with no complaints. Still have to get used to the anti-lock brakes, though...

    Anyone have thoughts on synthetic oil in the trucks in a mild climate (Southern California)?

  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    Sierras and Silverados are built on the same assembly line, including Oshawa Ontario.

    The size of the grill opening makes no difference to horsepower. As Mgdvhman says, the induction draws cool air from a hole inside the right front fender, not the air inside the engine bay that was heated by the radiator, condensor coil, transmission cooler, power steering cooler etc.

    Hardly any girls prefer the GMC, that's why they call you the one-percenters!
    Pucker up!
  • cdeancdean Member Posts: 1,110
    Arlington is the other GM plant, right smack dab in between Dallas and Fort Worth. but I'm not sure if the pickups are made there. I know the '98 Chevy's were made there, haven't been by and just can't remember what the retool was. I think plans were to make the new Tahoes and Suburbans there, whether pickups come out too, i just can't remember off hand.
  • desertrat1desertrat1 Member Posts: 3
    Took delivery of a 1500 Silverado in June. This truck is a 4x4 and I noticed in the owners manual that the air dam must be removed for heavy going in the rock and sand, etc. When I looked at that thing, I noticed that you cannot use a high lift jack on the front bumper when the air dam is in place. So when you need it (stuck in a mud hole), I guess you get to crawl right into the mud to remove the piece of plastic, or what? Does anyone know how or if a high lift jack can be used on this truck? The book also says that the air dam has some effect on airflow and should be left on. Looking at it, I have my doubts. Anyone with information on that??
  • chevy4mechevy4me Member Posts: 203
    My Silverado was built at the Fort Wayne, Indiana plant.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    99 3/4 Silverado's/tahoe's/Burbs/Escalades all came from Arlington.

    3/4 Silverados have been moved to Pontiac for 2000.

  • planejaneplanejane Member Posts: 167
    Well, yeah, your truck is like similar to mine, alot of Posters here have 1/2 tons with plenty of comments (good and bad) on them. I want to know how your 3/4 ton does for you. I could opt for a red 3/4 LS at a dealer nearby - but they somehow racked 350 miles on the darn truck already (a '99) - makes me think the salespeople have been taking it for a joyride, its probably got more miles on it now.

    So, let me know as soon as you get yours, how you like it and whats good about it. COnsidering its a new model '00 - I want to know all the skinny on the new radio, and any other features that the 99 doesnt have. So, yes, hurry up and get yours.

    :) Being here does make it better (no one else I know would talk "silverado talk" with me.) They just don't understand. I say, if I had all the money in the world, I would still be driving a Silverado. This is my dream vehicle. Hey, for a girl, I should be talking about shopping, nail polish or something. Right?

  • rhinncrhinnc Member Posts: 66
    rwagoner said:"Anyone have thoughts on synthetic oil in the trucks in a mild climate (Southern California)?"

    I have used Mobil 1 in every vehicle I have owned. However, I think I will break my tradition with my new Chevy Silverado Z71 4x4.

    After reading countless posts on synthetic vs regular oils I have come to the conlusion the following:

    1-If you are going to use your vehicle in an extreme condition use synthetic. (Towing, heavy 4x4 use, etc.)

    2-If you use regular oil and change it every 3000 miles you will protect your engine and warranty.

    With the recent price increase for Mobil 1 (at least in North Carolina) I find it harder and harder to justify using synthetic oils in the crankcase.

    Just my 2 cents worth.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    Keep the shopping talk outa here!
    No nail polish talk here!

    About the only similar thing would be maybe explaining how Lipstick got on my clothes!..LOL!!

    That Red 99....if it's been around a may have that mnay miles just from a few test rides...It could also be a dealer trade from several miles away and it was driven there. I drove the ones i tested for about 12 miles each!...You can't get a feel going around the block.
    My buddy got a better lease deal that I could get on his 40K Z71 Tahoe. Silverado is only 34K (MSRP). You may get one hell of a deal. In no time at all you are going to have 350 miles on it anyway?
    Look into it....perhaps you can be styling before me?

    I'll have pics with web links the day I get it.

    I want you to be sitting down when you see them!..LOL!!!

  • gunsite1gunsite1 Member Posts: 2
    I've had my Silverado about two weeks, it's a 1500 extended cab LT, Z71, SB, 5.3L, light pewter. I've added a Rhinoliner and nerf bars (steps). This is a great truck and I hope it doesn't disappoint me like the 97 Ford F150 Lariat it is replacing. Ford is having to buy the truck back after I won an arbitration based upon the infamous piston slap problem. It was beyond annoying as it was getting louder and the engine had started running rough and surging. Ford said they couldn't fix it so now I'm a happy Chevy owner. I would have bought a Chevy in 97 if they had been making a truck like this. After doing a lot of research I'm convinced this is the best truck available.
  • jeffthrojeffthro Member Posts: 35
    Just liike chevy4me, my Silverado 1500 xtcab is being built in A M E R I C A. . . Fort Wayne, Indiana. Hoosier Country! Get get more American than that!
  • jeffthrojeffthro Member Posts: 35
    ....oops! Got too excited...I meant "Can't get more American than that!
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    I just bought Mobil-1 5W-30 in the 5 quart container at Wal Mart for $14.97.
  • agillisagillis Member Posts: 3
    I am ordering a 2000 Silverado 2500. Two questions
    to owners of the 99. How does the 6.0 L do on
    gas. Can I change the stock LT 245's to LT265's
    without messing up the ABS or any other electronics
    on the truck.

    Anything else to look out for?
  • white6white6 Member Posts: 588
    If anyone is interested, I just read in "Automobile" that the 2000 Silverado 5.3 liter gets a 15 hp boost to 285 hp. Also, programable power door locks. If anyone has had to live with a '99, they know how irritating it is to have to manually unlock the doors every time you exit the vehicle.
  • billengineerbillengineer Member Posts: 2
    What is the difference between the Chevy and the GMC trucks? There is about $1151 difference in the base price for what appears to be the same truck. 1500, Ext Cab, 4.8L, 5 speed, 4WD, 6 1/2 Bed, 3 door, TK15753/CK15753, SLE/SL. What do you get for your money when buying a GMC truck that you do not get with the Chevy truck?
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    I don't know Billengineer, but I believe when they are comparably equipped, they are comparably priced. I believe the base GMC model comes with more stuff standard.

    The '99 door locks are "programmable" also. The dealer has to do it though. Is this different on the '00?
  • goodbidgoodbid Member Posts: 8
    hey gang, just picked up my 2000 LT 2500 extended cab longbed today. what a dream. sweet. rides and drives like you're floating on air. got it in red. ordered it in jan 99 from dealer and it took chevy until mid june to accept the order. was to be a 99, but got a 2000 instead. i am very happy with this truck. built last week of june and arrived at dealer 3 august. built in pontiac. dealer was super and truck looks and runs fantastic. 4.10 rear end, 6.0 liter. boss truck.
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