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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • I use my emergency brake when parking in my garage. My floor is on an incline and if I don't use the emergency brake, the van rolls forward a couple of inches. I noticed that it was hard shifting from Park to Drive with all the weight of the van on the trans. I highly suggest using the emergency brake when on uneven surfaces to prevent future trans. problems.
  • kimo9kimo9 Posts: 71
    I, too, have an incline on my drive way. I will stop the vehicle, engage the emergency break, take my foot off the brake pedal, then put the vehicle in neutral for a few seconds....this ensures that the brake is taking on the weight.....then put it into park. If you put on the brake and immediately shift to park while stepping on the brake pedal, the trans is still taking on a lot of the stress. In doing this I've not had any problems shifting into gear from park.
  • I do exactly as you by putting the car into neutral after applying the emergency brake to let the brake take the weight of the car and not the transmission.

    I am also trying to make sure after reversing, that I let the car come to a complete stop before changing the gear into drive.

    After reading about the problems with the Ody transmissions, I am trying to change my driving habits, to put the least stress on the transmission as I can.
  • We have had the same transmission "knocking" problem with our 2002 Odyssey and this is with the emergency brake used on a flat parking surface. It really only started over the last couple of months. I am also noticing some gear slippage between 2nd and 3rd. The van is going in for routine servicing next week and I am having them look at the transmission. I want my concerns documented if there is ever an issue in the future. Will let you know what the dealership says.

    We also have a 1998 Pathfinder (this was supposed to be the family vehicle until we had three Kids in 2 years!). The reliability has been superb and the transmission will not 'knock' when shifted into reverse from park even if it is -25 outside. It is hard for me not to compare the Honda to the Nissan in this regard, despite being completely different types of vehicles.

  • kimo9kimo9 Posts: 71
    Should we assume that the "knocking" or "thumping" that happens when shifting into reverse is necessarily a bad thing?

    I know that the ABS brakes shudder like crazy when they engage, but that is how they are designed.

    Just a thought.
  • Yes my 2002 Honda Odyssey also has a very harsh shift into reverse. This message is a reply to an earlier post. I also tried to let the idle drop but it does not help. Even when temperature outside is not that cold the transmission will still bang very hard into reverse. My Odyssey is right now sitting at the dealership waiting for a new transmission. Thank God its under warranty.
  • oxieoxie Posts: 1
    My new 2004 Odyssey purchased Jan. 2, and mine does exactly what yours is doing. Dealer says this is a "characteristic" of this transmission. I believe that this 5 speed has been in the newer Odysseys for about a about 18 months. I'd like to hear from other 2003-2004 owners that are having this problem. Thanks!
  • I bought my 2004 EXL on Dec.03 and have same harsh shift from Park to Reveerse. Like many posts, it only happens once a day when it is parked overnight in my garage. My garage does not have any incline and it does not help when I shift into neutral first and into reverse. Others have mentioned that this is a cold issue so I am waiting until spring to see if this problem still exists. I don't know if I believe this is "characteristic" of this transmission. Pilot owners have mentioned similar type of problem and I am going to search the 2004 Saturn Vue board since they are using the "Honda" 3.5 liter and same 5 speed transmission.
  • I live in Southern, CA. I have an 04' Ody EX-L RES. No shifting problems so far with just over 6000 miles. I will keep in touch.
  • Has anyone had to replace the converter on their '99 Oddyssey? My EX has just over 100K on it. Honda said we need a new one (They checked the code, since the check engine light came on).
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,588
    That's a fair number of miles for a cat.

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  • indy93indy93 Posts: 97
    We are in the market for a new van to go along with our 91 Previa (238K. no drivetrain repairs ever). Like the the 04 Ody the best... can we trust the Ody to give us 100k - 150k without trans replacement?
  • smp3smp3 Posts: 1
    My 2000 Odyssey needs a third transmission! It is going to take 3 weeks to get it. When I called Customer Service to request a rental, i was told that they would contact me within 4 days.
    They have yet to call me.

    When i called them back, I was given the name of the person who was assigned the case. I was assured he would call me. Well, numerous more calls by me,and a detailed fax, yet, no one has called back. The different people who I spoke top took varying levels of interest from very sympathetic to total disinterest. One person told me that in fact they contacted the repair shop and were told that the transmission was replaced in 2002 and I have not been back there for two years. He would not believe me when I told them him that i was in fact at that shop four days earlier with the same problem and they again told me I needed a transmission. He also stated that they had earlier called the wrong repair shop who stated that I was there 4 months earlier

    I told the customer rep, why didn't anyone call me so i can clarify the misinformation., I was assured that I would get a call back. I am still waiting.

    This is frustrating and would hope that a Toyota Sienna will have less aggravation.

    I fail to understand why my 88 accord has to be more reliable then a 2000 Odyssey., or, Why customer service is apparently as efficient as the transmission on my Odyssey!
  • Have you tried to contact the zone manager? Perhaps you can set up a meeting between yourself, the dealership and the zone manager to resolve this issue instead of going through customer no service.
  • lisalisa Posts: 10
    Been going thru posts of the past year and not 100% ure of the tranny problem symptoms...

    I have an 00 Ody. I noticed it "lurching' at slower speeds. Dealer checked it and says no tranny problem... This weekend I noticed (after a long road trip) that when I accelerated the rpms went WAY up and my car wouldn't shift, then immediately shifted and lurched forward. The check engine light came on. I drove it this way for several miles. The problem goes away at high speeds (55+) then when I drive at lower speeds, the same problem - won't shift, hight rpms, lurching. When I put it in 2nd gear, it's okay.

    I'm going to insist (on Monday) that this IS a transmission problem that needs attention. Does anyone know if these are classic sypmptoms of a tranny problem? This 00 Ody is my first automatic car in over 20 years. I know when the clutch fails...but transmissions are new to me!

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  • rbell2rbell2 Posts: 180
    Hard to believe it is not a transmission problem. Could possibly be a "computer chip" problem that is not controlling the transmission shifting properly. Try and get the Honda Service Manager in the car and take him for a drive and try and make the car act up with him in it. If you do this and still do not get a good response, call Honda Customer Care and complain Big Time and provide names and locations.

    Good luck.
  • Can you use the 5sp AT which is used in the 2002 and later model in 1999-2001 model? Is there a compatibility issue with housing or software. Just curious. So far no problem with my 2000 odyssey, but crossing my fingers.

  • antonioantonio Posts: 12
    Should we or shouldn't we?
    Here is what I know so far! (From what I've read)
    - Bad transmissions from 1999 - 2004. Make sure previous owner has taken care of sched maint. and see if they have actually done the trans job yet or not!
    (If I am driving one, what shouold I do to see if the trans. symptom is there?)
    - Faulty electric door locks on 1999 & 2000? ANy more info?
    - Anything else I should look out for if testing one out?

    Many Thanks,

    Antonio (^_^)
  • rbell2rbell2 Posts: 180
    Look at the recent Consumer Reports magazine that just came out. It shows several years of reliability data for used cars and does not show a problematic transmission with the Ody. Personally, I would consider buying a used Ody beginning with the '01 model. I own a '03 and no problems so far.

    Good luck!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    Things have a way of getting overblown in these forums. The VAST MAJORITY of Odysseys have and won't have transmission problems.
  • carguy1234carguy1234 Posts: 233
    What do you think of the information that Alabama plant worker over in Odyssey: Future Models has been disseminating? He talks about a design defect the Ody trans had and the Alabama plant found it, but the Canadian plant had already shipped lots of product before it was caught.

    Go read some of his posts and see what you think - is his stuff legit?
  • The check engine light of my 2000 Odyssey with 96,000 miles began to go off and on in November. By December it was staying on. I suspected O2 sensors since it was time for them to go and this was the same failure sequence I'd seen on two other vehicles. The dealership parts department acted like I was an idiot as "we haven't had to replace those". I then paid for the diagnostics and was told the catalytic converter was failing. Before paying over $700, I decided to replace the O2 sensors anyway. The rear sensor that plugged into the catalytic converter was very badly fouled. Hmmm! Now the check engine light is off and I don't notice any performance problems. I also decided to replace the PCV valve and got the same answer - 'we've never had to replace those'. I decided to do it anyway and found it to be all clogged up. It cost less then $5 to replace and a little effort to find where it was hidden under the engine cover.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    Where is this guy posting? You never know if these guys are for real, a disgruntled ex-employee or the competition.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    Look for posts by Bambaboy over in Honda Odyssey Owners: Future Models.

    Steve, Host
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    I did go over to that forum and I read his postings. I have no idea if he is for real or not.

    I have to wonder how Honda management feels about his loose lips especially when related to upcoming new product.
  • dannodanno Posts: 114
    Sounds like he is for real IMHO. I am sure Honda management would love to shut him down.
  • Seems like we have the same symptoms with our '99. Haven't replaced the O2 sensor or the PCV. Does anyone know if there is an EGR in this vehicle as well?
  • paul8paul8 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 ODY with 43000 miles on it. The transmission failed, it would not change from 2nd gear to 3rd. This lasted 5 days and finally the check engine light illuminated. The good news is Honda replaced it for zero cost to me. I am disappointed though. Bought a Honda for their reliability. Anyone else having problems with the new transmission?
  • In the last week, two times, I've had the transmission slip (it appears) at around 30 mph when shifting gears (I presume from 2nd to 3rd). It basically starts to shift, but instead behaves as if in neutral, with the rpms continuing to climb, but no acceleration. I have to let off of the accelerator, which seems to allow it to shift, then continue on.

    I'm only at 35K miles and plan to take it in soon. Anyone in the Houston area had this looked at before and able to recommend a dealer that won't give me a hard time?
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