2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    In the words of C. Montgomery Burns, "Excellent!"

    From my recent experiences, I would definitely advise gathering up your data and preparing your bid(s), then calling straight in to the internet manager. From what I have seen, these are the guys (kinda like fleet managers) who are prepared for the well-prepared, and will just sell without expending much time or too much hassle. Therefore, less time equals less money spent, and the profit margin can be smaller on a unit if it means total units go up because of the enlarged marketplace the dealer can now reach.

    In consideration of the above, I would also respectfully submit that you have good numbers, don't try to lowball, as they will know it, and don't plan to waste too much of their time haggling. I agree-you should do well, and I think you are getting good offers in return!

    Interestingly, my last car was a Camry, like yours. What a leap!

    Best of luck
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    Life is short. So I felt now is the time to get 530i. My wife thinks I am nuts and going through my midlife crisis... I said, "What is your point?"

    The Camry is my third and a very reliable car as you know. When my wife got a new 2002 Maxima last year, it was so much nicer, faster, had leather... & was not that much different in price from the Camry's. I started thinking then that I NEED a new car...lol I also started seeing more & more OLDER people (I'll turn 49 in Dec) driving them. I don't want to drive a grandpa car!
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    Thank you, mch2, for the info regarding shipping/transport. This definitely gives me a baseline to work from.
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    I bought the following car on Saturday:

    stick shift
    premium package
    sports package
    premium sound

    I paid $41,800 for the car ($45,700 out the door). The dealer also agreed to install Sirius satellite radio at cost (a surprisingly high $470).

    I bought the car at Allison BMW in Mountain View: good service, no hassle, no problems. Like sawxray, I had an awful experience at two other Bay Area dealerships (not SF BMW as in sawxray's case). I made an offer on a car on Dealer A's lot which he declined. I went to Dealer B, which had nothing on the lot (stick shifts are hard to find) but agreed to sell me the car on Dealer A's lot at the same price which the first dealer declined, assuring me there would be "no problem" in getting the car. Needless to say, Dealer B called five days later to tell me that he couldn't get the car. My problem with Dealer A: apparently he refused to trade the car to the other dealer, figuring that I would go back to him and offer a higher price. Also, I could never get him to give me a price: how do you expect to sell something when you don't quote a price? My problem with Dealer B: he took five days to tell me that I couldn't get the car, and then he tried to switch-pitch me to what he had on the lot.

    BTW, I love the car -- my old car is a 1991 525i which I bought new twelve years ago and paid $32,600 for. Twelve years later and only $9000 more will get you a car immeasurably better than my 5251 (which I still love -- can't sell it, it's part of the family now).
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    I just got quoted a bank acquisition fee of $725 on a lease that we had agreed to on all other terms on a 540i. Is this fee typical?? HELP!!
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    Three separate transactions...
    (1)I metioned in prior posts that I was receiving quotes back from "fax attack" to the dealers. Man does thing work! I have had even more responses and better pricing! I have a couple of quotes now down to $1,000 profit! (i.e. of the $4000 incentive, they will give me $3000).
    (2) I have my own financing set up ahead of time (with AAA @ 3.79% for 60 months). One dealer said they would even give me their "buy rate" of 3.49%!
    (3) I even have some of them giving me prices on my "potential" trade if I don't sell it. Since the trade will save me about $1000 in sales tax, I figure I may trade it if I get a reasonalbe offer on it.
    I can't recommend enough the fightingchance.com program to anyone buying ANY car. This is really a fun way to buy a car (if there is such a thing!)
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    Post your question in this discussion in FWI:

    Lease Questions: Ask Here

    Hope this helps!
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    Hello folks!

    I am in the middle of a lease negotiation on a 330i. I am being told that as of July 7th, BMW increased it's lease acquisition fee from $500 to $1,000. Ouch! Is this valid? For what it's worth, I am in New York State.

    If anyone here knows the answer, I would greatly appreciate your help.

    Best regards!
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    Does anyone have any thoughts about possible bugs in 1st year of production of the 04 5 series? The 525/530 seem to have carry over motors but the 545 is a revamped 540 engine?
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    I am looking at 530i w/ sport/prem/cold/step/rear sunshade/split fold down/xenon for $43450 vs audi a6 2.7t w/ prem/Bose/cold for $42500. Any opinions?
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    I wouldn't let the improved 4.4 bother me. It's currently used in the 7 series, so most bugs have been worked out. It's the rest of the car being new that would get my attention.

  • joatmonjoatmon Member Posts: 315
    The current 5 is a classic with proven reliability and performance is hard to beat. If a drive of the five gets your juices flowing, it's a no brainer. If not, the 5 still sets the standard in it's class for performance, handling and ride. Only downside to the 5 - will you like driving a non-current model come September? The Audi has a great interior and is nice overall, but it misses the target 5 series.

    Happy motoring,

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    I am currently in negotiations for a 530i auto, premium package and xenon lights. I live in the LA area and have spoken to 2 different dealerships (alhambra, Glendale) and both have been frustrating. Recently, I talked to the Internet Sales manager at the Irvine dealership. This guy has been great.. very straightforward and willing to do whatever it takes to earn your business. Any thoughts on what would be a good price? I'll keep everyone posted as soon as I get some numbers from him. Thanks!
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    The other thing that you might consider about the Audi is the overall reliablity of the make. If you are only keeping for 4 years, it may not be a concern, since I believe they are now offering a maintainance program like BMW's.
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    The above post by the car dealer seems to be what I have been experiencing. The dealer closest to me is only willing to go to $1000 under invoice. Others about an hour or two away have given prices with $3000 BELOW invoice. This boils down to how much of the dealer incentive ($4000 on 530i's) do they need to get. The dealers farther away seem to look at this as a "found sale" and are more accomodating than those closer. Here is what I have been doing...send faxes to the gen sales mgr, fleet mgr or internet sales mgr. (most wind up giving it to a salesperson) Give him the car info you want and list out the MSRP & Invoice pricing for the car. The serious dealers will start to call, email or fax you back with offers. Good luck.
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    Have either of you given consideration to the thought to holding off on a purchase of 03' 530i and waiting for 04'? I know the sales mgr isn't buying but would like his input from a client advisor postion on this if possible. Don't factor looks of 04' if you can because there are some big plus sides to the 04's..ex: cast aluminum, etc.

    The reason I ask is that I have narrowed my decision down to 2 vehicles. 530i/X5 3.0(one child and one on the way brought this machine into the formula) My side of the debate is there is plenty of room in the 530i, etc, etc. Besides I am anti SUV type to boot but if I have to have one then I am sticking with BMW due to personal experience. I mean how hard could the parking lot be on one?(laughs out loud) I hope when the tests drive are done she'll like the 530i enough but you never know. I ask the age old above because if you buy a 03' now and the 04's are coming stacked up....will the 03's not drop faster in value when you factor in they are trying to move them out? I would buy the 03' but not at October 02' price. You lose a MY year without ever driving plus day one onset of depreciation? The deal has to be very right for me and 1k under invoice isn't enough considering there is good money in the trunk on these cars. Would it be wise to wait on the 04's IF you like the look well enough. I am in a quandry myself at this point. Won't go wrong with either in my opinon but could get hammered on the deal this late? Add to this the mkt last year and October is just around the corner and that has been historically rough on the economy. What hadn't. I just think there are and will be plenty of cars to go around out there? I don't monitor this as a living but it looks to be a buyers mkt and with the 04's waiting to hit the ground? Will there be incentives to buy those too?

    BTW, IF it were solely up to me...I would get a 1995 525 and let the kids puke in that but the wife will be driving this one mainly. There not getting in mine. ;-)

    Sorry to be so long but I think 03' vs 04' values have to be considered this late in the game.
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    I have a 2 year old and a 6 year old. The wife hauls them around in an X5. She chose it over the 530i and 525iT. All 3 were great cars, but the X5 has a lot more room in the rear seat area. The cargo area is small for an SUV/SAV, but is still bigger than the trunk on my 530i.

    When it's the 4 of us, 90%+ of the time we take the X5 because of the room. BTW, the X5, IMHO, has a nicer interior than the 530i. Just seems to be a notch higher. It feels more luxurious.

    Happy motoring,

  • billfishbillfish Member Posts: 16
    Always helps when you get input from people in very similar situations.

     I know we won't miss with either a 530/X5 so I will be comfortable with the decision......and besides I won't have to listen to the trunk SLAM! on the 530 if she really wanted the X5. ;-)

    Thanks again for your insight.
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    I'm being quoted the above for 530i, auto, premium and Xenon

    Or should I hold out for lower?
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    I assume you are talking about a 2003 530i, right? Are any of you guys asking about price, reading ANY of my past posts? lol
     Bottom line...you are getting hosed, dude! I am looking at almost the same car and I have several dealers $3,000 BELOW invoice. Keep trying. Check my other "informative" posts for details...lol
    "BEEP, BEEP...Honk, Honk" (that's me tootin' my own horn)
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    The best price that I can get on a 525 or 530 is $2200 below invoice. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thank you!
  • hoopsrefhoopsref Member Posts: 140
    The dealer incentives are $4000 on the 530's and $3500 on the 525's. you should be able to get it for a dealer profit of $1000, at least. Fax several dealers in a 2 hour or more radius and watch what happens.
  • pocketpc101pocketpc101 Member Posts: 5
    The best price that I can get on a 525 or 530 is $2200 below invoice. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thank you!
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    Just bought a 530i today, sport/premium pkg/step/xenon for $45.8k out the door at downtown Los Angeles. I've also talked to alhambra, santa ana and ontario on the phone who all quote me very similar prices. You get the best deal calling the internet sales manager and mention the manufacturer's incentive($4k) on the invoice price. I walked in to alhambra a month ago only to find out their floor sales are terrible. However, their internet sales quotes me this amazing price on the phone. I ended up at downtown because they have the exact color/option match in the lot.
  • hoopsrefhoopsref Member Posts: 140
    I finally did it folks! I got a 530iA, Blue Water / Black leather, SP, CWP. MSRP $48,640, Dealer invoice $43,775 (including MACO ($350) & Training fees ($160), Bought for $40,575 (plus tax,tags...)in Boston. Dealer even matched my 3.79% pre-approved rate I had through AAA. I went with the sport pkg at the last minute. After looking at those wheels & tires, I decided to see if the ride & seats would be comfortable enough... Though it was only a short drive in the city, I got the idea. Later, on the ride and on back roads I really appreciated the "sport car" feel it has. Thanks to of my fellow posters for the valuable input and information you provided me over this long process. The people at work will be even more relieved than I am, that I have a BMW and won't be talking about getting one.
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    Help - I am interested in a 530i, premium, automatic, winter package, xenon headlights and heated steering wheel (the one on the lot has it). What would be a good price on that, exclusive of taxes, tags, etc. Thank you all so much.
  • hoopsrefhoopsref Member Posts: 140
    If you go to the Edmunds pricing pages, you can get an "idea" of the invoice. I came up with an invoice of @ $42,350. Now, with the options you want on your car, it may make it a little more difficult. If you want the best price you will need to do a little work, but it is actually fun and WILL get you a great price. You also want to be flexible in the distance you want to travel. Driving an extra an hour, could save you $2,000 for example. Go to the BMW website and get the phone numbers to the 15 or 20 dealers closest to you. Get the name (and thier private fax) of the sales or fleet manager or internet sales person. Fax them the info on the car with priciing you know. AND let them know you know that they are getting an additional $4,000 dealer incentive from the factory. They will not volunteer this info. Sit back and the fax, phone and email will stop to hop. You can probably get this car for $3000 BELOW invoice! I did it, I know it works. This is a method you can get from fightingchance.com with even more details. It only costs @ $30 and it saved me $4000 or more. I was looking at a 3 series originally but got the 5 for about the same price. Good luck.
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    its at a bmw dealer in mountain view, ca. steptronic, xenon, rear fold down, and premium package. titanium silver on grey leather. should i hold out for a deeper discount? in the bay area, did anyone get it for cheaper? thanks.
  • leslieh1leslieh1 Member Posts: 14
    The invoice that I came up with was about $42,000, maybe 3-4 hundred over, for everything in the car, so your point is that if pay $40,000, then I am paying about $1,000 too much, as I should be paying only about $39,000, as they are getting $4,000 back? Thanks, again!!
  • hoopsrefhoopsref Member Posts: 140
    If you have an invoice of $42,000 (I also included the dealer MACO (@$350) and training ($160) they are charged per vehicle) then yes, you should be able to get that for $3,000 UNDER invoice. Some dealers will not give any or very little of the incentive to you, others will give most of it. They also get some additional profit back from CSI (Consumer Satisfaction Index). This is in place of the holdbacks some other manufactures give to their dealers. This maybe 3% or more and is based on the ratings they get from their customers, like you & me. Tell them you plan to give the highest ratings so they can get the most out of the deal. I believe this CSI is not just affecting your purchase, but prior ones as well. You find some of the dealers that are farther away more willing to give you the better price since they look at your sale as a "found" sale. One they would not have got in the first place.
  • scorpion3scorpion3 Member Posts: 5
    Just bought a Jet Black 530i with sport/premium pkg/step/xenon and park distance control for $42075 from a bmw dealer in mountain view, ca. It's $3K below invoice with $320 MACO plus tax and license.
  • ramib1ramib1 Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for the tip on how to contact the fleet mgrs. Question: is there a specific reason why you should fax rather than simply email them?
  • mikeburkmikeburk Member Posts: 11
    I tried to email you at your aol address, re: your 525i purchase at Allison on June 29th for $35,990, but my message came back. Have you changed your email address? Allison claims they have no record of a sale to anyone by your name in the last two months!
  • hoopsrefhoopsref Member Posts: 140
    The email may not get to them at all or timely, depending on how often they check it... Maybe they are on vacation... The fax can be handed to them or the person in their place if they are out for any reason. If you purchase the "fighting chance.com" program, they give you all the methods including faxing, emailing & face to face. The also tell you what to say. When I did my faxes, I gave my office phone & fax numbers, and my email. I received responses by all three to begin with and emailed after I had a peson I was dealing with regularly.
  • leslieh1leslieh1 Member Posts: 14
    I kept at them, I think using the CSI argument helped, and was able to get very close - within $100 to $200 one way or another, of $3,000 off the invoice for a 530i. Will close the deal on Saturday, thanks to all again and again.
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    Got me a 525 with prem pkg + Xenons + fold down seats & Steptronic for about $2500 below invoice ~ 36990 + tax & title. The info here is incredile. Thanks to everyone on this list for their help.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Member Posts: 424
    are the incentives on the 5 series over with? I just checked for it and there wasn't any available. Any idea when it will be available again?
  • kseshadrkseshadr Member Posts: 24
    I'm being offered a 530i with Steptr/ Premium and Xenon for about 36,400; taxes/tags extra.

    Good deal?
  • hoopsrefhoopsref Member Posts: 140
    On a brand new one? WOW, that is the best I have seen yet. Where is the dealer located? At that price, people should be willing to travel (even fly) to take that deal. That is a $2,000 savings over the best prices I have seen. Grab it asap, before they change their minds. Does it come with an engine? Tires? LOL
     I have done extensive research on the BMW's and just bought last Saturday. My quick invoice number is; Original Inv.= $41,320 less dealer incentive $4,000 = $37,320. You are below that by almost a grand. That is great. I don't know how they are doing it. How did you get your pricing? Method...
    I had been advising by what I have seen here and in other places, that if you get it for $3,000 below invoice, you would doing very well. You just rewrote the book. I bow to your buying skills. I am not worthy of giving future advise on this car. You da man (or woman to be PC)!
  • hoopsrefhoopsref Member Posts: 140
    Well, until post #311 above, I thought I had an idea on pricing. Not sure about your area, but check my posts #299 & 302. You should get that car for another $2,000 less by my estimates. You may want ot drive a little, to save a lot! Heck, you can fly for that savings!
  • evantoddevantodd Member Posts: 11
    what state are you in?? This seems great. I was offered 37,600 on a 525 with prem and cwp. 36,400 for a 530 is amazing. I have seen used precertified 325's for over 33K.
  • drdwdrdw Member Posts: 21
    Even with a few demo miles on it, seems to me it is still too good to be true. If you have the price in writing, grab the car and run.
  • normalonormalo Member Posts: 16
    Today is the last day of the month so after doing some research and shopping over the phone I went to a BMW dealer with my friend so I can take the car home. I went to the first dealer but they could not match my price so I called the second dealer at around 1:30pm which is in Monrovia, California named ASSAEL BMW. Their salesperson named John Lim accepted the price of $1,723 drive off and $600 including tax for 36 months 15K miles and said that he had a Titanium gray available. Guess what? I got there after 45 minutes and he did not have the car anymore, so I asked him to find one, he agreed that told me that it would take 3 to 4 hours so I should fill out their credit application and go home because he would find it and have the car ready by the next day. I said I would wait because I wanted to make sure I would get that car financed today because the residual and MF will change tomorrow.
    So I waited, waited and I step out to take my friend home since he had some obligations. On the way back to the dealer the salesman tells me that he got the car. So went there and waited for over an hour to finally see the paperwork. He does not go over the paperwork with me so I tried to find the main information which is drive off, monthly payment, mileage and term. To my surprise the term was for 48 months so I told him that there was an error. Then the salesman said I guess I must have heard it wrong, it is not going to work out for 36 months. Very upset but keeping my composure I talked to the manager David Xiao who listened to my complains and reply with an apology. I asked him for him to follow on my complaint but he did not want to answer saying that it was an internal matter and was not going to be disclosed. So I got his business card and left. I spent about half of my day for them to go "oops" sorry. There must be something that I can do about it. I will not be able to get a good deal tomorrow because the residuals and MF will change and on top of that it is not the end of the month when dealers want to meet their sales quotas. I will be complaining to BMW customer service so what else can I do?????
  • joatmonjoatmon Member Posts: 315
    With BMWFS, you can apply and get approval at any time. This approval works for 60 dyas. If the rate goes down, you can take the new rate. If the rate goes up, you can take the old, lower rate.

    BTW, you can apply on-line.

  • rho6rho6 Member Posts: 3
    Have you talked to the internet sales manager at Alhambra? My friend bought from him a 530i at $2.2k below invoice without bargain. I bought from downtown because they have the only sapphire metallic black I can find and my transaction was smooth.
  • mwd3mwd3 Member Posts: 2
    This site was very helpful in my research, so I thought that I would share my experience. I am in the South San Francisco Bay primarily serviced by Allison, Stevens Creek and Claridges, although there is Peter Pan in SF, and a couple others within a short drive.
    Bottom line is I was offered ANY 5 series $2500 under invoice with no negotiation. I bought mine on 7/30 (end of the month), although I honestly believe I could do the deal at any time. There are hundreds of 5s still available. Allison has a storage lot on El Camino at Highway 85 (old Emporium parking lot) that has hundreds of 2003 5s. Probably half 525, and the balance split between 530 and 540. The point is...all these dealers share inventory to swap. I believe the $4000 rebate from BMW will stay until the inventory is gone. I was told the new 5 series will hit our area in October/November. I would imagine the best possible deal would be the last day of October/November on the 2003s, if your favorite color and options are in stock.

    If you want a color that is not plentiful or a hard to find option (navigation severely limits your alternatives) scoop it up now using the $2500 under invoice as a starting point.

    As a final point, I had a very positive experience with Stevens Creek BMW. Professional through the whole organization. Once I shared my knowledge, gleaned here, of the $4000 rebate, the deal was done, paperwork signed, and I was driving home in a little more than one hour.

    On the other hand, I was treated very poorly at one of the other dealers mentioned above. When I mentioned the $4000, he cringed like King Arthur confronting the Knights-who-say-NEE in the Holy Grail.
  • normalonormalo Member Posts: 16
    First of all the BMW MF is not as good as the other banks on the 530I, and then the residual value of the 530I dropped today which makes this car more expensive to lease
  • normalonormalo Member Posts: 16
    I did talk to the internate sales manager from Alhambra and he quoted me over $700. He is the only dealer who quoted me in the 7 hundreds. Everbody else in the very low $600's
  • joatmonjoatmon Member Posts: 315
    Well, they've gone up then. I did a 3 year, 45k mile lease in April on a 530i SP/PP/Zenon/5 speed for $446.90 a month.
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