2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • chile96chile96 Member Posts: 330
    Very interesting, eBay...hmmm... I already purchased an '03 325ia this yr for my fiancee and now I've got the fever for a new car. Thinking of keeping the yukon as a 3rd vehicle and getting a boxster. While doing my research, I've noticed VERY good prices on eBay for '02 & '03 boxsters w/ LOW mileage. How did you know the BMW you were buying was a good vehicle? carfax, independent mechanic, service records?

    Thanks for any help
  • hasanashasanas Member Posts: 19
    I just bought a 2003 530i silver with black interior, with sports package, auto, cold weather, premium package, and xenon lights. I'll be picking up the car sometime next week. I paid $42,500 with 3.9 % APR.

    BMW has a $4000 rebate going on for all 5-series for the month of June. Most dealers won't tell you that. I had to go around to about 4 different dealers in NJ to finally get this info and this best price.

  • mch2mch2 Member Posts: 36
    hasanas,that sounds like a great deal. How did you find out about the rebate and how did you get the dealer to acknowledge it? I will be buying a 530i in the next week or so. Any suggestions or tips you have about getting a good deal would be appreciated.
  • hasanashasanas Member Posts: 19
    mch2, i found out about the 4K rebate from just calling dealers in NJ and asking them what price they could sell me the 530i. First dealer gave me only like 2K off MSRP, but then the 2nd dealer gave me a price 6K less then the 1st dealer. He told me that he could do this since there was a 4K rebate on 5-series for the month of June. I guess it all depends on the dealer and if they are willing to give you all the information. I would suggest you basically go to the dealer and tell the dealer the price you want to pay for the car. Pretty much most dealer will try to get you that price if it seems pretty fair. Check to see what dealer pays for invoice, and subtract 4K from it..and then start your negotiations from that price range. Good luck and i would suggest u get the 03 model, since 04 model doesn't look as good.
  • beemer4mebeemer4me Member Posts: 42
    Best offers I could find in Silicon Valley was $2k under invoice for 530I and 1500 under for the 525I.
  • mbdrivermbdriver Member Posts: 426
    If you go to "Incentives and Rebates" on Edmunds under the BMW 5 Series (new cars), you'll find that there's a "manufacturer to dealer" marketing support of $4000 "cash to dealer" in effect for the period 06/03/2003 to 06/30/2003.

    There's also a choice of 60 month 1.9% financing available for the same period, but that dealer cash may not be used in conjunction with special financing or lease rates.
  • gruffstergruffster Member Posts: 7
    After lots of haggling today, I just got a 525i for $2000 under invoice. Non-sport, auto, prem and cold packages, heated steering wheel. MSRP $42520, sold for $37185. Would have been $500 less, but they gave me that on the trade-in side.

    Needless to say, I'm pleased.
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    I was a little nervous about buying on Ebay at first. A friend convinced me that it was the same as buying at a dealership or from a personal owner. Once you have won the bid, you will put down a deposit. You can fly/drive to see the car and if you like it, take it. But if you find anything wrong with it, like even a scratch not documented or pictured, you don't have to buy it. You won't receive any black marks next to you name.
     I also did carfax just in case and it turned out fine. You can check out everything the person selling the car has bought and sold as well as email the people he did business with to check for a credible seller.
    I am very happy that I bought this car because it is flawless. A friend of mine purchased an 01' with 17k less miles, 6 speed and spent almost double what I spent...hmmm I'd rather blow the 23 grand on a new toy rather than give it to a dealer...
  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    Where did you get the car? I am looking for a dealer with a good price on a 530 w/ manual tranny.
  • designmandesignman Member Posts: 2,129
    Got the $4000 dealer rebate plus an additional $2945 discount. MSRP $46,945. Includes premium package, steptronic, fold-down rear seats, xenon, cold weather.
       Since I was hellbent on getting the fold-down rear seats, I had to compromise color (you guessed it-silver) and accept the cold weather package.
       I wanted the 2004 real bad. However, after seeing it, got desperate for the 2003 real quick. Hopefully BMW will get over its identity crisis by the time this baby serves its time.
  • roxrepsroxreps Member Posts: 35
    Has anyone been shopping 5 series leases (03')? The buy seems like a sweet deal, but I'm a lease guy, and I like the idea of not owning a depreciating commodity. I've been seeing anywhere between $1200-$1500 above invoice, but as the summer/fall approches does anyone see dealers becoming more agressive with 5 series leases? Anyone guessing what residuals and MF will be in July, or do you think that will be too late to get a good lease deal.

    Thanks in advance.
  • roxrepsroxreps Member Posts: 35
    Thought I'd try one last time. Are you still interested in getting out of your lease (post back in early June). I'm about to lease a new 5 series, and just thought I'd try you one last time....

    All My Best,
  • jay44jay44 Member Posts: 7
    I purchased a new 530 in May and it is due to arrive at the dealer this month. Does anyone know if dealers will honor the $4000 rebate (or some part of it) in this situation?
  • 530ia2003530ia2003 Member Posts: 4
    Since you will be paying for your vehicle in June, you're entitled to get the discount (if your dealer willing to give the rebate to you). Note that the rebate is for the dealer, not for customer. The dealer can choose to give you the entire rebate amount, or portion of it, or none at all. I am in the same situation as you are, ordered the vehicle in May, and will get it sometime next week. I was able to get about $3000 of the rebate program. I'm in southern california. The car I'm getting is a 530i, with auto trans, PS, SS, and Xenon. My sale price is $42,000. With sales tax and DMV fees, my out of the door price is about $46k.
  • carshopper46carshopper46 Member Posts: 24
    On a 530 I've been offered 2K under invoice. It has a sport package which is a 2K option I had no real interest in.
      Can anyone give me feedback on the value of the sport package? Does it give you a harder ride?
  • gruffstergruffster Member Posts: 7
    If you don't want the sport package, ask the dealer to search for the car without it. Our dealer found several cars with our exact specs at the prep center, and ours will arrive sometime next week.

    We got our 525 for about $2500 under invoice.
  • TSchrammTSchramm Member Posts: 106
    Got a '03 525 with Steptronic, Premium package and Xenon lights - no sport package (yes it is a firmer ride - great on the open road but noticably choppy in city driving and on uneven pavement or poor roads, which I have a lot of) $6900 up front including TT&L, security deposit and first months payment, $399/mo for 35 months.
  • TSchrammTSchramm Member Posts: 106
    Got a '03 525 with Steptronic, Premium package and Xenon lights - no sport package (yes it is a firmer ride - great on the open road but noticably choppy in city driving and on uneven pavement or poor roads, which I have a lot of) $6900 up front including TT&L, security deposit and first months payment, $399/mo for 35 months.
  • beemer4mebeemer4me Member Posts: 42
    Just paid 3k under invoice for a steel blue 530I, sand leatherette, steptronic. Negotiated the deal over the phone, walked in did the paper work with no hassle. Best car buying experience I've ever been involved with thanks to Allison BMW in Mountain View Ca.
  • cookiekelcookiekel Member Posts: 6
    I am interested in buying a 530i. Wonderign who you talked to at Allison BMW. I would like to talk to this person and get the deal you got.

    Thank you,.
  • beemer4mebeemer4me Member Posts: 42
    If you make your email available, I will email that to you. Otherwise, my suggestion would be to just call any dealership and let them know you know about the incentive, let them know you know about invoice pricing and ask how much of the incentive they want to keep and how much of the incentive they will give to you.Good shops will be honest and matter of fact without being offended, while others will give you some story about why they can't give you so much off and will you send them money back if your purchase makes their dealership go under. I won't bad-mouth dealerships, but I found salespeople at Allison and Peter Pan (San Mateo) were more helpful and willing to work with customers than some of the other dealerships not to be named. In particular,I didn't care for a certain high -volume shop in the San Jose area. Geeze I could barely stop myself from mentioning the name of that one...
  • skhoslaskhosla Member Posts: 22
    Can you please email me the name of the rep at Allison who gave you 3K off of invoice?

  • skhoslaskhosla Member Posts: 22
    Black on black
    Rear fold-down seats

    MSRP 48645
    Invoice 44540
    Paid 42000 (excluding taxes)

    PS: You gotta test drive one with Sports Pkg; it makes WORLD OF A DIFFERENCE! I didn't want to pay 2K extra for sport pkg, but after I test drove one, I was sold!

  • beemer4mebeemer4me Member Posts: 42
    I wanted the sports package too, but the stripped 530I we bought was scraping the edge of affordability already- never would have bought without the helpful people on these Edmunds boards who alerted me to the incentive. Gonna have to build me a "sports package" in bits and pieces as components wear out. Curious, did you buy at Allison?
  • skhoslaskhosla Member Posts: 22
    Didn't go through the same guy though. In retrospective, could have done $200-300 better, but didn't want to walk away "empty-handed" over that kind of money .. the car drives like a dream, and owning a black bimmer has always been my dream.

    The car has yet to be delivered because it's at another dealer's lot. Hopefully, they don't screw it up in transit!

    And yeah, thanks to the folks on this board for mentioning the incentive and giving me an idea about the asking price in the bay area.

  • jtimagesjtimages Member Posts: 8
    Having a tough time deciding between the two cars.
    Would like some input on which one is better
    vehicle.Loved the inside of the E320 ride was smooth also.530 was great drive seemed a little tight inside.Will definitely choose between the two cars.Any input would be appreciated.
  • mch2mch2 Member Posts: 36
    jtimages I am making the same decision you are and it is a very tough call. I thought that once I drove both cars the decision would be easy but it actually became more difficult because the cars are so different. For what it is worth these were the observations of me and my wife.

    The Mercedes is a luxury car in every sense of the word. I found The ride heavy and soft. I never really felt comfortable driving the car
    because it felt big and heavy and the brakes are very sensitive. I could probably get used to this but getting used to something and liking it are two different things.

    The BMW is a driver's car. I felt comfortable driving the car right away and the car was a blast to drive. The interior is not as lush or as big as the Mercedes but I (at 5' 11") was still comfortable in the back seat even with the front seat back quite a ways.

    Bottom Line
    I don't know that you can say that one car is better than the other. It really boils down to which kind of car do you want, performance or super luxury. We will probably go with the BMW because 1)It is more fun to drive 2)This model has been around for a while and is less likely to have problems 3)The 4G rebate. Were it not for the rebate the decision would be even harder but the Mercedes is a very nice car.

    I can't imagine being unhappy with either car in the garage!
  • cookiekelcookiekel Member Posts: 6
    Thank you BEEM4M$ for the great dealer suggestion. I called Allison BMW and worked with the fleet manager on a 525ia. He gave me $2075 below invoice. I called all the dealers in the bay area and the Sacramento area. I also got an offer from Fremont with $2175 off the invoice. One of the dealer told me that for 525, the incentives is at $3500 and not 4000. Anyhow, I finally purchased on at Roseville BMW for $2500 below invoice and with the package that I really want (Premium and Xenon lights). So, I am very happy. Thank you all.
  • jcmet64jcmet64 Member Posts: 2
    Ordered a 540-6 in May due for arrival in July, planning on leasing. Anyone know of possible incentives or lease specials for E39's in July? Given the current June dealer cash of $4500, would it be possible to hedge a bet and make some deal in June? Anyone know MF from BMWFS? Any feedback appreciated...
  • carshopper46carshopper46 Member Posts: 24
    Does anyone know if with the 4K dealer cash promotion the dealer has to forego the holdback. My salesman suggested that, although he said he wasn't sure.
     Doesn't seem that would happen- anyone know?
  • carshopper46carshopper46 Member Posts: 24
    I saw these two fees on the dealer's invoice- they are not part of Edmunds dealer invoice.
     What are they and are they legit. charges to pass on?
  • 330iii330iii Member Posts: 71
    Can one use the 4000 dollar incentive when negotiating a Euro Delivery 530i or is that reserved for US dealer stock? Thanks!
  • aqbaqb Member Posts: 12
    carshopper46 Jun 26, 2003 6:59pm
    Dealer will tell you these charges (as well as advertising, doc prep, etc are mandatory (regional office, blah blah blah), but EVERYTHING is negotiable. Tell him to deduct amount of charges from the base selling price, i.e. if they got you in telling you they will sell you the car for $40k but "MUST" add on $ 600 for MACO, advertising or whatever, tell him to feel free, but subtract that amount from invoice price first, and sell you the car for what they promised. They may not be willing to go that low, depending on how hard a bargain you struck initially, but it is certainly worth negotiating.
  • bartalk2bartalk2 Member Posts: 326
    A local dealer is willing to reduce the price of a 530i by $4,000 to offset the $4,000 incentive he'll get from BMW. But that's as far as he'll go. In other words, he wants to sell me the car at sticker. Is that fair? No.

    Does anyone know whether the $4,000 incentive will be carried over into July?
  • carshopper46carshopper46 Member Posts: 24
    No, the deal offered is not fair. You should be able to get at least somewhere in the range of 2-3K below invoice. Nobody sells an outgoing end of season model at sticker.
  • mch2mch2 Member Posts: 36
    If the $4,000 is being subtracted from the MSRP then the deal is not fair. To figure out what is a fair deal you must start from the real invoice price of the car. In my case I ordered a 530i with Premium, Auto, Cold Weather and Xenon. The regular invoice price is $41,865. However because of the rebate the real invoice price is $37,865.

    The dealer I am buying from acknowledged the 4k rebate and was willing to negotiate from the real invoice price. I ended up getting the car for 2k over the real invoice price. Once the dealer recognizes that you have all of the invoice info it should take less than 5 minutes to agree on a price. Keep in mind that all dealers are not equal I dealt with another dealer first who was only willing to share 1k of the 4k rebate. My advice is to present the dealer with the regular invoice price and see if he agrees. Then let them know you know about the 4k and see if they agree to subtract 4k to get the real invoice price then negotiate from there. If not they are probably playing games.
  • bartalk2bartalk2 Member Posts: 326
    Thanks for the advice. Two dealers in the greater Chicago area were only willing to give me the $4,000 rebate. One implied that I ought to be satisfied with that. A third dealer over the phone implied that he might go slightly below that, but it didn't sound like much. I think deals vary by region.

    What part of the country were you able to negotiate a more favorable arrangement?
  • mch2mch2 Member Posts: 36
    I live on the east coast in a Baltimore,MD suburb. Don't give up in one of my earlier posts I pointed out that I got the same story you are getting from a dealer here. I had to go to another dealer to get a good deal.
  • phmphm Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for all the information here.
    I just got 525i with PP, auto, rear fold down seat, xenon and paid $35990 (excluding tax) at Allison.
  • bartalk2bartalk2 Member Posts: 326
  • mbdrivermbdriver Member Posts: 426
    Would you mind telling us which dealer in Baltimore was willing to give you the good deal? I'm in a D.C. suburb in Virginia, but Baltimore is close enough! If the $4,000 incentive is carried into July, I may buy.
  • mch2mch2 Member Posts: 36
    I don't mind at all. It was Russel BMW. If you need more info send a message to my personal email account.
  • aqbaqb Member Posts: 12
    Called dealership, told them what I wanted, told them what I wanted to pay, and salesman stated dealership needs $1500 of the $4500 rebate.

    I shopped the price with several other dealerships -- a couple of which would match it, but a couple were incredulous, and told me the deal was too good to be true. Bought the car for $3000 under original invoice. (I caved in on Adv, MACO, but held fast on doc fee). Most pain-free car purchase ever!

    And salesman delivered car to me gratis! (2 hr drive).

    (Loaded 540ia -- had planned on buying a 530 in May, but waited and couldn't pass up the 540 at this price -- and no regrets.

    I hear the rebate has been extended through July.
  • gqtenggqteng Member Posts: 10
    My wife and I would like to thank everyone in this message board for informing us about the $4K rebate on the 5 series and all of those helpful tips. We purchased a 2003 530i jet black with gray leather, PP, CWP, steptronic, heated steering wheel, and xenon headlights for $2300 below invoice.
  • alljosealljose Member Posts: 3
    Has anyone had any experience with leasing from cars direct. How does their pricing compare to dealers?
  • sjmurray2sjmurray2 Member Posts: 65
    Are the 3500/4000 cash dealer incentives still valid? looking at 530 tomorrow!

  • jjmck172jjmck172 Member Posts: 2
    I went to a BMW dealer yesterday and was told that BMW is giving a $3000 BMW consumer loyalty rebate on 530i and $4500 consumer loyalty rebate on 540i. I wonder if that is this dealer's way of passing on the dealer rebate to previous BMW owners, or how much rebate would be available if I didn't have a 330CI already. From reading the other posts, I'm wondering if any of that has to do with consumer loyalty from BMW or just has to do with the dealer's rebate from BMW.
  • mch2mch2 Member Posts: 36
    To make a long story short I ordered a 530i from a dealer last month who was subsequently unable to obtain the car I wanted. Today I went to another BMW dealer and explained the situation to them. They matched the price I got from the other dealer, which included the rebate which I don't think they would do if the rebates were not still in place. In fact, before matching the price the salesperson checked to see what incentives were available for July.
  • hoopsrefhoopsref Member Posts: 140
    I believe I saw on bimmerfest a post from a dealer that the "incentives" were being continued through Sept 3rd. I don't know if it is just the APR on financing and the dealer kick backs. I did mention something to a dealer the other about the incentives on the 5 ers... and it was making them about the price of the 3er sedans (no incentives). He agreed, so I think the info may be correct. I will be getting an update on my "fighting chance.com" packet on buying new cars. (simular to the Rizzo method, but with additional information)
  • mch2mch2 Member Posts: 36
    To make a long story short I ordered a 530i from a dealer last month who was subsequently unable to obtain the car I wanted. Today I went to another BMW dealer and explained the situation to them. They matched the price I got from the other dealer, which included the rebate which I don't think they would do if the rebates were not still in place. In fact, before matching the price the salesperson checked to see what incentives were available for July.
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