2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • awchanawchan Member Posts: 5
    I also wanted to thank everyone for the helpful comments and posts. We are taking delivery tomorrow on a blue-water 530i , gray interior, sport pkg, premium pkd, xenon, steptronic for just over 2K under invoice.

  • alljosealljose Member Posts: 3
    trying to find a base 525 to see if the seats look much different without the leather, my dealer can order it but does not have one on site. Has anyone seen the base 525 (no pp pkg)seats without the Montana Leather. Can you comment how they look relatively to pp pkg
  • drdwdrdw Member Posts: 21
    I was told by a salesman.
    Is there anyone getting price better than "$2k under invoice"? "2k under" means dealer's profit is at least 2k (2K + any vlume discount), which seems higher for in stock, retiring models.
  • mikeburkmikeburk Member Posts: 11
    I saw two today at Peter Pan BMW in San Mateo (SF Bay area). There are only two colors offered, black and sand. I hate black seats, so I think they all look awful. The sand, though, looked very good. In fact, I had trouble distinguishing the leatherette from the leather. I would not hesitate to order the sand leatherette and save some $$. By the way, I think it's rotten that you cannot get fold down rear seats without the leather, and then you still have to pay extra! Audi gives you much more value for your money.
  • mikeburkmikeburk Member Posts: 11
    re: your post #147: "Thanks for all the information here.I just got 525i with PP, auto, rear fold down seat, xenon and paid $35990 (excluding tax) at Allison."
        I calculate that you paid $3175 below invoice. Is this correct? Could you email me whom you dealt with at Allison?
  • cooljc74cooljc74 Member Posts: 23
    $3,500 under invoice!
    Prem. and Sport Packs, Xenon, Auto Transm.

    Was this a good deal?
    Did anyone buy the car at $4,000 under invoice?
  • mp31mp31 Member Posts: 1
    I'm seriously looking at the 530i. I remember seeing a $4000 rebate at one time...but I don't see it posted on any web sites any longer. Looking at these recent posts, it looks like some people are still negotiating deals below invoice.

    Does anyone know if the rebates are still being honored?
    Thanks, in advance!
  • cookiekelcookiekel Member Posts: 6
    Post #147 got 525I with $3175 below invoice. It is an excellent price. I dealt with a internet sales guy named Joe at Allison. He told me that he can only go down to 2K below invoice for a 525ia, and 3K below for 530ia. So, I bought mine 525ia at Roseville BMW and got $2500 below invoice. A BMW dealer at Fremont offered $2175 below inovice for a 525ia.
  • hoopsrefhoopsref Member Posts: 140
    Seems to be the best price I've seen on this board. When did you buy or get the price? Which dealer & state? I'm south of Boston. IF they don't move on the prices, I move to a different dealer. I need to sell my 2001 Toyota Camry LE first. I think I should get $2 to 3,000 more than a trade, right? I am concerned that the inventory might get low. One dealer said have several at the docks not even on their inventory list yet...Can anyone else verify this info?
  • hoopsrefhoopsref Member Posts: 140
    Why is it that when the dealer incentive was not available, the "good deals" ranged from $500 to $1,200 over invoice. Now the dealers are getting $4,000 on a 530i and are only willing to give $2,000! Are we jumping at these prices to quickly?
    Has anyone on this board ever teamed up with others to make multiple purchases at the same dealer at the same time? Seems like we have a forum to pair up an get multiple sales for one dealer.
  • mrowens42mrowens42 Member Posts: 15
    I would like opinions on wether to buy a 95 540 or 97 M3. 540 has 80,000 miles, M3 70,000. Each is $18,000 which seems high. What about maintenance cost for each. Help, please.
  • cooljc74cooljc74 Member Posts: 23
    #168 - I got the deal closed on 6/30.
    Location - United BMW in Duluth Ga. I am not sure about the availability of $4k incentive in July. Even if the incentive is not available, you may be able to use the special financing.
    It appears that they still have enough 5s in the lot. Good luck and let me know if you need additional info.
  • mch2mch2 Member Posts: 36
    The longer you wait the harder it may be to get the car you want. That will depend on the color combo and options. I had a hard time getting the car I wanted due to the color combo (Steel Blue/Gray leather). One of the dealers I spoke to still had cars at the port for a variety of reasons most notably because their showroom is being rebuilt and all of the dealerships I went to had plenty of Silver and Gray cars.
  • neil55neil55 Member Posts: 9
    Great deal! could you tell us your contact guy
    there ? there is a jpollock listed with the internet specials on their website.
  • phmphm Member Posts: 4
    re: #164
    Here is what I did
    I added invoice price of 525i + PP + auto +rear fold down seat+ xenon = 38,470 - 3500 (incentive) = 34,970
    The dealer told me their invoice = 39490 - 3500 (incentive) = 35990

    I don't know how they come up with that invoice but the difference is $1020. I'm happy with that.

    I also checked with different dealer. They told me they'd sell the car if they made 500 above invoice. But their invoice is much much higher then Allison's invoice.
  • prelude1997prelude1997 Member Posts: 26
    JC, can you email me your dealer/salesman name? My local dealer will not take less than 1200 profit.
  • neil55neil55 Member Posts: 9
    Great deal! could you tell us your contact guy
    there ? there is a jpollock listed with the internet specials on their website.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    ...posting salespeople names and/or contact informationis not allowed. You may only post the dealership name and its location.

    Thanks for your cooperation!
  • mbdrivermbdriver Member Posts: 426
    The factory-to-dealer 5-Series $4,000 incentive that began June 1 obviously has been extended. I just signed on the dotted line for a 2003 530i with auto, Premium Pkg, Cold Wx Pkg, Xenon, and Power Rear Sunshade for $2000 below invoice ($41,085 final price, plus taxes, title & tags).

    BTW, I wanted the hard-to-find Blue Water Metallic color with the Sand Interior. My dealer located one at the New Jersey port destined for another dealer and made a swap.

    I may have been able to get a better price, but I just "lost" a similar car at the port that had the fold down rear seats option that I wanted -- after a 24 hour wait, the original dealer finally responded to my dealer's phone calls and said he would not swap because he maintained that it had been sold (yeah sure!).

    Bottom line -- if you really want a 5-Series BMW at a great price and with a reasonable choice of colors and options, now is the time! They're getting scarce!
  • 330iii330iii Member Posts: 71
    Would you please email me the dealership and sales info. I would be eternally grateful!
  • regis4regis4 Member Posts: 2
    We just purchased a new 2003 540iA sedan: sport package, fold down rear seat, sun shades, with premium sound, jet black exterior with tan leather upholstery for $52,095[not including 8.25% sales tax and .9%license fee]The MSRP was $59,900. Manager gave us the buyer's incentive of $4500 as well as a further reduction of $3300.

    Dealer is in SF-Bay Area California. Manager said they're wanting to move 2003 inventory. But he had only two 540's left.
  • hoopsrefhoopsref Member Posts: 140
    Great car, I'm jealous. However, I am not so sure dealer did anything "special for you" on this one. I don't have the "exact" invoice number on this model (I've been looking at 530's) so my numbers. With the MSRP you quoted of $59,900, the invoice is around $54,800, I am guessing. This is where you start to SUBTRACT the $4,500 to get the TRUE invoice starting point. That puts you around $50,300. On the most of the better BMW deals I seen posted here and on other sites, $1,000 to $1,200 over invoice seems to be the fairly common. I think there were even a few $500 to $1,000! Not a bad deal, especially if you are driving a BMW, and I'm not! Any one else have input on pricing...?
  • regis4regis4 Member Posts: 2
    You're probably right when you say my reduced price was not as great as compared to other deals mentioned on the forum. However, for my area of California, where yuppies are still flush with money inspite of the recession, I think it was pretty good. Edmund's TMV was $56,074 for my zip code. Quite frankly, I think we would have lost the car if we had waited for a better price. You're lucky that you're looking to buy a 530, because dealers have more 530's on their lots to sell. However, the 540's were ordered in more limited numbers to begin with, so dealers aren't as desperate to unload the few 2003 540's they have left before the end of September.
  • rajbasrajbas Member Posts: 2
    I am being offered a 2003 525i standard with no additional options.. I would prefer a leatherette interior and couldnt get one with premium package.

    Manual : 32800/-
    Auto : 34010/-

    Is this a good deal..

  • skhoslaskhosla Member Posts: 22
    since you are looking at 530, here's what i could manage at allison:

    530i jet black, black interior
    fold down seats

    Edmunds Invoice: 44540
    Dealer's Invoice : 44900 (with MACO + training)
    My price: 42000 (exluding sales tax etc)

    I had imagined every dealer charging 1% MACO fees in the bay area. training was about 160, i think.

    best of luck to you

  • cheezhedcheezhed Member Posts: 44
    on the 5 Series board.
  • jim2kjim2k Member Posts: 8

    I got offered a 525i stock with auto trans and xenon for $35100

    I think you're getting a good deal. What dealer is that ? Can youemail the salesperson and dealer to me?
  • phmphm Member Posts: 4
    Someone mentioned about MACO and training fee. I don't know about them. Could someone explain please. Thanks.
  • mbdrivermbdriver Member Posts: 426
    I'm not sure about MACO, but it might be the BMW factory advertising fee tacked onto the invoice that the dealer said they have to eat. The training fee is similar -- charged by BMWUSA and often passed on to the buyer. Probably for either technician training or for sales people -- or both.

    When I was ready to sign for my 530i last Wednesday, the salesman tried to add more than $300 for those or similar fees. He said the invoice lists them. I reminded him that our deal was $41k + taxes, title and tags, and that we agreed to the $2k dealer "profit." He backed off and wrote the deal as agreed.

    BTW, he didn't argue when I said that $2k dealer profit on a car obtained at the NJ port and my price for the car were a win-win situation. The dealer's only direct expenses will be the "garbage fees" tacked onto the invoice (if any), the sales commission, and the dealer's cost of getting the car ready for delivery.
  • drdwdrdw Member Posts: 21
    It all depends on supply-and-demand. The best way to find out is to check all of the near-by dealers for the car you are looking for. If there are many of them around, then you may be able to get a good deal ($2000+ under the invoice). I have been searching new car inventory (auto, PP, ...) for a week, I haven't seen any base 525 in stock. Of cause the demand for a base 525 is also very low (few would like to buy a luxury car without leather). So you may still be able to negotiate a 2k-under-invoice price. Please post it when you have a deal. Good luck!
  • ltb530ltb530 Member Posts: 12
    530i 5spd PP SP Xenons. $40500 out the door. Includes 3% NC sales tax and license fee. Car cost is around $39200. Even getting $3000 for my 95 Nissan Altima with 107K.
  • strandbergsrstrandbergsr Member Posts: 4
    Has anyone purchased a 5 series in the southeast region? How much over invoice did you pay and were you able to receive any factory incentives?
  • drdwdrdw Member Posts: 21
    They are 2.2-2.7k under the published invoice. For example, for a 525iA, PP, CWP and HSW for 36.7k. Now I need to decide which color with what options.
  • jdubsonjdubson Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know what the factory to dealer incentive is on the 2003 525it Sport Wagon? I've heard $3500 to $4000 good until Sept. 2003, but I have not been able to confirm this...
  • prelude1997prelude1997 Member Posts: 26
    Invoice price for your car is 42900. that means you got around 3700 off invoice?! Do you mind emailing me your dealer's info? NC is a shorter drive for me than JC's dealer. Need to get one before they are all gone...
    [email protected]
  • jim2kjim2k Member Posts: 8
    Been calling around for 525.

    So far most dealers want the incentive for themselves! Like my last post 525iA, Xenon for 35100... meaning $1400-$1600 off.

    Know any deals in California? I'll fly to Nor Cal if the price is good.

    Lets meet up and go buy 2 for better deal. :)
  • mbdrivermbdriver Member Posts: 426
    I'm in the D.C. area, but I recall that Allison in California is a dealer that deals! You can go to www.bmwusa.com and do a search for California dealers. Hope this helps.
  • stlgasmanstlgasman Member Posts: 141
    Which dealer in North Carolina?
  • kseshadrkseshadr Member Posts: 24
    Anyone cut a good deal on DC area dealers lately.
    If so, would you mind emailing me with names?

  • mch2mch2 Member Posts: 36
    Many thanks to all the contributors to this board. Thanks to all of the wonderful information I obtained here I was able to buy a Steel Blue/Gray leather 2003 530IA Premuim, Xenon & CWP for $40,759(before tax and tags).

    kseshadr, I have the name and number of the dealer you might want to check out but I cannot view your profile although I am able to view others. See if you can view my profile and shoot me an email.
  • bradsterbradster Member Posts: 6
    I want to purchase a 530IA with PP, SP Xenon within the next month. This weekend I tried to purchase from Santa Monica BMW. Besides the poor customer service they would only sell it at invoice. Can anyone provide me with a dealer name in SoCal that is willing to deal and is customer friendly?

    Thanks in advance
  • gsf1gsf1 Member Posts: 3
    I am in San Diego and am planning to buy a 530i. Thank you all for the information on this board, it will certainly be helpful during negotiation.

    I have seen numerous mentions of the factory dealer incentive (it appears that it is still going on in July).

    Could anyone tell me:
    1) How much the incentive is? (I have seen anywhere from $3,500 and $4,500)
    2) If the incentive is still being offered to dealers this month (July)

    Thank you in advance for your help!
  • prelude1997prelude1997 Member Posts: 26
    gsf1, the incentives are $3500/4000/4500 on 525/530/540. it is still being offered.

    bradster, the prices i've been around here are anywhere between 2000 to 3500 off of invoice. don't take anything less than 2k. have you tried NoCal? i'd drive a couple of hours to save a grand or two.
  • 330iii330iii Member Posts: 71
    Are the incentives still being offered on the 525/530/540 if so why don't they show up on Edmunds' incentives and rebates? No offense prelude1997!
  • jughead5jughead5 Member Posts: 10
    Based on all the apparently good incentives available of the 5, I am now very serious on a 530i, pp, sp,ps, xenon, fold down. Talked to my only dealer nearby last week and he said he can offer me a good deal. I told him I'd be back. I believe that if I can walk out under 45k (all, incl tax) I got a great deal. I can only get serious about mid August, but I will proceed then. Anyone confirm my numbers and if I'll find a loaded 530 in mid/end August? Would it be wise to call nearby states? Thanks alot.
  • hoopsrefhoopsref Member Posts: 140
    Not a bad deal. Just what I've been looking at. Looks like the dealer made about $2,199 on the deal. List @ $46,470...Invoice @ $42,560 less $4,000 dealer incentive = $38,560 true base.
    $40,759 - $38,560 = $2,199. I still don't understand why the dealers were getting $1,200 or so over invoice, on the better deals prior to the "incentives" they have now. Was their another hidden profit? I know they get a consumer satisfaction credit of some sort in lieu of the "hold backs" other car dealers get. Are these cars just moving out too fast? I am in the Boston and would consider traveling when I purchase, too. DC.. is not out the question. I think some of us should consider getting the cars at the same time. Any thoughts? I can hear the clock ticking...lol
  • strandbergsrstrandbergsr Member Posts: 4
    What are the typical fees other than tax and title?
  • stockguy71stockguy71 Member Posts: 7
    I am looking to purchase a new BMW at the end of August and I'm torn between the 525i or 330i. I've heard that they are offering good deals on the 5 series to make room for the new models coming in. Anyone have any ideas on what would be a good lease deal for a 525i w/ metallic paint, automatic and xenon lights? I was offered $450/month (after fees and taxes) and no money down. By the way, I live in Los Angeles. Is this a good deal? I would appreciate any input..
  • socalcpasocalcpa Member Posts: 15
    I had a good experience leasing a 525i, stick, PP, SP at Pacific BMW in Glendale. I leased it back in June at invoice and BMW's MF (no mark up on the rate). Service was good and the sales people were upfront and honest. It's not a large dealership so their stock may be limited, though.
  • mbdrivermbdriver Member Posts: 426
    I noted too that in June, Edmunds listed the $4000 incentive on the 5-series, and that no incentives were listed there after June 30 or now. But I can assure everyone that the incentives have been continued (someone said through August 31 or even into September). I just bought a 530AI for 2000 below invoice (D.C. area -- Northern Virginia). I also know that Maryland dealers are offering below invoice pricing due to the incentive (VOB, I hear, will deal at $2800 below invoice).

    Typical fees besides tax and title are fees for tags, processing ($199 at my dealer's, which I will pay), BMWUSA advertising ($200+, which I will NOT pay) and BMWUSA training ($100-150+, which I will not pay). I made the deal for $2000 below invoice and agreed ONLY to the $199 processing fee. The salesman tried to add the two BMWUSA fees "because they are on the invoice," but he backed off quickly.

    As to lease cost for a 525 vs a 330i, the better deal probably is the 525 because of the factory-to-dealer incentive on the 525 vs none on the 330i. My opinion only. I had considered a 330xi instead of the 530AI, but had to go with the 530, again, because of the incentive.

    I've read on this board that Allison BMW in northern CA is offering good deals on the 5-series.

    Hope this helps.
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