2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    jughead5, if you are serious about a 5 series, now is the time to find out if you will be able to get the car you want, which is something it took me 3 dealers and 2.5 weeks to do. No matter how you want the car configured, the longer you wait the harder it will probably be to get it. You may find that there are plenty of available cars you want which will give you more leverage or you may find that the car you want is scarce in which case you may want to step up your time table. Either way in my opinion now is the time to find out. Make the dealer give you solid numbers.

    At 2k over invoice your before taxes,etc. price would be $42,620. Start your negotiations with the dealer at $40k even and you may be able to do even better.
  • mch2mch2 Member Posts: 36
    No, I did not do too badly and if my wife had not insisted on the Steel Blue/Gray leather combo I think I could have done even better.

    I think group purchasing is a great idea. If you can meet up with a couple of other folks who are buying I would think that you could get a price of $3,000 below invoice on each car.
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    I have a dealer willing to sell me a 540 at $54K. That includes sport package, premium sound, comfort seats, and rear window shade. Colors are titanium silver with black leather interior. Does that price sound reasonable given the current incentives? I thought it looked OK, but wanted to ckeck on the boards before I commit.
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    Thank you mch2......Appreciate your advice, and I agree that the sooner the better. I'll keep everyone posted, going to dealer this Saturday.
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    I calculate the base invoice price of the car (incl. destination) at $54,430 which means if you accept this price the dealer keeps just about the entire incentive ($4,500 for the 540 I think). Not a good deal, at least not for you. The real invoice price for this car is $49,930. This is the starting point for your negotiations. 2k over the real invoice is a reasonable profit for the dealer. You may be able to do better.
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    Spoke to 2 dealers today who reassured me up to 4k incentives are still valid (if I am paying cash) and working at/under invoice is what they're doing. Both said they still like to make a few bucks though. Will keep posting as I get closer to a number. One said he's pretty sure he will find what I want and will beat any price (heard that before)...530 sport, premium, premium sound, rear fold down, rear sun, xenon).
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    Anybody having any success in Alabama or Georgia with dealers passing on the incentives on new 5 series.
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    I to am looking for a new 5 series in Alabama,any one know of a good dealer?
    thanks for any help.
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    Try United BMW in Duluth, GA.
    My salesperson gave me a great deal!

    You could get at least $2500 or more below invoice.
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    I am trying to grab a 530 steptronic/premium/sport/xenon/fold-down. Invoice $37560
    Dest 695
    MACO 360 (some as low as $250)
    Options 6285

    Total $44900
    Total $40900 after incentive

    I am getting various responses when I offer 2 or 3% over the cost (after incentive): Some try to switch the conversation to 'Look how much you are getting off the MSRP'; 'That incentive is for me, not for you!';

    So I am seeing prices from $42,900 to $43,500. I would jump on it if I get $42,500, which is a bit less than 4% above cost, but don't know if I am being realistic. At that price, the dealer is making $1,600, plus any other volume discount/rebate (I don't know how much that might be).

    Should I hold the line, or give in at 42,900?

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    -how many are still around (~100 miles)?
    -Is the color is high demand?
    Supply-and-demand is the buety of the free marcket. Dealer can sale a car at lost, or at +$3000 profit.
    So shopping around, you just need to call and e-mail. If there is not another one near by, you are out of luck and jump on it before too late. Otherwise, $1600 over adjusted invoice is $800-$1000 too higher.
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  • sawxraysawxray Member Posts: 5
    There are many dealers within 100 miles, and all seem to have 12-16 530's.

    However, all try to say they are sellin' 'em like hotcakes! Not sure I believe that, but I did see a VERY busy dealer in Santa Clara last Saturday, and none of these guys seem overly anxious to return my messages. So, in sum, I can't tell about demand. I did sneak a peek at a list of cars at one dealership that showed a range of 1 to 80 days for cars being on the lot.

    I have not been specific with the color, so that is not an issue.

    I have not seen a dealer yet who wants to go below $2K profit. And I have thrown all the numbers at them, including Manufacturer to Dealer incentives.

    So I am not sure how to bargain them down to $800 above invoice. I would greatly appreciate any advice.
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    My local dealer has only 530iA's... no manuals. I have read here that there is more inventory on the docks in NJ (or somewhere). That being the case, what added fee(s) should I expect/agree to pay if my dealer needs to transport the car I want from the loading docks?

    Am I completely off-base on how this works?

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    If the car is actually at the port in NJ there should be no additional transport fee because at some point the dealer was going to have to bring the car to the lot anyway. However, me and at least one other person I know had the same situation when we had dealers try to get a car that was at the port. As soon as the dealer enquired about the car "poof" it was no longer at the port but on its way to another dealer. Apparently the way it works is that even if a car is at the port it is allocated to a specific dealer. In order for that car to be sent from the port to another dealer the dealer it is allocated to must agree to release it. Anyway, the car I wanted ended up at a dealer in PA (I'm in MD)and I had to pay a transport fee of $250 which I would happily do again.
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    My 2 cents on buying 530...call three or four dealers and ask for either internet sales or just the sales manager. Tell them your price. If there is a large supply, you'll get someone to budge. You seem flexible with color and options, and if that'sreally the case, you can wait it out until supply is low...at that point, if you have not made a deal, you'll have a decision to make...
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    What about the folks in Birmingham?
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    Got a price in north Al. today for a 525iA with pp,auto and xenon,+freight for 42,270.00.list.Was offered for 38,575.00 + 160.00(training&systems fee) for a total of 38,735.00+ 298.50 doc fee. Does this sound good or do I need to get them down some more?
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    I was offered a new 2003 525i for $37,340 + tax,tag and title. Fees were reduced to @$200.00. Invoice was around $39,000. Dealer fairly straight forward about the pricing.
  • strandbergsrstrandbergsr Member Posts: 4
    See note #235. Same options as you stated.
  • ba528ba528 Member Posts: 5
    strandbergsr,looks like I need to keep looking your price is about 1200.00 less but I don't want to wait to long.
  • new5ernew5er Member Posts: 9
    Your price is close to invoice.Training fee? Did you have to work hard for the price? Where did they start? Lease or purchase? Were the folks in North Al open about incentives? Or was issue even raised?
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    Anybody think of buying in Southern California should check out Savage BMW in Ontario. I bought mine a few days ago and I think I got a good price. Here is how much I paid for my 530i(black/black):

    Auto, primum package, xenon lights
    I paid $39890 plus $45 document fee.

    I dealt directly with the Internet sales lady and I think she is very nice. She found the car I want and have it shipped to the dealer directly from the port (through trade with another dealer). The car only had 7 miles on it when delivered to me. Remember to ask for the Internet sales person (I can't post her name here)and tell her the guy bought the car from her on 7/15 refered you. I'm confident that you will be happy with the sales experience with her.
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    If I did my calculations correctly, this dealer did not give you a good deal at all. MSRP $44,595; invoice $40,805 LESS $4,000 dealer incentive = $36,805 base. Almost any dealer will take $2,000 above that ($38,605). There are others getting even better deals. Anyone else concur or disagree with my numbers?
    BTW, you still have a nice car and don't....yet!
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    You are right. The dealer is only giving me a $500 "diplomatic discount". And that would make me ineligible for the 1K BMWCCA rebate. Not a hard decision. Thanks for the info.
    And thanks to all who have shared their info/knowledge on the board. Going to sign on the dotted line this afternoon.
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    The price they gave me was invoice,they said that was as low as they could go. This is a cash purchase price,the incentives were never raised.
    I'll talk to them again an ask about the incentive. Does anyone know for sure what it is for
    the 525?
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    How many BMW dealers in Alabama? IF the incentive is there it should be 3.5k There are a lot of 5 series out there for sale all over the country. For that matter there are a lot of cars for sale across the board. 3's 5's 7's. The 04's are due fall? Good luck!
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    I have been offered an 02 540i AT wt Sport, Premium Sound, M Wheels, Park Distance Control, Rear Window Shades with 7400 miles for 45K..is this a good price?
  • joatmonjoatmon Member Posts: 315
    That's not a bad price if it's puuuurfect, and it's what you want. A new one is about 52k w/ incentive factored in. But, the 03 540 has the M5 body treatment and 18" tires. If that doesn't matter to you, go for it.

    With only 7400 miles, it should be good. One problem with used BMWs is that the dealers do free oil changes at about 15k. Too long in my book. If I bought this one, I'd change the oil immediately if you can't verify a previous change.

    Hope this helps,

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    Bought a Blk/Blk 525iA with SP, PP, Xenon in June. Price was $37.8K, plus $45 doc fee, from New Century BMW in Alhambra, CA. Reg fee was $291 and tax was $3,127. Out of the door $41,263.

    Bought cash from the internet sales manager. Could have gotten maybe another $100 less from Crevier BMW in Orange county, but New Century is much closer (helps to get better loaner service if you bought the car from the dealer). Should have gotten the power rear sunshade as well. Otherwise, can't be happier with the car.

    Hope this helps, and good luck.
  • jluo25jluo25 Member Posts: 6
    I took a look at the actual "sticker". The MSRP is $45,870. Here is MSRP list:

    530iA $41,100
    Premium Package $2,300
    Steptronic Transmission $1,275
    Xenon Headlights $500
    Destination Cahrge 659

    Total Suggested Retail Price $45,870

    The discount from the MSRP is about $6,000.

    I think it's a pretty good deal. But I might be wrong because I am not a good shopper in the first place. ;-)
  • cooljc74cooljc74 Member Posts: 23
    I agree with hoopsref that Jluo25 could have gotten $1000 lower...But hey as long as Jluo25 is happy with the price then...Enjoy the car.

    Did you get a reasonable offer from dealers?
  • jughead5jughead5 Member Posts: 10
    Received this offer from a dealer today via internet in florida: 530i titanium/grey leather, 5 spd, premium pkg, sport pkg, xenon:

    40,986.50 offer
       269.50 dealer fees
     2,459.19 tax
        55.00 plates
    43,500.69 out the door

    Pretty good deal it seems roughly 2k under invoice, I would probably take it but I have to wait another 4 weeks for my ship to come it. Exact model I am looking for too, except no premium sound.....What you guys think of this price? This was his first and second offer to me and I have not responded back to him yet...
  • gsf1gsf1 Member Posts: 3
    I could use your help again guys... here is the offer I just got:

    530iA Titanium Silver/Black Leather with Sport/Premium/Xenon's/Steptronic. Price: $42,260 + tax and license

    My calculations show:
    (Invoice Prices)
    Base: 37,560
    Prem pkg: 2,095
    Sport pkg: 2,095
    step tronic: 1,210
    Xenon: 455
    dest charge: 695
    Total: 44,110
    (-) $4K fac to dealer rebate
    Total base: 40,110

    If the offer is for $42,260 thats a $2,150 profit.

    Let me know what you think.
  • mxpro738mxpro738 Member Posts: 59
    I live in Upstate NY and after talking to the local dealer, they say there's little or no hope in finding any more 530i's with a manual.

    Are they right, or is their perspective limited by their allocations? Any suggestions?

  • hoopsrefhoopsref Member Posts: 140
    to jluo25: Like I said earlier...Nice car and you at least have one to drive. I agree with cooljc that as long you like the car & deal....

    to jughead5: I come up with an invoice (after the $4K dealer incentive) of $38,900. It seems like it is not a problem to get this from most dealers at $2,000 over this price. From what I have read hear and I am seeing with the quotes I am getting, $2,000 should be a no brainer. Of course, supply & demand and regions can vary. How far are you willing to drive? How much time do you want to put into it? I have some Scottish blood in me that will not let me pay full price on anything! lol So I have been researching these cars for several months, reading this and a few other boards religiously for tip & ideas.
    I have just started to us the "fax attack" concept from fightingchance.com I have been speaking about in earlier posts. It is similar to the Rizzo method I have seen mentioned here. I faxed about 15 to 20 dealers yesterday (not the ideal day or time of the month, but the car supply changed things a little). I have already received 5 responses. Only one was above $2,000 over the adjusted invoice! Two where at $2,000 and two slightly under @ $1,700. I know others have received $500 to $1,000 over the old invoice prior to the incentives being offered. I think with enough effort and luck, I might get one down to that range. I'll keep you posted of course.
  • hoopsrefhoopsref Member Posts: 140
    I came up with the same figures you did. $2,150 is not bad, but I said in earlier posts, yoou might do a little better is you shop it. Good Luck.
  • mbdrivermbdriver Member Posts: 426
    I just took delivery of a 530i yesterday. The dealer offered an extended warranty from a private company at $3395, but with a $400 discount -- total price $2895. I have two weeks to decide.

    The warranty is almost bumper-to-bumper and extends the BMW factory 4-year/50,000 miles warranty to 7 years and 100,000 miles. I won't come close to the mileage limit -- just the time limit.

    BTW, in April 2000 I bought a Mercedes E320. Had to decide about the MB factory warranty extension to 8 years or 100,000 miles during my first year of ownership. MB list price was $2650, and I bought it in April 2001 from a dealer on the opposite coast for $1680. So the $2895 price for only 7 years, from a non-BMW source, seems high.

    Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. I did buy the basic LoJack (sp) from the dealer for $595.
  • ba528ba528 Member Posts: 5
    Just got a quote from United BMW in Atlanta area same car as in message 234. 36,999.00+tax,out the door 38,435.88. This is sounding a lot better,what do you all think?
  • hoopsrefhoopsref Member Posts: 140
    I am not sure if I calculated correctly so let me know....Invoice pricing:
     Base 525i ($34,375)with Steptronic ($1210), PP ($2640), Xenons ($455)= $38,680 less dealer incentive of $4,000 = adjusted invoice of $34,680. MOST dealers will take as low as a $2000 profit and some even less. If you want to put the time in and shop, you could save a little IMHO. Good luck. Keep us posted.
  • hoopsrefhoopsref Member Posts: 140
    A few of us here have indicated that they we are shopping for 5er's... Has anyone considered getting together and purchase from the same dealer for buying power? I realize distance could be a problem for some. I am in the Boston area, but would consider some drive. I think I'll be getting the car for about $1,000 over the ADJUSTED invoices I spoke of in the above posts, if not lower! I have several responses under the $2,000 profit limit already and I've only faxed my requests a couple of days ago.
  • hoopsrefhoopsref Member Posts: 140
    See my posts above on costs... Have you tried faxing dealers? You may be surprised at what happens! You may even drive or HAVE DELIVERED to you a car from a dealer further away that did not consider "close" to you. I heard of a guy in Vegas who couldn't get a good deal from local dealers and wound up having a LA dealer drive the car to him and pay for his air fare back. I can't repeat myself enough that you guys should check out www.fightingchance.com and spend $30 to save hundreds of thousands of dollars! (no I don't work them, just a believer in the method) Keep me posted.
  • jughead5jughead5 Member Posts: 10
    The dealer who I have been talking with told me this morning that he checked "the entire US BMW" inventory and only found 19 5spd 530's. Don't know weather to believe that or not. Making me think about the steptronic now as I cant buy for another month. Anyone have thoughts on the 5spd vs the steptronic auto? He also told me that the incentive will be in place to August 31, then THATS IT ITS OVER....Thanks....
  • mmelendez5mmelendez5 Member Posts: 5
    Was offered 530ia

    has Step, Cold, Prem, Sport, and Sunshade. Based on Edmunds it is over $4k under Edmund's market value price. It is $2680 under invoice and $6850 under MSRP. What do you guys think.
  • drdwdrdw Member Posts: 21
    with a price of 2.7k under (translation: 800 dealer profit on the paper).

    Based on my two-week shopping experiences (phone and visit),
    -there are more 530 than 525;
    -a few dealers have only 530 left;
    -there are very few 5sp available (19 entire US inventory may be a little bit exaggerated);
    -never saw one with PS in stock;
    -all first offers (even just over the phone) except one were 1.5 k- 2.2k under;
    -if you are flexible on color and only want Auto, PP and CWP, keep shopping until get a 2k under price and don't rush. Once 04 price is published, pressure will be on the dealer.
    -if you are specific on any thing (5sp, unique color, PS, even SP), you may have to pay whatever offered, or get a 04.
  • designmandesignman Member Posts: 2,129
    mmelendez5, if this is the car you want you should feel real good about the price. However, knocking it down another $500 should not be out of the question. In any event, the price is consistent with the buys that have been appearing around here. Good luck.
  • gsf1gsf1 Member Posts: 3

    Just drove home our new car last night... thanks to all who helped here.

    Here are the specifics:
    2003 530iA
    Titanium Silver/Black
    Premium Package
    Sport Package
    Xenon Lights
    Fold Down Rear Seats

    MSRP: $48,615
    Invoice: $44,540
    Paid: $42,090

    All said, $2,450 under invoice, dealer profit I believe was about $1,550

    Bought it at BMW of San Diego... I probably could have got another few hundred less but I was very comfortable with the final price. I had lower prices from Glendale but did not want to drive.

    For all of you in So Cal, Pacific BMW in Glendale (good price!), Cunningham BMW in El Cajon (prompt response but not the best price), and Brecht BMW in Escondido (appeared willing to meet or beat all, good sales rep), and also Irvine BMW, all had good deals and were very competitive... I went with BMW of San Diego because of location and their sales rep.

    Best of luck to you all... This board made the process SO much better!

    GSF-San Diego
  • sawxraysawxray Member Posts: 5
    After having posted a few times here, and reading all the ideas, I finally drove home in my new 530! Premium, Sport, Xenon, Steptronic and Fold-down rears.

    Paid $42,127 at Allison BMW in Mountain View, CA, including destination charges and MACO.

    A few comments on dealers:

    Allison was Great! With a capital G. The internet manager didn't waste my time, found the right car/right options/right colors, and we found an agreeable price immediately. Less important but nice-great guy, professional and personable, gave me a wonderful guided tour of the car, was also teaching a newer guy the ropes. Knew his product, didn't try to over sell me. In fact, he winked before we saw the finance person, and told me what NOT to buy. Yes, I already knew, but I appreciate the honesty.

    So all A's to Allison.

    Funny thing is, I came this close to buying another brand. ANY brand other than BMW.

    The SF BMW experience was a nightmare.

    My first salesperson was pretty new, but knew the product well, and didn't [non-permissible content removed] when he didn't know something. Tried real hard, pleasant and cheerful guy, struck me as honest and trying to learn a new line (previously sold MB's).

    I had to get my purchase done in my off week, and I let him know. We went through their invoices, couldn't find the right combination of options, but walked the lot to find something close. Lo and behold, we found two that hadn't been PDI'ed yet, and weren't on the inventory list. Both had exactly the right options! So I was all set. At least so I thought...

    I did all my calculations, factored in the 16 530's on their lot, ranging up to 80 days on-lot, then called the salesperson with my offer-2% above their cost. He said he would get back to me, but got very busy, so he just left a message late at night that he was working on it. I didn't hear from him the next day, so late in the day tried calling the dealership, and was told he was off. In fact, he was off for two days.

    So...I asked for the salesperson's supervisor, presumably the sales manager, and left him a voice mail.

    The next morning I got a call from someone with a very pissed-off attitude. I learned it was the sales manager, who demanded an explanation for my VM. I had left him this info already on the VM, but repeated it for him. He cut me off, asked what I wanted to pay. As I explained my calculations briefly, he cut me off again-"Just tell me how much!"

    So I made the offer again.

    Now he was either mad, insulted, or trying to manipulate. Gave me all the crap about how they weren't in this business for money, and how a REAL customer would care more about the car. He told me he would sell for no less than X (about 2K above their cost), but then said he wouldn't sell to me anyway. He then added how he hated dealing with people, which was why he let the sales staff do so. Not such a big surprise.

    He also told me there was nothing on the lot with the options I wanted. I asked him to check if that particular car was sold (as it hadn't even been prepped yet), and he said it was not on the 'sold' list. I told him I had seen the car, had my hands on the car, sat in the driver's seat, but he insisted such a car didn't exist. Hmmmm...I made no commitment about price, but at this point asked to speak with a salesperson.

    We disconnected, but then he called back in two minutes, raising the price another $1000, repeating he wouldn't sell to me anyway. I again asked to speak with a salesperson.

    Eight hours later, I called back, after having heard nothing. Sales manager told me he had no intention of having a salesperson call me, and that the car I wanted had been traded. I didn't say so, but found it interesting that the car that wasn't there was able to be traded.

    I asked him why he wouldn't sell it to me-wouldn't it be better to sell than to trade? He said no-its the same thing (idiot!). He also said the price was the price, and that was it. I reminded him this was a car we were talking about, and I was sure he had negotiated at some time in the past, but he fervently and adamantly denied having ever negotiated or haggled. Interesting guy.

    So I asked again for a salesperson. He replied that if I wanted to give him advice about his business, perhaps I should buy the dealership, and then he would listen. I asked why he didn't want any input from a customer, and he told me I wasn't a customer.

    I got away from him at this point, called up BMW customer relations, and had a little chat with their rep. He said he would make some calls and see what was going on, then get back to me, but never did.

    Now after a full week, I found that my original salesperson was told by the sales manager not to call me, after he had returned to work.

    Very sorry for this long post, but would sincerely like to make a dent in that boy's attitude and success (if he has any). I will write to BMW, assuming that they care significantly about customer feedback (first interaction notwithstanding).

    Anyone else deal with this dealership?
  • new5ernew5er Member Posts: 9
    How are the incentives translating into low lease payments?
  • hoopsrefhoopsref Member Posts: 140
    I can't believe that guy! It seems way out of character from the reps I spoken to. We should all send emails, faxes or call that dealership and let them know that their negative attitude has and will cost them business. (Especially you guys on the left coast.) I'd like to see you get a hold of the owner and see if he condones this behavior.
    NOTE:I have been faxing to the Sales managers at the dealerships (like the fighting chance program suggests), but I am getting responses from the sales staff or internet manager. Several have commented that they like the way I am buying the car! The prices are coming in at less than $2,000 on some now and I have not even had to haggle yet.
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