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  • athorpeathorpe Member Posts: 8
    sorry...this is a duplicate from general 5-series board

    Looking for some input on price for the E60.

    I'm at the top of the local dealer's list for the 2004 5-series and they are about to start taking deposits. They are telling me price will be MSRP flat. This is clearly a big number, and clearly higher than the general price talk on this board for all types of 5-series - in particular it sounds like new 530s range from invoice +$1500-2000 these days, which is probably MSRP minus ~$1.5-2k I think.

    A new model, being first on the list, etc clearly means I'm going to go to the cleaners on this one. Question for the group is whether MSRP strikes you as crazy/obscene/unjustified or just plain high/silly/self-indulgent (which it clearly is)? Is MSRP normal for new BMW models? (I suppose I should check the 7-board as well, does anyone have data on that?). I know all of this depends on 32 factors which someone will be nice enough to detail for me, but what I'm really interested in is the sanity check from those of you more knowledgeable than I.

    For what its worth, I'm probably going to get a 545i auto (yes, heresy I know - wife + commute = auto unfortunately).

    Thanks for your input.
  • sel3sel3 Member Posts: 33
    Picked-up my new 525i in Belgium on the 10th and drove to Germany. These cars are really born to run on the autobahn! It will go the east coast in April and I will drive it to Arizona in May. The drive across the USA will not be nearly as much fun!

    2003 525i (Auto)
    Premium Package
    Sun Shade System(For Arizona)
    Rear side airbags
    Stateside Delivery

    No customs, state sales tax, or other fees.

    Happy motoring!

  • 1violinist1violinist Member Posts: 338

    1) If you're not in a big hurry to get the car, waiting 6 months might save you $2k
    2) Waiting will also help you find out what other owners think of the car, and if there's any glitch in the new design
    3) Have you considered European Delivery? It may save you $2-3k.

    By the way, what's the MSRP on the 545iA?

    Good luck!
  • athorpeathorpe Member Posts: 8
    Tony - Thanks for the thoughts. I'm leaning towards just taking the plunge and maybe trying to go ED (a good thought) to mentally feel less guilty about it. I'm not sure what the msrp will be on the car yet, not sure dealer knows either.
  • awd2003awd2003 Member Posts: 54
    I bought my car at BMW of North Haven, CT. I leased this car because BMW had good rates at the time. I told the salesman I would lease for the best time which happens to be 39 months. I have always put down refundable security deposits because I can save at least 50 bucks a month. I ordered the car in November and got it February.
    I hope this helps.
    Steptronic,Sport,Cold,Xenon and Premium. Black/Black
    If you need more info write back and I'll post my email address
  • blueox2blueox2 Member Posts: 19
    Habitat 1 in post #5849 (March 8, 2003) of the general "5-series" discussion spoke knowledgably of ED invoice prices (including specific options). Does anyone know where on the net I can get this information? I am strongly considering ED of a 530i, 5spd, SP, PP, prem sound, fold-down seats, CWP but want to be well-armed with the European invoice price when I approach my local dealer. Thank you all for help. (I posted this question to the 5-series board as well so my apologies to those reading this for the second time.)
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    Have you checked out this discussion? You may find some valuable info there.

    BMW Owners: European Delivery
  • dliptakdliptak Member Posts: 4
    Got paperwork from dealer in hand and have two decide if this is a good deal. Had done all negotions and then they added $725 acquistion fee to negotiated gross cap. cost and said it was standard for all leases. They also added 297 Doc Fee. Are these legit? MSRP was 49970 reduced to 47250. This was 1500 over invoice (including 695 destination charge). 3 year lease 36k miles, 61% residual; .0015 mf; 750 refundable deposit; $603.62 monthly payment + taxes residual 30481.7 61% Car has xenon, sp, pp, navigation, automatic. Please let me know your thoughts if this is a good deal. Thanks
  • 1violinist1violinist Member Posts: 338

    I'm not well versed with leasing terms, but the numbers sound 'inflated' quite a bit. $297 doc fee is outrageous. CA is one of the most expensive states and we only pay $45 doc fee!

    I don't think it's a fair deal!
  • sjmurray2sjmurray2 Member Posts: 65
    Military guy here, no financial background and can barely balance a checkbook! Is there a good website or reference on how to calculate a lease payment on a car? I'm looking for a good EXCEL spreadsheet where I can plug all these numbers in! What is this money factor? my dealer says it's 225? I'm seeing .015 on this board. Thanks, Scott
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    Perhaps this Edmunds article can help get you started.

    Calculate Your Own Lease Payment
  • salrafsalraf Member Posts: 17
    what was the bottom line for the 530i..I am interested in leasing one as well...
  • carshopper46carshopper46 Member Posts: 24
    I bought a 97 528 when they first came out- picked it up June 96. I got nearly a $3,800 discount from sticker. To this day, I have no idea why the brand new model was discounted so much. But discounts can be had- this was in the Washington, D.C. area
  • bpblack1bpblack1 Member Posts: 4
    I just went to a Long Island, NY BMW dealer and got the following deal

    530i premium, sport, cold weather, auto - something else but the sticker was 48500 he took that down about $1800.

    $5500 upfront (tax, 1st, sec, fee and cap cost)
    504/month 36 month and 15k yr also the same deal for 18K (546/mo) and 12 K (475K/mo)

    Deciding this weekend prompt input appreciated

  • awd2003awd2003 Member Posts: 54
    I got a 03 530 auto, prem, sport, xenon and cold pkg, The sticker $48770. The selling price was $46169. I put down multiple security deposits which are refundable($4500). The lease payment is $499 for 39 mths 12k. I paid no security or cap cost.
    The car is awesome. I hope this helps.
  • rheiserheise Member Posts: 7
    A 3 year lease deal was posted on a 2003 530ia with auto, premium pkg, cold weather and heated steering with MSRP of $46120, residual of 61% and money factor of .0017, with payment of $689 incl taxes and only 1 month payment and doc fees of $200 upfront. No other money upfront needed. This incl 10k miles per year.

    If I move to 12k miles, payment goes up to $705.

    This is in Illinois.

    First, is this a good lease deal? Is it special, or are the terms pretty standard for BMW? Also, will I be able to still negotiate the cap cost down off of MSRP?

    My current car, a 2000 LS400 is up in three weeks and I am looking forward to a 530.

  • chokksonchokkson Member Posts: 5
    My wife and I need a new car. I'm trying to sell her on the bmw 530i 2003. I think it's the standard for a sedan in that class. Anyways, I am planning on the premium package, xenon headlights, rear seat air bags. Would anyone recommend the steptronic transmission and the power rear sunshade? I'm partial to the titanium gray metallic. Am I able to choose the interior color that I want? Any advice/opinions would be helpful
  • bimmer12bimmer12 Member Posts: 72
    2003 bmw 530i is a fine, fine choice... No need to listen to us on the board on this one- just have her go to the dealer and test one out.. They are coming out with a new 5 series model in the fall but in my opinion, the current E39 model is one of the best out there and you won't have to deal with first year problems.

    As for options, these are more subjective but I would look into the sport pkg. I know the woman who have driven my car appreciate the seats that come with the sport pkg and also the handling- I think the wheels look really nice as well.. Steptronic again is on need and preference.. I love the 5 speed even in city driving but if she drives a stick, there is no better combination of driving than a stick and a bmw... trust me, must test it out... Other than that, you seem to have your basis covered... Love the titanium gray but I'm not sure who much longer you can place custom orders.... Keep us posted on what you decide
  • 1violinist1violinist Member Posts: 338
    Titanium gray comes with 2 interior colors: either gray or black. Most of the cars I saw had the black leather. I personally prefer the gray, especially in the warm weather of Southern CA. Also the power rear sunshades are pretty good.

    Unless your wife is into stick-shift driving, I'd recommend the Steptronic.

    Good luck!
  • kscctsksccts Member Posts: 140
    I would definitely get the sport package. It completely transforms the car. Steptronic is a very good automatic. I would recommend it inless you have some burning desire to shift yourself.

    Good luck!
  • chaconnechaconne Member Posts: 1
    Have found a Jet Black 2003 525i equipped with premium pkg, Steptronic trans, cold weather pkg, Xenon lites & heated steering wheel...MSRP is $43,020. Anybody have a feel for how much I should be able to get the dealer to take off that price? I'm planning to lease for 3 yrs @ 15,000 miles per year also...any suggested payment that would be good? My gut feel is $1,500-1,800 below MSRP and a $600/mo pmt w/$0 down (Mich sales tax is 6%, which I'm incl in monthly pmt calc). How realistic am I?
  • 1violinist1violinist Member Posts: 338
    Forget about the MSRP, you should always negotiate from the INVOICE price and up. The INVOICE on this car is $39,415. According to Edmunds, the TMV (true market value) of this car is $41,400; but depending where you are in the US you can probably go under $41K.

    Good luck!
  • spriyadaspriyada Member Posts: 3
    Have been negotiating a lease on the 525i and would like to find out if this is good deal or not. Please provide comments/suggestions...

    525i with Premium, Auto, Cold, Xenon MSRP $42,870. Dealer has offered to sell for $41,500. The invoice price is $39,280 and the TMV is $41,300.

    Lease terms are money factor of 0.0014, 36 months, 10K per year, 63% residual, requires $2500 down payment (non-refundable), 1st payment and $500 security deposit. Including Indiana sales tax of 6%, the lease payment is $475 per month.

    Need to decide soon... I understand some folks(awd2003 and others) have leased 530i for $500. The 530i is a better car and I would rather have that instead. But the dealer wants $600 for that one.
  • bimmer12bimmer12 Member Posts: 72
    The deal on the 525i seems market and a good starting point.. You should go into some past posts and investigate the multi-security deposit methodology of reducing your money factor and your monthly payments.. Each increment of $500 will reduce your money factor and what awd and some of the other people did was max out their multi-security deposit to $4500 (which is refundable)... put a little money down and you can get $500 on the 530i.. I would look into the multi-deposit and report back what you find...
  • spriyadaspriyada Member Posts: 3

    Thanks very much for your helpful suggestions. I checked with the dealer about multi-security deposit and the answer I got was that's only available in certain states (CA, CT, etc.) as the laws governing auto leasing are state specific (per the dealer).

    I did manage to get the dealer to lower the negotiated price and the money factor. However, I have to pick a car from his lot/inventory, i.e. not the color that I wanted (Titanium Gray).

    Have to decide by this weekend. I created a spreadsheet to crunch numbers and to negotiate with the dealer. If anyone wants to have the excel spreadsheet, send me an email at yahoo using my userid, and I'll send it to you.

    This forum has been very helpful. Thanks.


    PS: Lease terms are MSRP 43,345. Negotiated Price 41,370. Residual 27307 (63%). Acquisition Fee 595. Documentation 107. Term 36 months. 10K per year. Money factor 0.00124. Tax 6%. Downpayment 0 results in a monthly payment of $526 including tax. Downpayment of 2500 results in a monthly payment of $449.
  • shpuntshpunt Member Posts: 9

    I would not put a downpayment on a lease. My point is arguable, but I am very certain that you loose the downpayment entirely if your car is totaled or stolen. That's actually a very good question to ask your dealer.
    Money Factor (MF) --- BMW of North America's buy MF is 0.0010, I've confirmed that with 2 different delaerships. Any dealer can tackle up to 0.0004 to it for profit, but you should still press for the buy MF.
    I am negotiating for a 525iT (wagon) and was able to get the price down to $1000 over invoice. You might want to lower your price even more, see if they budge.
    Lastly, all dealerships are really trying to move the fivers now to make room for the new model. I had an offer of $595 over invoice from one dealer, too bad that vehicle only had premium package on it. Or maybe that's why.
    In any case, I think you can squeeze more out of your deal. Good luck.
  • chile96chile96 Member Posts: 330
    Finally decided that maybe a lease is the way to go for now. Really want an SUV (X5), but have a feeling that I might get a better lease deal on a 5er. When negotiating for a lease and they come out w/ a MF of let's say .0014, do I just say no, I know it's .0010 so give me that. please. lol. ( want ~42mos/12 or 15K)

    Just finished reading all the posts but nobody has ever given a good definition of the multi deposit, just mention it alot. Is it really refundable at the end of the lease, i.e. "Here's a check back for the deposit you gave us" or is there some catch. If the car is totalled/stolen is the deposit lost? Thanks for the help.

  • t_manerot_manero Member Posts: 8
    Would appreciate comments. Looking to lease a "base" 525i with Steptronic AT only; not sure if available without all the add-ons like Premium Package, etc., but will try.
    Looking in Northern California (Bay area & Silicon Valley). Any ideas on best terms being offered; seems like people can get Edmunds TMV price on purchase price, but have to negotiate all finance variables.
    MSRP of 39,570; TMV 38,300, Invoice 36,570.
    Money rate - - ??? assume prime credit. (Have read 0.0010 as BMW's best, but don't know how true and look too low - - 2.4% APR.)
    Residual value & Term - - have seen 61% posted by people for 36 mos.; I'm looking at 36-39 months.
    Mileage: 10,000 miles per year is OK.
    Monthly Payment: would like to keep it at a little over $400, and taxed not to exceed $450.
    Thus, what kind of cap reduction cost???, and what kind of initial payment plan. Have seen "multi-security" but don't know what it is.

    Also, what is my obligation if car is "totaled" or stolen - - do I owe remaining lease obligation even though insurance company pays "book value?" which may be different than remaining lease obligation?
    Lot's of questions, but appreciate comments
  • sevarinosevarino Member Posts: 2
    I'm negotiating for a new 5-sp 530i. Is it true invoice price include a local area DAG (in CT this is supposedly $500)? I assume this is a manufacturer to dealer charge for advertising.
  • george94george94 Member Posts: 75
    Good luck in your negotiations. I wasn't able to do anything about the advertising fee nor some training fee ($160). I am in Boston and the final deal came up to $1500 over invoice plus these two fees. Good luck with the car!
  • shpuntshpunt Member Posts: 9
    Couldn't get out of this one either ($200) and another $200 for preparation of a car, total of $1400 over invoice on 525iTa.
  • vicvvicv Member Posts: 41
    I've begun initial negotiations on both an 04 MB E-320 and the 04 530i. I really like the style and interior of the E, but the 04 5-series is interesting. A dealer in a nearby city has offered $1300 below MSRP plus $399 prep for November delivery of a 530i. Anyone out there care to comment on this? I'm used to dealing on American cars and don't have much of an idea on how it goes with German cars.
  • snowman6snowman6 Member Posts: 13
    I have the opportunity to buy a 2001 540i with sport package, navagation, cold weather package, steptronic. 16,000 miles. Price is 41,950 including out of state shipping. According to Blue Book this looks pretty good. Any thoughts on whether this sounds like a good value??
  • wabendswabends Member Posts: 102
    I have to make a choice soon between two offers on 2003 530i and I need suggestions from the 5'er afficianados.

    Deal A: Premium package, AT, CWP and Xenons for $44,300.

    Deal B: Premium package, AT, CWP, Xenons and heated steering wheels for $44,500 (and will accept trade in).

    This is an outright purchase. Any suggestions would be helpful and thanks in advance.
  • wabendswabends Member Posts: 102
    When I asked about the cost of installing a CD changer in a 2003 530i that I am considering, the salesman stated $1000 with a grin. However, I just found out that Eurobuyer.com is offering the same item for about $425 (with installation kit). If anyone on the board has bought and installed a CD changer from this source (or nay other source), please share your experience with me.
  • div2div2 Member Posts: 2,580
    Steve at Eurobuyers is a stand-up guy. I bought my changer from him and it took all of thirty minutes to install in my non-Nav E39. That dealer is really trying to hose you. $1000 is outrageous. I can only imagine how they will try to gouge you in the service department.
  • wabendswabends Member Posts: 102
    Thanks for your response; that helps and I will consider Eurobuyers in my search for the CD changer.
  • rheiserheise Member Posts: 7
    Have been working on a lease deal for a 530i with auto, premium, cold weather (Chicago) and heated steering wheel (told it was a very nice feature in cold weather), black on black.

    When I walked in the showroom, they had a sign posted with a payment of $705. Deal was 61% residual and a MF of .0017. Zero money down, no security, no money down, except 1st months payment and doc fees.

    Was told a week later that the lease terms had improved and payment was $650. I calculated that the MF had dropped to .0010, but when I quizzed the salesman about a better deal off of MSRP, he said that he was already discounting $2000 (which is about a 4.8% markup on invoice), and that the MF was .00125. This jived to get the $650 payment. Residual was still 61%. (The MF later changed to .0014 since that was the no security deposit MF. .00125 required one month's payment)

    I have been having a few second thoughts all my gadgets in my LS400 and began to also look at the GS430 and the 2.7T. But Lexus couldn't come close to BMW's lease terms. Best he could offer was a MF of .00251 and 58% residual with a higher acquisition fee.

    I am still waiting to hear from Audi, but I assume it will be the same, which will put the payments higher than I want to pay.

    So based on info on this site, I will push the BMW dealership for a .0010 MF (since they have a car on their lot without xenon vs. getting something from another dealership) and see what he does. I'm thinking about telling him about my thoughts on a 2.7T and see if that moves him any as well.

    I will let you know how it turns out.
  • cretecrete Member Posts: 105
    After researching and looking at so many cars, I finally got the BMW 540ia. As there weren't many left around at the dealer I got the Silver metallic with Black leather: Options already on the car were PP, M Sport, CWP, Navi, fold down seats. Knowing the series is not being ordered new anymore, I wanted to get the current styling before the redesign. I'm so glad I did and although I really didn't work on a better price I'm really pleased with the car and the dealer's service. Picked it up for 61,245.00 with just 16 miles on it right off the truck. I traded in my 2002 Infiniti QX4 and got a good trade-in deal plus some cash down. Financed 60 mos. at 5.1% paying 565/mo. The dealer added in the 6-CD trunk changer at n/c.
  • wabendswabends Member Posts: 102
    Just picked up a MY 01 530i for $34K. Color is orient blue and it has AT, PP, CWP and Xenons. It has a cassette player in the dash but it is wired for a CD changer. Is it better to install a CD changer in the trunk (about $500) or replace the cassette player with a single CD player in the dash?
     Thanks in advance for your tips.
  • diver110diver110 Member Posts: 67
    I just bought a 2000 BMW 540i wagon with about 26,000 miles for $30,500, though I had to put $750 into it right away for service and an inspection sticker. Seem like, for a change, I was in the right place at the right time. They generally seem to sell for closer to $40,000 with that mileage. I am already the third owner. The first sold it because he had too many cars, the second sold it after buying his daughter a Jeep Cherokee and figuring that would meet his bike carrying needs. Now he may get the roadster. Needless to say, the first two owners don't have a lot of money worries.
  • quackburyquackbury Member Posts: 1
    Just signed a contract for a new 540iA with Sport, CWP, Fold Down Seats and Digital Sound. MSRP (incl. Gas Guzzler tax) is $60,170, invoice is $55,190, and I am paying $1,500 over invoice. Dealer tried to play games with advertising and training, but I told him take it or leave it.

    I wrote up a "purchase offer", and included the names and FAX numbers of salesmen at 6 other dealerships. I chewed up a lot of this guy's time cross-shopping with an E500, so I told him he had right of first refusal. It worked.

    I also dictated my lease terms: 36 months with 15,000 miles, a 59% residual and a 0.0012 money rate, for a monthly payment of $752 (including sales tax). Could have squeezed another $4,000 off the purchase price with Euro delivery, but figured the $55/month savings in the lease wasn't worth it (given the fact you're making lease payments for the 8 weeks the car is in transit).

    I am trying to negotiate a good price on the satellite radio but can't find any info on the invoice cost to the dealer. Does anyone know?
  • mukmanmukman Member Posts: 4
    I just bought a 530i about a month ago. It is a 530i with SP, PP, CWP, STEP and Xeon lights. I payed $44,700. The best deals I've ever heard of are approx. $1000-1500 above invoice. The best part is I never hand to leave the house or negotiate.
  • bobliz1bobliz1 Member Posts: 3
    I would appreciate any comments on pricing for the following:

    2000 528 jet black wagon w/manual, 24K, CPO, sport package, leather, xenons, and 6 disc changer.

    The car is a lease return and appears to be in excellent condition. I was thinking of offering $22.5K + tax/license. This is lower than Edmunds would suggest, however, with a model redesign forthcoming, I am thinking this price is reasonable. Please advise. Thanks.
  • lawman10lawman10 Member Posts: 15
    Just wanted some feed back on this lease deal that I was offered for a 2003 540i sport package with xenon lights. The lease terms are $650/month including tax for 36 month lease with 12kmiles per year. Out of pocket is $2k and this includes first payment. It sounds like alot of money for a lease but I love the car, and all the other BMW dealers are saying this is pretty much cost. Please advise.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    You may want to post your lease questions in FWI, Lease Questions - Ask Here.
  • roxrepsroxreps Member Posts: 35
    It so happens that my Saab 9-5 lease is 'happily' coming to an end and the last 6 months have been forever. I've been away from Townhall for quite some time (uninspired, I guess), but that's come to an end since I'm now in the hunt for my next car. I've assumed my last two leases and it's just worked out that way (I don't go looking for assumptions) I was quite prepared to pull the trigger on a new BMW lease when I read your board. However, I will need some information;

    -Original lease term / number of months left
    -Mileage allowance per year / current ODO
    -Lease ending date / lease end buyout
    -Excess mileage charge
    -Car (options included)
    -Vehicle location
    -Exterior / interior colors, condition
    -Transmission type, VIN #

    -Has the car been smoked in?
    -Is the car garage kept? 
    -Does the payment include sales tax? 
    -Has all scheduled maintenance been performed? 
    -Has the car been involved in an accident? 
    -Has the vehicle undergone major repairs? 
    -Is this a closed end Lease? 

    You can E-mail me ([email protected]) whenever you're ready, and we can take it from there. BTW, photos would be greatly appreciated.

    All My Best,
  • hansolo960hansolo960 Member Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy a new 530i with premium, cold weather, heated seats, premium radio and cd. What is a good price? The prices I have seen on the board, does it include tax and title or is it added on?
  • shoes7000shoes7000 Member Posts: 6
    If you are looking for a car, the 540i sport is the one to buy. I bought my car off of Ebay, yes Ebay, and I have been extremely happy since I bought it. I bought it in march of 03' for 23,500. It had 41k pristine miles, sport pkg, automatic,audio pkg and its a beauty. Midnight blue/Dove gray leather. This car was kept in impeccable care and was in a heated garage for the life of the car. I looked for about 4 months for this and found a great deal.
    If you have the time to look I would highly recommend being patient. I was quoted thousands higher for a 528i with higher mileage from about 3 different places and they said " this is the best deal you will find". I laugh now.
    Maybe I got a little lucky but the deals are out there, you just have to be persistent.
  • smallinvestorsmallinvestor Member Posts: 1
    My wife and I are ready to buy a 530. The dealer quoted $1000 over invoice. How much below that can we expect? I know someone just bought a Volkswagen 4% below invoice. Is it possible with BMW?

    I am thinking about waiting a few more months for a 2004 model. Have anyone heard about the new price yet? The new one has so many options bundled with the 530 model. There could be an effective cost reduction. At least I wish.
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