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Kia Sorento Maintenance and Repair



  • keahaterkeahater Posts: 20
    Well, as I wrote-it happened to me last week. I have already filed complaints to nhtsa and numerous other places. I also tried to email my concern to Kia America in Irvine CA and guess what? The complaint part of their website doesn't work. surprise. I did print 12 pages of consumer complaints from and some from the nhtsa. I also told the dealership and their sleaze bag slaesmen that they knowingly sold me a car with a dangerous problem. They asked me to come in to speak with them and explain the mechanical problem to them. Do you believe that??????? I asked them to tske the car back-no reply. I don't want to wait until it happens 2 more times for the lemon law's too dangerous. All my driving is on the hiway!!!! What can we do???? :lemon: :mad:
  • bobo85301bobo85301 Posts: 14
    I am sending this also to a local tv station and see what happens, I would also tell you to do the same. We need exposure in this matter before it does kill someone
  • beyond_helpbeyond_help Posts: 110
    i already filed a complaint to the NHTSA over a year ago over the crankshaft bolt issue

    this is a big safty issue, gee i guess somebody has to die before our government does something about it
  • keahaterkeahater Posts: 20
    This on line forum is a great way to let people know that they are driving a very dangerous car - Sorento- and the more the issues are brought up the better!!!!!!! This car is a junk and lemon--I am afraid to drive it anymore, as it died on me on the ramp to get on hiway. The ol' crankshaft bolt snapping off issue. I am trying to sue the co and am searching for people to do class action suit. Get rid of your sorento!!!!!!!!!!
  • ggc0okggc0ok Posts: 1
    We have a 2003 Sorento. Ever since we've had it the power locks do not work. We've taken it in several times without success. We are middle aged and we feel that they try to pacify us each and every time. We are feeling intimidated. The locks have a mind of their own. Locking us out, locking us in etc. They tell us to change the battery, to stand closer, yada yada yada, give me a break.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    with all the issues of the crankshaft bolt breaking..I agree it can be a serious issue.....I have followed scheduled maintanance intervals on our 03 sorento..and havent had one problem with it at all...abotu to roll over here is one owner that cant complain....

    all cars have comes down to the interval and type....some cadillacs are having castrophic differential failures at highway speeds...04/05 CTS-Vs in particular.....take a look on this forum at other car brands....and you will see the same ranting....

    all brands have lemons....many dealerships have first sorie, the dealership couldnt get a check engine light to go off....less than 150 miles on the regional kia tech rep involved, KIA America...and the dealership eventually traded on the sorento for another one, no questions problems from my perspective......

    forums like this are an outlet for folks to address there concerns and voice displeasure for one reason or those that have issues and problems with their is an inconvenience and hassle.....and in some cases...perhaps a perceived safety hazard.....
  • keahaterkeahater Posts: 20
    You're one of the lucky ones. :lemon: I wish mine was like yours, but it's not. I disagree on your opinion about these is a way for people to compare and see if someone else is having the same problem. I suggest you go and read the issues on the 2003 Kia Sorento-I've printed out 12 pages between them and the nhtsa about this particular problem and the coolant resevoir cracking issue also.
  • keahaterkeahater Posts: 20
  • bobo85301bobo85301 Posts: 14
    Sir, Percived is that the question here? This is a fact. Imagine yourself with your maintained by the book vehicle just shuts at 75 mph and lose all control of steering, you tell me sir what just might occur
  • bobo85301bobo85301 Posts: 14
    If anyone does not know about 2nd bolt, you do now, The new and so called improved bolt for the crankshaft pulley has also failed, As per a tech at kia, can not tell who or where in fear of being fired. They will be doing a recall very soon now. Other Kia forums are trying to blame it on the torque specs. Save those receipts if you were charged.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I compared stats at my for some other cars....three that I own..the Malibu. SOrento, and Solstice

    04 Chevy Malibu Maxx ....68 complaints/35 for steering...complete failure due to electronic steering...NHTSA did an engineering safety design study..and didnt enforce a recall..64 bulletins and 4 investigations, car rating 3.35

    06 Pontiac Solstice....17 complaints/10 for drive train..this involved leaking rear differential and some locking after the fluid drains if not caught before hand....the differential is a major point of discussion on the solstice forum,
    0 recalls, 23 bulletins, 0 rating 3.7

    04 Cadillac CTS 73 complaints/27 for drive train...most were for differential failures...some catastrophic at highway speeds locking both rear wheels.....failure still an issue in the 05-06 model years....3 recalls, 169 bulletins and 0 rating 3.65

    03 Acura 3.2TL 109 complaints/63 for drive train...1 recall, 112 bulletins, 1 investigation rating 3.68

    03 Sorento 95 complaints...23 for engine and 7 for drive train.....seems about the same ratio of complaints for certain safety related issues....1 recall, 14 bulletins, and 0 investigations 3.19 rating.....

    if you read these numbers.....the sorento comes out better than Acura and Cadillac....less complaints, less critical complaints on components and fewer recalls, bulletins, and investigations...I didnt spend time reading all the specifics...but again...just looking at numbers.....

    again all manufacturers produce lemons....does a steering column failure in Malibu, a major differential failure in a Cadillac or Acura, and crankbolt failure constitute a safety that drive of that vehicle...absolutely...does it brand the entire model bad....I dont beleive so......

    I can probably print out 12 pages for these cars as well between this site and the point here is that all cars have issues...regardless of the brand.....but you make a broad generalizations when branding a car model....
  • fnlfnl Posts: 1
    My Sorento's crack shaft broke once and I had to replace the engine. 6 moslater it broke again as I was exiting the highway. I would like to know if someone here talked to Kia or proceede with any legal action. Please let me know.

  • bobo85301bobo85301 Posts: 14
    Sir, My point is does that make it right? We are not comparing apples to oranges. We are at the crossroads of some poor individual or family getting killed because of what you call an issue. Yes the Kia Sorento is a fine SUV long as you do not get killed in it due to a manufacturer ignoring a defects or any other vehicle. If this was a Ford or Chevy I would have the same problem if this as you call an issue was to occur in their vehicle. I guess till you have experience this you will not know how I feel and I was only going 30 mph. EOM
  • bobo85301bobo85301 Posts: 14
    If you had to pay for this, save your receipts.
  • goldsuvgoldsuv Posts: 51
    I have a 2004 Sorento with 50k miles and have had no problems.
    I checked mycarstat and the 2004 Sorento had 25 complaints and 0 investigations. The 2004 Lexus RX330 had 141 complaints and 6 investigations. The pulley coming off is not even a safety problem, as the car is still steerable without power ( just ask Dale Earnhardt Jr.), hence no investigation by the NHTSA.
    However, if your crack shaft breaks, that's another story.
  • bobo85301bobo85301 Posts: 14
    Amazing, No more comments. I see now what you are attempting to do. I say to you have a nice day
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    so may I ask..have you pursued legal action?, have you filed a complaint with the BBB, or any other actions to replace your sorento at this point??
  • gwynnatgwynnat Posts: 1
    We just replaced the timing belt and water pump in our 2003 Sorento (104,050 miles) and for the two parts alone was a little over $500.

    Also, there are two different water pumps made for this year and they are not interchangeable. So it was in the shop longer waiting for the proper water pump.

    We have experienced the check engine light coming on for no reason (took it to our mechanic and nothing was wrong with the car). :confuse:

    Shocks are another expensive part and are only available through the factory or dealer. I guess were Kia makes it's money is in parts. :mad:
  • keahaterkeahater Posts: 20
    Bob- you lucked out like I did...happened on the ramp to get on hiway. I am outraged and so afraid it'll happen again. and from what I hear-it will..... The dealer is ignoring me as I asked them to take it back and put it on their lot-altho I don't think I would feel good about it as I've been taken and could've been killed. I wouldn't want that for anyone else. I had it for sale and decided not to sell it to anyone. I'm speaking with a lawyer about it. Mass. lemon laws say it has to happen 3 times, but will i be killed by then? This issue I am working on. :lemon:
  • keahaterkeahater Posts: 20
    PAO-do you have stocks in this company or what? Not all of these people can be wrong.
  • keahaterkeahater Posts: 20
    Great idea!!!!!!!!!!!! I did email the Atty General here in MA and hope to hear from them Monday. And it is going to kill someone. Not a serious issue according to "pao"..I guess it didn't dies on him....yet. Let me know if you get feed back from station!!!!!!
  • bobo85301bobo85301 Posts: 14
    To All, First off someone here is missinturpiting what I am saying. What I do not like is the way the manufacturer is handling all the problems with this vehicle. FYI PAO , I just got in the mail a recall campaign from Kia today, I do not know what it is for but will update when I do find out. My only point to this to let others know. I was on another website some time ago and all they could do is blame the tech on the torque of that bolt not one would agree because I take it they are experts. To me an issue would be the lights keep blinking or a check engine light comes on. This is a potential danger and I am sorry we all do not have the expertise of driving like Dale Earnheart when a motor quits at 75 MPH. We will see. Good Luck all and be safe
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I never said the failure wasnt a serious problem....all the other failures I noted in the GM and Acura vehicles are serious problems, what noone knows here is what the failure rate actually is...and how many of the total number produced have had this problem.........what you were doing was a generalization that the sorento is bad vehicle as a whole...and not to buy point is I dont beleive its a bad vehicle..nor the malibu, nor the CTS nor the Acura....not once do I beleive you mentioned that you were dissatisfied with the way Kia was handling your problem in particular....that seems to be the root of the discussion here...I hope you come to a resolution, whatever that might be, that meets your expectations......good luck....

    and no I dont have stock in any of the companies...simply taking a big picture look here....
  • bobo85301bobo85301 Posts: 14
    UPDATE. As per Kia consumer affairs division and I quote. Kia is about to send out to those affected by the crankshaft bolt ISSUE within 2 weeks a recall campaign on this serious problem. If you do not believe what I say, those that have had this problem call 1-800-333-4542 and give them your vin# and they will be happy as I am to tell you they are going to correct this major problem,,,, Thank God, EOM
  • taomernitaomerni Posts: 18
    Wow ..You made my day
    I love our 2003 Sorento and since we bought it I have not had to go to the local Napa once in a year and a half ... It rides like new , It does go thru headlights more than the average vehicle , But overall its been a good vehicle .. 43000 miles on it , but after reading these forums I was just waiting for the crankshaft bolt to fall off ... Some of these guys on here are scary , So I hope I am the one affected and they get this fixed , Cuz i don't want the crankshaft bolt to break while we are on a family vacation .. And I have had wonderful dealings with my KIA dealership .. Anyhow .. I believe you can have a Lemon on almost every vehicle ... I am a 20 year Chevy driver till we bought the KIA .. GM has their problems ..Toyota too .. So if Kia is going to fix my Crankshaft problems And the vehicle continues to drive the way it does (LIKE NEW ) I will be a happy Kia driver till it's paid for :)
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    effects 03-04 model years produced within a certain range, replace bolt and washer with one with a new corrosion resistant coating....kiatechinfo site as the is the notice:

    KT2007070901 Type Campaign
    Language English Published 7/23/2007
    Model Sorento [BL](2003) Sorento [BL](2004) Area N. America
    Gr./Sys./Comp Engine Mechanical System / Cylinder Block / Crankshaft
    Symptom EN1000 - Hard/No start
    ENN001 - Noise
    ENN002 - Vibration

    Subject Sorento Crankshaft Bolt Replacement (SC072)
    Description This bulletin provides information related to the 2003~2004 Sorento models produced from 6/30/2002 ~1/28/2004. The Crankshaft Pulley bolt may become loose, especially if it was improperly torqued during routine service. The usual indicator of such loosening is a rattling noise coming from the engine compartment, which can be traced to the Crankshaft Pulley assembly. The Crankshaft pulley bolt and washer should be replaced with the corrosion free bolt and washer (Dacro Coating) which can be identified by its silver color. The crankshaft pulley bolt and washer should never be re-used and should be replaced, if removed. This bulletin describes the proper service procedure for identifying and torquing the Crankshaft Pulley bolt.


    Crankshaft Pulley Bolt
    Special Washer
    Crankshaft Pulley Bolt
    Special Washer

    23127 39801QQK


    Vehicles Affected 2003~2004 Sorento vehicles produced from 6/30/2002~1/28/2004.

    Parts Information Part Name
    Previous P/N
    New Part Number
    Hardware Color

    Bolt and Washer Kit
    23127 39801QQK

    Campaign Completion Label
    UK030 SC072

    Service Procedure 1. Open hood and check for SC072 Campaign completion label on the panel above the under hood fuse box.

    • If Campaign SC072 label exists, NO FURTHER ACTION IS REQUIRED.

    • If label does not exist, continue on to step 2.

    2. Raise hood and remove the engine cover.

    3. Rotate the engine clockwise until the crankshaft pulley alignment holes are approximately aligned to the 3 (three) and 9 (nine) o’clock positions.

    4. Remove bolt from power steering return line bracket, gently push the line rearward to gain access to the locking device on crankshaft pulley holding tool.

    5. Insert crankshaft holding tool (K07U-SC072-SST-1 ) dowels into the crankshaft pulley assembly as shown in photo.

    6. Rotate the lower leg and lock tool against the R/S frame rail to prevent the pulley from turning. Insert and screw the lock pin to prevent tool from coming loose during procedure.

    7. Remove the crankshaft bolt and washer using K07U-SC072-SST-2 crankshaft bolt removal tool.

    8. Install the new replacement bolt and washer. Using K07U-SC072-SST-3 socket, torque the bolt and washer to 145 lbs. ft. (196.5 Nm).

    9. Remove the crankshaft holding tool from the engine assembly.

    10. Install retaining bolt for power steering return line, torque to 13~16 lbs. ft. (17~21.6 Nm).

    11. Install removed engine cover.

    12. Install the campaign completion label.

    SST P/N K07U-SC072-KIT Components:

    Crankshaft Pulley Holder (K07U- SC072-SST-1)

    Ratchet with 22 mm socket and extension pipe

    (K07U- SC072-SST-2)

    22 mm Stubby socket for torque wrench

    (K07U- SC072-SST-3)

    Operation Code And Time Claim Type
    Causal P/N
    N Code
    C Code
    Repair Description
    Labor Op Code
    Related Parts

    23127 39800
    Crankshaft Pulley Bolt and Washer Replacement
    23127 39801QQK
  • I have a 2004 Sorento with 86k miles. Noticed a slow oil leak, so took it in. After 3 replacements of the rear main seal I was told that I need a new engine block, and no "Warranty would not cover" because my maintenance intervals were more than the owners manual recommended. I called Customer Relations, and was told that I wasn't even a good customer, as my oil changes were not done at the dealership, so they felt no harm in losing my business.
    Now I am in $1,200 for the rear main seal, and they want another $5,000 for the engine block. My oil changes averaged every 8,000 miles. Owners manual recommends 7500, or every 5000 if you fall under "severe driving conditions" which is what they are classifying me due to my high miles. Customer relations told me that they would have denied me if my oil changes were every 5500 miles, as they do not feel as though I am a good enough customer.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Assuming you are in the US and live in a state that has a consumer protection agency, you could contact them (or your state's attorney general's office) and ask for advice. Warranty coverage isn't supposed to be tied to where you have maintenance done. (link)
  • beyond_helpbeyond_help Posts: 110
    kia has alot of loop-holes to deny warrenty even if you service the vehicle yourself or have an indepedent do it and keep VERY detailed records

    kia also seems to be very stingy on "policy warrenty" (bending a little bit)

    as i read my owners manual i fall into "severe service as well as 99.999% of all in the usa

    meaning engine oil changes every 3 months or 3,000 miles which ever in first

    i follow the "sever service" impilcity and service the vehicle myself and have exemplory records to prove it. since i am a reteired mechanic.

    almost everything the kia dealers has done including simple oil changes they have screwed up !!

    if they reject a warrenty claim on me i won't stop. i will spend big bucks on a lawsuit if i have to

    i will notify all the local tv networks and state and local agencys

    i will be heard around the the usa !!
  • taomernitaomerni Posts: 18
    90 percent of KIA problems are the dealers themselves ...Find a good dealer even if it means driving a little farther .. I called today about the Recall on the bolt as my 2003 Kia Sorento EX is almost out of warranty .. They made an appointment with me for Monday , I asked him if he would also fix the occasional clunk when you stop and take off ( I learned from here that is is the driveshaft needing a good grease job ) and he said he would also take care of that on Monday .. Under warranty :).. as it's kinda been doing it since we bought it used ..This dealer is in Wausau ,WI ..Rosemurgy Ford and Kia.... Over an hour drive for me to get their , But they have been good too me , And my next car purchase may be a new car from them .I asked if they has problems with the crankshaft bolt , And his reply was .. (WE REQUESTED A RECALL A LONG TIME AGO ).. So yes , there is a crankshaft problem ... If my Kia makes it 4 more days till my appointment , I will be a happy Kia owner .. no problems with it since we bought it used 1 and a half years ago , And some dealers DO stand behind the warranty , Thats the dealer that I want to go to .Ill let you know how my Monday appointment goes , New crankshaft ,, and hopefully fix my occasional clunk on take off ... Otherwise .. She drives like a new vehicle .. Ohh ya ,, It's my wifes vehicle :)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    This dealer is in Wausau ,WI ..Rosemurgy Ford and Kia.... Over an hour drive for me to get their , But they have been good too me , And my next car purchase may be a new car from them

    Please review them up using the Dealer Ratings and Reviews module too.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I dealer is great as well..his oil changes are as cheap as any around...he has two mechanics that specialize in nothing but KIA...he is also a subaru dealer....when my resevoir bottle went at 92K he tried to get it replaced under warranty..but could not so he gave me the bottle at his cost and cut his labor fee.....but I have been a good customer as well.....the dealership has their own recommended maintenance schedule...which is less stringent that the severe driving conditions listed by KIA....and no..mileage should have nothing to do with driving conditions as was mentioned above....

    my timing belt was changed almost 20K past the recommended time interval...and I ask the service manager would this effect any future warranty issues and he said no.....we have it documented in our records of the service...and you are covered.....

    So I agree with Steve...their are dealers that do good work, stand behind a warranty and in fact are reasonably around even if you have to go out further...
  • keahaterkeahater Posts: 20
    Bobo..I'm going BACK to the dealer, the belt(s) are squealing big time. Same thing happened when it died on me. I can't take it right back as I don't have a car to drive. But it was so bad yesterday that I have to. Lemon law-here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lemon:
  • keahaterkeahater Posts: 20
    Hey!!!!!!at least your check engine light came on :mad: :lemon:
  • danvancedanvance Posts: 13
    Driveshaft bump. We have a 2005 EX that experiences the driveshaft bump. It's very annoying to us. We've had the dealer address the issue and follow the TSB, but they haven't been able to get rid of it. I asked them to look at it again and they said that it wouldn't help as they haven't been able to get rid of the bump in any of the sorentos that have come in.

    Has anyone had the problem get fixed?
  • danvancedanvance Posts: 13
    I just posted another message regarding this but wanted to start a new thread.

    We have a 2005 EX that experiences the driveshaft bump. It has 22k miles. It's very annoying to us. We've had the dealer address the issue and follow the TSB, but they haven't been able to get rid of it. I asked them to look at it again and they said that it wouldn't help as they haven't been able to get rid of the bump in any of the sorentos that have come in.

    Has anyone had the problem get fixed?
  • faybetnfaybetn Posts: 8
    what type of problem is displayed with this 'bump'? what does it feel like?

    After they fixed my plentum and cylinder#6 head, it seemed to run ok. then 2 weeks later I noticed a 'bump' feel as i was accelerrating between 50 - 60 mph. Kind of like a pause/hiccup/kickback/skip - :confuse: I'm not quite sure how to discribe it. I just know when driving, it did not flow smoothly anymore.

    please let me know. I would like to be a little more versed before I go to the dealer. I also got the recall notice today. Oh I get to see the dealer (can you hear my sarcasim?) :P :lemon:
  • dina627dina627 Posts: 3
    Hi! I am knew to this also, because I wanted to investigate the problem I am having with my 05 Sorento. I was hearing the same noise and have been hearing a small vibration noise upon acceleration also. I have had this vibration noise checked 3 times and they couldn't figure it out. Now since I have the howling sound they say I need a new rear differential and only the part is covered under the warranty. The times I brought my sorento in for this same issue, each time the describtion of the noise was noted differently on my service ticket. Because of this KIA will not warrant the entire repair. They consider it a different problem each time I brought in. They did something each time to try a fix it and the noise never stopped. Now I have to pay. Be careful and make sure you keep up with the "SEVERE SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE". This is something new to me in Florida but I am going to follow it from now on. GOOD LUCK to you. THIS IS A MESSAGE FOR ALL KIA OWNERS---MAKE SURE YOU KEEP DETAILED ACCURATE RECORDS OF YOUR COMPLAINTS AND ISSUES WHEN YOU BRING INTO THE DEALERSHIP. AND NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE FOLLOW THE SERVERE MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE. :mad:
  • as you and many other kia owners are finding out the kia warrenty and service are very poor and the dealers are not tell the purchaser before or after purchasing as to "servere service" that applies to all in the USA or else customers would walk out and purchase a real vehicle from a more honest company
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    me dealership doesnt enforce the severe maintenance schedule in the owners manual...they have their own recommended one..which follows the normal maintenance.....with a few more add ons....very not all dealerships...are stealerships....

    very happy with they way they have handled service on my sorie...reasonable price....and always a one day turn for the recall now....94K on my 03 EX....
  • Please note, the Warranty denial is NOT a dealership issue. My dealership thought this should be covered, it was the Kia Factory Rep who denied the Warranty, then refused to take my call. When my Service Manager tried calling him while I was present, the factory rep. wouldn't take his call, nor call him back.
    I have been told that both Kia and Hyundai (owned by same people) cannot keep up with their 100000 mile warranty, so they have made a blanket decision to deny everything possible. The only recourse is to STOP BUYING THESE VEHICLES.
  • dina627dina627 Posts: 3
    Your right about the dealerships, they are not all stealerships. I would just make sure that the severe maintenance schedule is followed because this is KIA request not the dealers request. My dealer actually admitted to me they didn't know this. I spoke to the corporate office and they insist that this is the schedule to follow because no matter where you live, at least one of the conditions will apply. Thats what they told me and that is why I have to pay. It doesn't matter that my dealership didn't know this. I was following the regular maintenance schedule and now I have to pay. I have learned from this mistake. My Sorento runs good and I love the vehicle but the service is bad. I have changed dealerships so we will see. So far so good except that I am still paying for something I don't think I should have to. :confuse: ">
  • dina627dina627 Posts: 3
    I agree with you 100%. I owned a Hyundia once and swore I would never buy another. My gut feeling was not to buy a KIA and I should have listen to my gut. I am going to try and trade this thing in this weekend. Wish me luck, I think I may be stuck with it for a while.
  • kerisekerise Posts: 1
    I have the bump, had it since two days after I drove off the lot. I took it back to the dealership twice, and they lubed it and it fixed it for about a month and a half. Then it started doing it again last week, and yesterday I lost power going down the interstate, had my foot on the floor and couldnt get it to go over fourty. So I took it back to the dealership, and well they still have it, have no clue what's wrong with it, say that KIA has never had this complaint before and since the check engine light isnt on then they dont know what to do or when I'll get it back.
    I explained to them the bump and they acted like I they had never heard of it before, but I swear some times it bumps so hard I have looked back to make sure I havent been rearended :cry: And now I'm hoping that this isnt going to be how it is with this car for the entire time I have it, and I'm wondering if this why the orginal owners sold it back to the dealership. :cry:
  • Before finding this site. I was on my way home from work in the pouring rain on 20th. Driving down the highway I lost power steering then heard a huge noise. Barely got pulled over on the side of the highway. Called my husband who came down and they pulled the hood. Picked up the harmonic balance off the highway along with the crankshaft bolt. Had it pulled to my house. I was very upset and called the Kia dealership and asked them why this huge bolt I was holding would come out of this motor. He said he had never heard of that. Ive left the car at my house knowing that my engine is ruined and no warranty. Looked on the internet to find this site and all of the problems that was the 27th, imagine that I get a recall notice in the mail that afternoon. I have called the kia office who had my car towed to the dealership and still have not heard a word. I call and they keep telling me they are going to write it up and speak to the district managers, district manager. I hope they do not make me pay for this, I will have to call in my atty. I have the bolt in hand, and will not let them have it. I will let you know. I too am interested in a suit. Let me know
  • file a complaint with the NHTSA, i did

    everybody with the crankshaft bolt problem must to bring proper attention to this serious problem

    i am not sure that the coating on the bolt and washer is the problem but just a cheep work around Kia has come up with to save money not to deal with a real fix $$$$$$$$
  • faybetnfaybetn Posts: 8
    I was fed up with all of the trouble and after they kept it for a week without a loaner, I knew it was time to get rid of it. After getting it back, with in a week, I started noticing the "bump/hesitation" when between 50-60 mph. I did not want to deal with the dealership so 4 years to the date, I traded it in. They gave me $8K for trade and I took it. What's funny about the who thing is I traded it on a Friday and in Saturday's mail, I got the recall notice.

    I will stick with my 1999 Ford F150 and my husband can get the new car.
    Please keep me posted about any class action lawsuit. I still kept all of my records. Maybe, I (We) all can get some relief from all of our troubles.

    Good Luck to everyone else and be safe!
  • There has been an ongoing recall by Kia for this issue of the crankshaft bolt. This was released about 2 to 3 weeks ago
  • taomernitaomerni Posts: 18
    I read about the recall on here a few days before I got my notice in the mail . I made the appointment for the recall and got them to grease up the driveshaft , ( for the occasion THUMP ).. No problems with the service on either of these 2 jobs ,, And again under my warranty :) , Which will expire in a couple months .. Anyhow , Now that my major worries are over about the crankshaft bolt ,, I feel better ,, OHhh ya .. My ambient temp gauge was kinda action screwy lately .. i located it ,, Pulled the connector off ,, gave it little shot of WD40 , and put it back in ,, And it is working better than ever :)
  • joboo1joboo1 Posts: 75
    Recently, I received a call from the local Kia/Nissan dealership. I was notified that the dealership will no longer sell Kia vehicles nor will they service any Kia vehicle under warranty - however, they will service non- warranty repairs. I saw the writing on the wall 2 years ago with Kia and unloaded my Kia Sorento for a Nissan. This is the 3rd Kia dealership to close shop within the past year in my local area - central NJ. Just something to think about?
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