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    Too much dark plastic on the dash..it needs some brushed aluminum trim. :)
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    I love the new G-6. The interior messed me up on the Grand Prix, and it had a love-it-or-hate-it kind of styling, so the G-6 should tell me that I have another choice, if looking for a car. Can't wait to see convertible though.
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    The exterior of the GT is stunning. I definitely like it better than the Mazda 6. Interior is good but not great. Still, the car will sell like hotcakes if it's build like the Malibu.

    There is some brushed aluminum around the stick that you can't see. A little more wouldn't hurt though.

    I would buy this over the GP. Wonder how the pricing will compare given it's smaller?
  • dindakdindak Member Posts: 6,632
    Anyone know what is the deal is with the moon roof?
  • corvettecorvette Member Posts: 9,662
    Beautiful exterior design except for the spoiler. I hope it's deletable. Looks like an import, in a good way, except: Where are the amber rear turn signals, or does GM really not care about safety?
  • wsag26wsag26 Member Posts: 124
    Looks like what was on the Malibu Maxx. According to Motor Trend, the Malibu Maxx & Pontiac G6 have something to do together....
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    I have to say that I like how, the solstice layout is, it will do a find job of getting notice on the road, I can see it putting up a fight with the Madza Miata, but not the Honda S2000. Does anyone think else? The moon roof is very different, I think the question is going to be, is it going to be a problem to work, or will it be a solid peace. I don't have a confirmed word on the G6 being a soft top, but reading from different views in the auto world seem to flavor a soft top because it is a more common piece, cost more less then a hard top system (This is a common thing with GM trying to go the more less cost way of their cars), and the eplison platform has been provide by a soft top system through the Saab 9-3 convertible. So keep on find out info on this subject people.
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    > Anyone know what is the deal is with the moon roof? <

    Looks like Pontiac wanted to have a REALLY large (panoramic) opening for the moonroof, so they resorted to a split glass panel arrangement that folds up like an accordion outside the car. This folding style may help with rear seat headroom, but I'm not really sure if I like the aesthetics of the design...it looks too busy and cluttered outside the car when the moonroof is open. Also, I would think this would make the moonroof more prone to water leaks, stress and wind buffeting.

    If Pontiac wanted a panoramic moonroof, why not design a single solid glass panel that slides in front of the rear window on the outside? Doesn't Mercedes-Benz offer a car with a panoramic moonroof that works like this?

    Also, on a different note, does anyone know if Pontiac will offer an automatic climate control option like the Malibu has? The pictures show only a standard manual A/C arrangement.
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    Hmmm...it may be just me but I see a VERY strong resemblance between the Pontiac G6 and new Chevy Cobalt sedan in the design of the taillights in particular and the rear end in general. I mean, the similarities are just TOO close for comfort.

    While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, I would think that Pontiac would want to distinguish its new car a bit more. Since the G6 is not due until later this year, I wonder if a slight redesign might be in order. Maybe add amber turn signals to the taillight cluster to help differentiate the rear end from the Cobalt.

    What do you guys think?
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    nice mazda6 pictures, except when did they put such a cheap interior in it?

    i thought this G6 was supposed to better equipped to do battle with more upscale cars. chevy is the value car you know.

    pushrods, a copy mazda exterior, cheap plastic.

    at least we miss the cladding.

    another car for the GM faithful to lick their chops on, but aside from a decent exterior, what is the draw?
  • ruskiruski Member Posts: 1,566
    I wonder if there are multiple configurations as to how the moonroof can be opened. It would be kind of cool to flip them all up, like loovers.
  • vcjumpervcjumper Member Posts: 1,110
    I don't see Mazda 6 in it at all. I see TSX and Camry.
    Interior is disappointing, center console looks like thinly disguised Bu and the steering wheel is all Bu.
  • shado4shado4 Member Posts: 287
    Yeah, I don't see Mazda6 either. Not even close.

    I see Chevy Cobalt sedan in the rear.

    But what I really see is a beautiful looking car from any angle.

    Maybe the interior can be snazzed up with a different color scheme. I think the gray interior in the Malibu is really bad, but the neutral (beige) color seems to warm it up a bit.

    I also think Pontiac should use a two-tone dash arrangement in the G6 like the Chevy Cobalt. I find it really amazing that the interior of the Cobalt, a car being marketed below the likes of the Malibu and G6, has a much better interior than either!
  • dindakdindak Member Posts: 6,632
    Reg : Don't see any Mazda 6 either?? How do you know the plastic is cheap, have you been in the car? Not surprised you don't like it.

    vcjumper : I agree, I see some TSX though no Camry? Interior is not great but I think it's good even if it's similar to the Bu. Steering wheel is the one bad thing, I thought they would go with a GP copy.

    shado4 : Don't care if the tail lights look a bit like the Cobalt. Cobalt is a nice car.
  • ruskiruski Member Posts: 1,566
    I keep seeing slight hints of Mazda6
  • shado4shado4 Member Posts: 287
    > Don't care if the tail lights look a bit like the Cobalt. Cobalt is a nice car. <

    I'm not saying it isn't. I just don't think they should share the same taillight design. Take a look:


    http://www.auto-motor-und-sport.de/sixcms/media.php/23/cobalt4h_4- 50.jpg
  • dindakdindak Member Posts: 6,632
    You are right but it doesn't bother me. G6 exterior looks great all together and that's what's important. G6 will sell like hotcakes as is. Beautiful car.

    Still not crazy about the name though. Needs a cool name. G6 sounds like some silly luxury car name. Mazda is doing that, I hate it.
  • regfootballregfootball Member Posts: 2,166
    even if they had used the GP steering wheel it would still be bad.

    GM and steering wheels, thank GOD its not an Ion wheel.

    How can you not see some hints of Mazda6. Its got virtually the same stance and character line on the side although its less of a crease in the G6. The front end has the same 'face' except the hood bulge is not as big. The side door window shapes are almost the same.

    Heck, at least ruski sees it.

    dindak, Don't need to sit in the car, in that photo its terribly obvious the plastic has a permanent sheen to suggest plenty old plastic playground equipment was used to make this dash. Also it seems they used a permanent solution of armor all in the mix to give it a lifetime gloss. And the center stack controls are just like the bu, not up to snuff. The 29 dollar car stereos at pep boys have better switches.

    And note the vents jut out just enough like the current Grand Am to suggest somebody just needed to leave some bad Pontiac voodoo in the car somewhere.

    what's the deal with the wierd sunroof?

    Actually I do like the exterior but I'm not sure if Pontiac really should admit defeat to Mazda in that way (copying their styling almost to a T).

    Show that rear 3/4 view to a lot of folks and I guarantee you a lot folks will think its a pic of the MZ6.

    I like it (the exterior, surprised I do) but imitation is flattery. Now if they get a real sporting motor in there and get a decent interior in there then we'll see.
  • vcjumpervcjumper Member Posts: 1,110
    Mazda has much more pronounced wheel arches (gives it a shorter stance appearance), and the S trim/GT has the big skirts all around the front and side, and massive spoiler I hope the G6 avoids in all trim levels. Rear of the G6 is nicer than the Mazda.

    Hopefully this car is a success in North America unlike the 6.

    After looking again closely at both models I do see some Mazda in the doors and the C-pillar but I also see Camry.

    It sure is better than the Accord and Camry styling.
  • shado4shado4 Member Posts: 287
    > How can you not see some hints of Mazda6. Its got virtually the same stance and character line on the side although its less of a crease in the G6. The front end has the same 'face' except the hood bulge is not as big. The side door window shapes are almost the same. <


    http://www.edmunds.com/new/2004/mazda/6/100339515/photogallery.ht- - ml?pg_type=Sedan&imgsrc=%2Fpictures%2FVEHICLE%2F2003%2FMazda%- - 2F100195195%2F006952-T.jpg

    You really think these cars look alike? I don't see it.

    If anything, the Pontiac G6 has a more modern, curvy shape to it. See how the side window line curves down from the mirror. The back wheels are pushed out to the corners in the G6, giving it a more muscular stance.
  • regfootballregfootball Member Posts: 2,166
    stinkin doors, windows, c pillar......door handles.....a little too familiar.
  • shado4shado4 Member Posts: 287
    Door handles? You can find the same type and design of door handles on any number of modern cars. Does that mean they all copied from Mazda...or did Mazda copy from them?

    Regardless, from the rear 3/4 view the G6 could never be mistaken for a Mazda6. The taillight design is just one of the key differentiating factors.
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    It's midnight here on the East Coast. http://media.gm.com has the G6 info in the Detroit AUto Show Section live. And http://www.wieck.com has the picturs, search G6 in the public section.
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    Oh my God!

    Six speed manual transmission with the 3.9 V6!

    Front air bags, Head curtain air bags AND side air bags!

    Full range traction control AND stability control!

    This just keeps getting better and better...
  • regfootballregfootball Member Posts: 2,166
    they really ought to throw some cladding on it so folks know its a Pontiac.........
  • regfootballregfootball Member Posts: 2,166
    yeah, i can see 'some' camry in the front end and pillars in the rear 3/4 view.

    its like, "let's take the Camry and Mazda6 and mate them"

    thankfully there's no accord in there.
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Member Posts: 1,031
    I do see Camry (as I pointed before) in the rear doors. The rest of the car is pretty nice, though I think it should be an inch closer to the ground. Like the interior, except not enough brushed aluminum trim and that awful steering wheel design. Interestingly it comes with a panoramic roof that opens for a "convertible" feel....eh, when it opens, it looks like a freakshow on wheels. I'll take the sunroof thank you very much! I thought somebody here said the 3.9L will make a lot more HP than the competition when in fact it makes = 240HP!?! That's good for a midsize, but I thought it was supposed to beat the competition!! Oh well, it should do pretty well! :)
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Member Posts: 1,031
    One more thing: the engines seem good, except the 3500 V6. Class leading fourbanger, one of the top-of-the-line V6s, but the 3500 V6 (as in the Bu) only makes 170HP!! Don't believe me? Look at media.gm.com Boy was I surprised!!
  • logic1logic1 Member Posts: 2,433
    article or misread it.

    I like the sunroof a lot. The car will have a very open feel to it.

    The ergonomics inside appear very good. Everything the driver needs to see will be a glance away. Everything the driver needs to touch, a short reach away.

    There will be a 270hp G6 somehwere down the line. That is about the reasonable limit for a FWD car in any event.
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    rctennis3811 : 3500 makes 200hp not 170. 170 is the 2.4L Ecotec. 3900 will be a choice motor when it comes.

    reg : Aside from the very general shape of the car, I see very little Mazda 6 here. I guess if you squint and blur your vision you might, but that could be said about almost any 2 sedans.

    vcjumper : The car looks like the Accord could have if they had not screwed it up. Old Accord though not exciting, was quite attractive.
  • stumack1stumack1 Member Posts: 56
    ...is that thing a disappointment. If that's the best GM design can do these days, I think all hope is lost. The front is straight off the GP and the rear end is the same as the Cobalt. There's just nothing here to get even a bit excited about. Don't hold your breath for anything over 240 hp, and the 2 they build with the 6-speed will be an interesting historic asterisk in 20 years or so ;) I left GM for lack of interesting product, and they aren't luring me back. Take a look at that new Mustang, and see what CAN be done to stir people up in this price range.
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    Saw some more pictures on another web site we can't mention and there seems to be more brushed aluminum on the doors and center console. Looks very nice. Of course there are some people who see one picture and write off the whole interior.
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    It's a typo. Where are those damn proofreaders when you need them.

    I'm sure (hope) that someone will point out the error to whoever's in charge and get the specs fixed.
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Member Posts: 1,031
    Pontiac should've put the Solstice 3-spoke steering wheel into the G6. Heck, the Mazda 6 and MPV have their company's 3-spoke!! :)
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    definatley better!
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    Post 305 will probably be deleted because these moderators do not want any references to other message boards.
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    This car is simply awesome, I love it. Perhaps I will "trade down" from my 04 Grand Prix in a couple of years. I still love my GP though.

    Lots of whining about this and that detail of the new G6. The interior looks perfectly good though the style may not suit everyone. The wheel is fine also, I saw it in the Malibu. The exterior is perfect IMHO.

    I also think some here are just looking to bash anything GM as I see them on other boards doing the same. A few pictures come out and immediately the car is a failure. It amazes me how many arm chair experts know so much about the auto world.
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Member Posts: 1,031
    Here's from MSN Autos official NAIAS coverage:

    "Initially the G6 will be available with a 3.5-liter OHV V6 rated at 170-horsepower and 205 lb-ft of torque."

    I also pointed out that the 3.5 has 170HP on the GM media site. How many mistakes are they making, or is this real? :)
  • logic1logic1 Member Posts: 2,433
    the 3.5 litre V6 has 200 hp. The 2.4 litre 4 cyl has 170 hp.

    The MSN site is obviously taking its data directly from the errant GM piece. The GM piece was probably put there by the same employee who gave Edmunds the preproduction Malibu for the sedans comparo.
  • dindakdindak Member Posts: 6,632
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    I sat in the G6 today at the auto show in Detroit. What stood out in my mind was that GM seems to be using the same parts in many of it's new vehicles. The steering wheel and radio are exact in other vehicles. I kind of felt that it and the Grand Prix looked too much alike. I guess the bottom line is it doesn't feel that distinct from other GM products, it's as though I could have been sitting in any one of their vehicles. I was hoping for a little more excitement/distinction.
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    I don't really like to do this, but GMI has pics of the coupe and convertible versions.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Anyone who has driven a 'bu with that V6 will confirm that is a typo. It has 200hp, if not more. Folks are understating power a lot lately.

  • mazda6smazda6s Member Posts: 1,901
    Looks like the manual transmission is "late availability", which in GM-speak means "maybe we'll make it someday".
  • wsag26wsag26 Member Posts: 124
    Motor Trend says the following. Tell me if I did a typographical error too!:

    Standard 170 hp supercharged Ecotec I-4
    Optional 200 hp V-6
    Optional 250 hp supercharged V-6 (shared with Saab)
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