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Cant wait for this truck!!! Does anyone have any
pricing yet?? I will pass on the info I've been
told by a Ford Rep.(hopefully accurate)!! Being
built at Kansas city plant which has been converted
and being tested...truck will be avail. for
Jan.2nd delivery with order dates being taken in
the fall most likely oct-nov. This was the latest
update showing in his computer. ALSO a press
release was done on Aug. 25th for "preliminary
specifications" on the supercrew ... this release
is just for dimensions basically.


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    What size is the bed? This truck could prove worthy for the shingling-only jobs of my company. All I need on those jobs is an air compressor,tools and two gas cans in the back. But...I need at least four guys as well so this is interesting......More info please!
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    Pls tell me what's special abt this trk...look, motor..etc. Thanks!
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    A few answers... The truck's bed is 5 1/2 feet which compared to an F-150 supercab SB is only I believe 1 foot shorter!!

    Whats special to ME about this truck is it fits my needs . I like the idea of being able to have 4 adults sit w/some comfort and yet the ability of loading a small bed (shrubs, plants, trash etc.) I also snowmobile and like the idea of putting my bags in the back seat and my gas tanks (and prob. all my friends tanks) in the bed while hauling the trailer. I LOVE the look of the F-150 and when I saw pictures of the new F-150 Supercrew w/its 4 doors it looked awesome!!! Also in my opinion I think it might be structurally a little safer for occupants because of the "B" pillar and roof reinforcement ...head rest help too!!! These are only my thoughts and welcome others!! Now if I could only find out how much this truck will cost me!! Later!
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    Forgot to mention check out for pictures and updates!!! Forgive me I'm kind of new to computers and dont know how to "direct link" you there.
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    Has anyone seen a picture of the F150 SC online. Checked out link on response #4, no picture, just specs.

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    It's not too difficult to imagine what it will look like. Just picture an Expedition with a 5.5 foot bed after the passenger doors. Sorry, I know this is no help!
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    I thought it was an F-150 front not an Expedition?
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    I was able to find some info/pictures of the new 2001 supercrew at and There is also an article in the Dec. issue of TruckTrend about this and other new crew cabs (Nissan and Dodge.) I can't give any concrete price information as I ordered mine without being given a firm price - but all indications are that the supercrew will cost an additional $2000 over the extended cab version. I was able to get the dealer to commit to $100 over the dealer's invoice. If anyone is thinking about placing an early order, I would suggest a similar agreement (in writing) because high initial demand may tempt some dealers into trying to make a higher profit than usually achieved on other vehicles. (as of now, there is no substitute from GM and Dodge Quad/Nissan Frontier are quite a bit smaller)Additionally, there are some new options such as a sunroof and power adjustable foot pedals, neither of which I saw necessary. (If you do opt for the sunroof, you'll have to do without the overhead console containing compass/temp, sunglass holder, garage door opener, etc.)There is also no "off-road" package, although you can get everything the off-road package contains (17 inch alloys, skid-plates, 3.55 limited slip, etc) by purchasing these options separately. One other change I might mention is that the 6-disc cd changer is located behind the rear seat, not in the console between the captains chairs (if you opt for them). Not a really big deal, might allow more storage and better security but not as easy to change discs when doing 70 down the highway.
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    Went to dealer to order f150 sc but they said they can't order until pricing comes in. Said that they will only get one at the dealership for the whole year and they will sell it for sticker price. Another Dealership said they will order me one but will not talk price as related to invoice. I wonder if it's going to be hard to buy one of these for a decent price? I want to buy a chesnut LARIOT 4x4 with leather captains chairs, tow package, 5.4l engine limited slip, skid plates, automatic with shift on fly 4 w drive. Have not decided on moon roof. I would get the moon roof for sure if I didn't have to loose the temp gauge and compass. If anyone else has had success ordering one of these trucks please give details including price.
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    The truck you want will probably be around 30 grand.
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    I need some good advise. I've been shopping around for a new truck (moving up from the small car world) and fell in love with a 2000 Silverado 1500 4wd xcab long bed. It's red with a tan interior and...well you know the rest of the story. Well after reading ALL the posts here and printing them out, bringing them to the dealer, and confronting him about some concerns I have with vibrations at 60-65 mph, AND getting no good answers. I decided to come to you. I must admit that I'm not very knowledgable about drive shafts and differentials and all that (I know what they are and do but not what to look for as a pkg). I have to have this truck but need some help. Anyone have some good advise about questions I should be asking and what can I get the dealer to do for ME ? The dealers I went to so far have tried to get me to buy on the spot (I'm doin the cash deal) so of course they want the $$$. But before I fork over the dough I want to make sure I don't get shafted. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    You should ask this question in one of the Chevy Silverado topics. There are a couple of them out there. Even if they say 99 Silverado, I'm sure they are talking about the 2000 models also. You should get some good feedback from people who actually own the truck. Alot of the time, a rumor starts and gets out of control. My guess is that if Chevy is having a problem like you mention, it is in a select number of vehicles. I'm sure you'll get some input in one of the Silverado topic areas.
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    I am a former owner of a 1999 Silverado, I now own a y2k F-150. As stated above, its not a rumor Gm bought my truck back, it vibrated...I found another one..a y2k 4x4 but decided after the way i was treated by the dealership and mainly by GM. I'm a Ford man... You can tell by driving it. Drive on the highway with the cruise control on. @ 55,60, 65, 70 you'll know if it vibrates. as far as the launch shutter on take off..i think that still exists. GOOD LUCK..just remember if you have problems after you buy...GM will be of NO help..Granted, i'm not sure how Ford will react to any problems but I KNOW how GM does.
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    Here this info should help. My banks web site has a link for vehicle pricing and they have the 2001 supercrew. Just go to the web site select the "extras" section in the top right corner. This will take you to a page that a has a vehicle pricing link on the left side click that then select make and model search, drag box down to year 2001. You will notice tha ford is the only maker offered at the next step click that and BAM there is your info. They have invoice and retail pricing including all the options. I AM THE MAN. Hope this helps.
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    The Supercrew F-150 4x4 walked away with the truck of the year in the Texas Truck rodeo last month. The F-250 Superduty 4x4 finished second and the F-150 2x4 finished 3rd. I read this information at which is the Ford site. Before anyone says it must have been rigged, the same article said that the Silverado won last year. It appears the Silverado, Sierra, Ram and Tundra were all represented.
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    FYI: I have received a price quote of $30.5K for a lariat 4x4, 5.4L, tow package, and 3.55 limited slip. List is $33215 and invoice is approximately $29600. Not bad, but not a $100 over invoice.
    Another tid bit of info: a buddy of mine just ordered a '00 Silverado SLT 4x4 (loaded) via GM's employee purchase plan. Under the deal he pays the dealer cost: 6.5% under invoice!
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    This truck comes with the 4R100 auto transmission.
    Anyone know how good this tranny is as far as reliability and durability is concerned?

    Anyone know of a good web site with pictures of the wheels which are available for this truck?
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    Bob 5
    Both "" and "f-150online" have lots of pics. Sorry, these URLs are written and not true links. I beleive that this truck can be had with the 4R75 only (unless California emissions ordered). The 4R100 is reseved for the Super Duty trucks.
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    hey, i just ordered my 2001 F-150 Supercrew XLT 4x4, 5.4L, towing package, upgraded tires, power seats, sliding rear window, electronic shift on the fly, and some others. I got it FOR $200 under dealer invoice. The numbers at edmunds and kbb were right on the money, dollar for dollar. So people, trust these numbers and find someone who will give you a deal. Another guy wanted appro 2,500 more. They said approximately 2 to 3 months for dealivery. Does anybody have any good information on priority numbers, dealer allotments, or anything I can do to keep an eye on the dealer? Thanks
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    thanks murphyd

    There is a firewall at work which will not allow me to get to well

    Guess I'll stop at a dealer to pick up a brochure, maybe it will have the info I need. The ford website is almost useless.

    Do you know if Ford's auto trannies (for pickup trucks) have good reputations as far as reliability is concerned?

    I have had problems with auto tranny in cars, and was wondering if the ones in the pickups are more durable.

    Anyone know if a manual tranny will be available in the future?
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    Take a look at the Transmisssion section of the message board at
    I think the 4R75 trans is a decent unit, but not bulletproof.

    I suspect Ford won't offer a manual trans in the supercrew since it's a bit of an upscale truck.
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    Thank you for posting the link. Quite a bit of info there. The auto trans seems to be pretty reliable by those postings.

    Still looking for a picture of the 17" 10 spoke cast aluminum wheels and 17" chrome steel wheels as listed on Edmunds.
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    Moonroof: Does anyone have any specs on the moonroof-is it glass or metal, if glass does it have an interior sliding cover?

    Engine: What's anyones feedback on the two engines offered? I'm looking into the 4.6 for the reasoning of fuel economy.
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    I guess everyone has probably already looked at this, but...
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    The local dealers here in Albuquerque, New Mexico began receiving SUPERCREWS in the last few days (Feb. 20th or so)! What a beautiful truck:)

    I ordered the Lariat, 4X4, 3.55 limited slip, 5.4L, captain's chairs, 6-CD changer, rear-sliding window, 17" wheels, AC, trailer towing package, two-tone paint(harvest gold/deep blue), cab-steps, moonroof, and bed-extender(MSRP 35,545 INVOICE 30,906 COST TO ME 32,000).

    BEWARE - My salesperson tells me that if you ordered the bed extender that Ford won't build your truck yet! I cancelled that part of the order and will simply pick it up later as the hardware is preinstalled for its use.

    ALSO - It appears that the moonroof models may take another month or so to arrive. None of the Lariat models which have arrived so far have moonroofs. New Mexico is BIG SKY country and it will absolutely be worth the wait.

    By the way, I've heard that you lose the compass/temperature console if you get a moonroof. HOWEVER, if you checkout the Features section of Ford's slick multimedia presentation at,
    you'll see that the console is still there! After looking inside a Lariat this afternoon, it seems to me that you may only lose the small storage compartment aft of the console. Any confirmation?

    Also, I'm wondering if anyone can attest to the cost/benefit of the K&S replacement air box/filter & Superchip on the 5.4L?

    Thanks for all your help!
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    Need some help fast. I am ordering a 2001 Super Crew 4x4 Lariat tomorrow and I still can't decide on which engine. I have driven the 5.4 and like it, but I don't plan on pulling anything substantial. Considering the decreased gas mileage and initial $680 for the 5.4, is it worth it? Anyone with experience with a 4.6L in a big truck like this? Any reviews of the 4.6?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    After owning a 99 lightning with 5.4 and now a 99 f250 4x4 supercab with 5.4,I would highly recommend it.Check out they rate the 5.4 as one of the 10 best engines in the world.
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    Will the 4.6 have enough power for day to day driving with only occasional pulling(twice per year) of a 23ft. fiberglass boat? Ordered one yesterday and after reading a few of the postings am a bit concerned.
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    I have the 5.4 which is a great engine I also have a superchip in it which added about 25 hp and more tourque.You should go to there are tons of topics on all sorts of questions with the F150's
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    Just drove a 5.4 sc. Unable to find any info on towing capacities for the sc. Anyone know what it will tow and what options are necessary?
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    I found my answer on

    The drivetrain, chassis and braking systems are adopted from the current-model under-8,500-pound GVW F-Series trucks. When properly equipped, towing capability is up to 8,000-pounds trailer weight.
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    Be sure to visit topic #702 if you are interested in a Super Crew.
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    I'm considering purchasing a Ford 150 in the near future. As a result of my employer's Fleet business with Ford a "special" offer is being extended to it's employees which is Ford's X-Plan.
    The information I have on this plan says it's a "no haggle" four percent above dealer net invoice pricing. Four percent above daler invoice doesn't seem like a very good deal to me, especially when I read in these forums of people getting deals slightly over or even under dealer invoice.

    Is anyone out there familiar with this X-plan? I'm sort of confused as to why it's being touted as a "good" deal. Thanks for any help on this
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    On those bed extenders, will they fit any of Ford's Trucks? I am thinking that it may come in handy on my truck, a '99 F-150. It would be nice to have something like that at times. If they would fit mine without any major alteration, I may get one...
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    Does anyone know if the bed extender for the
    SuperCrew will be available soon? I hate to order
    a truck to only have it held up because of the bed
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    I don't know where you are located but I've seen the bed extenders on 3 Supercrews here in Southern California (San Diego area).
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    I am about to purchase the 2001 ford f150 supercrew. Need comments on owner satisfaction. e-mail to [email protected]
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    Sunroof Problem: The factory wind deflector that pops up when you open the roof is plastic and not up to the task. A harmonic vibration begins above 50 mph and renders the deflector next to useless and very noisy. If I put my hand on it the noise stops and the wind does not dump into the cabin as much.

    Has anyone else had this problem? My dealer has been no help ( I took deliv. 4/12 and have complained since then.) Any service bulletins?
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    When I read someone got a supercrew for $100 over invoice I was amazed and hopeful. Hope dimmed as I researched pricing in the Denver, CO area. I had tried the various venues and entered into invoice negotiations will a local dealer. The prices were all at least $1K over invoice. I had almost given up when I saw driveoff.comm "quoting" $250 over invoice (out the door minus tax and lic.). Turns out the $250 was a "mistake" and the actual price they would sell at was over a grand more.

    A little disappointed, I fired off an e-mail of 10 area dealers I'd had not yet dealt with, simply asking what amount over invoice they would sell a XLT 4x4 Supercrew for (I used's dealer locators). Responses came back, with the best being $100 over (the dealer was O'Meara Ford in Northglenn CO). I discussed the definition of invoice and what I meant by out the door. Since it matched the Edmunds, I placed my order.

    My dealing with various dealers has left me a little cynical, so I won't be counting my doors until the keys are in my hands and I'm driving off the lot;-)
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    I have my own construction business. I cannot come to a conclusion on the F250 Crew vs. the F150 Supercrew. I'm leaning on towards the supercrew because of the versatility. It will not be dedicated 100% to construction use. Pricing on the two models are similar. Has anyone had the same problem?
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    I bought a 2001 F150 supercrew from Klement Ford of Shawnee Oklahoma for $49 over invoice! My retired father is driving it back from OK right now. They will drop ship the truck to a Ford dealer in your area for approximately $200. (My dad wanted to go to Dallas anyway to visit friends). As good a deal as I could find. I got a very well equipped XLT 2WD, 5.4L for $26,062. Ask for Jason and tell him the guy from California sent you.
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    $100 over invoice from Omeara??? Are you dealing with an internet or fleet manager? Please let us know how it turns out...I too live in CO and have tried to deal with Omeara in the past, only to discover they were about the worst dealership I have ever worked with.

    Please post an update if the delivery actually takes place as expected. I had a good deal on a truck with them before, only for them to switch to a less-expensive truck upon delivery.
  • breidenbbreidenb Member Posts: 5
    Matt McCormick is the internet sales manager at Omera I have been dealing with. He has been responsive, and the dates quoted have been met, e.g. he stated a build date of 5/29 and I just got an e-mail stating that the truck is built and waiting to be shipped.

    With some of the stories I've heard it wouldn't surprise me if there are a few "issues" at the end. I'm not too worried since I do not need the truck, and although I would accept some deltas from what I ordered (at invoice) I'll walk if the $100 over factory invoice isn't met.

    I'll post updates as the process unfolds.
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    How did you get an email on your completion date. I have an order number and related info but only get "clean and unscheduled" on the VOPC. I would love to find an internet-based site to find out the status of my recently order truck. Can you advise?
  • breidenbbreidenb Member Posts: 5
    They date he gave me was a verbal. I've also hunted around for a "status" site with no luck. gives some general information on items impacting production....
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    My neice works at the truck plant in Louisville. The x-plan works this way.
    Each employee can use 4times a year
    No restrictions on who can use
    Employee gets a PIN number to order vehicle.
    X plan pricing is approx 4% over A plan pricing.
    X plan approx $200under invoice depending on cost
    of the vehicle/options ordered.
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    I didn't believe the newspaper ad of a dealer approx. 1 hr. from my house. After having a deal fall through on a Dodge Dakota Quad Cab, I decided to give this Ford dealership a try. Turns out that I really got a 2001 SC 4.6L 4X4 for $60 under invoice.
    Now all that's left to do is get some accessories when I take delivery on Friday. Anyone have a suggestion on steps? I am only 5' 3" and have quite a time getting in and out of the truck. (I originally wanted a 4X2 for that reason)
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    I am interested in buying a 2001 Supercrew, but I'm concerned that there are no headrests in the back seats at all. (There is little or no room between the back seat and rear window.) Does anyone know if there is a way to retrofit the back seats with some sort of headrest kit?
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    I just bought my 2wd XLT from a Great dealer south of Houston Texas for 2% over inv.
    The final price was 25,500. The dealer made a good profit and I got a good deal.
    I went to a couple of other dealers who told me that the could only come down to 1,500 over.
    The reason is that the market will bare this sort of pricing. These trucks are hot right now.
    I really like mine. Very Comfortable.
    As for the headrest question in the last post.
    I share your concern. Sure would be nice to have a headrest for the back seat.
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    Headrests create blind spots for vision I assume. For now my little tykes won't be affected. Adults....bring your own pillow I suppose. Next...I'm a transplant from topic #702 buit can't get any responses concerning my question about 5th wheeling capabilities with SCREW's short bed. Is this a concern or not? Thanks, ronado2
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