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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • oh, duh. Thanks for posting this, I am buying a CR-V in Georgia this month.
  • niceshoesniceshoes Posts: 2
    Just started getting some e-mail quotes for a '08 2WD CRV EX around the Los Angeles area. The range has been from 280 below to 500 over invoice + TTL. What do you guys think?
  • smackldogsmackldog Posts: 82
    pencils2 -

    FWIW, back in 12/28/07, Tim Pohanka of Pohanka Honda in Marlow Heights offered me $23,200 OTD for a 2WD CR-V EX, in the DC/VA/MD metro area. He had mistakenly thought that I was looking for a 2WD instead of 4WD EX even though all my emails clearly listed out that I was looking for a 4WD EX! :P

    Not sure if you're still in the market but here in the DC metro area, 2WD CR-V's are fairly uncommon since most of the ones sold are EX and EX-L's in 4WD configuration.

    Good luck!
  • eoren1eoren1 Posts: 12
    Phenomenal experience. Settled on the price by phone as I was out of state. Went to the dealership today. No gimmicks or tricks. Just the price we agreed on. Quick test drive went great - car still has all the plastic and only 22 miles. Waiting on the insurance/registration dance to happen tomorrow and then will pick it up.
    Can't say enough good things about Honda Barn in North Reading, MA!
    If anyone is in the market, definitely head over there...and soon. They are becoming Honda Gallery and moving the dealership. Not sure how things may change under new management.
  • What was the breakdown of the OTD price, I am in MA and reay to buy ASAP. Did it have A navigation system?

    Please reply quick...
  • I have a quote for a 2008 EXL with Nav for the following breakdown, any input?
    2008 Honda CRV, EX-L, 4WD,Navigation (any color combination):
    Vehicle Price ($635 Destination included): $27,362
    Doc Fee: $198
    Title Fee; $5
    Destination Fee: $635
    Transfer Plates: $65
    5% Mass Sales Tax: $1,399.85
    Total $29,664.85
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    I'm a little confused, you listed destination fees twice, was that a typo or are they charging twice for the same thing?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,267
    Good catch!


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  • gogetemgogetem Posts: 10
    I purchased an AWD, EXL w/ navigation for
    $27,200 plus...........
    12.50 tire fee
    2746.00 sales tax (NY)
    12.50 nys tire fee
    10.00 state inspection
    45.00 dealer processing fee
    29,613.50 total
    In finance office, I added $450 for remote starter and $815 fro 7 yr/80k extended hondacare warranty. (0 deductible)
    I also paid $57.50, seperately for transferring my license plates from my old car.
    I am on Long Island - purchased at Huntington honda
  • lairdwdlairdwd Posts: 32
    Got a fairly good deal on a CR-V for the inlaws. For anybody in the Boston area, check out the Honda Barn in North Reading. Get an internet quote. I couldn't get a decent quote from any of the other dealers, and after reading about honda barn on this forum, I headed there and got a CR-V LX for $75 under invoice ($20800 + $125 doc fee). Got the 0 down, .000235 with 63% residuals confirming carman's info. Monthly payments $279 with $1414 OTD (1114 + 300 security). Could have probably done a little better trying to get doc fees waived or negotiating on the cap cost, but not worth the hassle, and already $400 better than my best offer on the table. Speaking of doc fees - if you do have to pay it, it's only $125, while everyone else is $300. Just another data point to consider.

    Also, definitely download this worksheet. It was extremely valuable. Honda barn was the only dealership where I could get the quoted numbers (cap cost, fees, mf, residual) to reconcile to the spreadsheet calculations. Happy hunting!
  • It was a typo on their end, I caught it after. Everything else is the same including the finla price OTD? Feedback?

  • I just bought a similar vehicle in Wisconsin....paid a little less...I think they could lower the invoice price you were offered by about $200. See my post below for more details.
  • blume1blume1 Posts: 25
    Can't believe this state charges for an "inspection fee" for a new car!!?? What the heck are they looking for!!?? This is a NEW CAR -- I always thought Missouri was a conservative state -- but now I wonder !!?? . COULD THIS BE SOME MONEY HUNGRY POLITICIANS AT "WORK" . I paid -- out the door 25,401 for a 08 CRV EXL 4WD . We pay our taxes and license fees at the state revenue offices here in Mo. SOOOOOO -- in the end -- I paid $1100 in state and local sales taxes ( paid on the difference from my "old" 2001 Accord Ex
    -total was 26,501 -- Buuut I got 10, 400 from the accord (private sale)-- so the real dif was 16,101 out of pocket for the "WIFE's new CRV!!
  • lairdwdlairdwd Posts: 32
    folks - as I go through these discussions, I see a lot of people talking about the prices they paid. However, they do not include any details, but just say , XXX under invoice. So we are all comparing apples to apples, you need to also include any dealer add on fees, as well as the MSRP and negotiated price and any other negotiated perks. For example, doc fee, prep fee, tire fee, bogus fee, etc. On my CRV 4wd LX lease, here are the details:

    * cap cost - 20800 ( 205 below invoice)
    * doc fee - $125
    * residual - 63%
    * MF - .000235
    * monthly pay = $279.

    * OTD = 1414 ($600 acq fee, first month, 300 security, doc fee, Tax,title,license)

    Check out that spreadsheet in my previous post. I had all sorts of dealers giving me bogus numbers. The spreadsheet doesn't lie though. Another thing, this "come on in and we'll figure it out" stuff didn't cut it with me either. I know about the "make em sit and squeeze" games that go on, and I have no patience for that. I held to my guns that I wanted all the details ironed out before I drove out there to finalize the paperwork. Much harder to do than you would think.

    Also, I did have one dealer do the old bait and switch on me. Gave me an unbelievable quote over the phone. When I showed up to finalize the deal, the vehicle in quesiton was sold, and they wanted to sell me a different one (with different terms).
  • blume1blume1 Posts: 25
    liardwd, I can understand your reaction to the other replies, but as I stated in my response to this thread -- I paid 25,401 for my EXL 4wd out the door, and in the end as I stated -- after my private sale of my 2001 accord exl 4cyl for 10,400 (immaculate) and the Mo state and local taxes of 1100 I paid OUT OF POCKET 16,501 HOW MUCH CLEARER do I need to make it!!??? . If you need to see the new CRV -- come to Missouri -- !! Came from Albert Honda -- Columbia Mo -- GREAT DEALER !!
  • pnpn78pnpn78 Posts: 4
    How much would you pay for a Honda Certified 08 CRV-LX 4wd with very low miles? I have seen two of these recently for $21,695 (800mi) and $22,995 (18mi). It would seem to me that the OTD price without tax should be no more than invoice $20,370 b/c someone already paid for all of the other bs charges. If I could get this car for that price (plus tax and title) would that be a good deal? Seems to me that some people have been able to negotiate lower than $22,995 all-in for a NEW 4wd LX!!! What am I missing here? As soon as it is bought it becomes a 2-owner car and loses more value.

    Any help would be appeciated...
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Personally, I wouldn't buy it. Somebody else dumped it at a financial loss, for some unknown reason. No reason to step in the middle of that.
  • ms_solarams_solara Posts: 6
    2008 HondaCR-V EXL Black MSRP $26,135.00 Quote $24,100.00???

  • You need to ask the dealer what else it will cost to get it out the door:
    Destination Charge ($635 I think)
    Doc Fees
    Assorted B.S. Dealer Fees

    I asked several area dealers to give me a quote, and the base price is always great but the fees vary by hundreds of dollars.
  • I agree. It's too early for a lease return on a CR-V, and any person who has a car repossessed probably didn't take care of it. The only other scenarios I can imagine are that it's a lemon or a dealer demo/loaner. You aren't even saving that much money.
  • viksasviksas Posts: 1
    Hi All,

    I have been reading this board and tried hard to negotiate a good deal here in the VA/DC/MD area. I finally ended up going to the lowest Out-the-door price I could get..Ourisman Honda in Bethesda. I paid a total of 26,595 out the door. Is that a decent price or did i get totally robbed? Thanks!
  • First of all, if you already bought then car then there is no sense worrying about what kind of deal you got. You got the deal you got, and now it is time to enjoy your car.

    I don't know what the sales tax is in that area, but here in GA I would be thrilled with that price OTD. That is about $250 less than my lowest quote on a 2WD EX-L. :)
  • nikulbnikulb Posts: 3

    I purchased Black on Black CR-V for $29,100 OTD here in Bay Area (Northern California). We pay sales tax of 8.25%. Generally things are relatively expensive here. Everybody says I got a nice deal.
  • So I got my dealer to give me the RV and MF (thanks to this site, I looked like I knew something!) for the 2008 CRV LX 4wd. RV=13, 746 and MF=.2245 (super preferred rate). He hasn't run any # for me at this point so he mentioned that these values were based on MSRP and assuming I would be super preferred. My questions are: 1. Would the RV and MF change based on the actual sales price of the car (this seems a little shady to me)? 2. Should I negotiate the MF and RV or do I just negotiate the sales price of the car?

    Thanks for your help!
  • 4runshoper4runshoper Posts: 13
    2008 CR-V EX-L AWD... $26207 plus tax and dmv... in NY?
  • lairdwdlairdwd Posts: 32
    Your numbers don't sound right. The residual for May on a 4wd LX is 14197 (something like that). That's the base model with no options.

    What I found is that the sales guys aren't very good with the finance stuff. Put it this way, I was given more misinformation that accurate information. You need to speak to the finance department, or the sales manager to accurately get that information. But if you are still clueless, you need to do more reading. You don't want to initiate those types of discussions unless you know what is going on. That spreadsheet I posted helped me a lot. You should check it out and play with the numbers to see how it works. I had several dealers tell me that I needed a "financial calculator" and that stuff wasn't important. LOL
  • twocantwocan Posts: 1
    I have a question and want to know how common this is.. This would be my first new car purchase. We were at the dealership over the weekend and negotiated a price for a CRV EX-L with Nav.. in addition to a price for my trade.

    I put down a deposit for the CRV and they had already told me that they do not have th car in the lot and but were confident they would have it by today.. (they needed to make some deals with other dealerships to swap the color we wanted)

    I called today, and they said they are trying their best to get the car into their lot.. they had already made one deal to get a car for another dealer .. blah blah.. i guess they are having a tough time with the color.. We want a black on black EX-L with Nav

    I had checked other dealer inventories around the area and it looks like they are not RARe.. so whats going on?

    is this something anyone else here has run into?

    thanks in advance
  • 4runshoper4runshoper Posts: 13
    How much lower should it be?
  • niceshoesniceshoes Posts: 2
    I just picked up from a Los Angeles area dealer over the weekend:

    2008 CRV 2WD EX-L w/ NAV
    Whistler Silver Exterior
    Black Leather Interior

    MSRP = $27,200
    Destination = $635
    Total = $27,835

    Invoice = $25,285
    Destination = $635
    Total = $25,920

    What I paid for: ($530 below invoice)
    Price = $24,755
    Destination = $635
    Doc. Fees = $55
    8.25% LA County Sales Tax = $2,099.21 (ouch)
    DMV License Fees = $256.00
    CA Tire Fee = $8.75
    OTD = $27,808.96 (with tax, license, etc.)
    No Trades

    Car price included wheel locks, splash guards, and clear door edge guards installed. No extended warranty or GAP insurance purchased. I got 4.74% APR with 0 down for 60 mos. thru American Honda. I think I could've done slightly better on the price but was in a bit of a time crunch to get the car by the weekend.
  • aprilcaprilc Posts: 4
    I have been strongly considering the CRV and comparing it with the Ford escape Hybrid. After deciding on the CRV for the cost savings and minimal mileage differences, I went back to look at the CRV a second time. The girl who helped me spoke to the boy who had helped me on the prior visit. (and they are just kids.) When she came back to me , she said I had been here before. I confirmed this and explained I was looking again at the CRV. She led me to them and asked if I wanted to sit in one. I told her I wanted to drive it, (I was not very impressed the first time but I thought I'd give it a second try). She coyly smiled and said well if you are going to buy a car today then you can drive it,or else you can only take a short little drive but we don;t want to run up the miles. I was so irate!! does honda want to sell these cars or not? they just lost my purchase, they may have sold me a car yesterday but making a test drive contingent on buying a car is ridiculous, especially when making such a large investment!
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