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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience

turban1turban1 Posts: 5
edited January 2014 in Honda
Just bought a 2 wheel drive, auto CR-V LX, in the San Diego area. Paid 17,995 for it, plus tax and lic. Also got a 3.9 five year interest rate through Honda.


  • 2003 CR-V/EX Model: All the dealers in our area(NJ)were asking MSRP w/Dest Charges = $22,860. We made our deal at $22,000. Considering these vehicles are not sitting on the lot and are sold before they get to the dealer, we thought we faired well with our $860 off. Oh, and I did get them to throw in a cargo tray worth another $106.

    I also sold my 1999 CR-V to the dealer for $14,000 (Kelley Blue Book said trade-in was worth $12,665 so I thought that was decent). I realize we could have done better selling privately, but didn't want the hassle of doing so. I hope we did ok. I didn't want to make a killing, but I also don't want to feel I took a bath.

    By the way, we ordered the Eternal Blue Pearl, it's on the next shipment arriving at the dealer in about 2+ weeks. I had never seen the blue in person when I ordered this color (by the paint chip in the brochure), but just yesterday I saw one in a parking lot and yes it was dirty, but I was kind of disappointed. It looked soooo dark!

    Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has the Eternal Blue Pearl for awhile - are you happy with the color, does it show dirt too easily? Any feedback is welcome. My dealer told me I can switch the color - but of course it also means I would have to wait till February. I love blue, but maybe this is one blue that's not for me???
  • and do you think you would have gotten that price without the trade?
  • Actually I did not exactly do a trade-in.
    They wanted to give me $12,000 on a trade-in and the new purchase would have been $22,400 (MSRP less destination charges).

    When I decided against it, they asked if I would be willing to sell my old Honda outright that day and they would give me my asking price of $14,000.
    Supposedly they had someone who wanted to buy it.

    By the end of the day we decided to to go with that. So we sold the vehicle outright that day and then negotiated on the new vehicle for $22,000.

    The dealer is in Morris County, NJ (North-Central, NJ)
  • That is where I live. Could you provide the dealer name and salesperson's name?
  • I'm new to posting on this site so I didn't know if I should post sales person's name on site - not sure it's proper to put his name out there without his permission for everyone to see. But if you could give me an e-mail address to send it to, we could certainly exchange that information a little more privately, and I could give you more detail information on anything else you might want/need to know about my experience at the dealer. I'll check back here to see what you've decided. Good Luck in the meantime with your search.
  • jtn46jtn46 Posts: 13
    I went to a dealer about an hour away after getting a lead that they had one in green (my second choice in color), but of course, it sold "just a few hours ago" so my salesman had me put a deposit down on a color I didn't want, so when it came, he could swap it for a blue one (my first choice). Their discount was $300 off of the sticker. (A discount given to all customers who make contact through the internet) My salesman gave me the impression that I'd have my CR-V in a week.

    Well, after 3 weeks with no CR-V, I decided to try using a local dealer my family has bought cars from as a backup. I had called them in October, and was informed that they wouldn't be getting any CR-V's that didn't already have names on them until December. They took $225 off of the sticker, their standard discount off of CR-V's. This salesman was much more pleasant to deal with, he was calm, realistic and honest with me. He found about $400 in extra charges when he saw the first dealer's purchase agreement, he showed me the actual waiting list, and I watched him put my name on the next blue one coming in. (He said it should be in before Christmas at the latest)

    To be honest, there's a good chance I would've stuck with the first dealer, despite the extra charges, the fact that he's nearly impossible to speak with, and the fact that he was extremely vague if he actually got the car in...
  • Relay the the dealer and salesperson's name (or your e-mail address)to [email protected] Thanks and good luck on the new vehicle.
  • Hello again - just wanted to let you know I emailed you with info. Hope it is helpful. Good luck with your search - hope you get into
    a CR-V real soon!
  • ceisceis Posts: 1
    Jtn46 - I am currently in a similar boat as you - waiting for delivery. We checked out 4 dealerships in our area and the story was the same. "No, none available - they are already pre-sold..we can put you on the list." Even had one dealership asking 26K for a silver EX.
    I went on the net and found a dealer somewhat near us asking for $300 below msrp. I gave my trade info over the phone and rec'd a full wholesale price for my trade - very fair.

    We are supposed to sign and take possession tomorrow. If all comes in as promised this will be the easiest, most convenient 22K transaction I have ever made.
    Good Luck in getting yours soon.
    Cheers - Ceis
  • I have researched most of the small SUV's and feel the Honda is the one I like best. Considered the Rav 4 also but inside features made me decide on Honda. I will travel for a deal anywhere in the San Joaquin Valley if anyone knows of a fair reputable dealer. I don't mind waiting for the right car.
  • I just signed the paperwork and am expecting my 03 CRV EX 5 spd any day now.

    My final negotiated price:
    Retail: 20,800
    Destination: 460
    Total: 21,260.
    (tax, tags, etc not included)

    Only found two dealers that would match that price.
  • I found that the Internet buying allows you to get a $500 discount on the MSRP here in NJ. The rest prices are same. I am waiting for my CRV LX Auto 4WD after getting a price of $20160 and $170 for Keyless entry. The TMV is listed as 20560.

    Also I wanted to get interior leather so I am paying $1295 to get it done by the dealer.
    The Dealer installed DVD/MP3 players etc. costs $2000. You can buy a decent combination for $300 outside. How to install it is the question.

    I have signed up in Nov. last week for a Dec 3rd week delivery. I hope by Christmas I will have my CR-V.
  • jedaijedai Posts: 7
    I got my 03 CRV EX Auto for $21700 including destination just before Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, however, a dealer emailed me 03 CRV EX Auto sale for $21488 plus tax and dmv. The locality is San Francisco Bay Area.

    Previously when I met an "internet manager" of a local dealership after calling, they gave me only about $500 off MSRP. Internet quote makes a difference. I am happy with my purchase (and my CRV) which is my first new car purchase.
  • hey.. do you mind share the info on which dealer offered you the "03 CRV EX Auto sale for $21488 plus tax and dmv" deal and the name of the internet manager?

    I'm in San Jose and I never got such low offers for a 03EXauto.
  • jguojguo Posts: 49
    I would appreciate that info too... I am helping someone shoping an EX auto in the next couple of months.
  • 2003 4wd EX, No dealer add-ons, $22151 at Bay Ridge Honda, Brooklyn NY. Use Honda internet site to make contact. Mojave Mist.
  • jedaijedai Posts: 7
    Autowest Honda Fremont sent me the quote ($21,488 for 03 CRV EX Auto) after Thanksgiving. (I didn't buy my CRV from them, however.) They add $45 doc, $5 tire, and $300 DMV.
  • Greetings to all. I'm a long-time reader and first-time posting to this board. Thanks to the great posts and they were very informative. Just thought I should also contribute and feedback to all.

    After research for a while, I had ordered a 2004 CR-V EX Manual last week in Boston area and waiting for delivery (price $21,000 inc. dest; it's $1,210 under MSRP or $734 under TMV). Thought it's a good deal and anxiously waiting for the car.
  • Thx for sharing! jedai

    and does anyone know the $300 DMV a stand fee in CA?
  • jguojguo Posts: 49
    DMV registration fee is 1.5% of the car value. I think it's going back to 2% soon.
  • jedaijedai Posts: 7
    My CRV sales contract shows $186 for dmv "ESTIMATED" plus $5 tire fee. (Note I didn't buy from Autowest.)
  • 20,400.00 with roof rack, floor mats, cargo liner, front mud/splash gaurds, and engine block heater.
  • Hi: Is there any Canadians on this site? We just bought a blue 2003 crv ex model.. I think we are going to be very happy with it.. We paid $29,661.54 plus air cond tax of $100.00, tire levy of $20.00, documentation fee $125.00, for a total of $29906.54. Then there is gst of $2093.46 for a grand total of $32,000.
    That works out to approx $20,611 with taxes and $19,230 without taxes Americian..It an ex model.. Let me know what you think. Thanks. Chuck
  • We just bought ours at the beginning of December, and paid close to that. Ours included block heater, front and rear mud flaps, a hood deflector, and front and rear carpet floor mats ( which then we bought a cheap pair of rubber ones to throw on top.)
    We are very pleased with ours so far, congrats on your new purchase.
  • Just looked up our sale bill. Final price was 33183.19. Plus what I listed before and also extra was the air cond. levy, registation fee of 32, protection package was 550, and stripe package was 200.
  • I purchased my new Honda CRV 2003 model EX for $20,730 in Houston, TX. Got to pick from Blue, White, Red, Black, Gold, or Green. Went with White.
  • Does anyone know any dealers,who is selling Honda CRV in the Michigan,Metro Detroit area at MSRP or below?.
    Thank you for your help.
  • Just bought a silver 2003 CR-V EX with auto trans for $21,900 plus tax and title from White-Allen in Dayton, OH. Great dealer--low pressure; no push for any add-ons or any other last minute games, Asked for a quote by e-mail and got it the next day.
  • as99as99 Posts: 1
    Has anybody bought a '03 CR-V in the this area? Need a reliable HONDA dealer.

  • Just got home from purchasing our new Mojave Mist EX. Got it for $21675 with mud guards and cargo cover thrown in. Been shopping for awhile and Zimmerman Honda in Rock Island, Il was fairly easy to work with. To anyone looking for a good deal- hang tough !
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