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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm about to close this deal at near Lansing MI.
    -2003 Honda CR-V EX 4WD (black)
    -Internet selling price: $21,251.00
    -Doc fee: $99.00
    -Total taxable price: $21,350.00
    -6% MI sales tax: $1,281.00
    -Title fee: $12.00
    -New plate:$71.00
    -Total out the door cost: $22,714.00

    What do you think?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,503
    $1500 under sticker.. sounds great!! Assuming its an automatic. Enjoy your car.



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  • Recently leased a CRV-EX

    Cost with no options/48 months --> $310
    Cost with Rack/Alarm/Tax rolled in --> $375
  • hongxyhongxy Posts: 2
    My experience in Gwinnett Honda was not good. They are the biggest Honda dealer in Atlanta area but the sales/manager are not nice, and put pressure on you. I stay away from them, and got my CR-V Ex auto from Nalley Honda at Union City. Nalley's service was great compared to Gwinnett Honda.
  • tigerinroctigerinroc Posts: 18
    Went to a dealer here in Rochester NY to look for a 2003 CRV two days ago. Did not realize that you have to be on a list to get a CRV, even to get a 2003 in September!!

    Well, tried to make a deal for a 2004 which comes in October. The deal for a 2004 LX 4WD Silver is:

    $20,560 (2003 MSRP) - $700 (discount) + $1,295 for accessories (security system, fog light kit, front splash guards, floor mats, and leather steering wheel leather), excluding NYS tax of 8.25% (Ouch!).

    Is it a good deal?

    Thank you for your thoughts.
  • The 2003 comes w/ floor mats.

    I went to There you can build your car and add accessories to get an overall MSRP. The accessories you chose(minus the floor mats) have the following MSRP(w/o installation charge).

     Exterior Accessories (installation not included)
     FOG LIGHT KIT $329.00
     SECURITY SYSTEM $199.00
     KEYLESS ENTRY $119.00
     Interior Accessories (installation not included)

    The total is $794 w/o installation. That leaves $501 for installation of those accessories. That seems high.

    Is the dealer forcing you to add these accessories or did you choose these? If they are forcing then try some different dealers. Here in Texas I found dealers that forced you to buy certain accessories and some that did not.

    I used the and and dealer on-line price qoute services to get a good price.

    Good Luck.
  • icvciicvci Posts: 1,031
    Check out

    In my area they're offering the EX for $21,510 before tax. title and dest. Still, it seems like a darn good deal.
  • I just bought a Blue 2003 EX in Bethesda, Maryland. This was my first car and I must say that it was not a good experience. I started looking a couple of weeks ago and after visiting a few places, I stopped by this one after work. I was greeted by a guy who, in the beginning, was very pleasant. We went for a test drive; he showed me the car and explained it to me in great detail. So we sat down and he and I began discussing some numbers. He knocked off prices left and right, and he also offerred me a $500 coupon so i thought i was getting a good deal. After a few minutes, I told him i wasn't ready to buy yet for financial reasons but will definitely buy from him in a couple of weeks. So we shook hands and I left with sense of hope that i would be gettting a good deal.

    Two weeks go by and I returned to the same sales guy to buy my car. maybe he thought he already 'had' me, but the attitude and attention i was getting just a couple of weeks before was GONE. he sent me on a test drive by myself, i waited until he was ready for me, etc. And when it came time to sign the papers, he became VERY aggressive. He also neglected to explain to me the options that were already attached to my cr-v until the very last minute. he just asked me for the color. he did not take the time to show me the exact car that i was going to buy. I had no idea there were going to be additional charges to the msrp. by the way, the discounts he offered me a couple of weeks back wasn't even mentioned, but instead he gave me the internet discount which was much less than i had anticipated.

    this was my first car. so i didn't know any better. was I just too naive?

    then, "additional options lady" came to sell me the special rust proofing, paint protection stuff, and an alarm (not cheap). and the finance guy told me about the the extended warranty (he never told me the price. it was diluted in my monthly charge) And NONE of these thing were mentioned by my sales guy. had i known about all these things, i may have chosen a different car.

    but when do i step in and speak out about my concerns? those guys definitely wanted me out the door ASAP with the car. Am i a retard?

    i am very happy with the car. running boards, mud guards, door edge guards, wheel locks, pin stripe (none of which i really needed). but i only got $645 off of everything even though i left them a HUGE down payment (75% of MSRP). i ended up paying close to $23,400, NOT including tax, destination fee, dealer fees, etc. SO i have very mixed feelings right now. It sucks to know that you paid too much.

    anyways, if you have any inputs, i would appreciate it. thanks.
  • tcpip1tcpip1 Posts: 121
    This kind of car buying experience makes all the car sales person look bad. No wonder buyers in various forums discount a sales person's claim, even if it is true.

    It seems Toyota has a step ahead in addressing this very issue for the younger folks. No wonder Toyota is a strong car company on this planet.

    Testing drive a Scion XB is on my list next year.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,503
    Don't beat yourself up over this. Its a typical scenario for a first-time car buyer. It appears you paid MSRP for your car and the added options. While that isn't a great deal, I think you'll find quite a few people on this board who have paid the same. That deal is over, learn from it, and enjoy your new car. You made a great choice, and the salesman can't screw that up.

    Not sure about Toyota being ahead on anything when it comes to customer service. In my area, they are the worst dealers.



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  • scottdudescottdude Posts: 177
    Anyone have some insight into what kind of deals Honda offers during its annual year end clearance now going on? Is it just hype, or do they really offer deeper discounts?
  • timmackaytimmackay Posts: 3
    We recently had a similar experience as poorstudent1. We've been looking around for CR-Vs for awhile in NH. No inventory here either...

    We visited a dealership nearby last Sat. The salesman seemed friendly (on the first visit). So we placed a refundable deposit to hold one "coming in a few days" since there was nothing on the lot. A blue CR-V EX auto. We talked some numbers but nothing written down for a base price of a the vehicle, an average monthly payment, interest rates to expect, but nailed down a trade-in value.

    I called him on Tues. to check the status the CR-V. It wasn't in yet--which was fine. He reassured me that it was coming in during the next couple of days. I then asked him for final figures for the car and an interest rate. He became defensive and evaded my question. He asked me "why I am bringing this up now!? I thought we were cool!?" I asked him a different way and he finally agreed that he would call me back by the next day with final numbers.

    I never heard from him.

    My father in-law drove by the dealership on Mon. morning and he saw a brand new blue CR-V EX on the lot. My wife learned of this from him on Wed. and decided to go check it out. The dealer was there and the first thing he said was "that's not your car, that car was already sold, it was out back." My wife was becoming suspicious. They went inside to look at the paperwork that we never received a copy of. The price of the car was written on the P&S at MSRP. Not at all what we had discussed. He then disclosed that he is actually discounting the car, but the discount is included in the trade-in value. Making the trade-in value less. He said the car would be in on Thur.

    I called the business manager of the dealership Thur. morning and explained the situation to him. He finally gave me final figures which were competitive, a good interest rate, and a better trade-in value. I asked him when the vehicle would arrive he said my name was down for mid-sept. delivery. Not Thurs. I last spoke to the general manager, explained my disgust, and received my deposit back. The car that was on the lot Mon. morning was most likely ours. It was sold from under us for whatever reason...

    We have since written a letter to Honda Corporate about this situation. It is ridiculous that this business has to be this way and unfortunate that these salesman represent Honda to consumers. The dealers make these rules and the buyer has no choice but to play these games. Is it really worth it? I hope these ethics change soon to benefit the consumer's buying experience.
  • just bought a silver, manual,crv EX in Marin (SF) it at $20,688 before a cargo cover at a nice discount...out the door price including taxes, desti and what not...$22, money/interest rate through westamerca for 3.64-honda was at 3.99-the finance lady said it was "the best rate"...

    sales experience all together was "ok" lady tried to sell me a bunch of typical junk though...

    i hope i got a deal...feel free to comment...
  • tranmanyotranmanyo Posts: 2
    I just paid $20,900 for EX auto in the bay area. They gave me 6.84% for an interest rate even though I have sterling credit. I think this is a little high.

    I've signed already, but is there anything I can do to lower it? Get another loan to pay it off?
  • william21william21 Posts: 16
    The interest rate seems high. We to have great credit and our credit union gave us 4.5 on 48 months. The finance guy could beat it, but we opted for the credit union because it comes out of my wife's auto deposit twice a month.
  • re high interest rate in bay area...

    i believe you can transfer your account
    to another bank the first week or finance
    lady at marin honda beat honda's 3.99 with west america bank-got me at 3.24
  • tranmanyotranmanyo Posts: 2
    Thank you.

    I will try the suggestion and report back. I have a great credit score and history.

    Here is a related thread: tranmanyo "Good credit, but bad deal on financing. What to do?" Jul 20, 2003 11:43am
  • nautikernautiker Posts: 32
    My wife is looking to purchase a 03 CR-V EX Auto in Eternal Blue up here in Maine. Same prob as NY--MSRP and nothing lower. Tried @ 3 Different Dealerships in the area. Definitely considering expanding the search after reading the posts on this board. I agree that @ $22.9k w/ freight, it's still a good deal(you still get much for your money), but we don't need spend anymore than we have to. The dealerships were upfront in telling us that they won't be discounted up here, but it still bites that we'll have to travel hundreds of miles to get the vehicle at a decent price.

    Does anybody have experience with/think is the way to go with this to not travel.. Won't they deliver the vehicle to your door??

    I thought they would at least bargain on the 03's since 04's should be coming out soon
  • rloeserrloeser Posts: 1
    I just negotiated a deal this past Friday night at Nanuet Honda in Nanuet, NY and I'm curious to hear from others if I've done well. CRV EX Auto $22,552 includes destination charges, cargo tray ($99), cargo cover ($179), and roof rack ($249). Would have been $23,387, but I came in $835 under that. Could I have done better? Or was that a decent deal?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,503
    Try Autofair Honda in Manchester, NH.. shouldn't be too far away. They usually have the best prices on the net. Really low on Accords, not sure what they do on CRVs.



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  • chewickchewick Posts: 1
    Autofair Honda was the third Honda dealership I visited during the past week in NH. I do not recommend Honda of Keene or Peter's Honda of Nashua--they like to play tricky sales games. Autofair was a no-hassle buying experience, they were very foward in providing information and they have fixed pricing on all of their vehicles. I also received a good price for my trade-in.

    I signed a deal yesterday for a Silver CR-V EX. Fixed price $22,450. Interest rate 4.49/60 months. The price is $300 more than the other dealers' offers, but the no-haggle experience was well worth it.

    It's great going to a dealership not having to worry about fighting a battle in order to get a fair deal. It's even greater leaving a dealership feeling good about your purchase...
  • I've seen a couple of references to Grand Honda and have seen their website prices. Their price for an EX($20,941) is about $900 below what I'm being quoted in the Cincinnati area. Anyone have first hand experience purchasing from Grand? Are they OK to buy from? I don't want to travel to Chicago to find an unexpected surprise, but for $900 that is a legitimate savings, I will travel.
  • deanvdeanv Posts: 4
    I had a great experience buying my 2003 Honda CR-V EX Automatic at Grand Honda in Chicago (Elmhurst). As previously posted a couple of weeks ago, I bought it by phone at their web published price of $20,941 plus less than $100 in doc fees. No taxes as I'm not an Illinois resident. No options, as I didn't want any. I flew into O'Hare airport and took a 15 minute cab ride to the dealership. The car and all the paperwork were ready to go. The salesman I had talked to on the phone was a first-rate professional. The Honda accessory book was available to look at, but they didn't push anything. They offered an extended warranty, which I declined. No sales pressure at all. After a short car orientation from the salesman, I was on the road back to Alaska in my freshly washed, gas tank filled, CR-V. The whole transaction took less than one hour. 3,200 miles later, I've arrived home and I am 100% satisfied with my CR-V and the purchase experience.

    I had a great car purchasing experience - lowest price, professional sales staff, beautiful dealership. When I got home, I had a phone message from the sales manager asking me if I was satisfied with the purchase. I just wish they were my hometown Honda dealership.
  • alpine53alpine53 Posts: 1
    Went to an old posting by "Safetrip" in April '03 about a seemingly good CRV EX deal at Commonwealth Motors. Was this with auto. trans.? Has anyone else had recent, decent buying experiences (include price paid) for EX/auto. around the Boston?
  • I purchased a 2003 Honda CRV (EX) - Automatic with front mudguards on Saturday. I paid $23,040 'out the door' including all taxes, fees, etc.
  • snoopy33snoopy33 Posts: 7
    I am trying to decide on the CR-V or the Accord. Kids will be coming along within 18 months, so how would the CR-V be with kids? Does a 4 cyl engine in an SUV hold up over time? I keep my vehicles for about 7-8yrs at a time.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,503
    Both cars have the same engine, and similar weight, so reliability and durability should be similar. The CRV is particularly easy to get in and out of. Especially the rear seats. Also, there is a path between the front seats to access the rear, which is also an advantage with kids.
    I'm on my second CRV, and currently we have our 4th Accord, although we don't have the current model. I would recommend either car without reservation, but if you like the CRV, there aren't any negatives with regard to your concerns.



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  • darkroomdarkroom Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any info on how much are the dealers willing to negotiate in/around the Denver/Aurora areas in Colorado? Any inputs will be highly appreciated...
  • icvciicvci Posts: 1,031
    Check out

    Check out all of your online purchasing options first. That way you'll go in having a pretty good idea of the bottom line.
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