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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wchen5wchen5 Posts: 2
    I got my CRV EX automatic at GA. I have options of clear coating protection, front mud guard, visor and roof rack. I paid 21,700 plus $349 document fee, $70 for CT tittle and 6% CT tax. Looks like a good deal. I will drive it back to CT as a gift for my wife. She told me the price is about $22,500 for EX and not including those options at dealers around my CT home town. And she needs to wait for the next delivery to get her ideal model. There is no CRV in the dealer's lot. In contrary, the dealer I bought from at GA has about 25 CRV in their parking lot right now. I should have stuck to my initial offer of $21,500. I bet I can get it at that price or even lower based on my observation of their slow business at here. Most of buyers are probably stayed home watching bombing Iraq. Well, may be you can find one at here and drive it back to north and still save a few $$.
  • mdgcrvmdgcrv Posts: 1
    Purchased my LX 2WD Blue on March 25th, in Marietta, GA (Atlanta). "Drive out" price was $19600, which included 6% sales tax, destination, and all dealer fees. Options were: Roof Rack, Mud Guards, Cargo Tray, Wheel Locks, and Interior/Exterior protection package. I had them remove the pinstripes. I recieved the price by emailing out my initial price quote recieved through the Edmunds site, to a few dealers in my area. Very pleased, though had to get the blue LX shipped in from a dealer south of the city. CHECK that tire pressure.......mine was at 44psi even though the sales person said they take care of that. (they did'nt....the ride is now much smoother at the correct pressure)
  • carltaocarltao Posts: 7
    3/23/2003 Los Angeles
    Got my '03 CR-V EX automatic (Mojave Mist Metallic) from Norm Reeves Honda West Covina location. I worked with the Fleet Manager. Price is $21151 (including destination charge) + $49 (wheel locks) + $100 (splash guards) + $45 (document fee) + $1760.96 (tax) + $183 (license fee) + $5 (ca tire fee) = $23293.96 (out the door price)

    Good luck!
  • icq8899icq8899 Posts: 1
    I'm planning a used car(02 CR-V) which is not necessary but want to use as an alternative one(I got a 03 accord Ex v6 already).so that mean I can hold untill end of thid year,any suggestion if I should buy now or wait to December?Also Any dealer information close to
    State college,PA 16801
    thanks first!
  • Hey folks I think I just got a Darn good Deal yesturday 22,200 out the door, and that includes mud "phlapsss" My tax was over 600.00 and tags were about 65.00 bucks meaning 700.00 total tax and tags, So I figure my price was 21,500 for the CRV including their "proccesing Fee" (watchout for that one) I told them right out Im not paying that "Pad on" at first they tried like heck to get me to pay close to sticker price but they knew in the end some profit is better than None, I did alot of research on here and learned alot from you my fellow buyers watch their hold backs, they might settle on $100.00 over invoice knowing they have a hold back comming from the dealer. Hold your ground, let them know you have contacted other dealers and might be interested in other makes, give them an out the door offer, so they can't add other "fees" on to your cost, play it cool and don't look too eager to buy, You must find their total Cost and offer a few hundred over that so they can make a little too. Just watch the add on garbage so they can't pad their profit, this is a great site for info! and saved me money.
  • red2003red2003 Posts: 1
    I was interested in receiving more info on your buying experience in Omaha. Did you also go to O'Daniel's on Dodge Street? What about Superior Honda in CB? Thanks
  • laptevlaptev Posts: 18
    I think you are going to get a better deal down South than up North. We had the 3rd highest snowfall in recorded history in Upstate New York this year. So many people (myself included) decided we wanted a 4x4 vehicle. And I think because of the high gas prices, the CRV looks much better than the 6 cyl. Jeeps, Escapes, etc.

    So when I decided on a CRV and started shopping around, only 1 of the 7 dealerships in my area would even talk about taking less than MSRP. In fact, when I used the on-line companies to get a quote, the dealers didn't even bother to give me a price! But of course the dealership that was willing to take $600 off MSRP was lowballing my trade. Can anyone say price-fixing?!

    I finally bit the bullet and bought my silver EX in mid-March 03 with mudflaps, wheellocks, and 2 oil changes thrown in for free for 22,130 + tax, title, etc.

    Although I think my dealership made too much on this deal, after crunching the numbers in Excel, I still paid $1900 less than the best deal I could get on the Mazda Tribute (plan B) even with $1500 in dealer cash they were going to give me straight up.

    A bigger discount would have been nice but after 900 miles on the vehicle - I am extremely pleased with it and I think it is worth every penny. (I also got to use my ABS and 4x4 in this weekend's outrageous ice storm). I'll also mention my mother has a 99 CRV and the 02/03 version is a significant improvement.
  • Bought a new CRV for my wife. Total price was 25 grand and could have been a lot less if I had not opted for the warranty and etching. Well, this is my first Honda after owning/still owning Toyota trucks and cars. Wife wanted the warranty and would have went without.
  • jms13jms13 Posts: 2
    Paid 21,300 plus tax, license, & doc fee. $22838.49 out the door (Chicago area). Includes free first oil change and 10 free car washes. I feel pretty good about the deal.
  • hawaiiguyhawaiiguy Posts: 11
    $23,461.00 out the door from Honda Windward (Hawaii) for the EX model.

    Offered $22,200/no freight charges ($460) plus all the additional taxes/license/documentation.

    I saved $200 under the MSRP price and $460 on the freight charges. Big demand locally, so wasn't expecting much in terms of discounts.

    They included free: splash guards, rim wheel locks, cargo tray and door/wheel wells trim.

    They and the Tony Honda dealership are above average dealers in terms of customer satisfaction---do not go to Pflueger Honda (Honolulu).
  • rajumrajum Posts: 3
    iam planning for 2003 CRV EX , can you guys help me for best dealer in MD/VA area to get the best deal
  • mpchmpch Posts: 1
    Has anyone purchased recently in the Portland, Oregon area? The best I've been able to find so far is $22K for a 2003 EX, including $460 destination, no additional options, not including license.

    It seems like it varies quite a lot from one region of the US to another (based on people's postings).

  • justfind6justfind6 Posts: 30
    We just picked up our black EX in Turnersville NJ on Monday. Paid $22,640 including the freight charge. There are still no discounts on CR-Vs in this area. We had to wait almost three weeks just to get the color we wanted. But hey, it's worth it!
    I did use peoplefirst to bargain the dealer down to a 4.39%apr. They had it set at 5.74% until I pulled out the peoplefirst check and my fico score :)
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    Can somebody recommend a dealer who has good PRICE on the CR-V in Virginia or Maryland?

  • safetripsafetrip Posts: 1
    I've got my silver EX CRV a month ago at Commonwealth Motors up in Lawrence MA. I paid $21,360+reg+tax+doc. I'm very happy about the deal based on the response from other dealers in the area.
    I spent about a month in negotiations on line and in person at about 7 different dealers. Some of them wouldn't budge at all below MSRP saying that they sell CRVs even before cars come in, which was true given the fact that I couldn't see any CRVs among hundreds of Accords and Civics. The best deal I've got before I contacted Commonwealth was $700 below MSRP from Honda of Boston after an hour of haggling-I personly don't recommand this dealership and Cambridge Honda. They were very snotty).
    But when I called Commonwealth and said(more correctly 'lied') to them that I've got a deal at $1200 below MSRP from some place else and would go up there if they can give it at $1500 below, they agreed right away. No negotiations, no haggling. In fact, I did this to another dealer and told, 'that's a great deal. go ahead and take it while it last'.
    Any way, the dealer at commonwealth was very nice and things went very smooth. Only thing was I had wait 4 weeks since they didn't have any.
    Here is one money saving tip. DO NOT BUY ACCESSORIES FROM DEALERS!
    The price is highly inflated-some of them are as much as 100% more expensive than MSRP. One dealer even confested to me that they make more money on accessories than cars. Anyway, instead go to or and order them on-line. They are much, much cheaper and you can also get things that they don't carry in the dealerships like rear parking mirror, color matched spare tire cover, auto-dimming rear view mirror, touch paints etc. I bought cargo cover, moonroof visor, window visor, spare tire cover at almost half of dealer's price. Don't worry about installation. They come with detailed manuals and if you can replace a light bulb, you can do it.
  • musanthamusantha Posts: 1
    Hello everyone,

    We are considering buying a EX CR-V automatic in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Any information on price paid and dealer experiences and overall experience with CRV would be great.


  • provost1provost1 Posts: 4
    I just found this board so my info is dated but I'll give it anyway: In March 2002 I bought a Certified '98 CR-V LX AT,A/C,CD in silver, just over 24000 miles. Obviously, since it was Honda Certified, it was in basically showroom condition. I argued them down to $16,200 from 17,000. Did the deal at Klein Honda in Everett, WA. I expect to buy another in early 2004 and unless the price of the new ones just blows me away I will buy certified used again...
  • jnezjnez Posts: 1

    I am looking to buy an 03, CR-V EX 4WD in the next six months or so. I am 2.5 hours from San Diego and Phoenix. If anyone has had any good experiences from any dealers in those areas please let me know! The town I live in is limited, and I feel that I would get a better deal in an area that has more competition. I talked to my local Honda dealer, and he gave me a load of crap from the start..... So, in the meantime my husband and I are selling our 92 Landcruiser and 95 Civic with plans on purchasing a new CR-V in the near future!!
    I can't wait!!! :)

    Thanks to anyone that can help!!!
  • mpc823_99mpc823_99 Posts: 1
    I just bought a Silver CR-V EX (no dealer add-ons) for $21,152 + tax, title, doc fee in the Chicago-land area. Out the door it was $22,884.61. I was pleased with the deal. It was about $1,000 less than the highest quote in my area.
  • tutu8tutu8 Posts: 2
    iam planning for 2003 CRV 4WD LX , can you guys help me for best dealer in Atlanta area to get the best deal
  • chuckn1964chuckn1964 Posts: 1
    I just plunked down $500 cool ones on this vehicle to "hold" it until it arrives. It is now enroute from some place in Illinois. We have had a lot of large hail storms here this year, so dealer inventories are very low in CRV's.

    I ordered the 2WD LX in Eternal Blue with a couple of additional options installed by Huggins Honda.

    True to their word, they are charging me $100 over invoice($18,023.36 + TT&L). Their "internet price" is between $300 - $800 cheaper than any other dealer in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Only one other dealer in Dallas had this vehicle in Eternal Blue in stock, but the price and 1.5 hour travel time seemed too much for me.

    I am looking forward to driving the vehicle once it arrives in 7 - 10 days. I hope this is true, as my totalled(from hail) car's A/C has just stopped working
  • alfalfa549alfalfa549 Posts: 3
    I began a lease search for a Honda CRV EX on Tuesday Morning in Pittsburgh. I used email and the Honda web site for initial contact. I sent out requests to 20 dealers. The Honda site is a pain for this. Just get dealer list and go to their web site. Send the same message to all.

    I said " I am ready to lease a Honda CRV EX auto. I am looking for 12k per year miles, 48 month term, no money down, no security fee, no acquistion fee, no termination fee. I am ready to move now"

    In the next 24 hours I had over 10 responses. No one gives you the skinny first shot. So you have to do your homework. The list for an EX auto is $22.8k. The Edmund's TMV is 21.9k. That was my target. Cap cost-residual/term is capital cost. (Cap cost+residual)*money factor is interest. Money factor is interest rate divided by 2400. Add taxes in your area. Mine are 10%. Add. For my goal, this yielded $300/month.

    Everyone started at $330-350 per month. A couple phone calls, fax, email per party yielded $305 offer. I signed up. Got the color I wanted. Drove one home on Thursday.

    You too can do it!
  • bgabel1260bgabel1260 Posts: 135
    Stopped by my current dealer yesterday to look at the CR-V up close. Didn't drive one but I think this is the car to get. I told the salesman I "need" a 5spd and asked what's the situation with those. He said they had one in inventory (LX) but they are rather uncommon. I asked about ordering one and he said they could but it's something that would take 4, 6 or maybe 8 weeks.

    I said I think I will wait for the 2004 models strictly for resale reasons. Honda doesn't have any incentives on these 2003 models so there's no point rushing to get one now. He said he agreed with me and with a longer lead time I probably could pick the color I want. I want a EX in Chianti Red or Satin Silver.

    I asked him about the standard discount on the CR-V and he rather looked at me like I said something naughty. Anyway, he whispered to me that they are giving $500-700 off MSRP generally. Of course, I have a feeling I would have to pay sticker for a 2004 come August.

    The sales guy said that they can't get enough CR-Vs to sell. The dealership told a risk a couple months ago by buying extra CR-Vs (AWD models) from dealers down South and having them shipped back to the NE. Because the dealership sold their normal allocation as well as these additional vehicles, they are now receiving a larger allocation from Honda.
  • gklatvgklatv Posts: 35
    Just bought a '03 CRV EX auto for a couple of hundreds over invoice with minimal negotiating with the internet sales manager of the local dealership. Then, stopped in his office for 15 min. to sign the papers - and that's it, done! Have to wait now a few weeks for my color, thou.
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308

    Anybody know what changes are going to be introduced in the 2004 model?

    Will these arrive in September or later?

  • beerme2beerme2 Posts: 2
    2003 CRV EX A/T: 20,391
    Freight: 460
    Registration/Processing: 387
    Security System: 269
    Cargo Tray: 84
    Splash Guards: 80
    Wheel Locks: 52
    Running Boards: 482
    Chrome Exhaust: 34
    Fog Lights: 469
    Extended Warranty: 1397
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    Seems like you got a good deal. Your base price (including freight) is $20,851.

    Your final price looks high after you add all options and extended warranty. Not sure why you need the extended warranty on the CRV.

  • beerme2beerme2 Posts: 2
    The base price was good, but I'm sure that was due to the number of options I requested. I got the extended warranty because I am planning on keeping it that long and 1397 is ~200 off what they normally charge (The 'closer' wasn't happy when she learned the salesman had offered me that). Okay, I'm a little paranoid too.
  • ml73ml73 Posts: 2

    I am in the market for a CR-V LX (2WD) in New York City. Can anybody recommend a dealer with a good price in the NYC metropolitan area? What did you pay for your CR-V?

    Thanks a bunch!
  • theracoontheracoon Posts: 666
    I got the extended warranty because I am planning on keeping it that long and 1397 is ~200 off what they normally charge (The 'closer' wasn't happy when she learned the salesman had offered me that).

    You could have saved a few dollars on the accessories by buying them on the internet. You could have also saved more by buying the warranty directly from Honda, instead of from the dealer.

    At the price for a 7 year/100,000 mile/zero deductible Honda extended warranty is $1,040. That's good for any CR-V purchased after 05/19/2001 with less than 24,000 miles on the odometer.

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