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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • HI there,

    Best place to shop online
    Initial cost $9.95, if car is bought through site you will be charged $39.95.

    Check it out.

    Other useful web site to check Dealer Invoice and Base price.

    Try to purchase car at or below dealer cost.

    Hope this helps.

  • funny I was going to Bay Ridge on this coming sunday. and I might go to Plaza Auto Mall depending on price. It will be great if you can ask the salesperson to give me his/her name and number. Me and my friend are both interested in the same exact deal you got. Thank you very much for all the info.
  • mratlmratl Posts: 13
    I thought I was getting good deal on pure internet bidding with local dealers. My best cost was 18,510 before tax and 19,851 total. Then I looked at
    Am I still getting good deal? I was going to buy it tomorrow.
  • Nano317, Plaza auto mall is only about 15 minutes from bay ridge honda so I would check out both of them. I only delt with one guy at bay ridge and I can't even remember his name now. try to see what kind of price you can get and if it's not that good mention the costco auto program. I liked plaza auto mall better than bay ridge and my sales persons name was Anthony P. he usually works on Sunday. I believe his day off is Tues. good luck
  • #56: Yep, $22060 was the price with freight included (but not tax and tags as I said before). The service was great too and quite painless.

    #62: Too late as it's already ours, but we're happy with the price as that's what matters. :) We had check in hand by the way, but we ended up going with American Honda for financing as they offered up 5% for 60 months (had another loan offer as low as 4.75, but that required auto-debit which I don't like).

    Also, I installed the accessories I bought from this past weekend and enjoyed the several hundred dollar cost savings over getting them through the dealer. We got the roof rack, cargo cover, cargo tray, front mud flaps, and touch up paint.

    As for the speakers, the two tweeters are on the top of the dash in the extreme right and left corners under the windshield.
  • dft7dft7 Posts: 3
    What are folks getting for gas mileage for the 03 EX?.....mine is really bad.....about 12 miles/gallon...without the AC on?
  • kanthnkanthn Posts: 4
    Just bought a CRV EX 4WD Automatic. Paid $22,880 out the door price with options: Running boards (a different type of side steps), roof rack and wheel locks. The sales tax is 3%. The color is Silver. Was thinking of buying Blue or Green, but they seemed to be getting dirty quite easily. Even the dealer seemed to have problem in keeping them clean! That's the problem with dark colors, isn't it?

    Thinking of buying the Tow Hitch from Did any one install the tow hitch by them selves? The instructions say it can not be installed by do-it-yourselfers. Then what's the point in buying it from How about U-haul? Did any one get the tow hitch installed from U-haul?
  • pbuckpbuck Posts: 5
    I just returned from battle at Rosenthal Honda in Tyson's Corner VA. I got a green CR-V EX Auto for $21,551 + $299 processing fee + tax/tags/title. I took the info from the Costco members on this board and, as a Costco affiliate, they had to match the $21,851 Costco price. Because they insisted on adding in the $299 fee, I got them to lower the price by $300 to $21551. They paid no more than app. $20.5K, so they made a lot of money and I think I did okay. They even "threw in" the wheel locks, the mud guards and pinstriping (they were already on the car, so they couldn't remove them when I told them I wasn't interested in those items.. Get this: their sticker price for the pinstripe and mudguards is $749. That's a $690 pinstripe, and I can tell you that it's not that good a pinstripe. The window sticker also included a $1995 markup fee that they generously waived.

    FYI - they have app. 18 CR-Vs listed on their website. With the kind of sales experience I had, I can see why they're still there.
  • I am looking to get a price on a CRV EX with some accessories (i.e. fog lights, body side cladding, cargo cover, etc.). When you got your price from Costco, was it just for the base CRV or did you mention the accessories you wanted? Did you then get actual paperwork to show the auto dealership the price quote you received from Costco or was it a verbal quote? Also, can you tell me the location of Plaza Auto mall? They sound like a good dealership to go through.

    Thanks for your help.
  • digbyny, go back and read posts 48,51,59,63 and 67 that I wrote. this should answer all of your questions but if you have any more questions just contact me.when you use the costco auto program cocostcoontacts a dealer(in my case they contacted bay ridge honda, I'm not sure if all dealerships are affiliated wiwithostco) and the dealer contacts you. this was just for the base price. accessories where not included. when i Isked about asseccories they told me accessories were marked up 25% over the actual cost which I found on Plaza auto mall is located at 2740 nostrand ave in brooklyn. if your going there, contact anthony P. he's was my dealer.
  • My price - $22,860.00, which includes freight, Appearance Package(pin stripes, edge guards, fender well guards and mud guards. Total cost - taxes @ 5% and $125.00 tags. - $24,128.00 What do ya think?
  • I was offered list price on a CR-V Ex $22,860. He said he had to get the car from another dealer, but he said he could offer me 0% financing through the dealer for up to 60 months.

    Obviously, he is giving something with one hand and taking it away with another, but it seems like it is a savings of at least $1800 over 5 years (not counting the cost of money) compared to 4 3/4% interest.

    We'd put $10,000 down and finance $14,803 (that's $22,860 for the car and $1943 for 8 1/2% sales tax (I'm in New York)).

    Am I missing something?
  • I just gone done bantering with Honda Village in Newton, MA and the lowest I could get them is $21,980 for Red EX w/auto. This is the price for the car + dest. charge only. Anyone else who has been looking around the Boston area lately? Please comment.

  • Well I couldn't hold out. I went back to Honda Village tonight. They had a Red one in stock and I didn't want to see it go since I want this to be a Valentine's Day Present. I ended up with a final price of $22,456 for the Car, Dest. Charge, Fog Lights, Cargo Cover, & Cargo Net. Only other Fees were Tax, $74 for plates, and a $149 Document Fee. I'm still interested to hear how other MA buyers have fared.

  • This was very hard to locate because I wouldn't budge on color or 5-speed. My best price was $20,700 (destination included)through a dealer in BJ's program but only for in stock red or silver. They wouldn't try to locate black at that price. Honda Village emailed MSRP of $22,060 but said it was negotiable. They would have to locate the black though. HV is in the best location for me so I decided to go in last Saturday and try to make a deal. They were surprised at the quotes I had gotten, but I had copies of emails to let them know it wasn't made up. We agreed on $20,800 including destination, front mud guards, wheel locks. My deadline was end of February but they found it quickly here in in MA and had it 4 days later so I picked it up last night. Additional fees were transfer plate $65, documentation $149, and of course MA tax. Happy with price and dealer treatment. Good luck with yours Barney, hope the V-Day gift was appreciated!
  • Just got it today. Thanks for all the tips.

    Got a silver 2003 CRV LX 2WD
    Automatic (no side airbags)

    Sequence of events
    0. Did a test drive of the CRV

    And also got pre-approved financing from credit union.

    1. Looked at prices here

    MSRP 18,900
    Invoice 17,463
    Freight 460
    Holdback 567

    Basecost = Invoice + Freight - Holdback = 17,356

    Base cost:LX without side airbag is 17,356.00
    TMV price was $18371

    Base cost:LX WITH side air was 17,579.50
    TMV price was 18,676

    Also checked prices of this model on the discussion groups.

    2. Opened a new email account.
    Contacted several dealers in the San Francisco Bay Area using email.

    Told them in the email:
    a) I was ready to buy and had pre-approved financing.
    b) I originally wanted LX with side airbags.
    Listed the Invoice, Freight, holdback and Base cost of 17,579.50
    So I wrote that I wanted LX with aibags for price of $18,000 plus tax/license
    c) I have already test driven CRV.

    3. Got email responses back from a handful of dealers.

    Went to to find all honda dealers websites (about 30-50 mile radius)

    Checked out websites. Some dealers listed the inventory of CRV's on their websites too.

    4. Lowest prices I got via email for LX with side airbags was 18,400.
    Another dealer said they would beat price by $100 so it was 18,300

    5. Got to dealership close to home.
    Told them:
    - I was ready to buy.
    - I had test driven the CRV
    - Wanted a specific color.
    - I wanted to be in and out quick. No games or shenanigans.
    - I was pre-approved and ready to buy the car.
    - I had price quote from 2 other dealers that was close to my original offer of 18,000. Can they work with me? I was ready to buy today.

    So the dealer checked for availability of LX with sideair.
    NO STOCK in dealer and other dealers closeby- it seems the LX 2WD with side airbags is very rare.

    The other choice was LX 2wd without airbags. I said since I got prices for airbag LX is 18,400 and 18,300. My offer for LX WITHOUT sideairbags is 18,200. And I wanted the silver.

    They came back with counter offer of close to 18,500. I said no deal. Since I could get the LX with side air for 18,400 ( I found a dealer with this rare model but not the color I wanted). Told them I would have to leave for lunch and think about it.

    They asked if I would meet in between 18200 and 18500. Will I go for 18350? I told them I would have to leave for lunch and think about it.

    Not wanting to lose me. They then agreed to 18,200. LX 2wd without side airbags.

    6. I asked for a printout of price of 18,200 plus tax plus license.
    So I could review the OUT the DOOR price.
    (I did not want and FUNNY fees and games like that)
    I got a printout listing all of it.
    Looked over all fees and agreed to go ahead with the deal. Almost there...

    7. Dealer located a silver LX and had to get it from another dealer.

    8. NEXT. Went to deal with financing and options DEPT.
    I was pre-approved with credit union already.
    Dealer did a credit check and FICO score.
    The dealer matched the financing offer from the credit union. (so very IMPT to get financing first. for leverage.)

    9. Only option I wanted to purchase was the alarm. So I got that.

    10. Looked over and verified the financing
    Price, amt financed, monthly payment.

    I told them I did NOT want to sign the papers until I got to test drive the ACTUAL car.

    11. Test drove the car to make sure I did not get a lemon. Plus I heard of people with CRVs with noisy thunks, and steering that was pulling to the right???!

    12. Finished the freeway test drive satisfied with the ACTUAL car I am getting.

    13. Signed papers. and Got the keys to the CRV!!!!

    TMV price $18,371
    My price $18,200
    for a 2003 CRV LX 2WD without side airbags. (Plus tax and license, and plus alarm of course)

    Good luck to all in your shopping to all!!!

    Be patient. Be firm with your price. Research the exact price and color and options you want. Get your financing pre-approved. BE READY to WALK AWAY. Treat each other with respect. Get things in writing. Use an email account (to get things in writing, and so you don't have to field phone calls)
  • I picked up my CR-V EX AWD at Vista Honda in Ventura, CA on 2/13/03. I sent dealer quote requests via to two local dealers in my area. One was cheaper than the other. I printed out the cheaper quote when I was ready to buy and took it to the dealer closest to home, asked if they would meet that price. They said yes. I got stuck with a roof rack that I didn't want but it's bolted on. The CR-V price, which included roof rack ($235) and destination fee ($460), was $22,145, plus tax ($1608.78), license ($187), CA tire fee ($5), and doc prep fee ($45). That totals $23,990.78. Then subtract the $500 they graciously gave me for my poor old, tired, thrashed, and worthless 1989 Volvo, which brings the grand total, out the door, to $23,490.78. Whew! Yeah, it's worth it. I love my Honda. I had a 2001 Ford Escape 6 cyl. but this is generally a much nicer car. (No, nothing was wrong with the Escape, I just gave it to my daughter.)
  • What great validation I just felt reading the post above about the Silver 03 CRV Lx 2wd purchased in the San Francisco area. I also wanted the side airbags but was unable to find one with them. I guess they are a very rare bird. In any case I did similar research and got multiple bids online and I too got mine for 18,200!!!! That seemed to be as low as they would go. I'm very happy with the deal. I am having the alarm system installed this weekend and am thinking about getting the wheel locks and the privacy panel to hide the contents in the back. In any case, Edmunds was a very useful tool for me. I wish you guys luck and you will love the CRV!!! :o)
  • Just got my Honda CRV EX: it has running light, splash guards, alloy wheel, 6 disc cd, keyless entry, sun roof, etc. Dealer put in the running lights and front splash guards. The rest is standard for EX.

    Price paid:
    21500 (this includes everything, such as all the features mentioned above, it also includes feight of $460, and things like dealer preparation) Additional amount I paid was only the tax, title and license. Also got finance at 4% for 5 years.

    What do you think?
  • Just got my Honda CRV EX: it has running light, splash guards, alloy wheel, 6 disc cd, keyless entry, sun roof, etc. Dealer put in the running lights and front splash guards. The rest is standard for EX.

    The alloy wheels, 6 disc cd, keyless entry, and sunroof are all standard on the US model EX. Not sure what you mean by running lights. The splash guard are a must-have accessory, I've got them on my '99 EX.

    Looks like you got a decent price, too. Enjoy your new CR-V.

  • Have owned bigger SUV's in the past. Currently driving a 2000 Toyota Tundra 4WD and a 1998 Honda Accord EX. The Accord is the 3rd Honda I have owned. Was interested in a AWD (4WD) for the long winters in upstate NY. The Accord is a great family sedan in which I have enjoyed 5 years and 71,000 miles of trouble free driving, but the Accord has trouble getting up my 300' long, slightly sloped driveway even with the slightest coating of snow. Decided to keep the Tundra (great 4WD vehicle) but wanted to add a second 4WD. I will not trade the Accord. I will keep it for my daughter which will be driving soon.
         Checked out the Toyota RAV4 and was immediately turned off by the lack of power and the pricey cost not to mention its 8 inches smaller in overall length compared to the CRV. Test drove a CRV with 8 inches of snow on the road and it drove beautifully and climbed my sloped driveway without hesitation. One MAJOR PROBLEM with the CRV is that the dealers are in the drivers seat with the pricing They know they have a hot seller in huge demand. The dealer I visited had only one to test drive with no inventory. Other dealers also had little or no inventories of the CRV. They have been playing hardball with the price and initially only gave me $600 off of the MSRP. I had two dealers fighting it out for my business.
         The price quote for the 2003 CRV EX 5sp was as follows:
    Note- The price below reflect the total sale price including these accesories:
         Body side cladding
         Front grill and trim kit
         Rear air deflector
         Running boards
         Splash guards/flaps
         Moon roof visor
         Cargo mat/tray
         Hard spare tire cover

         Total sale price including destination charge: $22,900
         After doing some research I believe this is a good price. I tried real hard for a price of $22,500 but they simply refused and wouldn't budge from the $22,900 price.
         Vehicle had to be ordered and expected delivery is April '03. Put a deposit down and locked in the price.
         Any comments? Feel free to post them.

  • Thanks to #80 for the story. I am having an offer from Houston Honda for 18,150.00 for the same model. What was the APR that Honda gave you? And how much are your monthly installments ? THANKS
  • 2002 Nighthawk Black Pearl Honda CRV RT4WD w/ no options 19,800 + 460 w/ 2 free oil changes. Getting the options online.

    The Clownpuncher
  • Hi #86

    I first got pre-approval from a credit union. They gave me 4.25% on a 60 month new car loan from

    When I talked to the Honda financing. They saw I had a really good FICO score. And they matched it with a 4.24% for a 60 month new car loan. Loan ended up with Bank of America.

    Highly recommend getting pre-approved from credit union before shopping for a car. Otherwise the dealer finance department will screw around with you and play games like "You can only get this special finance rate if you buy this undercoating for $1000". Or other sneaky games like this. BUYER BEWARE..

    SO get approval and you have the best preparation.

    Good luck to all!
  • March 7th, 2003 - San Francisco Bay Area
    4 weeks of waiting for the car (stick shift, colour)
    No extras,
    $20,314 - including destination charge
  • neoscrvneoscrv Posts: 5
    2003 CRV EX Automatic trans. The option packages offered by Honda are making the competition look twice. Most options that are standard on the EX model are singled out and manipulated at the haggeling desk at other dealers, i.e. ABS brakes, 4wd, side impact airbags, Fancy wheels, moon roof, etc. Honda has a great marketing tool here and it works. Mine came with side steps, roof rack and mud flaps. (Would've done without had it not been for insisting on a particular color) Total price before taxes...$22300.00. Just try to find a green one. Took me 12 dealers!
  • tellantellan Posts: 6
    Thanks pbuck for the story #71.
    Just picked up silver one from Rosenthal Honda in Tyson's Corner VA couple days ago. $21,600
    +$299 processing+Tax. $22622.22 out of door.
    The best deal from my local dealer was $22,360+
    $149 processing. Saved $650(~$100 for the trip).
    Very nice dealership. Just ask for e-quote.
  • msomahamsomaha Posts: 3
    We just closed our deal tonight here in Omaha, Nebraska. We got the following:

    CR-V EX, 4-wheel drive and 4-speed automatic, Mojave Mist exterior, with all the EX trim standards (6-CD/cassette/am/fm stereo with tweeters; moon roof; front and side airbags, power locks and windows, etc.) plus we got the optional cargo area cover and the optional front splash guards.

    We paid $21,814, and that included the $460 destination charge and labor/installation on the options. MSRP on the sticker was $22,860 and invoice price was $20,692 for base version with no options. The TMV for this vehicle with no options is $21,912. So, we got a pretty good deal, particularly considering we have options on this car.

    BTW, we chose not to trade in our old car (a Mercury), so our price is without trade-in.

    We're headed to one of the Web accessory sites to pick up wheel locks, cargo tray, cargo net and maybe all-season floor mats.

    We purchased our car at Honda Cars of Bellevue in Bellevue, Nebraska. They gave us 4.4% financing for 60 months, which was much lower than all the local bank rates and just a half point higher than the premium rates from the Internet and national lenders, which had all sorts of strings attached to them.

  • I paid $22,149 and got delivery in two weeks at Greenwich Honda in CT. Tax and license were extra. I think I could have done better, but got tired of haggling. The lowest "special" internet pricing I could get from anyone was 22,350. If I had to do it over again I would e-mail my price of $21,700 to all the Honda dealers in the area, with follow-up calls ready to close a deal the last week of the month. Financing was good at 3.5%.
  • nccrvnccrv Posts: 1
    Purchased 03/15 at Crown Honda in North Carolina. 23,100 including taxes, tags and destination fee. Also included installation of options: roof rack, sun roof visor, mud flaps and cargo map. Some what flexible dealer in North Carolina. Color was VERY hard to find...until after I bought it. 1 Week delivery time.
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