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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just made an agreement with a local dealer for $18,100, cash deal. This is the lowest model with no extras, and includes destination fee. Basically, bought it at $200 over invoice.

    Process: sent e-mails to 5 dealers in area, received 2 e-mails back, one offering at 500 over invoice the other stating they'll match any offer. Went to place that said they'd match, but had no cars on lot. Went to place where I bought an Odyssey last year, around 30 minutes before they closed, and told them about the other offer. I said I'll make the deal on the spot for 200 over invoice. Since the manager wanted to go home, they gave it to me. It is on order, 2-3 weeks delivery (but will probably be less than that).
  • melrib6melrib6 Posts: 1
    I am in the middle of playing the deal game and finally am getting some movement on price. I am in upstate NY and dealerships are selling crv's at sticker b/c of the demand and short supply. I finally got one to budge and go 500 below sticker (20,056 for LX 4WD)....I am happy to get that but should I be getting better? Wondering what other paid and if anyone is having getting the "selling at sticker" answer from dealers? thanks.
  • I found dealers here slow to come off MSRP, too.
    What I wanted: 2003 LX AT AWD. MSRP is 20,100, dest. 460, total sticker 20,560.
    Edmunds TMV is 19,797. Sales mgrs were letting me walk out rather than meet my offer of 19,800. Two of three were willing to go at 19,900, 660 below sticker, which is where I settled with color deciding it, late May.

    Melrib6: Try Rochester dealers. One is known for statewide lowest prices. Use him as leverage with your local dealer.
  • hd114hd114 Posts: 3
    capricornus9: I'm dealing with one of those dealers in Rochester at the moment. Could you tell me which one you are referring to from your last post?
  • Think it is John Holdt or something close. I am in Buffalo where the biggest volume dealers and best prices are #1, Lia, and #2 Ray Laks.
  • emalemiemalemi Posts: 2
    I would like some help/advise.

    We've been offered an "out-the door" price of $22,932 on a Honda CR-V EX Automatic including roof rack installed, wheel locks, free Inspection for the life of the car, first three (3) maintenance services free, and free loaner provided for any car service taking three (3) hours or more.

    We are taking a week to think it over, and any advise would be appreciated. Thank you all!
  • theracoontheracoon Posts: 666
    I think capricornus9 meant John Holtz Honda.

    And don't forget about Ontario Honda in Canandaigua, it's where I'd buy if I were looking right now.

    And no, I don't work for them.

  • powiebabypowiebaby Posts: 2
    emalemi taking a week to mull over your offer:

    In MA, I paid $24,295.75 TOTAL FINAL COST, including MA 5% tax, for my 03 EX automatic. It included installed $1300 leather seating. If I take out the leather seating and its portion of the tax, then my total cost is $22930.75. I shopped on-line and thought my deal was pretty damn good up here in Boston. Don't know where you are, or what your sales tax is, but if it's comparable to MA's 5%, then your offer of $22932 for the same car (I got my high demand silver), with roof rack and wheel locks and free lifetime sticker and first 3 maintenance services free sounds like a SUPER deal. I wouldn't wait another minute......
  • goldencrvgoldencrv Posts: 6
    Looked at the Mazda6, Pontiac Vibe, Subaru Forester and CRV during the past three months and read discussions on each car on Edmunds. Finally decided on the CRV EX Auto and collected quotes through The lowest bids were $22,929 and $23,000 for total drive-out price at a tax rate of 6.25%. Counter-offered $22,800 by phone and one of dealers accepted. Signed the sale papers last night and am picking up the golden CRV EX tonight after work. Loved the silver exterior but have to have a light colored interior to get through the summers in Houston :-)
  • hd114hd114 Posts: 3
    Anyone in upstate NY having any luck getting below MSRP? Trying to negotiate with a dealer in Rochester and he won't budge. He's throwing in a cargo cover and thinks we're lucky for getting that. It doesn't help when they have a list of people waiting to buy one.
  • twhantwhan Posts: 45
    I am looking at a 1997 CR-V LX with 70000miles on it asking for $12000. Is this a fair price?
  • deanvdeanv Posts: 4
    I just purchased a new silver 2003 CRV EX with automatic for $21,033.57 including delivery costs at Grand Honda in the Chicago area (Elmhurst). This includes $92.57 in fees. This does not include any taxes or license fees because I am not an Illinois resident. This price is about $800 less than the other quotes I received. Their price for each model is posted on their website.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    A friend of mine had a '98 CRV EX that she leased for 4 years.. The residual at the end of lease.(and this was last December) was $12000. $12K seems a little high for a '97 LX. I would think a price closer to $10K. If you have $12-14K to spend, I'd look for 98-99 EX. If you are happy with the LX, look for '99 or newer, as they have more horsepower. (badly needed if buying an automatic).



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    Great price!! $1800 under sticker. You'll love it..



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • abcde10abcde10 Posts: 2
    Great deal! Deanv.

    Did you get the CRV? they told me it is out of stock and I have to wait for weeks if I want one.
  • hd114hd114 Posts: 3
    How is it possible that your paying $100 less than what the dealer paid for it? Was this car a test-drive vehicle or something? Are you the dealship owner's son?
  • deanvdeanv Posts: 4
    I purchased the car from Grand Honda in Elmhurst yesterday, 6/26/03, and the car is scheduled to arrive at the dealer on 7/1/03. This works out for my schedule because I have to fly into Chicago and pick it up. I put a $1,000 deposit on my credit card to hold the vehicle. Balance due when car is picked up.

    The CRV is fresh from the factory - no demo or anything. And no, I don't have anything to do with the dealership. Anyone can get the same price I did. I just saw their price on the website and gave them a call. I told them that I wanted a 2003 CR-V EX 4WD with automatic and they gave me a delivery date.

    Dealers can sell for less than the published "invoice" price because of "Dealer Holdback". Honda gives the dealer 2% of base MSRP according to:

    For me, the best thing was there was no negotiations involved. The price on their Grand Auto's website is the price I got. And they never tried to sell me any options or extended warranties - neither of which I want.

    I'll update after picking up the silver CR-V EX 4WD with Automatic and let you know how the transaction went.
  • tomfelixtomfelix Posts: 3
    What would a fair price be for keyless entry and tinted windows on a CR-V LX?
  • theracoontheracoon Posts: 666
    What would a fair price be for keyless entry and tinted windows on a CR-V LX?

    You can get the Keyless Entry kit for less than $90 on the internet. It's pretty easy to install.

    I've had estimates to tint the windows in my CR-V that range from $150 to $350. Look for a shop that offers a lifetime guarantee on their work. Remember that each state has different laws about how dark the tint can be.

    Good luck!
  • emalemiemalemi Posts: 2

      Thank you for responding to me. I feel better about the deal now, (and I think your deal sounded good also). I'm in PA so I'm looking at 6% sales tax. We are going to try and sign up for the EX tomorrow. Thanks again!
  • art49art49 Posts: 3
    I just purchased a new green 2003 CRV EX with automatic for $21,100 out the door. Included options: Cargo cover, front mud flaps, full set of service manuals, and a third key with the chip in it. Got TMV on my trade in - so I felt the deal was good.

    Dealer was Bill Page Honda in Falls Church, VA. Had been working with a salesman for about 2 weeks, but the whole deal took place in less than an hour. Brought the trade-in by that morning for them to see it, came back at 4PM and started the process, had an agreed price in 20 minutes. Having the Edmunds printouts clearly helped, but they wanted the sale. In the financing, got a great deal from Honda - 3.6% on a 5 yr note.
  • jcmittelsjcmittels Posts: 1
    Just got home tonight with a new 2003 black CRV -EX Automatic from Grand Honda in Elmhurst for $20,600.00. Adding $250 for roof rack and cargo net, 6.75% tax, title, license, and doc fee, I got the car out the door at $22,456.57. The salesman was great. I called only this morning and obtained the quote and by the time I got in there this evening the car was ready to go! It was a great car buying experience (if there is such a thing) and I highly recommend them to anyone shopping for a Honda in the Chicago area.
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308

    Congratulations on your new CRV EX!

    Sounds like you were able to get a price which is offered by Maryland dealers right here in Virginia!

    Can you please email me at
    I have some questions for you. Thanks.
  • webddwebdd Posts: 2
    What do you think of this deal? (Florida)
    $19,422.00 + DEALER SERVICES $395.00=
    excluding other local tax/fees that vary for everyone.

    I'm not exactly sure what these dealer "services" entail. Edmunds invoice + 460 destination = $19,030. So this puts me $787 over invoice.

    Comes with:
    Tank of Gas; mats; touchup paint; Complimentry First Oil Change w/ Wash and Vac; two year wash/wax/paint sealant program; and our "Alternative Transportation Program".

    I'm I better off waiting on an 04?

    Thanks for any input.
  • webdd, we paid $19460 for our LX back in March. (not including tax.) in the Akron Oh. area. At that time the Edmunds TMV pricing was $19800 something so I thought we got a fairly good deal. The Edmunds TMV for this area has since come down to $19523. Have you checked the TMV for your specific zip code? " $395 for "dealer services " sounds like a bunch of malarkey......good luck.
  • hongxyhongxy Posts: 2
    Just got a red Honda CR-V EX AT from Nally Honda at Union City, Atlanta for MSRP(22,860) + Tax/Tag for $25,000 with 0% APR for 60 months. Dealer also put Mug guard, visor, roof rack, and finish coating for free. Good service, but not sure about if it is a good price. Anyway, a gift for my wife, Happy.
  • hawaiiguyhawaiiguy Posts: 11
    easily worth more than $350 in goodies...
  • 2003 LX 2WD + Base Carrier(roof rack) + 5 Spoke Alloy Wheels

    $19388 + TTL

    That is $100 over invoice for the CR-V + $289 for the Base Carrier(roof rack) + $1076 for the Alloy wheels.

    I bought at Honda Cars of McKinney. They were very high pressure and I do not recommend them.

    I really like the car though.

    Good Luck.
  • I forgot to mention TTL is tax title and license fees. In Texas tax is 6.25% and the title and license fees are little over $200. TTL is set by the state and does not vary by dealership.
  • yengiangyengiang Posts: 6
    I went to Gwinnett Place Honda past Mon and asked for 19,000 (drive out) on this model but they didn't take it. So I left there and got me a 03 Camry LE(4 cyl, auto with no extra option) for 17,400(drive out).

    The sale man just called me today to let me know that the car is ready for me to pick up.
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