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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hurler4hurler4 Posts: 104
    I live near Boston and have been stonewalled by every Honda dealer I have been to re: the CRV. None of them will go lower than about $600 off the MSRP for a CRV EX with 5-speed.

    I hear if people getting these vehicles for around invoice and would buy one in a second if any of these dealers would budge. I'd like to get a black CRV EX with 5-speed for around $20,000 or less--they MSRP for $22,060. Any ideas? These dealers will not give an inch and one dealer actually said it's not even worth their time talking to me if I want a deal on one.

    Thanks for any info!
  • icvciicvci Posts: 1,031

    I could only manage about $800 below MSRP. Depends on the market in Boston.

    For what you're getting, even MSRP is quite reasonable IMO.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,698
    Last year, I bought a 2002 at $1000 under sticker, when most were insisting on sticker. The lowest price I've heard of, even here on Edmunds is $1500 off sticker. I think if you keep looking for that kind of price, it might be a long time before you get a CRV.

    Note to theracoon:
    You can't buy the warranty direct from Honda. is run by a dealer in the Northeast. That said, they do have the best prices on the Hondacare extended warranty.



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  • hunnybhunnyb Posts: 4
    Last Friday I was quoted via the Internet $20,888 (includes destination charge) + Calif. DMV fees + taxes from AutoWest Honda in Fremont. Only other fees I was charged was $45 doc and $5 tire fee in California. Checked out the vehicle Monday night and signed papers, came home with a new silver EX on Tuesday. The process was painless. Now the fun begins...

      Does anyone have any experience with 1SourceAutoWarranty for extended warranty at ? Good or bad? They offer "wear and tear" coverage rather than just "breakdown or failure" of parts.

      Any other extended warranties anyone can recommend, other than dealer or direct from Honda? Being a Honda, it probably doesn't need it but I would like to see my options and costs.

      This is my first post. I've been reading various discussions since last December and brushing up on knowledge of the vehicle before making the actual purchase. Thanks to all who have provided useful info here.
  • hunnybhunnyb Posts: 4
    I found my own answers. I found the discussion on 1Source - doesn't sound good. Any other warranty suggestions and their costs is appreciated.
  • erasmus75erasmus75 Posts: 3
    I am from NY and I got a quote of $18,000 for a LX CRV from Honda Plaza. I hope the deal is still good when I am ready to buy in June. Any better prices out there?
  • rosie22rosie22 Posts: 1
    I priced CRV EX automatics for several months and received several written emails with price quotes at invoice price of $21115! Just email a dealer directly and tell them what you want and how much you are willing to pay. It works as long as you are willing to travel about 200 miles from home. Each city's market in different. Chicago's is one of the most competitive because of its size
  • hurler4hurler4 Posts: 104
    Can anyone tell me of a dealer in the northeast that has quoted a price around or just above invoice for a CRV EX? I was just quoted a price of about $21,300 for a 5-speed and I know I can do better than that. Thanks!
  • cgphil1cgphil1 Posts: 29
    Not sure if that is a good deal in the Boston area for a 5 speed. I believe others have been getting a better deal. Is the destination fee of $460.00 included? Check out the Honda CRV board under SUV. I bought my 03 CRV EX Automatic in Boston in December and got a no haggle Discount Club price of $800.00 over Invoice ($20,692.00 Invoice + $460.00 destination fee = $21,152.00 + $800.00 = $21,952.00) before tax etc. At that time none of the dealers I visited or called were willing to go below MSRP of $22, 400.00 + destination fee of $460.00 = $22,860.00.
    You may be able to get it at closer to invoice now. I am not sure if I am allowed to give the Mass discount club email address or phone # here but it is not one of the supermarket discount stores.

    I'm at the worksheet-offers stage on an '03 LX AT AWD with no options, not inc. tax and DMV. MSRP inc. destination on this should be 20,560. TMV should be 19,797, I'm at 19,800. Given the season (not winter) and the location (northeastern USA), is this figure about right? Am I missing anything? Can people who've done some homework before buying do better than TMV? I've only got three local dealers to work with.

    Thanks for an informative board. I've been reading it avidly.
  • kmayberrykmayberry Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 03 CRV LX 2WD-had been pre-approved for a 5 yr loan @4.39% with an online bank, Honda financing offered 5 yr @ 3.64% which is obviously a savings over the 4.39% 5 yr loan term. However, this 3.64% was only available if I agreed to purchase an extended warranty for $995. I went ahead and accepted the offer for the 3.64/warranty because I plan to keep the car for a long time. Can anybody shed some light on this and tell me if I made the right decision?
  • mbdon2mbdon2 Posts: 1
    I don't like the car buying process, so I was not the ideal patient bargainer, but I was working with two dealers in the Albany area over 1 week with neither willing to go below MSRP. Price was $19911 with Keyless entry. Where I got movement was on trade-in and financing. I got $200 over blue book value for a 2002 Civic with 28500 miles and got final financing of 3.34%, I asked for 36 mos. Honda financing was first offered at 3.74%. To Capircornus9, your deal sounds great.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,698
    If they required you to buy an extended warranty to get lower rate financing, you can be sure that the warranty price was marked up substantially. Its illegal to require credit life or disability insurance to qualify for financing. Its at the very least unethical to require an extended warranty purchase to do the same.



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  • ry2003ry2003 Posts: 1
    EX automatic with Fog light, side step, sunroof visor and wheel lock, 23,228. I know I could save more by purchase accessaries from the web, but just too lazy to do it.

    I am in Wilmington, Delaware
  • k22k22 Posts: 1
    Just purchased a silver CRV EX in North Dakota for $21,725. , not including tax, title or any extras.

    Dealer initially refused to go under $22,000 so I walked out and called other dealers in the state. Called back the same dealer and asked if they wanted to sell for the lowest offer I got on the phone. They initially refused but later called me and sold the CRV I wanted.

    I was able to get my CRV before they were able to jack up the price with sealants, etc.

    Anyone in the Chicago area should look up the web site for Grand Honda. They have some of the lowest prices I have seen: $20,095 for a CRV EX.

    I hope this helps those out there looking for a new car.
  • ml73ml73 Posts: 2
    I just purchased a CR-V LX 2WD automatic for $18,600 incl. destination at Plaza Honda. I had to work pretty hard to get that deal. I had pre-approved financing for 4.5% but they offered 3.6% w/o having to get the extended warranty. They also threw in some accessories, like the cargo net and wheel locks for free.
  • sachitsachit Posts: 3
    the dealer was east honda, columbus OH.
  • evanyngevanyng Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2003 CR-V EX Auto over the Memorial Day long weekend for $21,751 (incl. destination) + Tax and License. Considering the TMV for my area is $22,022 and CarsDirect quoted $22,126, I'm satisfied. I paid an additional $175 for the cargo cover. The dealer also included the Cargo tray, front mud guard, leather steering wheel, wheel locks, and door edge guard at that price. Since it was purchased over the long weekend, I got 2.9% financing. I traded in my '94 VW Passat Wagon for $4400. I'm very happy with the CR-V so far. I'm considering getting a cargo net and the metal look dash trim kit to dress it up. Any opinions?
  • 03 CR-V LX AWD automatic trans inc. destination, not including tax and DMV, $19,900. Western New York. One sales manager let me walk at 19,800 but was willing at 19,900. Second sales mgr grudgingly met the 19,900 with color I wanted. $660 below MSRP. Lessons: 1) Patience. 2) Walk, to determine lowest limit. Sachit, you made a great deal. Here in WNY I suspect dealers are willing to come off MSRP now because of new model year 04 in August.
  • yetiraceryetiracer Posts: 6
    Evan, congrats on your recent purchase. Could you tell me more about where you did your deal. Was MSRP $22,800 or so, also was the financing (2.9%) a dealer thing or through American Honda, and what was the term. What color did you get, I talked to a dealer last weekend, they said that the Brown is the most popular in S.D. for dealer trades, Thanks in advance.
  • irag3irag3 Posts: 1
    Im in the NY area(White Plains)and ready to buy a silver AWD EX CRV automatic. Who has the best price and lowest financing around? Is extended warranty necessary? Thanks
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    I just returned from 4 months in Japan and saw at least 50 new CR-Vs there. I was also in Japan around this time last year and the CR-Vs were different. The most obvious difference is that the bumpers and side body cladding of the new model are painted body color rather than black. What a difference! I don't know if the 2004 US version will get these changes, but IMHO the changes are worth the wait...
  • erasmus75erasmus75 Posts: 3
    Back in late April I visited Honda Plaza in Brooklyn to get a price on CRV LX 2WD. I told the salesperson that I will be ready to buy in June. He gave me a price of $18,000 with destination charge.(My wife is my witness) When June came I was ready to buy. I went back and I received a qoute now of $18,900. He told me the car is in high demand and summer is approaching. I then walked out not too happy. I called up other dealers and was quoted around the same price except for one. Hillsde Honda gave me a quote of $18,300 with des chg. This Saturday I have an appt. I will fill you in.
  • inky4inky4 Posts: 238
    One dealer I have used in the past in North Central OK on their web site is $1400 under sticker on all EX autos every day. That is not bad.
  • erasmus75erasmus75 Posts: 3
    I finally purchased my CRV 2WD for $18,300 with destination charge and they threw in a cargo net. Everything else was extra. I bought it at South Shore Honda in Long Island, NY. They were the only dealer who had this particular car model in stock. After I finalized everything, they take you in another room to convince you to buy extras including the extended warranty. They tried to persuade me by giving me package deals after I refused everything.
  • jbxiejbxie Posts: 1
    I am in the market for a CRV-LX 2WD, anyone knows the best dealer in NC area to get the best deal ?
  • vmerrimanvmerriman Posts: 1
    My boyfriend and I are now proud owners of a new CRV, and got a really good deal after combing this site, talking to a few different dealers, and being prepared. Here's what we paid. . .

    Base price: $20,690
    Destination: $460
    Extended warranty: $1180

    Total: 22,330

    + Mass sales tax, doc fee of $150, and registration.

    The dealer started by offering MSRP. We presented an internet offer from another dealership for 21,360 which included destination. He agreed to match that price but REFUSED to go lower, just trying to wear us out. We played it cool and a couple hours later he asked if we'd consider 21,200. We agreed we'd leave and have dinner to think it over if we could not get him down to 21,100. . . so we got up to go and then he started bringing out the "extras". . . We were interested in the warranty anyway so negotiated that down from $1880 to $1180 and the base price down to 21,150. All financed at 4.2% (also had to do some haggling for that).

    All told we spent 5 hrs. at the dealership but got exactly what we wanted, at a price we're happy with, on a vehicle that's hard to find in this area.
  • chowdchowd Posts: 1
    I have the best price on my 2003 lx 2wd with front mud guards and keyless entry from Curry Honda internet sales. my drive out price is less than 19,000. check the quote from Curry before you buy it if you live in south or like to drive two hours like me. I am just a new CRV owner and have nothing to do with Curry Honda.
  • chicubs23chicubs23 Posts: 2

    Sounds like a good deal...which dealer did you buy from?
  • jcvddjcvdd Posts: 1
    Purchased Honda Cr-V LX from South Honda Motors in Miami with following breakdown-
    Delivered price of unit 17,912.42
    Waste fee 6.50
    Dealer fee 499.00
    taxes 1155.08
    transfer of tag 127.00 TOTAL OUT THE DOOR $ 19700.00

    I hope the information helps-
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