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Nissan Armada



  • corymscoryms Posts: 14
    of pfarmada, he has been the biggest advocate of the Armada on this board. When I read his "defect" post I took it as fact and am willing to wait and see. If it were an unfamiliar name posting about defects in the new vehicle then I would take them with a grain of salt. However, I understand his situation.

    Regardless of the level of detail, I appreciate the heads up and will give my vehicle a more thorough look over when I purchase regardless of whether or not I hear more about these defects.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    None is necessary - no one is under attack. We're just wondering what the problem is.

    tidester, host
  • I have involved Nissan Corporation and am giving them the benefit of the doubt before I go into all the details on posting the nature of the defects.If I don't get any respect for that, then so be it. I realize that people are curious by nature and I'm sure this is frustrating to potential buyers. The words serious, trivial, & frivilous came from your posts not mine. I have no quarrel with you or peterinatl.
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    You can go to Nissan's website to the dealer locater, plug in Fairfax, VA and select 100 mile radius and you'll get 47 dealers within 100 miles. That will include all of northern VA plus PG, Montgomery, Howard, and Baltimore. They also have links to the dealer websites. If you have the time just hit the web and the phones. Also I believe you can recommend dealerships here just not individual sales people. The hosts will correct me if I'm wrong.
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    The problem with the unit and how Nissan handles the problem are two separate issues... The problem has occurred so let us in.. Then you can tell us later how Nissan handled it.. I am currently looking at these vehicles and would love to know if there is a a particular issue I should be looking out for.
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    Wasn't sure if you could mention dealerships here or not.... I would just love to know where someone is selling these $500 over invoice.. I have made offers of $1800 over invoice and the dealerships won't even respond. Depending on what pfarmadas problem is though, I might take another look at the Sequoia... Looked at both again today and I must say the Sequoia is a much classier looking vehicle on the inside.. Just something as simple as the stereo controls on the steering wheel.. They are flush and integrated with the steering wheel on the Sequoia. Whereas on the Armada they look like an afterthought that was glued on to the face of the steering wheel... Can't help but love the other bells and whistles that the Armada has though...
  • corymscoryms Posts: 14
    I'm taking another look at the Sequoia as well after dealing with Nissan salesmen who won't even enter into negotiation.

    I like the exterior of the Sequoia but don't care for the dash styling. The Armada is much more my style all around.

    Considering that this is a new, unknown vehicle, the dealers should be willing to deal. Instead they think this vehicle is going to be hot, which it is clearling not turning out to be.

    A major thing that is killing it is the stupid name. I just realized that the "bug eating" commercial that I've seen a hundred times is for an Armada. Because they say it's a Pathfinder, I never gave attention to it. I wouldn't buy a Pathfinder because I'm in the full size market.

    If I'm able to find a decent deal on an Armada I'll buy but if not, I'll be perfectly happy in the Sequoia or even an Expedition.
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    I looked at both on the same day. The Armada is huge. I didn't mind some of the stuff that others are picky about. The only reservation to buying now (besides paying retail) is the Sequoia is due for a replacement. Maybe 2005, but no one seems to really know for sure. I'd like to see that comparison. I'm sure Nissan will fix a few cosmetic issues for the 2nd model year.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You may mention the name of a dealership but NOT the names of salespeople, email addresses, telephone numbers and other contact information.

    tidester, host
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    Tidester said you can mention the dealership....
  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    this sick Nissan dealer on R22 in NJ wants + US$ 7,500 over MSRP for ANY Armada, this way making the most expensive cars cost OVER US$ 50,000.
  • ronshanronshan Posts: 20
    Pfarmada, what gives? Did Nissan give you a great deal on your new rig in exchange for your vow of silence should problems arise? There are many potential consumers that use this forum as a tool to assist them in making a decision on how to spend their hard earned dollars. To post that you are aware of a problem but will not disclose it until Nissan addresses the issue is, well, rather an ignorant post. Additionally, you are not doing Nissan any favors. I am confident that there is someone on this board that was swaying between a Sequoia and an Armada and needs their ride by this weekend. Toyota thanks you (are you affiliated with a Toyota dealer- - if so, I withdraw my ignorant post comment and replace it with brilliant?). I have concluded, I believe correctly, that you are involved in the performing arts and have made this forum your new stage. This audience member, however, could care less about your premiere (I have a feeling it will bomb when you disclose that your floor mats were installed improperly). If it is a more significant problem, I hope you feel good about the people that make an uninformed decision and buy the "defective" Armada (misery loves company). Best of luck with your issues.
  • You said(and I quote) "this is the worst Quality Control I have ever witnessed".

    I'm sorry, but that post comes across as a serious issue. So serious, that you have taken it above the dealership level and escalated to Nissan Corporate. Now, if this is only a minor problem, why would you say what you did? Are we talking about floor mats or the gear ratio being mismarked like the Durango of a couple of years ago?
  • Why all the fabricated stories people? I went to Nissan Corporation because in my opinion the dealer refused to resolve the problem in a manner that was satisfactory to me. I'm trying to settle with Nissan Corporation and then on to an Attorney. If you are a potential buyer of an Armada all I can recommend is that you look closely at your bodywork including the paint and the inside of your doorframes. You can check your mats for ronshan if you want.Ha!
  • First all thanks to you pfarmada for letting us know about your findings about your Armada. It is premature to judge anything about this reported defect and hopefully we will know about it as Host wisely suggested.

    Talking about reporting to the manufacturer, bringing the matter to the manufacturer does not necessarily mean the seriousness of the issue. Many years ago I called a manufacturer for a rattling noise of my new car when the dealer could not solve it. The manufacturer was known for the high reliability and quality of their vehicles, and I was expecting my vehicle to be up to that standard. When our expectations are high on the vehicles and on the manufacturer, and Armada is not a cheap purchase, we naturally become very keen on our demand.
  • dwgutwirdwgutwir Posts: 102
    Would this NJ dealer on Rte 22 be the one in

    N. Plainfield
    or Springfield?
  • Let us stop criticizing or even sounding like criticizing pfarmada as he (or she) is kind enough to let us know about what happened to his brand-new Pathfinder Armada. Let us be reminded that pfarmada used the word "Quality Control" in his reporting instead of "Safety hazard" or "Mechanical troubles". I feel some readers are over-reacting to pfarmada's comments.
  • Why not just post "I had a problem with...(specific problem)" Instead of saying "there are defects but I won't tell you what they are."?
  • I do not know why, dear Peter.
  • Hey just bought an armada and just thought i would let everyone know that you can buy one below msrp. i paid $1,500 above invoice for mine. bought an le max-daddy loaded. curious about the one guy that says his has a defect...anyone know what it was?
  • not sure why many people on here on compareing the sequoia to the armada. there is not really all that much to compare really, except the price because they cost about the same. other than that, the armada is far bigger, FAR more horsepower and torque and far more towing capacity. i have no problem with the sequoia, in fact it was one of the trucks i looked at. but the sequoia was not even rated to pull more than 6,500 pounds or so (won't pull my 27' boat), not to mention that it is considerably smaller inside. if you're in the market for a small-full-size suv, the sequoia might be the ticket....otherwise you have to go elsewhere.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Congrats on the new truck. We compare it to the Sequoia because that is the only non domestic "full" size SUV.A lot of us are leary about the reliability of the GM/Ford offerings so that leaves us toyota and nissan, So even though the PFA outclasses the Seqouia in many areas. Some feel more comfortable going with an established vehicle with a good reputation.
  • corymscoryms Posts: 14
    Ksloan, I make the comparison because the vechicles are faily close in regards to capacity, seating, etc. The Armada does look "huge" but when it comes to cargo capacity, it is actually smaller than the Sequoia.

    Look at the specs, 97 total cargo for the Armada vs. 128 for the Sequioa. Even the space behind the third row has more room in the Sequoia.

    The thing that sells me on the Armada is not its size but its "bells and whistles" such as NAV, safety, and comfort features. The towing capacity doesn't sway me much as I don't own a boat.

    It is a fair comparison in my opinion.
  • well, yes you have to compare the nissan to the toyota, the sequoia is the only other full size import. But the armada has more head, shoulder, hip, and leg room in all 3 rows. well, except the second row head room...sequoia has a 2/10" advantage.for cargo, you have to tie down the tumbled 2nd row seats to keep them forward. and on top of all that..the armada has tons more power and can tow the sequoia along with the max load that the sequoia towed.
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    Agreed, they are a fair comparison. Not everyone is looking for raw HP and towing capability... I'm not going to be towing anything by 4Runner couldn't handle.. If you are looking for raw towing, get an 2500 Suburban with a Duramax diesel...

    In reality though I think both vehicles are equal on cargo capacity.. Those Edmunds stats are based on removing the 3rd row seats and unbolting the 2nd row seats in the Sequoia, which to me is an unreasonable comparison. So if you take off the lost space by folding the seats forward, it's probably a wash..
  • i don't see that the "only" area that a sequoia has more of, cargo space --- even that is arguable ... makes it in the same category for comparison. i understand that it is the only other "import" which again, aren't they both made in the usa? .... still not quite enough in my book to warrant a comparison. i liked the sequoia, very much actually. i thought it rode and drove quite nicely, but again, in comparing the armada against the sequoia ...there is no match... the sequoia is almost in a class of its own as far as size and capabilities. for what most people buy a full size suv for (room, power, hp, gadgets, etc.), the sequoia just does not match up with the rest of the big boys. i have owned 3 expeditions -- a 98, a 00, and a 01 (which i traded for the armada.) the expy is a good vehicle and i also considered getting a 2004...but the changes they made on it for 2004 were not to my liking at still hampered with the smaller 260 hp engine. i also had a honda pilot which i traded off yesterday for a maxima. seriously, the sequoia is more in the class of a pilot than the armada or expedition.

    overall, if the armada does not have serious design flaws (like a new vehicle can have) then i think a lot of expedition owners will turn to the armada for their suv needs.

    i am curious to there any of you that own an armada, or are most of you considering buying one? i would like to hear from any owners to see what they think about it, and what i can look forward to as an owner
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    as i sell nissans, i am often asked what quality issues the products have had. if you would, please email me with whatever you can tell me. i respect your decision to not divulge the nature of the issue, but you should not have brought it up the way you did. thats like a doctor saying to someone: "it doesnt look good." and walking away.
  • Can you give us any insight into how the armada's are selling? At/below/above expectations? I'm just kind of curious to gauge the demand out there. Thanks.
  • bowke28, I have disclosed the nature of the defect already. I was trying to hold back in hopes that I would get a quick resolution from Nissan and I could be reporting some positive news instead of negative news. I took some heat on this board for doing it that way. I really like the Armada but don't like the defects or the unsatifactory response from the dealer and Nissan Corp. As a matter of fact, I was considering buying my wife an 04 Maxima until this occurred.
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    Just offered a local dealership $1500 over invoice to order one the way I want and they jumped at it....
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