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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    I live in Parkland and after looking at many different dealers in the area,we bought our 6 at Palm Beach Mazda because they gave us the best deal.I brought my car for service to L.Bachrodt and didn't find them to good.I actually bring my car to Delray Mazda for service because they do a fantastic job.Don't just go for convienence,look around at other dealers,because there is a big prices between them as I found out.
  • nw1582nw1582 Posts: 3
    Checked the internet, and test drove a Mazda 6s Wagon. Went to a no-pressure dealer, and was offered a 4k discount, before I even test drove the car. Very upfront with a 1500 rebate, and a 1000 Factory to Dealer incentive. He had the car at "4000" under MSRP before the test drive.

     Got home and checked invoice on a 6s Wagon with 5sp Auto, moon, leather , SAB/SAC, sport package, along with wind deflector and lock nuts.

    MSRP with Destination

    MSRP: 27,740( Auto, Bose, Luxury Grp, Sport, Grp, Moonfoof, auto dim mirror)
  • nw1582nw1582 Posts: 3
    Checked the internet, and test drove a Mazda 6s Wagon. Went to a no-pressure dealer, and was offered a 4k discount, before I even test drove the car. Very upfront with a 1500 rebate, and a 1000 Factory to Dealer incentive. He had the car at "4000" under MSRP before the test drive.

     Got home and checked invoice on a 6s Wagon with 5sp Auto, moon, leather , SAB/SAC, sport package, along with wind deflector and lock nuts.

    MSRP with Destination

    MSRP: 27,740

       (Auto, Bose, Luxury Grp, Sport, Moonroof, Auto dim mirror)

    Invoice: 25,760

    Dealer Price: 24,880 Delivered, and still keep the rebate to net at 23,380 + tax (3%) in NC less trade.

     Dead on with his numbers, generous with the trade on my 2001 Ram Quad Cab, and did I mention the Mazda is just a blast to drive!!!

     Really locked at a hatchback 5 door, but the wagon was too cool. Especially with my r/c boat and 72 inch mast and sails having to fit.

     After checking the Altima and Accord, this thing just beats the **** out of them for style, funtionality, value, and FUN.
  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    Interesting info about the $1K factory to dealer money. I thought something like that might be available because that is the amount I thought the dealer was eating on my deal last week (Pebble Ash 6s sportsedan w/side curtains and Bose). Did your sales rep mention if that incentive was available for all MZ6s, or just the wagon?
  • kijjokijjo Posts: 4
    I went to Cory Fairbanks Mazda when I was looking to buy- soon after the 6 came out( January 2003) and they really p@#$@d me off. I walked out on them and bought from classic mazda the same day. I would never do business with them the way they treated me.
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 2,953
    I bought an '04 wagon recently off the dealer's lot:
    Squall blue pearl
    Aftermarket leather and heated seats
    Bose with CD changer
    Cargo and floor mats
    Safety package
    Traction control
    Cargo cover and dog net

    Price after rebate: $22,000 + tax and title.
    Love it so far! Not as smooth as my '01 Maxima but a huge difference from the 4 cyl. Forester it replaced. Great dog car too!

    Initially I got stuck with the "this price is only good today" and walked out. The General Manager called the next day and apologized, and I got the car for that price a week later. I told them I wanted NO snow jobs from the finance guy as to extended warranty, paint protection, etc., and they stuck to it. So after a bad beginning it actually turned out to be pretty painless. Just hope it turns out to be as reliable as it is fun. I know I'll miss the AWD of the Subaru but not its repair bills.
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  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    Fairbanks is a high-pressure store. Not the kind of place you want to walk into without knowing exactly what you want and how much it costs. I was there about the same time as you in '03 shortly after the MZ6 came out, and it was a zoo.

    I worked with a nice salesman at Classic South around Memorial Day, told him what I wanted, but he never made a move to locate a car. I found this car on the web and did the negotiating over the phone. Had my credit union loan locked up when I walked in. Things went about as smooth as possible. There were a couple of moments where I sensed they were going to try something, but I was adamant that our original deal be honored and they obliged. I think they need sales too badly, after the hurricanes, to play games.

    They delivered what they promised, and I didn't get the mop and glo pitch from the F&I guy.
  • I'm looking into purchasing the Mazda 6s soon, but don't want to hassle with dealers who are unprofessional or too pushy. I live in Jersey City and want to know if anyone out there can suggest any dealers in the area who they've done business with before.
    -Much appreciated!
  • These are the options I'm looking for in the 2004 '6:

    Luxury Package
    5-Speed Sport AT
    Sport Package w/ Rear Spoiler
    Power Moonroof
    Bose Audio Package
    Side Air Bags and Side Curtain Airbags
    Sport Grille
    ULEV Emissions Equipment
    All-Weather Floor Mats

    -Just wanted to know if anyone had an idea about what's the max I should pay with these options. The TMV is $24,341.
  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    I'm sorry I can't recommend a dealer from your area as I live in Florida.

    As far as price, if you are buying the 6s sedan, the sticker with the options you have listed is somewhere in the $27,500 range.

    The TMV is high. It generally takes a few weeks for all transactions to be factored into the TMV. This late in the 04 model year, with the 05s arriving, you can and should do better on the 04 model.

    Including the $1,500 rebate, you should expect a dealer to subtract anywhere from $4,500 to $5,000 off the sticker. Of course, you then add back in local taxes and fees. Remember that Mazda also offers a $500 recent college graduate rebate.

    My advice is to make an out the door offer, inclusive of all taxes and fees, to several dealers in your area. I think one of them will bite if they have the car in stock.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks for the advice and info. It's been pretty nerve racking making my first car purchase. I just don't want to go in blind. I'll post my experience afterwards.
  • Found a used 2004 Mazda 6 Wagon, blue with 8000 miles. According to dealer they bought at auction. Car is in great shape, except the inside of back hatch is scratch and marked, and the cargo cover is slightly creased. Options include luxury package, sport package, Bose audio, rear spoiler, side airbags, cargo net. MSRP, new is 27,500.

    Dealer is asking 22,295. Considering that I could buy this same car new at or near invoice with rebates for approximately 23,500, what should I offer? The car has depreciated for almost a year and has those dings on the back door. I think this car "out the door" is closer to 18,750-19,500. Also the car has been sitting in the lot for at least a month.

    Could anyone suggest an offer? Thanks for the help
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 2,953
    the price is definitely too high. That's more than what I paid 2 weeks for a 2004 wagon with 30 miles on it (and I put 15 of them on it myself test driving it). On the other hand, the '05's aren't out yet, and around here dealers are still asking full price on new '04s (but knocking at least $4000 off the sticker price when you negotiate). But that being said, why would buyers pay full price for one with 8000 k when they can still get them new for less miles? I wouldn't pay more than $20,000 for sure. Your offer of $19,500 seems fair. I can't imagine another buyer snapping it up for more than that. By the weekend (end of the month) your dealer might be more reasonable.
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  • Just purchased a 2004 6s V6 5 Door with 5 spd sport AT, Luxury pkg, Moonroof/deflector, side bags/curtains, Bose, All-weather mats + cargo mat- MSRP $28230. paid $22,999. incl rebate from Quirk in Quincy, MA Nice deal, nice car, good salesman. They have lots of inventory; most other dealers had few '04s and were waiting for '05s to dribble in. Looked at a lot of other cars for much more money (Acura, Infiniti, Lexus, Nissan) but the Mazda has them beat hands down in terms of value/bang for the buck. Zoom, Zoom!
  • I am not sure where you are from but I am in the process of negotiating for a mazda6 myself (but I am hung out to dry on the trade in of my current car), but I think I have been pretty successful in the negotiations and here is what I have been able to accomplish:

    -Any of the cars at invoice before rebate. The rebate is $2,250 to the seller. In addition, the dealer is getting a $750 kickback from Mazda, which Edmunds ins't showing. I have had several dealers say they can match that price. Therefore, take the invoice price and subtract $3K....I think you could accomplish that value if you play your cards right. I have always had the best luck by going through the internet fleet manager via e-mail.

    If you are a new college grad, tack another $500 onto that. One thing I have had them try to confuse me with is the difference between them and the manufacturer. They are different, so the incentives to the Manuf. don't cut into their profit margin at all.

    Also, new incentives come out on Nov. 1 - which are likely to increase.
  • What is your source for the 2% holdback on the car? I am in the process of negotiating for a mazda6, and everything I can get will help me out.
  • Sorry I dind't get back sooner. I didn't notice your message....have you bought the car by chance? If not, just note that you have seen deals that are $3,000 under invoice after rebate and you will keep looking if necessary. The best tactic is to walk out I have found. Every time, I have done that, they have called back with a better deal. If they don't call within a couple of days - then it is probably because they are at their bottom or, the buyer is too low, and don't think they will come up at all. I have had that happen to me as well.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    What is this $750 your talking about...We dont have that here in Connecticut.
  • It may be a regional thing, but it definitely isn't something the dealers advertise. This is something I stumbled on when I was soliciting to different dealers and one of them said that they got $750 back from Mazda.

    In my conversation with him, I inquired about the rebates on October 1 changing. At that time he said they went up for the consumer, and down for the dealer.

    He told me that it was $2250 for the consumer, and $750 to the dealer - he was the only one to tell me about that. When other dealers came to me to solicit my business I said I had a pretty good deal through this one dealer and noted the $750 to the dealer he was passing on to me.

    I am in Texas, so it may be different here than there, but if you push on it you may find out that they have that sort of rebate. Maybe give the guy some song and dance about going to another state that has this incentive - it may get them to loosen the wallet a little and provide you more information.
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 2,953
    You may be referring to the amount Mazda gives the dealer if the buyer enthusiastically gives them a thumbs up when they get surveyed after buying the car. In that case, it's contingent on the buyer liking the buying experience and isn't automatic.
      $3000 under invoice seems terrific but maybe not all areas of the country can do so well. It probably depends on how many '04s are left on the lot and how badly the dealer wants to get rid of them. I would say try for it, but if you wind up anywhere around $1500 - $2000 under invoice you'll probably be pretty satisfied. Keep in mind the '05s will probably be higher and there will be less incentive for the dealer to bargain on them. This is a great time of year to buy a car.
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  • I agree with your statement. However, I think that $2000 under invoice should be automatic because the standard rebate is $2,250, and the TMV is only a couple of hundred over invoice.

    The 05's are coming on the lot - definitely - hopefully it will help incentivise the dealers to liquidate the 04's. Especially if their lot is full of cars and they don't have anywhere to put the 05's.

    Right now is a tricky time of year to be buying an 04 because the longer you wait, the higher the incentive, but at the same time the selection dwindles - so you may end up with something that isn't exactly what you want if you wait too long.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Escort says..."I think that $2000 under invoice should be automatic because the standard rebate is $2,250"

    The current consumer rebate is $1500 not $2250.

    Remember....not all incentives cover the entire country and this "secret" rebate your talking about may have qualifiers. So when your throwing around numbers of what somebody should or shouldn't pay take into consideration you may be basing your numbers on incentives that may false or phoney in regions other than yours....
  • You could be right there. I guess it is pretty amazing to think that in Texas I can get a $2250 rebate to consumer, plus a $750 rebate from the dealer, and other areas you can only get $1500. When I spoke to the dealer before he said that the incentive increased from $1500 to $2250, but the incentive to the dealer went down so it was a wash.

    I would imagine that you may be able to get more than the $1500 even in areas where they were only offering $1500. what you want, all I know is that if I buy one it will likely be for $3,500 below invoice. (including my college grad rebate)

    Shoot, the fact that the incentive difference could be $1500 - that boarders on arbatrage possibilities.
  • rlgrlg Posts: 12
    I picked up a 6 wagon last Fri for $19000 with favorable lease terms. List on the car is over $22k. I was satisfied with this as there are precious few 5 speeds left. I was quoted $325 on a M3S & $260 on a Scion TC (3 yr lease, no money down except for the usual). The 6 wagon was $255 with a $10k buyout after 3 yrs. More car than the M3 & either are alot more car than the Scion. Handling is not as crisp as my Protege5 but I suppose thats to be expected in a larger car.
  • that does sound like a good deal. I got into a VW Jetta last year for 272/ month for 4 years and my buyout is 10700...and I thought that was a good deal...but what you got seems to be definitely great.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Until Monday the best incentives for the MZ6 can be found with the Lease and AVP programs (AVP stand for Assured value purchase) which is a fancy term for a balloon purchase. In the northeast we have $3000 avp cash and $2000 lease cash with some very aggressive rates/residuals. With 48 months. Most MZ6's can be had with a 48 month AVP for the low to mid $200's with little or no down.
  • Sticker was $26,405 and I paid $20,500 out the door for it. 2004 Mazda 6 s 5spd, luxury package, moonroof, sports package w/spoiler, mirror with compass, bose, floormats, sport grille and wheel locks. I'm pretty happy with getting the car at that price.
  • I am about to head down to get one of these things - tomorrow perhaps, depending on my trade in. I am curious to know how you got that deal, and where you are from. What incentives did they offer? Right now, I am looking at $3,750 off invoice price if I finance through MAC, plus $500 for college grad, but I am not sure that will bring the price down that low. That sounds like a great deal to me....did they mention any dealer cash or anything like that?
  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    Was that a demo or did you have a trade in? How many miles were on the car when you got it? That price seems very low.
  • The car was brand new. It had 35 miles on it. I basically built the car on Edmunds, and made them an offer and they took it. I did not have any trade in. $20,500 was what I paid including everything but taxes and title and after rebates.
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