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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    I can appreciate that you might save a couple of thousand by buying used, but if you can find a comparably equipped new wagon with the $4,000 rebate, why not go that route?

    By buying brand new you eliminate your concerns about prior care. You might also get better financing on a brand new car.
  • I purchased a 04 6 sedan with sport package 6 cyl and sport grill for $18,500 in Calif. That was invoice minus the rebate. Your dealer should be able to do that. Good luck
  • leo80leo80 Posts: 4
    Just drove home my new Mazda6 S Sport Sedan V6 MT w/ Leather, Moonroof and Bose Audio Package. Paid $23,500 OTD (includes $500 college discount and it looks like dealership is getting $1500 rebate from Mazda). I'm pretty happy with the price I paid and this is a FUN car to drive. It's got all the features you can ask for and more in a car of this price.
  • wtlwtl Posts: 11
    I got my m6 wgn with atx, bose, sab, moonroof otd $21K at the end of Oct. So far so good, no problem. I had the suby legacy before. I have to said that m6 handle much better than legacy.

    I am thinking about getting the first oid change done soon (1300mile). The only problem that I have is the EPA, it's keeping 20~21 consistantly. Compare with the suby of 25+ that I was getting with the same route and way of dirving, it sucks. But well, gain some and loose some. Besides it's V6 vs. F4. Happy driving to all.
  • Do not change the oil before the recommended break in period. The oil is made specifically to aid in the breaking in of the motor and is different than regular oil. You may even void your warranty. The mileage will improve as the motor breaks in and friction is reduced. Good luck,I love my new 6.
  • I have been offered a price of $20,800 on a 2004 Mazda6 s Wagon Automatic with Sport Package, Luxury Package, Bose Audio, Side & side curtain airbags and Power Moonroof. Its silver color with black interior with less than 50 miles (after my test drive). I think its a great deal, will probably sign the papers and pick the car tomorrow.
  • how do you know the dealership is getting a $1500 rebate from Mazda?
  • I am looking at an 04 6S that was a dealer demo and has 3,500 miles on it. It is a base S with the only option being an automatic transmission.

    Dealer is quoting best price at $18,200, which seems like an okay price if the car had no mileage. (TMV less $3,000 rebate is $18,430).

    I'm thinking there needs to be another $700 to $1,000 taken off for the mileage, so a range of $17,200 to $17,500. Am I being too agressive?
    This is a cash deal with no trade. Any comments??
  • I would say what he is asking is too much. Whether you can get less for the car, I am not sure - however, here is what my thoughts are.

    I am not sure where you are from, but I am in Houston TX, and down here I could get one with hardly any miles on it for invoice, plus any any rebates.

    A car with 3,500 miles on it is essentially a used car - I think it should be treated as though it is a certified used vehicle. Considering that, I would tell him to look at the depreciation of the car.

    IF you look at the Edmunds depreciation values, you will see that it is roughly $7,500 for depreciation in the first year.

    I am pretty aggressive on the pricing, but you may want to take the tone of it being similar to a certified used car, and therefore it isn't worth nearly the invoice price. I am too aggressive at times, but I personally would look at it from the standpoint of - I could get a new car for $18,200 - so how much less is one with 3,500 miles on it already.

    for me, I would say 3,500 miles is roughly 30% of a year, therefore, if you think of 30% of the first year in depreciation value of $7,500. this way you are looking at about $2,250 off the price you could get a new one for - thus, I would say $16,000 is a good price for the car.

    I think what I have just displayed is sound logic and the only thing the dealer could argue there is if he thinks he can get more for the car from someone else.

    But I think I would start the negotiations slightly below that,and have that as a target, but be willing to go up on it a bit depending on how much you wanted it.

    One thing I would do during the negotiations is ask him - how much he thinks he could get for it at auction becuase that's where it may end up if he doesn't unload the car.

    Those are my thoughts - it is backed up by logic; however, some may have a different viewpoint. I would also note to them that some of the value of this car to them has already been put into the 10's of other deals that this car has gotten for them, so they have already made money off of this car.

    But - car dealers usually think pretty linearly, so that will likely just go over their head because they don't see the dollar signs on the paper in front of them.
  • Thanks escort. I am in Cleveland, Ohio area. Offered the dealer $17,000 and he would not budge off his $18,200. He didn't even counteroffer, he said we were way too far apart. I said thanks and walked out. I did this on the last day of November, so I thought they would be more eager to make their monthly number. I thought my offer was reasonable, if not generous. I'll keep shopping.....
  • rishipriship Posts: 65
    I think that you should be able to pay invoice minus rebates on a new car. I bought a couple of weeks ago and paid about 400 under invoice minus 4250 in rebates. Of course I was eligible for college rebate and $1000 gulf region financing rebate which you wont get in ohio. Houston is also probably more competitive. But I think invoice is doable.

    FYI, I also looked at purchasing in Indiana. Kennedy Mazda in Valporaiso offered to sell me a 6S with only auto for just under 18K. MSRP was 22,765. Also note that there were two price increases over the year. So that can effect the price by as much as 500. With only auto MSRP could be 22,765 or 22,945 or 23,245 for the exact same car depending on the build date.

    A search of showed a car pretty close to your desire at cascade mazda. 23,345 is MSRP. Steel gray S with power seat and auto. If they give invoice that is a pretty good deal.
  • rishipriship Posts: 65
    2004 6s with power seat and auto
    MSRP was 23,065.

    Subtract 2150 dealer discount, 2750 Texas rebate 1000 MAC financing rebate, 500 college grad rebate. 6400 total discount.

    Total paid was 16,665. Out the door was about 17,900. Bought at Jeff Haas Mazda in Houston.
  • Picked up a new 2004 Mazda6 Automatic sport Wagon yesterday for $22445 OTD. Had 45 miles on it. Options include Luxury Package, SportPackage, Bose Audio, Power Moonroof, Side and Side curtain airbags,
    Exterior color is silver with black interior.
    Price of the vehicle $20,740 (incl. destination charge)
    Doc fees: $50
    Smooth transaction and no pressure to buy any extras!! Did not buy extended warranty. Wonderful salesperson. Financed thru my credit union for 2.99% APR, dealer could not beat the price, the lowest they could get was 3.48%
    So total rebate amount was around $7,000 off MSRP. Got couple of free oil changes and few service discount coupons
  • riship,

    Thanks for the info. The car I looking to purchase had a MSRP of $22,945, dealer invoice was $21,430 and dealer quoted me $18,200. (invoice less $3,000 rebate and another $230)

    I would have bought if the car was new, but the car was a demo and had 3,500 miles on it and I thought that it needed to be discounted more with that kind of mileage.
  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    You did the right thing by walking away. The dealer's price really doesn't seem reasonable for a car that should definitely be considered used. I'd be afraid a demo like that may have taken too much of a beating during it's break-in period too. I'm surprised that they wouldn't negotiate, considering the prices other people on the board are reporting for NEW cars. Good luck.
  • You did the right thing. The car should have been considered used with that many miles on it. You should have asked how much the dealership would have offered you as a trade. I'm sure their NADA value would have been well under the price they were quoting.
  • Anyone buy a 2005 yet? What kind of pricing are you getting?
  • If I were you, I would steer WELL clear of any dealer demo cars. From my experience, and the experience of others in my family, the dealers treat those cars like utter crap. Where most consumers purchasing a new car will usually take care to properly break in the car, the dealers tend to try to push the car to the limit before it is ready. This is somewhat damaging on the engine and other parts, so I would consider a dealer demo to be much worse than a consumer used car with the same mileage. YMMV.
  • leo80leo80 Posts: 4
    i got quotes from a bunch of dealers ... and a few of them mentioned the 1500 rebate on 05 mazda6 in their negotiations. for 04 the rebate is 3000.
  • savezsavez Posts: 2
    I am about to buy a 2004 Mazda6 Sports Wagon Manual-- with leather, but no 6 CD changer, moonroof, bose, etc.. My dealer is asking $18,880 (this is after the $4,000 rbate, but I think I may be paying too much -- Edmunds lists this same car for $18415 and WITH 6 CD changer, $18,826. I like this dealer a LOT Mazda in Cary, NC-- he is teling me I am paying $750 over invoice. Advice? Thanks Time is of the essence!
  • savezsavez Posts: 2
    I am negotiating for the above-- very nice dealer (Cary, NC) is iffering me a price of $18,880 (w/out all the taxes, etc) for this car with leather interior, etc.. but NO 6 CD changer--he tells me I am paying $750 over invoice. Edmunds listed this same car as going for $18,425; with 6cd in dash: $18,826... Any wiggle room you know of? I need to make a decision quickly-- thanks!!!
  • Savez:

    Try to find the exact invoice price of the car thru edmunds with all the installed options. There is a rebate upto $4000 on this car. So try get it for a price less than or equal to invoice - $4K.


    I got my wagon few weeks back for $4.5K less than invoice, refer to my posting #881.


    Good Luck!
  • I bought my 6s sedan from this same dealer last spring. I was using S-plan, so I did not negotiate the price. I think you should be able to find the exact invoice price and pay that (or maybe $250 over, but not $750 over) then subtract the reabte. They have a very high doc fee (~$375) as well, so I would try to just pay invoice. They'll get their money from the sale...
  • Hello,


    I am negotiating a deal right now for $500 off invoice. This car is a manual, bose, side airbags, roof rack, moonroof and the homelink with compass. Total price after the $4000 rebate in california will be $19750 plus tax/liscense.


    I test drove a Saab, Subaru, and an Audi. For the money, the Mazda is far better..


    For someone who does not care about the leather package, they are advertising a total cost of $16799 for an automatic. That's a good deal.


    My thinking regarding that person and the dealer demo, way overpriced when you can get a new one with 50 miles for less money!!


    Happy hunting,


  • Savez,


    Sounds like a good, if not great, price to me. Please keep us informed about your purchase and dealer experience. I'm 5 mi. away & interested in a 6s.

    I looked at used MPV's last yr. & ended up in Raleigh buying new. Good price & good dealer. Cary turned me off with their price negotiations, but that was then.


    Maybe I'll see you there before the end of the month.


    Dr. S.
  • Hello,


    I'm interested in a 2003 M6i 4-door sedan from an Internet Auto Dealer in Reno, NV. The car is silver, automatic, ABS, basic power options. The mileage is 18,000. The dealer says retail is about $18500 and they bought it wholesale for $15,700. I'm thinking this is pretty steep for a 2003 model with 18,000 miles. I was thinking about offering $13,500 to start. Is this too low for a car like this, and if so, what should I think about spending for an M6i with these specs.


  • to me - that seems way too high. If they paid $15,700 for it wholesale - they will probably lose money on the car.


    looking at the invoice price of the car at about $17,500, with about $3000 in rebates - FOR A NEW ONE - I would say that you shouldn't pay over the $13,000 you are initially going to offer. I am sure you could get a new one for about $14,500.
  • Similar equipped 6i are listed for sale here in California for a no haggle price of 12,900 They are rental return from Hertz with about 22k miles. I think your price is more than fair.
  • 2005 Mazda MAZDA6

    s Grand Touring 4dr Sport Wagon at 100 below invoice.


    Casey Mazda in Newport News, VA.


    Dealt with old Sales Manager who is now GM.


    This was before rebates of 2,000.

    Armed with Edmunds invoice price, he took out invoice, and beat it by $ 100.


    Awesome deal, awesome dealership.


    Tell him I sent you from Virginia Beach!


    Great Car. Was in and out of Dealership within 1 Hour.


    Best dealership experience in my life, and this car handles like my neighbors BMW
  • I'm not sure where you're located, but a dealership (used) in Duncansville, PA has about 6 Mazda 6i sedans listed for under 15k, i think the one with the most mileage is 21,000 mi. It's called blue knob auto, my parents bought their lates crown vic there.
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