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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • delguydelguy Posts: 43
    Are you talking v8? 4WD? xreas? Funky air shock things? You might be able to get something with one, but not all. Give me more info and I might be able to help.

    I've been looking for an 03 limited as well so I know a little. Of course I still don't have mine, so that should give you an idea of how much salt to apply to my post.

    As for TTL, that totally depends on your state. The out of state places I've called say that I have to pay between $15 and $110 there and then I register at home. Jump on the TN DMV site and see.
  • lee86lee86 Posts: 2
    Well, I couldn't wait. I finalized a deal tonight and I'm scheduled to pick it up tommorrow. I settled on a fully loaded limited with everything. (4x4, x-reas, airbags, soundsystem, moonroof, etc.) for $36,262.00 excl. TTL. By the looks of the other posts , this is a decent deal. I haven't accepted the vehicle as of yet so I can still back out but I think I'll stick with it unless I get a better office during business hours tommorrow.
  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    So how much off MSRP (or over invoice) was your deal?
  • delguydelguy Posts: 43
    Is that the v8? I'm also curious what the sticker was. Congrats. I can't wait till I get mine.
  • rokinkrokink Posts: 25
    for a V8 Limited, 2WD, side curtain airbags, air suspension, NAV, DRLs, moonroof, mats, and the Southeast add on garbage. That is $1000 over invoice.
  • delguydelguy Posts: 43
    Well, I finally got mine.

    v6 limited, xreas, JBL changer, side air, + other minor goodies. Sticker 39.5. Paid: 34.8. Koons (Tyson's)in DC. I had to drive 120 miles each way, but I got the truck I wanted for the price I wanted. Heck this gave them a 3% profit from consumer report's wholesale price even counting $400 dealer cash. Put another way, that's $150 less than Edmund's invoice. On top of that I was able to do the 3.9% for 60 months. Suffice it to say, I'm pretty jazzed w/ my deal. I didn't even have to be a jerk though I did have to stand up for a couple of things and point out one mistake (I believe it was honest) in their numbers.

    In general the experience was good and I would recommend them.
  • pumpixpumpix Posts: 1
    Dear ALL,

    I am still negotiating with the dealer for a 4Runner Sports Edition with the following options:

    1. Leather Seats
    2. Sunroof
    3. Running Board
    4. Spolier
    5. Double Decker Cargo Sys
    6. 5 pc Carpet mat

    The final price for the call is $28,769+TTL. Please let me know if it is a good deal or not.

    Thanks a ZILLION!
  • eandyleeeandylee Posts: 28
    The invoice prices of Toyota on edmunds doe not include the TDA of $675(Toyota Dealer Advertising fee) that the Toyota Dealers charge you.

    So when a Toyota dealer claims Invoice+X you have to add $675 to the invoice price you see on edmunds.

    Toyota is the only manufacturer does that.

    All other manufacturere's invoice price exactly matched between the invoice price on edmunds and the dealers tell you.
  • vodgutvodgut Posts: 162
    Doesn't TDA vary by location? I'm not sure it's $675 everywhere.

    But yes, it is unfortunately not listed in any of the online invoice prices I've seen.
  • eandyleeeandylee Posts: 28
    yes, you are right. It varies by location. $675 in Virginia. Anyway, BE AWARE OF IT.
  • All options except xreas and NAV 34,180.97 plus tax,title & license. Search the net within 75 miles of home...found the exact truck I wanted.
  • slitorslitor Posts: 29
    I just got my 03 4runner V8 Sports Edition with the following

    10 spk stereo
    running boards
    garage door opener

    For an out the door price of $31,400

    What do you guys think, is that a good deal?
  • jaredmsdjaredmsd Posts: 127
    Just picked up my 4runner which I had to special build order from Japan. I did a build order because I'm in California and was basically told it was impossible to get a 4WD sport w/o moonroof/spoiler/etc/etc and I didn't want to pay for all that crap that I didn't need on my offroading vehicle.

    It took 3 months, but I'm extremely happy.
    I got a '03 4WD V-6 @ $500 over invoice (build orders don't get any cheaper than that)
    I walked out the door $28,991 and absolutely NO OPTIONS (not even the $120 carpet mats, because I ordered aftermarked rubber ones that are far superior).

    For a truck w/ no options, it is pretty much loaded (the sport at least), I can't think of anything I would want added!

  • Did anyone get this and what did you pay? I found out after the fact that the truck didn't have its own alarm system and they tried to sell this package...
  • slitorslitor Posts: 29
    I got the alarm, but didn't pay the $499 the dealer was asking. It was included in my out the door price.
  • oneptbukoneptbuk Posts: 4
    What region are you buying in? I live in Seattle and NO dealers are able to get their hands on a Sport V6 or V8 with the 10 spkr audio system, (or the electrochromatic mirror).

    Just FYI, but I could only get the dealer down to $32,350 for V6 sport:

    running boards
    cargo mat
    leather seats (aftermarket)
    dbl decker cargo

    plus the dealer VIP package...

  • slitorslitor Posts: 29
    I live in the Los Angeles region, got the 4runner from a local dealer. You'd be surprise how much under invoice they will go when you mention that another dealer gave you an under invoice price.

    Pit the dealers against each other, and have them give you an out the door price. Drives them crazy but gets you a better deal.
  • rawilliarawillia Posts: 4
    Purchased a 2003 4Runner Limited V6 4WD this past Saturday. Options included JBL radio with 6 CD changer in dash, curtain & side airbags, X-REAS suspension, Daytime Running Lights, Power moonroof, carpet/trunk mats, and cigarette lighter/ashtray combo. Price was $34,700 plus dealer fee($299).

    I highly recommend Palmer's Airport Toyota of Mobile,AL and their internet department. I have been checking the port inventories for the Gulf States and Southeast Districts for a while trying to find a V6 LTD in Dorado Gold with moonroof and X-REAS. I finally found two on 04/18 and asked for bids from 2 Mobile and one Pensacola dealers. Palmer's Toyota and the Pensacola dealer responded, I still haven't heard from the other Mobile dealer. Palmer's Toyota beat the Pensacola dealer's price by $1000. Contacted Palmer's Toyota by phone on Saturday 04/19 and put a credit card down payment on the car so that he could mark it as sold and get it sent to Mobile. It was delivered on 04/24 but we couldn't pick it up until the 26th. The price that Palmer's Toyota gave me was for one of the 2 Gold Limiteds but the one that was actually delivered had more options (curtain/side airbags,daytime running lights,ashtray) and I still paid the same price.

    This was one of the best car buying experiences I have ever had, there was no push to get the add on insurances such as GAP or extended warranty.

    If you live in the southeast part of the country I suggest that you check with them on prices
  • jules21jules21 Posts: 1
    Purchased a V6 Limited 2WD in North Carolina
    Out the door price: $ 33,800
    ($ 500.00 Below dealer invoice)

    Options included:
    1. Power Moonroof
    2. JBL radio w/ 6 CD changer in dash
    3. Rear spoiler
    4. Carpet/trunk mats
    5. Cargo vinyl mats & cargo liner for rear

    Very happy with this car. It is fast and Fun to drive! And it stops on a dime. The silver titanium color has a beautiful finish. This is a cool car!
  • I found 4Runner Sport Edition, 4WD, V8, sunroof, side curtain air bags, NAVIGATION!!!!, cloth.
    MSRP $37,000. How much should I offer (they have incentive $750 for sport model
  • slitorslitor Posts: 29
    I wouldn't offer more than $33000 out the door. Make sure you play hardball with the dealer. My out the door price last week was $31400 but I have a 2wd.

    Ask for the out the door price and negotiate from there.
  • smg1062smg1062 Posts: 54
    I'm doing some homework for a new 4Runner in NYC. I want the Limited Edition, FULLY LOADED. Can anyone tell me what to expect when going price hunting at the dealers? There are 2 Toyota dealers within 10-15 miles of my house. I dont want to haggle all day with salesmen; I want to go there armed with pricing details and tell THEM what I want to pay and make the deal, or walk. Any feedback would be GREAT!!

  • smg1062smg1062 Posts: 54
    Looking to buy a new 4Runner by year's end. The V6 has more horses; the V8 is better from a standstill and up hills, with less Horses. Fuel mileage difference looks minimal, or is it??? Anyone out there that can tell me the best way to go? First assumption would be that the 5 speed V8 is the better choice over the 4 speed V6............

  • Hi, all--

    First off, I LOOOOOOOOVE my new 4Runner. The second day we had her, we let her gently stretch her legs on a drive from Orlando to Daytona Beach, with typical torrential Central Florida rain pelting us along most of the length of the I-4. I felt safe, could see everything in front of me, and thanks to the NAV, we found the Daytona Beach Ocean center with no stress whatsoever.

    Now, here's what I have and what I paid for it (worth every penny, IMHO):

    4Runner Limited 4x4 V6 in Titanium
    JBL 3 in 1 system with NAV
    7/100 extended warranty (my brother the mechanic said I probably wouldn't need it, but I know should anything go wrong, 4x4 repairs can get pricey)
    Total: $39,800

    Before the warranty and TTL, the price was about $100 below invoice. Not too bad, right?

    Hope you guys are having as much fun in your 'Runners as I am in mine!

  • joanvbjoanvb Posts: 8
    On May 1, I bought the 4Runner that I special ordered at the end of January. Drove it 200 miles yesterday. So far, it's everything I hoped for. Love it. (Last car was a '90 4Runner, had since new. Wanted something a little bigger...this is perfect.) Worth the wait.
    Purchased in southern California:
    '03 Limited 4Runner, 4x4, V8, (Titanium w/stone)
    NF Rear Air Suspension with XREAS
    GY GY Curtain and Side Airbags
    SR Moonroof
    NV JBL with Navigation
    RF Rear Spoiler
    C7 Floor mats package
    Paid $38,012 excluding tax and license
  • slitorslitor Posts: 29
    Just a warning to anybody that is offered this product. According to my friend that works for the accounting department at a Toyota Dealer. He tells me that the dealer ussually offers ToyoGuard for $600, the actual cost is $72. I did the whole thing myself for even less. So stay away from TOYOGUARD.
  • blakthndrblakthndr Posts: 1
    Just wondering what people think the new white 4runner limited v8 4WD with JBL 6 disc is worth. Dealers are saying that this vehicle is rare, but it is not rare they just came out a month ago. Anyway just wondering what you all thought.
  • amy88amy88 Posts: 1
    We just bought a titanium w/stone 2003 4Runner Sport 2WD V6 with moon roof, black running boards, double decker cargo system, rear spoiler, day time running light, and floor mat for $26,700, plus TT&L and misc. fees (including $50 documentation fee), which was about $900 under Edmunds' invoice. The dealer invoice included TDA and other fees thus it was higher than Edmunds'. The $1000 Toyota costomer cashback was included in the price.

    We originally wanted a 4WD, however, we found out there were few 4WD's in the dealer's lot and all of them had price tags beefed up with expensive options. It seems majority of 4Runners sold in Texas are 2WD's. So we decided to go with 2WD in the end.

    We used Costco Auto program and it worked out great. Of course it all depends on the specific dealer Costco refers to.
  • mudbuggymudbuggy Posts: 2
    Absolutely love this vehicle. There is no way to compare this vehicle to the previous generations of 4 Runners (I owned 3). The peppy, 245 HP V6 is more than enough for my purposes. The computerized "compensation technologies" associated with the braking, and drive train systems are incredible. It is wider than any previous generation 4 Runner, and the ride - fuhgettaboudit. How about the guy that was trying to compare (any generation of) the 4 Runner to the Chevy or GMC product ... go figure.

    My deal went like this:

    4X4 V6 SR5 - Dorado Gold
    17" alloy wheels
    carpet/cargo floor mats
    running boards
    roof rack
    color keyed bumpers (not the gray industrial)
    tow pkg (not sure if an option)
    cargo cover

    $28,400 OTD

    Note: This supposedly "no haggle" dealership had a (Memorial Holiday) $300 coupon and and came down an extra $200 from there. I don't think no-haggle means NO haggle.

    I might not have gotten the rock bottom lowest price but no other dealer in my area had the actual vehicle that I wanted. This was it. Can't wait to get this puppy out on the beach at Cape Hatteras and on the mountain in West Virginia. Isn't love great!!!
  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    I know what you mean about the no haggle thing. I bought my 4Runner at a no-haggle place because they were offereing a advertised deal of $26,995. But they didn't have one in stock at the advertised price! Can you say Bait-and-Switch? So after hours of negotiation I agreed to consider one with a couple more options. I offered dealer cost on the extra options and they said "we are a no haggle dealership." I said "all we've been doing for three hours is haggling." They wore me down so I bought it. Turned out to be about $500 under dealer invoice.

    2003 SR5 V6 Titanium Silver, 4X4
    Roof rack, 17" Alloys, Fog lights, Leather steering wheel w/audio controls and leather shift knob, Double decker cargo system.

    Poor buying experience, but a terrific vehicle. The Toyota dealers are lucky they have a great product to sell.
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