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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • brady24brady24 Posts: 4
    What options does it have? If you know the options, residual value, money factor, and fees you can figure exactly how the lease payment is calculated and whether you are getting in for invoice or not.
  • leo007pdleo007pd Posts: 1
    just purchased a 2005 4runner 4wd sports edition. options include sunroof, jbl single cd 10 speaker system, rear spoiler, and the convenience package(Hood Protector, Exhaust Tip & Silver Finish Sport Pedals).I got it from toyotauniverse in little falls nj. the service was horrible but the price was on the mark

    vehicle price with options cost 31200
    less 1000 rebate
    plus tax, title, registration, plates and other misc crap cost 2580
    total out the door was 32780

    they gave me the price i requested, didnt even have to negotiate. only problem was that their apr was too high at 5.9% so i bought the car cash. what do u guys think? did i get a fair price?
  • brady24brady24 Posts: 4
    I just got a 3 yr/12k lease on on a silver 05 Sport 4WD V8 w/ SR, RL, DJ, RF, CF, WL. MSRP $35,365, Invoice $31,316. They threw in the door guards, pin stripe, and wheel well lips. Paid $500 over invoice, added GAP insurance. Residual was 60.3 % of MSRP, got Toyota Tier 1 financing, money factor of .00121. Got in and out in 2 hours w/ a trade in. Fees in NJ: Bank fee $400, Registration $174, License and doc $291.20, Tire fee $7.50. 4-runners appear to be selling real well in NJ, there were two other 4 runner purchases while I was there. In the two weeks I have been in the market, they have moved almost every Limited and Sport off the lot.

    Good luck
  • brady, what was your monthly payments? Did you shop to get that price?
  • I just ordered a 2005 Sport. You can only get the 3rd row seat with a SR5 or Limited, not with a sport model. So I have a need occasionally for a 3rd row seat. I checked the parts to order and install, over $2000! It was only a $730 option. I have also look at some of the aftermarket 3rd row seats online. What I would like to do I get one seat {they split in the middle and hang on the sides} for the left side from a wrecked late model 4runnery. Any one find themselves in this same dilema?
  • rossmonrossmon Posts: 3
    Sounds like a good deal, I just got a sport v8 4X4 with moon roof, extra air bags, same convienence package, carpet package with cargo carpet, base stereo and i paid 31k after rebate. I think I did a bit better than you but not by too much.
    Bottom line is I am real happy with my vehicle as i am sure you are!
    out of curiousity what kind of mpg are u gettng with the v6?
    For a new engine i am getting 15-17 arround town and 17-21 on the hyway.
    I have a heavy boat, so i needed the v8 for that.

    PS Congrats on a cool vehicle, I love the sport interior, and the xreas suspension works real well too, The hood scoop really looks great, wish it was real!!
  • doggydogdoggydog Posts: 10
    Do you mind posting your specific list of options, invoice, incentives and MSRP?
    And where did you buy this car?

  • boxtypeboxtype Posts: 8
    I have a '05 SR5 with 3rd row seats. the difference would be the seatbelt installation & the 2nd row folds differently for your access. I dont know how will this be possible if there are no seatbelt provision. I noticed that i the Sport series there are mirror at the rear sides, that is where my 3rd row seatbelts are installed. 2K is not bad if they will install safety belts per standards and replace the 2nd rows to fold properly. Especially, most probably the only person that woul use these seats are kids, which will require xtra safety.
    hope this helps.
  • jeff193jeff193 Posts: 29
    I just got a 4runner getting 11 mpg around the city!!!!...any tips ?
  • editbizeditbiz Posts: 2
    I've been reading some of the previous posts regarding the Sport Edition and upgrading the seats to leather. I've got a couple of questions for anyone who may want to answer them. I've been looking for a preowned 2004 Limited V6 4x4 in Galatic Gray, but I live in California so these are very rare to come by. I've found a couple and made a few offers, but nobody's willing to part with these for what they're worth. Which leads me to my questions.

    I'm thinking about buying the Sport Edition and getting the Leather upgrade, but are the seats the leather seats you find in the Limited or are they just leather covers over the fabric seats. Also, does anyone know if you can put the Navigation into the Sport, like the one that is available from Can you get the 5 spoke alloys for the Sport, that you can get on the SR5 and Limited? Can you get the regular hood on the Sport Edition, not the scooped hood? I know I should just buy a Limited, but if I can save a few thousand by buying the Sport and upgrading a few things, I think it would be worth it. Thanks in advance.
  • mahobaymahobay Posts: 2
    I purchased a brand new 4Runner Sports Edition in May 04 from Priority in Chesapeake Virginia. I had them put in leather seats. I paid $32000.08 that included all taxes, fees, and the extended warrenty.
  • gbeangbean Posts: 1
    I got an all Black '94 4WD V6 w/ brush guard With a 2" lift and 33's at a Cadillac dealer in Utah, it was a good deal in my mind at 149K Miles, I only Paid $5000. Turns out all it needs is a Rear End rebuild and an O2 Sensor. Does everyone else with this vehicle only get 14-16 MPG? I think that is terrible for a 3L V6 in any vehicle.

    Anyone have any idea how much it costs on average in California to have the clutch replaced?

    Turns out this may be more of a headache than it is worth.

    Oh and a Major Alignment.

    I need to know how to Reset the Check Engine light since I just replaced the O2 sensor.
    (BTW I am speaking of the more commonly replaced one before the CAT)

    I Had a Diagnostic run on it a few days ago and the Only Codes that Showed were #'s 24 and 25. (O2 sensor and Injectors) I ran a Highly concentrated injector cleaner (at only a quarter tank of gas) That cleared that error code right up.
    So Now I replaced the O2 Sensor and it is running so much more smoothly! The Original from the factory was still in there. (i dont know how often they should be changed.) But the new Bosch one seems to be a better design. (If any of you need to replace this, I suggest the Universal one W/O the connector, it is extremely easy to connect with the included kit, only took a half hour, and costs 1/2 what the OEM does.)

    Well, it seems maybe this belongs in another thread, but I got carried away. Please lemme know if you have any Ideas
  • jbirdbucjbirdbuc Posts: 6
    Hello all,
    Did some research and went shopping, basically getting SR5 (V6) with these options:

    Cargo system
    Additional power outlet
    Roof rails + Crossbars
    Moon Roof
    Power lumbar drivers seat
    Restraint system (side airbags)
    Leather Seats
    Leather wrap steering wheel
    17" Alloy wheels

    The only option I wanted was leather seats + moon roof dealer is adding leather seats.

    Invoice is $28,442
    Dealer is quoting $28,900 w/$1000 rebate total price $27,900

    Seems like a great deal, I am being taxed on $28,900 is this correct? Or should I be taxed on rebate price? Thanks. I agreed to pay 27,900 for just leather + moon roof. So I am getting some additional features. Thanks for any tips or advice.
  • editbizeditbiz Posts: 2
    Hey Jbirdbuc,

    Where you buying your Toyota at? I'm in the market for a 05' Sport, but I don't want those tires and rims that it comes with. I want the 5 spoke alloys and tires you can get with the Limited and SR5, I also want to get the leather seats. What exactly is the Power lumbar drivers seat option?


  • reuel3reuel3 Posts: 114
    Your post is better suited for one of our other forums. Try this thread:
    Toyota 4Runner: Problems and Solutions
  • jbirdbucjbirdbuc Posts: 6
    I am getting this Toyota at heyward allen toyota in athens, ga. The power drivers lumbar seat is available in southeast only, its just electric lumbar (back) support instead of manual. I am starting to feel better about the deal. The dealership has a company called Classic Soft Trim ( pick the car up and they haul it to Atlanta, there they put the leather on, this is matched to Toyota's specs. The leather seats are warrantied just like toyota for 3 years. I have not paid for the vehicle yet, If I don't like the leather, then no deal. I am starting to feel better about the deal, especially knowing it has side airbags and this seems to be a rare find. I ran the numbers again, KBB invoice is $28,505, TMV is $29,030. The deal is $28,900 with $1000 rebate $27,900 before tax, tag, title fees. (the deal price includes a handling fee or BS of $200) So the price was actually $28,700+200- $1000. I think I could have done slightly better on the deal, say $28,300-$28,500 and pushed for NO admin fee + rebate. But this car had some things I had not anticipated (side airbags) I think it may be worth the safety over dollars in the long run. I hope someone will post if I did okay on this deal. Hope this helps.
  • blaskyblasky Posts: 15
    Anyone buy a car with turns out that a comparably built 4runner on is lower than the FMV price listed on Edmunds. Oh, and carddirect also takes into consideration any incentives/cash back offers.

    Im lookig for a stock limited 4x2 with the standard available options (not Sport with leather as many on this post seem to be in the market for). Think i may do this than haggle with my local dealership.
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378

    It sounds as though you are getting a fairly good deal but I noticed something in your post that is incorrect.
    The $1000 rebate on this SUV only applies after you take the purchase price plus all applicable taxes. So you are going to get taxed on $28,900 vice $27,900, not that big of a deal but thought you should know.
    If the salesman is telling you something different then he/she is full of it, double check with the sales manager or the finance guys...they will tell you.
    Good luck with your purchase!!!
  • jbirdbucjbirdbuc Posts: 6
    Thanks for the reply, so my understanding is that I get taxed on $28,900? Is that correct? I wish I had done more on this deal, little concerned right now. Wish I had done this deal thru I am supposed to see car/purchase this evening. My next question is this: If the seats do not meet my expectations, can I walk away from this deal? I was willing to wait for a vehicle from the factory. A purchase agreement was signed with notes pertaining to leather seats. Please answer asap. Thanks.
  • tortoisetortoise Posts: 2
    So far this is the best invoice I have received. Can you guys give me some additional thoughts on the deal?
    2005 SR5
    17" alloy wheels
    DD cargo system w/ net
    Roof rack & cross bars
    Leather steering wheel/knob
    DT Running lights
    Moon Roof
    Cargo net
    mirror upgrade
    security system upgrade
    Floor and cargo mats
    Leather upgrade
    power lumbar seat pass anger and driver
    Stainless Steel door enhancements
    Window tinting

    29,074 + TTL (6%)

    Thanks in advance
  • tcpoobtcpoob Posts: 30
    u didn't say v6 or v8, 2wd or 4wd/awd. those are important factors.
  • tortoisetortoise Posts: 2
    Woops...thanks. It is a 4x2 V6
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378

    Sorry I didn't get back to you right away so my comments now may not help since it looks like you had to do something last night with this vehicle.

    But for what's it worth, yes you would get taxed on the $28,900 plus if there are any dealer fees, you would add all of that together and that would be the amount you would get taxed. After they figure the bottom line price for this truck they would then take the $1K off.

    As far as walking away from this deal if after seeing the seats and you don't like them....if you had it in writing then it is no problem!!!!
    Regardless of what they say to you, at anytime you can walk away! Unless you have physically taken ownership of this truck you can walk! Even after you have signed the, legally they could do something to force you to accept this truck after you have signed the papers but trust me, this would be a enormous headache for the dealership and they would rather just let you go then fight. What they are banking on though as you being the consumer not having the #@$#$% to stand up to them and not take their crap.
    Bottom line is this, you can walk away from any deal at anytime if you don't feel good about the deal as long as you have not physically taken delivery of this truck.
    Once they send off the paperwork to the state DMV that time your stuck and your options are gone.
    I just bought a vehicle my self and the finance guy told me it takes at least 3 to 4 days for the paperwork to close and leave the dealership on its way to the DMV.

    Remember, you are the consumer, you are always correct and the car buying experience should be a good one considering the investment you are making.
    If you can't get that from the current dealership you are working for them move on to the next one if possible. If you need to go a little further out than what's in your immediate area then so be may end up with a hell of a deal and a great buying experience.
    As I mentioned before this all may be mute if you have already bought this truck anyway! But Rock On!
    Enough Said...
  • jbirdbucjbirdbuc Posts: 6
    Thank you very much for the response, I actually picked up the truck tonight, it was not delivered until this afternoon. I have to say, I think I did a pretty good job with the deal. I also highly recommend the leather seats from classic soft trim. They match perfectly to the interior and the leather includes door panels. Looks very sharp. I understand perfectly how the tax works now, I think I was confusing you, the dealer was doing it correctly!!! Anyway, I ran the numbers for a final time today before purchase:

    MSRP $32,389
    INVOICE $28,610

    The agreed price was $28,700 w/$1000 rebate. And yes I was charged taxes on the $28,700 price plus $199 admin fee (argued some on saturday about this, but not going to piss off everyone or lose deal for $200) I accepted this fee knowing that when you close on a home or loan it has enormous fees, so $199 was not too bad. So basically the purchase price was $27,700 + $199. I am pleased, I feel the original price was very close to invoice and $1000 rebate. So the price drops below invoice. I feel I made a great deal and yes I know the dealer made money, but I am very pleased with my purchase. I would recommend the dealer to my friends. This is a deal where everyone wins. Thanks for all the help from this website!!! I really feel that I purchased a "limited" 4runner for a fraction of the cost. My wife and I are very pleased with the quality of the vehicle.

    Some tips I would recommend for buying any car:

    Research price, know the cost of the vehicle (invoice) I was able to name optional equipment at invoice prices to my dealer throughout the entire deal. Be assertive and firm but polite.

    I made it very clear early in the process, that I wanted a "price" I did not want to discuss financing or any type of monthly payments. And NO I do not have a trade-in. (we plan to sell old vehicle ourselves) I made it clear to the dealer that if you give me a price and we agree on a deal, I will show you the money. I recommend financing or getting pre-approved for a loan before going to the dealer. Know what you can afford, you will get better rates and the dealer cannot play the "how much per month do you want to pay game?" (not implying this dealer would do this, but most do.) Again, be assertive and firm.

    I was able to inspect the vehicle this evening and had my check in hand, the deal went smooth since the vehicle checked out better than anticipated. There were no hidden fees at the closing, all the prices were the same. I was happy with the dealership. It was a pretty good experience and the truck looks great!!!

    Hope this helps everyone, wanted to let everyone know that I found a 8 CD changer (panasonic at crutchfield) for $180 that is compatible with the factory sterero in the 4runner. If it fits in the glove box console, I will probably purchase it and let you know how it works. (much cheaper than factory option...) Thanks again to all and good luck with your next purchase.
  • rickjusrickjus Posts: 2
    I purchased a new 2005 Toyota 4Runner Sport Edition 4x4, V8, on March 31, 2005. The sticker (MSRP) was $34,344, invoice was $31,178. Our cost including $1,000 rebate but excluding all other fees was a little less than $28,000, or $30,948 “out the door” price (including taxes, new tag, dealer fees, battery disposal, etc.).
  • epi321epi321 Posts: 4
    I'll start by saying I did not get a great deal. But I knew I would need to special order (or preference order) the vehicle so some dealers didn't want to deal with me. One place actually did understand the order process better than the others although I had to add a few options I really didn't want. The regional dealer only orders the cars configured certain ways so I had to choose one of their configurations to get all the options I wanted.
    The options I got were:
    GY - Side/Curtain Airbags (didn't want)
    NH - XREAS
    NV - JBL AM/FM/CD with Navigation
    RF - Rear Spoiler (didn't want)
    RL - Daytime Running Lights (didn't want)
    SR - Sunroof
    DG - Door Edge Guards
    CF - Floor Mats

    I will get whatever rebate is in effect upon delivery but since I don't know what it is now my numbers below assume no rebate.
    Edmunds TMV was $39,375. Carsdirect target price was $40,140. One of the Carmax New Car locations (usually very good prices) had a car with the same options (wrong color) and was selling it for $39,388.
    I agreed to purchase for $39995 + TTL. Definately could do better... try not to have to order one!
  • Rickjus, thats a very good deal I think. Can you please email me I am willing to purchase exactly the same configuration at the same price. If you let me know your dealer or any contacts, would be of great help.
  • I live near princeton,nj which dealer did you use? Is it on rt 1?
  • gblgbl Posts: 5

    Sounds like a a great deal, actually below dealer cost. Where did you find this great deal (dealer, city & state)?

  • mkangmkang Posts: 4
    It is Lawrence toyota. They had a similar 2004 V6 limited in white that had 5000 demo miles the last time I was there. If you are interested, u can talk them down quite a bit.
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