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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • doggydogdoggydog Posts: 10
    Options break down:

    Invoice List

    L1 Leather Upgrade N/A
    NJ  Garage Door Opener w/Homelink   100.00
    EJ  JBL Synthesis ETR 664.00
    CF Carpet Floor Mats/Cargo 114.00
    SR Moon Roof, Power 720.00
    RL Lights, DR 32.00
    RF Spoiler, Rear (PIO) 160.00
    steering wheel 176.00
    WH Headphones, Wireless 66.00
    Total Options excluding leather 2032.00
    Kelly base excluding leather 26851.00
    Destination 565.00
    Total Invoice 29448.00
    Dealer's Invoice 30579

    MSRP list
    L1 Leather Upgrade 1450
    NJ  Garage Door Opener w/Homelink   125
    EJ  JBL Synthesis ETR 875
    CF Carpet Floor Mats/Cargo 186
    SR Moon Roof, Power 900
    RL Lights, DR 40
    RF Spoiler, Rear (PIO) 200
    steering wheel 220
    WH Headphones, Wireless 82
    Total Options excluding leather 2628.00
    Kelly base excluding leather 30070
    Destination 565
    Total MSRP 33263.00
    Dealer's MSRP 34231

    The difference between kelly and dealer:

    Here is the price break down:

    sales price 32000.00 (Including Leather seat upgrade)
    doc fee 45.00
    Sales Tax 2643.71
    tire 8.75
    license 270.00
    total 34967.46 (Out the Door)

    Used 3.9% Instead of 1000 Rebate.
    Did get the $400 graduate program rebate, which is applied to the down payment.
    This model with above options are hard to find in Los Angeles,California, even though they look very normal options! I gave up many other options such as exhaust tip, door sill, etc. Coz many dealer even couldn't get above options. Most of them have very limited options available, or asking for 'special order'.

    Got this deal from Longo Internet sales.

    I am an auditor, but maybe I am a lousy negotiator.
    I really don't have much time but I did send quote to about 20 dealers around Los Angeles. Many did not even reply; many didn't have what I want.

    But this forum at least helped me know what others are paying and prevented me from being ripped off too much.

    so, thanks every one!
  • spek06spek06 Posts: 1
    Year: 2005
    Model: 4Runner LTD V6 4X4 with RL, GY, SR, RF, EJ, NH, C7, WL AND Z1
    MSRP: 40,232
    Sale Price: 35,153
    including rebate

    Pricing does not include taxes, tags, freight and processing fee.

    Can I do better? I would like 35,500 out the door. Do you think it's possible?
  • nj00dstarznj00dstarz Posts: 11
    05 V6 4x4, SR5 sport w /moonroof, rear spoiler

    Lease details
    3y/12k miles
    0 down
    MSRP: $33,050
    LEV % 100.00
    Lease end value: $20,094
    initial cap cost: $30,905
    adjusted cap cost: $ 31,305
    MF: .00171
    Monthly: $424.00

    Please advise if this deal seems ok
  • upopvideo2upopvideo2 Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2005 4Runner Limited on 5-12-05. Here's the details:

    Titanium Metallic with Taupe Leather Interior
    JBL 6CD/10spkrs
    Floor mats
    no Toyoguard

    Price - $32,637.00 (before rebate)
    Dealer Fee - $498.50
    State Tire/Battery Fee - $6.50
    6% Tax - $1,988.52
    Tag - $100
    County Tax - $25.00
    Total Price - $35,255.52
    Rebate - $1,000.00
    OTD Price - $34,255.52

    I bought this car from Angela of Toyota of Winter Haven. I was initially going to purchase from Central Florida Toyota, but they wanted $1,000.00 more for the exact same car (it was being transferred from Jacksonville) and absolutely would not budge from their price. Luckily Toyota of Winter Haven called me just before I was to commit to Central FL Toyota and made me a better offer. Based on my research I feel pretty good about the price. The price was $300 below dealer invoice, $385 above Edmunds invoice and $445 below TMV.

  • dc206dc206 Posts: 1
    Am i being reasonable thinking that I can get a 4x2 SR5 for $27250 with the following options
    moon roof
    leather seats
    17 alloy wheels
    the way i have priced it out on edmunds and kelly bluebook it seems im in the ballpark. the car i was looking at had an MSRP of $31464.
  • charloscharlos Posts: 11
    I think your price is very reasonable. Go to and check out their online newspaper ad. Advertised is a base 4runner SR5 for $24K flat. You are only adding about $2,400 in equipment to the advertised vehicle.
  • wrsbearwrsbear Posts: 4
    The sound is good but could be better. I have been searching via the internet for information on the speakers in the basic package stereo system for an 05 SR5. Does anyone now the size of the speakers :confuse: ? I'm thinking 6.5" in the rear doors, 6x9's in the front plus a 3.5"? The last ditch effort is to call the parts department or if all else fails to pull the doors apart....:( not something I want to do just to check :cry: ......Thanks!!!!
  • wrsbearwrsbear Posts: 4
    My price on an SR5 V6 4x2 with all but leather....sticker.....31.6K.....shook hands after 7 hours at 23.4K.....didn't think they would go down that low...
  • charloscharlos Posts: 11
    Seems ridiculously low. Demo? What dealer?
  • jgghjggh Posts: 9
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------
    My price on an SR5 V6 4x2 with all but leather....sticker.....31.6K.....shook hands after 7 hours at 23.4K.....didn't think they would go down that low...
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------
    Could you please provide the detail info? Such as options, dealer and your location. I am also going to buy a 4Runner. My friend just bought one SR5 V6 4x2 with almost no options. OTD 27,300 with tax rate 6.25%. How did you get such good deal? Thanks.
  • chreestochreesto Posts: 4
    OK So I checked on and saw that I can get a 4-runner SR5 sport 4x4 without a lot of weird dealer fees for 27998. It also included the 3rd row seat which I don't really want. I can geta v-8 with sunroof for 28998 these seem like really good deals. WHat do you guys think? Has anyone dealt with carmax? My other options are NIssan Pathfinder and Kia Sorento. I'll be buying within the next month. I am new to the forum and would love some feedback. Thanks a lot.
  • jefferjeffer Posts: 31
    I just test drove an SR5 mostly for the basic feel of the vehicle. I had checked out a Highlander just before that and discovered that my left knee, when in my normal driving position, hit the door in such a way that it was very uncomfortable. So I then tested a 4runner and was very comfortable in it. After all what is more important than comfort. But this had cloth seats with the manual adjustments. The manual adjustments are poorly designed - imho. It was like 2" between one setting and the next. At least it seemed that way. With power seats they are infinitely adjustable. That makes for much better fit for driving position. And changing positions with the manual function can be dangerous. If you slip you may find yourself in the third row and not able to reach the peddles. So to me anyway, power seats are the way to go. But you can only get power with leather. I don't really want leather, but I do like the heated seat option. Again, only with leather. The Highlander has power (and heated I believe) with the cloth seats.
    So Toyota is forcing people to get options just to make a profit - imho anyway.
    Oh well, I'm probably going for the Limited anyway, but wish I could get one with cloth power heated seats. Toyota - are you listening?

  • jefferjeffer Posts: 31
    Anyone know if this is possible. After some long soul searching I am finding it very difficult to justify spending $35K on a Limited model. I've poured over the specs sheets and have figured out that a Sport model has just about everything I need. The only feature I would really really want would be power seats. I don't care about leather but if that was necessary I would do it.
    Is there any way, source, or power in the universe that would be able to install power seats in an SR5 or Sport model? If so what would approx. cost be?

  • amazon1amazon1 Posts: 1
    I have been pricing 4Runners. This will be my first SUV. I am also pricing Kia Sorrentos. I have always owned Nissans, never Toyotas. Can you please tell me the name of the dealership and city? That is a fantastic price (23.4k). Thanks for your assistance.

  • awarrickawarrick Posts: 3
    Just got an '04 used with 5k miles. 4x4, spoiler, hood scoop, V8, 17in wheels, moonroof, sport edition package. $27k
  • jason275jason275 Posts: 1
    I just negotiated $34,900 for a 4Runner Limited V6 4x4 with all the required options (SR, EJ, GY, NH, RF), which I hope to pick up this weekend. The price I was quoted includes destination/freight, but does not include taxes, tag, proc. fee and any applicable rebates. I do not believe the price includes the RL, C7, WL and Z1 options. If your $35,500 price does not include the rebate, then it's a pretty good deal. Keep in mind that if the dealer sells you the car at invoice, it is still making $726 in dealer holdback from the manufacturer after the sale.
  • charloscharlos Posts: 11
    Can't believe I baught a V-8 during a gas crunch, but couldn't bring myself to succomb to the temptation of the Highlander, Hondas, Pathfinder, Murano nor the rest of the car-based suvs (i.e. 4WD minivans, a.k.a. station wagon derivatives).

    Anyway, pulled-the trigger on a Sport Edition 4X4 V8 wih Sunroof, Spoiler, JBL, mats, daytime running lights, a worthless DD cargo system and leather.

    MSRP 35,431 + $1,450 Leather = $36,881

    Paid 30,395 + $750 Leather + $250 processing fee = $31,395 after $1,000 rebate.

    I used CarMax pricing ( where price = $30,458 + $100 processing fee + leather N/A) as they said they would beat any price and then got the leather down to cost. Ask the dealer about processing fees as they all have them (even Carmax), even though it's bunk.

    That was a lot of cash for me, hope I love this thing! :)
  • mrockymrocky Posts: 1
    2005 4Runner 4X4, V6
    AW 17" Alloy wheal
    TH 3rd row seats
    GY Curtain & Side Airbags Driver & Front; Front & 2nd Row Roll Sencing and Side Curtain Airbags
    DR Roof Rack & Cross Bar
    CF Carpet Floor Mats

    MSRP $32,700
    Bought as $28,600 + 4% Tax + $299.00 Fee
  • Hi All,

    I just bought a Brand New 2005 4Runner SR5 with Moonroof, 17"Alloy Wheels, Black Roof Rail, Leather Steering Wheel (Audio Controls), leather shift knob, Double Decker Cargo System. The MSRP was $30065 I paid $25115 (after rebate) + $399 + 6.25 Tax for Texas. This was atleat $2000 cheaper then if I would have bought anywhere from Houston, Austin or Dallas. Therefore, I flew to Atlanta, picked up the vehicle and drove it back 900 miles. I saved a net $1500 after everything. SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT DEAL TO ME !!! I am loving this vehicle and plan to enjoy it for many years to come. I bought it from Chris Miller at Sandy Springs Toyota.

    Thanks ...
  • txcoupe1txcoupe1 Posts: 6
    FYI. Toyota of Lewisville (north of Dallas) has $4500 off MSRP on SR5's. :)
  • rko1rko1 Posts: 1
    I shopped around on the internet a lot and also got a lot of internet quotes from several different local dealers and finally decided to settle when 2 other dealers told me that they could not take my business even though they wanted it really bad. I actually was told by 2 seperate different dealers that I should go with what I was offered by Dublin Toyota. I paid 29000 out the door, and pay about 500 a month. The car is very very nice and I bargained a lot to get to this price. I was at the dealership for about 8 hours. Buying a car can be quick or it can take you all day and night. I think I was the last customer out of their dealership. All dealers may try to show you some sort of invoice but just beware that this obviously is not the REAL invoice but something that the mgr can change and alter to show you what kind of deal that you may think you are getting. Just shop around a lot and never settle for anything. This will be the biggest purchase of your life besides a house. good luck
  • farnorthfarnorth Posts: 5
    Has anyone gotten a deal on V6 limited in Canada. It seems all the dealers use
    Access pricing structure as arriving at the best price. This is the same as Toyota Canada's full suggested retail price. This is crazy. Who pays full price for anything anymore? I would appreciate any insights.
  • yoshi1yoshi1 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a V-6 ltd. Toyota dealers in Canada have no option but to go with the access pricing or run the risk of loosing their toyota license. There was a program on this on W-5 or similar news show. Despite this some dealers will discount. I gave up and paid the Toyota price. Lots of new car manufacturers are going to no haggle pricing. My wife just bought a Volvo paid basically the full price.
  • andre7280andre7280 Posts: 2
    New 2005 V8 4x4 Sport Package, 17" alloy wheels, power locks & windows, heated mirrors, cloth seats, roof rack, running boards, driver and front passenger advanced airbags, carpet mats, security system upgrade, tow package with 7 pin to 4 pin converter, full time 4WD, wheel w/audio controls, fog lamps and other random stuff

  • kemoputzkemoputz Posts: 3
    Good afternoon. I'm considering purchasing a 2005 4Runner SR5 V8 4x4 and I'm trying to figure out the invoice prices for the options I'd like to have. I've used Edmund's site, but not all of the options I want are listed.

    Does anyone have the invoice prices for the following options?
    Extra Mile Option Package B (B0) - $613 MSRP
    Leather Interior Upgrade (L1) - $1420 MSRP
    Vehicle Sheild Package (P4) - $349 MSRP
    Double Decker Cargo System (CM) - $125 MSRP
    17" Alloy Wheels (AW) - $100 MSRP
    Daytime Running Lights (RL) - $40 MSRP

  • lorryfanlorryfan Posts: 76
    kemoputz -

    Go to you will find allmost all the invoice prices you're looking for.

    Hope this helps.....Good Luck!
  • sparklesparkle Posts: 2
    Just got my new sport edition

    4x4 V6, Spoiler, Moonroof, Carpet and floor mats for

    $29,000 - $500 (MR) - $400 (NewGraduateR) + TTL

    Is it a good deal? After I offered the price 29000, they just though about for 5 mins and approved.

    I guess Toyota must be providing some huge holdback for the high MPG trucks.
  • kemoputzkemoputz Posts: 3
    Thanks! That helped!

  • sparklesparkle Posts: 2
    Did anybody notice that the invoice price from carsdirect is higher than the price from MSN and KBB?
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