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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • stactumstactum Posts: 39
    I was confused about exact same thing.
    But as we know, Nissan dropped $1500 from 09 Murano price, I guess it just not updated within dealer's inventory.
  • I have been reading for weeks and have tried the Murano 3 times the past 2 weeks. Since I am following the advise of a dear friend who buys all the time I wanted to run this by others on the board. Since it is the end of the month I thought I might make an offer or just wait a few months. I am not in a rush.

    Is this a fair offer? I was told to offer a price that would split the difference between Invoice and MSRP.

    09 Murano LE AWD 33073 Invoice 35910 MSRP Difference 1418.50
    Moonroof 1015 Invoice 1170 MSRP Difference 77.50
    Navigation 1605 Invoice 1850 MSRP Difference 122.50
    Car Mats 120MSRP

    I was thinking of offering 37,431.50 without destination fee, without my trade in and without title, transfer and taxes. Does this seem reasonable? Also is one taxed on destination fees??

    Thank you for your help.
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    That looks reasonable to me. Realize that in some markets (like mine) there's already a waiting list on the upper level LE model since dealers seem to be getting fewer of them in. In those cases they might want full sticker. At the end of the day you will have to decide if it's worth saving $1500 to hold off on getting the car for a few months when hopefully demand starts to cool down.

    I would expect that people will be getting them for invoice +500 within 6 months but it will depend on the market.

    The largest dealer in my area is only getting 6 LE models in between now and March. If I want the car for May pickup I will have to put an order in sometime in the Feb/March timeframe. Luckily for me the dealer is going to honor my VPP pricing on it.
  • samf10samf10 Posts: 21
    Sounds like its either an 07 that got priced or perhaps the $1500 markup was for AWD, pretty sure AWD puts on $1500 for same model.
  • No, I am pretty sure the model that I checked was 09 Murano S FWD. I guess the dealer just have not updated their inventory price yet. Anyone checked with a dealer on this issue yet?
  • Thank you for the feedback. Went to my "non salesman" type salesman today with my offer. The good news.....(when he called later because I told him to run it by his manager I did not want to get bullied around) was they would meet my 50% off invoice and package 50%. However the problem rises with my trade-in car. I want a white LE with navigation and they will have to order one. We are in the process of negociating a price for my trade in. They don't want to committ to a price for 3 months out which I understand but I won't sign or buy without one as long as my car does not fall apart in the meantime. After 3 calls (when I said sorry I need an offer) they would like to have an appraiser look at the car tommorrow. I also told him I am in no rush and they can call me if they find a white one. So I will bring my car in tommorrow. I know what all the sites have quoted for it and we will see. If it is a go it will be a relatively easy deal. If not I will start to see if anyone has a white one between here and MD. We are in PA.

    I can wait if I need to. No rush here.

    WIll keep you posted.
  • Hi all. I went to 5 Nissan dealers in South Jersey area for a new 2009 Murano.
    This is the config:
    Base MSRP: $ 29480
    Splash Guards $ 125
    Premium Package $1,000
    Floor Mats, Carpeted (vehicles with foldable cargo organizer) $120
    Roof-rail Crossbars $190
    Destination Charge $745
    Total MSRP: $31660
    Dealer Invoice: $29148
    Holdback $813

    I managed one of the local dealers to get them to Invoice, so I'll get this car for $29148 (0 over invoice).
    Is this a good deal?
    They did sneak in a $999 decor package (pre-del, and other crap) which I refused to do anything with and then they came down to $399 for this pkg but I still refused to take it).
    I haven't been able to find any Nissan rebates or any incentives to the dealer, so I'm guess that buying at invoice is the best one can do.


  • Yup, I ran into the same thing. However, good part is that the price you get after configuring the Murano - that is what you'll see on the sticker on the car (at least that was the case in 3 cars I saw in 2 different dealerships). So, ignore the price shown on the dealer inventory page on Nissan. Also, beware that the dealer may try to show you the price online and show that they're offering $1500 less as compared to the "internet pricing"
  • I offered to split the difference between Invoice and MSRP for an 09 Murano LE with the following package. At first they said they could not committ to a price for my trade in (since they don't have the color I want) but when I said thank you no deal they called 3 times and then told me to bring my car back today to be appraised. I drive an 1998 Avalon with alot of miles 118000. Car in great shape Blue book 4700 Edmunds about 3900 for Trade in.

    They agreed to a lock in of 4000 for my car which I was pleased with.

    Now they are looking for the Murano which another dealer might have enroute.

    While I was happy with everything being 50% split between Invoice and MSRP I always wonder could I have done better. My husband said that he is satisfied with the deal and I felt the salepeople and others were great to work with. I warned the saleperson while test driving that I was about to make an offer but don't have anyone get too agressive with me and to just give me a call if they will meet what I want. I also told him I bought my last car over the phone because I could not stomach the locals at our Toyota dealer. I feel this is a good deal, happy with what I am getting for the trade and glad to support the local dealer.

    09 Murano LE AWD 33073 Invoice 35910 MSRP Difference 1418.50
    Moonroof 1015 Invoice 1170 MSRP Difference 77.50
    Navigation 1605 Invoice 1850 MSRP Difference 122.50
    Car Mats 90 Invoice 120 MSRP Difference 30.

    Quoted 37,431.50 without destination fee, 4000 trade in and without title, transfer and taxes.

    What do you think??????
  • I am going to pick it up this weekend as soon as it is delivered to the dealer.

    2009 Murano SL FWD $27,880
    Cargo Area Protector $95
    Floor Mats $120
    Leather $1600
    Premium Package $1000
    Roof rail crossbars $190
    Splash Guards $125
    Tow package $690

    Freight Charge $745
    Total MSRP: $32,445

    I had one dealer offer me $1000 under MSRP and another offer $1200 under MSRP. I didn't do any haggling with either of them. I just emailed their internet sales person from Nissan's website and asked for their best price. I could probably have done a bit better after some negotiation, but before I got to that point I found a dealer who would do Nissan VPP pricing which gives me ~$2500 off MSRP for a final price just under $30k + TTL.

    This is in the DFW area and I am using Bankston Nissan in Lewisville for the VPP pricing.
  • Just landed in Baltimore, should be at Fitzgerald in PA by 7 or so where my black on black loaded LE AWD 2009 Murano is waiting for only $500 over invoice, $300 over plus a $200 locate fee. They have 2 LE's on their lot for $300 over invoice! Great salespeople....easy to deal with, no price store. AWESOME!
  • What are you guys paying in financing rates? anyone getting financing specials through NMAC? We have been slow getting these Muranos in up here in the Northwest. A dealer had one LE on his showroom, but not drivable and now he got 2 more in I'm gonna go test tomorrow.

    Not sure on pricing since its still limited selection..

    Does anyone know if the LE can come with all aluminum (no wood accents)?
  • So how the deal go ? What was your price ?
    The "game" at my dealership has begun, and I'm eager to see what others are paying. I have already stated that the configuration of NAV and the required Dual Sun/Moon Roof is a issue. When I build my 09 Murano online and Select NAV the Dual Sun/Moon is added. You can't have both NAV and Entertainment, that I understand but the configuration as stated of NAV and Dual Sun/Moon, doesnt make sense to me. I have a issue of paying ~$1200 for a "option" I don't want.
    My dealer did mention that I qualify for VPP, but I'm somewhat skeptical of that statement. Any and all pricing you have recieved is GREATLY appreciated.

    I currently own a 07, that I purchased on March of 07, love it, and when I get the new 09, my wife will get the 07. I think that was GREAT deal ... :>)
  • Everything went great! I talked with their sales manager extensively, they'll have 4 LE's at Fitzgerald by today. I payed just as they said, $300 over invoice plus a $200 locate fee. I walked their lot and sure enough the other LE's were only $300 over invoice. Fitzgerald is a very easy place to deal with and they were very up front and honest about my pricing. It was definately worth the airfare from Atlanta to Baltimore. And the drive back was even better : ) I'm going to bed now.
  • I believe the LE is wood. I am still waiting to see if the dealer was able to locate my car. He is looking at a trade with another dealership. Hope to know Monday or Tuesday.
  • Where exactly is Fitzgerald? Is it the one in Chambersburg? I am waiting to see if the local dealer can find the car I want. 2009 LE White. Price ends up about 800 over Invoice (with Navigation Sunroof, and Mats) including my trade in.
    Thank you
  • I've just been quoted a price of $37,000 for this vehicle with leather. Got the dealer down to $34,500 and haven't signed the papers yet. What dealer did you go to in South Jersey -- maybe one in Woodbury. I'm now going to go back and see what other deductions I can get. :confuse:
  • samf10samf10 Posts: 21
    I do not care for the wood either on the LE. An SL with Leather/Premium and Tech Packages is still $1600 less than a base LE. What is only on the LE is 20 inch wheels, Heated Rear Seats, Power tilt steering wheel, and Ipod interface (you get the aux input on the SL), and the wood trim. Personally my pick is a loaded SL.
  • Yes, Fitzgerald automall in chambersburg, PA. $300 over invoice on 4 LE's on their lot or $500 over for a locate. Mine was a locate, they got it in 2 days! This dealership does it the way it should be done price, regardless of model or newness of model. I am so pleased. Every new Nissan on their lot is $300 over invoice or less.
  • samf10samf10 Posts: 21
    Before everyone books their flights to Harrisburg not every car or Nissan is $300 over invoice on their lot. Yes Fitzgerald motor does seem promising for a great price and many cars slightly over invoice. There only SL is priced about $2700 above invoice, wouldn't exactly call that an incredible deal. Talked to them several times and seem like a great dealership. At the same time there a few out there that are not close to invoice. Speaking of SUV deals, there are some amazing deals on their Santa Fe's, something like 70 on hand they have. Thought about picking up a loaded Limited Santa Fe from them for around 25k but could just something about the Santa Fe could not get over. Felt too much like a downgrade sitting inside and driving from the Murano and other i was looking at it. Anyway I am picking up a used RDX the end of this week. Good Luck to all those looking.
  • I already have 1400 miles on my LE Tinted Bronze and love it. Rides better and is more comfortable than my MDX. I, too, got it at in Chambersburg, PA with no haggling for $300 over invoice plus $200 locate. It's worth the drive if you live out of state. Make sure to ask for Mary if you call or email she was wonderful and very knowledgeable.
  • I just went to fitzmall website as well and did see the SL priced at MSRP, so I called my salesman and he assured me that the vehicle was just stocked in yesterday and the $300 over price would be applied tomorrow. He said there is always a 2 day lay over on the internet until the fitzgerald pricing gets plugged in. I was confused as well but apparently you'll see the SL at $300 over invoice tomorrow. He said there is nothing new on their lot more than $300 over invoice, and if someone came in to buy the SL before the internet pricing is done.... the $300 over invoice is what they pay.
  • I have a dealer who said he can give me VPP pricing on a 09 SL. Can anyone tell me what can of a price break I should expect to see from this? Thanks for the help.
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    VPP depends on the company that has the deal with Nissan. For most companies this would be calculated as follows;

    Invoice (-) 2.78%
    Take above and add back 2.5% for dealer profit.
    add local advertising fee, usually $500.
    add destination charge (non negotiable)

    Final price should typically be just a few hundred dollars over invoice price before the destination charge.

    Realize that if the dealer says he'll "give you VPP" but you're not a VPP customer it just means he's claiming he will sell you the car for close to invoice price.
  • Thanks for the info!
  • Fitzgeralds $300 over invoice price beats the lower level VPP pricing. I hate to sound like a Fitxgerald billboard but I was just blown away by their professionalism, their ability to go get what I wanted, and of course their no haggle price. They even offered to ship one from Chambersburg to their Clearwater, FL store for me to save me a drive but the shipping I checked into was incredible so I just flew in and saved some extra cash.
  • You're getting FREE fabric and paint sealant? Great - but you better make sure and watch them apply that stuff. MOST DEALER DO NOT! It's pure profit. They may say they are doing and add a sticker to prove it, but I'd tell them you want to see it done!!! Most dealers will take a Murano deal at invoice, since they'll make $1000 in hold back. All you have to do is say "this is what I will pay - invoice", They'll write it up.We do it every day, but take more off.
  • It's not the dealers fault you still owe on another vehicle that you have a legal binding contract on! I wish some of you worked at a car dealership so you see all the b/s they have to go through, then to top it off, see that the salesperson who sold you that 2007 Murano got paid a flat $100, and sold 10 vehicles that month. Big money huh! Please be easy on salespeople, they work too hard and make the paltry income they do - after having to have you unload on them. you couldn't do it!
  • WOW! Some angry salesman just went off on a post from 2004! I think he needs to go somewhere that they pay more than $100 per car. :confuse:
  • jim39tjim39t Posts: 11

    Finally got a quote from a dealer, and it sounds really high to me, but I want to run it by you people for your opinion:

    2009 Murano SL, MSRP $30,530. Four year lease, 12k mile a year, $471 plus tax. No money down. I didn't get the details (money factor, residual, etc.) because I just wanted to know if Nissan would price the lease realistically or not.

    So is this a competitive monthly payment? I got a quote by Hyundai for a Veracruz SE that was about $75 a month lower, which is what makes me think this Murano quote is high.
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