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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    We kind of do need the details. For one thing you don't even indicate if it's an AWD or FWD SL and what the equipment is.

    If you want kind strangers on the Internet to help you with your car buying then you should do at least a little bit of foot work yourself.
  • I agree. Salesmen need to understand that for many modern day consumers, they serve no purpose. I have bought all of my families vehicles over the net for many years. I have never taken a test drive with a salesman in the car and I have never found a salesman that knows as much as I do after I've read the brochure and researched on various sites. If I could order direct from the manufacturer that would be great. I realize that I am probably in the minority now, but more and more people are going this route.
  • My advice to you is never lease a car for more than 3 years. If you have your lease for 4 years you will be without warranty for one year and anything that goes wrong you have to pay for yourself and then you still have to give the car back since its a lease.
  • jim39tjim39t Posts: 11
    "For one thing you don't even indicate if it's an AWD or FWD SL and what the equipment is."

    SL FWD, with splash guards, mats, and cargo area protector are only options.

    "My advice to you is never lease a car for more than 3 years."

    Thanks for the heads-up on that! I assumed it was a 4-yr basic warranty and you're right, it's only 3 yrs.

    So the 3-yr. lease cost for the above car, no capital reduction, I was quoted $516 month plus tax, 12,000 miles per year. Sounds like a lot for a car with a MSRP of only $30,530, but that's why I'm posting, to find out if it's a good deal, or not.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    $516/mo. is a lot for a $30K vehicle, with a 3yr/36K term..

    I would be inclined to buy, rather than lease, at those prices..

    In contrast, a Honda Pilot with an MSRP of $33K+, has a lease price of around $350-$360.. There are reasons for that, and that doesn't make the Pilot better than the Murano... but, that would make it hard for me to pony up $500/mo. for the Murano..

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  • nmsgnmsg Posts: 39
    Hey 09murano,
    Just curious, which Trim Level did you get at Fizgerald and can you give me a break down of what you paid? I'm in Tampa and thinking about the Murano.
  • I posted last week about my local dealer who was looking for the car but did not find one (or had nothing to trade). During my wait I did a search and was emailed from Brenner Nissan in Mechanicsburg, PA (25 minutes away) a great offer. It was 100 over Invoice. While I offered to spit the difference with the 1st dealer 50% Invoice and MSRP and it was accepted easily I was curious about this offer and drove out to see what they would give for my trade in.
    Deal was 09 Murano LE Fully Loaded Navigation, Moon Roof, mats and others I was not interested in ie: illumination plates, splash guards and crossbars. The price with the extras was almost 1400 less than the price I got locally with Navigation, Moonroof and Mats.

    Final Price
    09 Murano Glacier Pearl AWD
    Moon Roof
    Spalsh Guards
    Illumination Foot Plates
    Cross Bars
    37 000 - 4000 for trade in....with taxes and documentation fees 35,098
    The dealership was great to work with. They got the car overnight right off a trailer a few hours away. No pressure. They say the deal with internet sales only is 100 over invoice.

    The car is beautiful. Now I just have to figure all the tech stuff out.
  • I got an LE with all the options for :

    Delivered Internet Price: $36,928 Factory Invoice: $36,628
    Delivered Value Price: $37,297 MSRP: $39,920

    I paid $300 over invoice, no haggle. I did not get their service program which is the "value price" because I live in Georgia and they are in PA. Was definately worth the airfare and the ride home was great! They are a small dealership in central PA. Check them out! Fitzgerald Nissan in Chambersburg, PA.
  • Have had toyota's for several years but going to look at the Murano, is there any advantage to going through Edmunds or KBB on line where they submit your
    request to several dealers in the area for a price, or is it better to contact each
    dealer on my own.
  • I'm using to locate my 09 Murano. I'll report back on the price they can secure.
  • One of three Dealers in my area has listed on the internet, one LS, fwd, leather,
    packageA and packageB, I could do without the B pack but the color and the rest
    is about what I would want. Priced at $ 34,870 MSRP.(includes handling). May try to go by tomorrow and take a look.
  • adnipsadnips Posts: 36
    Can someone tell me what packages A, B and C are? Why are'nt they listed as Technology, Leather and Premium? Which is which?

  • I didn't save any money going through the Edmunds search engine. I just haggled and haggled with the Nissan dealer until I got what I wanted at Woodbury Nissan.
  • Re my post # 1461 above, in negotions with the Dealer who has offered
    $ 34,000. out the door. Have it under consideration with the wife.
  • I just got a quote from another dealer...

    09 SL AWD
    Leather (which makes you get the premium pkg)
    Dual Panel Sunroof

    Before TTL is $32,000....

    Its little more than 2k below sticker... I think I might go for it.

    What are the finance rates out there? Nissan giving any special rates now?

  • jaymkjaymk Posts: 86
    Not bad for a brand new Murano. According to the Nissan website there is only a lease special going on right now with no mention of any financial deals.
    Good Luck and keep us posted.
  • located a 09 LE with Navigation for $37275. MSRP is $40110. I'm paying $500. over dealer invoice, $2835. below MSRP. Nohaggles charges $99. & they did all the legwork. Considering what the dealers will put you through, it was worth $99. for me not to have to do anything.
  • After going to hundreds of dealers... debating between 07 vs. 09...

    2009 SL AWD
    Leather (which forces you to get Premium pkg [also know as pkg-A]
    Dual Panel Moon Roof

    $31,600 before TTL. No special interest rate unfortunately.

    One dealer even gave me tickets to a Nets game.
  • I did it this weekend, 09 SL 2wd, Leather, Prem Pack, Tech Pack, Floormats and
    Splash guards. $ 33,700. OTD, found the combo and color I wanted and gave in.
  • Has anyone in the Chicago, IL western burbs gotten any good deal on the Murano? I have a quote from one dealer for $34,5 for an SL (FWD) with splash guards, Dual Panel Moon Roof, Premium Pkg, Tech Pkg, Leather Pkg and floor mats. seems a bit high to me given the fact that you have to add in all the fees associated with the purchase. Any thoughts??

  • SL A Package is - Premium Package - $1,000
    SL B Package is - Technology Package - $1,900
    Leather Pkg is listed as Leather Pkg - $1,600
  • ok, so I have read all this and that about how to get a fair deal and I read that you should never bargain down from the MSRP but bargain up from the actual dealers cost but how does one find out what a dealer paid? Edmunds and the other sites only tell you invoice and thats not what the dealer paid. Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks :)
  • adnipsadnips Posts: 36
    Thank you tazgirl. Your help was appreciated.

  • adnipsadnips Posts: 36
    tazgirl, try going to for invoice costs, holdbacks and analysis of how any particular car is selling. They estimate days of inventory on the lot of specific models & how they are selling. I'm not certain if they have the 09 Murano info yet but I've used this service for my last several car purchases and found it to be quite helpful. I plan to use them for an analysis of the Murano for me and the Rogue for my wife.

    Their fax attack stategy is worth the cost of the program. They provide a ton of good information. Good luck!

  • This may help a little. I have ordered a SL 2wd. loaded with about everything but the back seat video. MSRP. is $36,390. The invoice is $33,146., this does not include hold back or any other insentive the dealer might get. So this should help you have something to grind on them. I don't think a person will ever get below invoice, because the hold back ects. is very sacred.
  • Thanks for all the replies to my post. Thats awesome of you to post that website! This info will help me. I always break out into a cold sweat when approaching the dealership!!!! :shades:
  • I actually ended up paying $25 below invoice for an LE which was fully loaded. The original deal was $100 over invoice an internet rate only. When they located the car the next day it had the Illumination plate to the tune of $280??? The dealer split the difference and we ended up overall with $25 under invoice.

    This is Brenner Nissan in Harrisburg. They say their $100 over Invoice price is for Internet inquiries only.

  • Tazgirl...

    I just bought an 09 SL AWD w/ Leather, Premium Pkg, and Moonroof for $31,600.00.

    Yours had the tech package (mine does not) but yours was also a FWD (mines an AWD).... I would imagine you can get your car for less than $32,000 before TTL.

    Dealers will go down to invoice it seems, but definately not below.
  • ok, another dealer just got back to me with this:

    $36,264 for the following:

    09 Murano SL AWD
    Splash Guards
    SL A Package
    SL B Package
    Nissan Hard drive nav system with music box
    Leather Package
    Floor Mats
    Roof Rail Crossbars

    This is all before tax, title and dest. fee. A good deal or should I press for a better price? :confuse:

  • I used this website a few years ago when I bought my car. There is a section where you can use an Excel worksheet to figure out the exact cost of the car for you. It calculates invoice pricing, factory holdbacks, dealer profit percentages, etc.
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