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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • beluschbelusch Posts: 9
    From my experience, Nissan had a 3% holdback...
  • It's possible you were able to get a 3% holdback... but I ran the numbers while the sales manager went to bring back the invoice/holdback sheet and my numbers calculated at 2% matched his sheet. Again, this was on an 09 Murano. It might be different for earlier models. Above all, I really appreciate forums like this where we can exchange information and find ways to purchase vehicles at the lowest possible price.

    From my experience, Nissan had a 3% holdback
  • Max47 – I’m not sure why you are pooh poohing me and I am certainly not full of it. Given what some are getting on their new Muranos such as Cscardycat ($1500 under invoice), I don’t mind sharing my great deal. I’ll caveat it with it was the end of the month (and end of anniversary sales event), I was dealing one on one with the new car sales manager via the internet, and since the 2009 Murano SL AWD (MSRP $37,990 and Invoice $34,615) we came in buy had been sold by another manager – we were offered a sweet price on an LE to “seal the deal.” This is what we got:
    2009 Murano LE AWD
    Navigation System
    Dual Panel Moonroof
    Splash Guards
    Floor Mats
    Total MSRP - $39,920
    Invoice - $36,628
    PRICE PAID - $34,911 ***This is cheaper than our lowest quote for a leftover 2007 SL AWD.
    Also we did take our trade to Carmax at Dulles and they gave us $3000 more than what the dealer offered us so we made out just fine. As I previously posted, I highly recommend doing your homework (this forum totally helped me – thanks all), research prices in your area on this forum and look at local dealers internet prices, know exactly what you want/options, target the end of the month/last weekend as dealers have sales goals to meet (number of cars sold – sometimes they have to let a car go at no profit to meet a goal number), and use the internet and fax to your advantage – it will save you time and money. Goodluck to everyone!
  • musky300musky300 Posts: 7
    It's impossible to know for sure if someone is telling the truth on a forum/message board...that being said, you have to question when something seems out of line or "too good to be true".

    poohsavybear: You have provided information and seem to be credible, but I'll explain why others might have a hard time believing:

    I just bought the EXACT same vehicle. 2009 Murano LE with Nav., Dual Moonroof, Splash Guards, and Floormats. I have spent the last 2 months researching prices, dealers, and this website and others as to what people are ACTUALLY paying.

    I contacted THIRTEEN different dealerships in 3 different states. All via Internet Sales Managers. I got lots of low quotes...then took those low quotes and took them back and forth between dealers to get the best price. I pushed several past the point where they could go no lower and basically had to tell me no and watch me walk.

    After a couple weeks, I worked with a dealerships that had the most passion to getting my business with the lowest price and I got the vehicle as stated for $35,900...which is $728 under invoice. I don't think anybody else could have gotten lower with the same situation as me. Of course I could've contacted more dealerships and my area of the country could make a difference, but looking at your price, which is almost a full $1000 LESS than what I paid...I can see why people question a dealer selling a new Murano for that much under invoice.

    Competition drives people to do crazy things, so I believe you paid that...but I would also say it was probably a large exception rather than the rule in pricing these new Muranos.
  • Wow, congrats PoohSavyBear! I ran your numbers and the 2% dealer holdback on your 09 LE came out to $798.40. So you paid just about $620 BELOW even the dealer holdback amount off the invoice price! I'll definitely remember this next time I! Thanks for the info!
  • musky300 - I totally understand about really believing what people say on these boards. I can say that what I've read up on this boards really helped me on my buying experiences - with this 09 Murano, my 07 Maxima, and my 05 Pathfinder (all purchased under invoice). I definitely agree with you that my price was the exception and certainly NOT the norm. I was able to use someone's post that Fitzmall in the area was offering online $600 under invoice that this dealer was matching for an SL AWD we came to buy. Given that it had sold, he didn't want to lose the deal and offered one we couldn't refuse/dumb to walk away with. Plus it was the end of the month so they already knew what their net was for the month - number of cars sold, etc. There are so many Nissan dealers in the DC/Baltimore/Richmond area that you can get competition going at the end of the month. Don't get me wrong there are plenty of dealers that told me they weren't selling 09 Muranos anywhere near invoice price. I know they lost money on my purchase - the manager showed me his sheet and it was negative $1000+ and he said he's seen it where it's positive $4000. Anyway just wanted to let you all now and thanks for all the info. Goodluck in buying a new Murano - they are gorgeous/luxurious!
  • beluschbelusch Posts: 9
    I think many of these deals we are reading about happened at the end of last month and at the end of the Nissan Anniversary Sale which ended 3/31. The end of the month is always the best time other than Christmas. A dealer could sell their car and give everything away including the holdback knowing that you couldn't touch the incentives they were going to receive from Nissan for selling a certain number of vehicles. Many in my area, Salt Lake City, UT were offering the 09 Murano under invoice. My final OTD price calculated out to a 3% holdback, but I didn't see the actual invoice, so I am more inclined to believe the 2% holdback as a general rule from a previous post since they were able to see the paperwork. In any case, some people have gotten some great deals and I have learned alot from this forum. The deals are out there, you just have to make them happen and sometimes be a little patient!! :shades:
  • beluschbelusch Posts: 9
    If you are looking for a bumber protector for your 09 Murano, make sure it is an accessory that has been installed by the factory. Some models like the LE, may come with it, it just depends how your dealer ordered the car. Currently, that is the only way you are going to get one.

    My dealer, after talking with Nissan, has indicated that Nissan has yet to release a bumper protector for the 09 and the older models won't fit due to the redesign. It shows one is available on and they do intend to release it in the future but no information on a date was released. The bumper protector that is being installed by the factory actually requires some slits in the bumper and some clips. When they release the bumper protector, it is suppose to be tool less, so probably adhesive.
  • Ok, here is the deal that I got in Nashville.
    2009 SL FWD Platinum Graphite
    Technology Package
    Navigation System
    Leather Package
    Dual Panel Moonroof
    Premium Package
    Splash Guards
    Floor Mats
    Cargo Protector
    Illuminated Door Sills
    Roof Rails

    MSRP = $36,765
    Invoice = $33,462
    Paid = $32,562 ($900 below invoice)

    Dealer also threw in 5 free oil changes. (Normal cost is $35 per)

    I bought on April 10, 2009. I went through the dealer's Internet department and it was fast and painless.
  • Sounds great, I'm going to stop reading this group. Paid 34 OTD for the same
    except no navigation or moon roof that I didn't want
  • Which dealership in Nashville did you use? Looking at '09's and hoping to purchase soon. Thanks
  • Rivergate Nissan. I guess that we can't mention individuals names and contact info here on this site, so email at rw_martin at and I'll send you the guys name and email address.

  • Just purchased a 2009 Murano SL AWD with Premium, Leather, and moonroof packages for $31,611 - $200 over invoice, while getting above market value for my trade in.
  • Is that the OTD price?
  • SL AWD with Premium, Leather, and moonroof goes for $31,174 invoice. 2% holdback of the $33,995 MSRP ($679) brings it down to: $31,174 - $679 = $30,495.
    So at $31,611 you paid about $1,116 above the holdback.
  • I've been trying to deal on a Murano in the Greater Seattle area for a while now. Just wondering if anyone has gotten below invoice in the area, seems like no one is willing to go below. Let me know.
  • Hello, all! I live in Colorado and wondered if anyone out there can give me some incite on pricing for the new Muranos. Here's what I want:

    '09 Murano SL with Leather, Premium pkg, Tech pkg, dual moonroof, cargo protector

    Working thru AAA auto source, my contact gave me an initial price of $35000 not including sales tax. I told him that invoice on this car (according to Edmund's among others) is about $33000, so what else could he do. He then spoke to his contact and came back with $33,900. My question this a good deal? Is it unreasonable of me to expect to pay below invoice on this car? Or how much above invoice should I pay?

    Any and all advice will be welcome!
  • dannyodannyo Posts: 9
    I'm shopping for the same vehicle, but I calculate the invoice to be about $31,500.
  • Dannyo Where did you come up with your numbers? Was it for an SL with all the options I listed? I would love to know so we can both get a great deal!!
  • kaisokaiso Posts: 4
    I don,t live colorado,I live in NorthCarolina.All i can tell you is to be carefull when dealing with AAA. I paid $25.00 for a quote from AAA on a 2009 nissan Murano LE.With the following options.Nav system,Dual sunroof,Splash guard,and three piece carpet. The quote that i received back from AAA was $38,937.I sent out internet request quote to five different dealerships,and all quotes were lower than AAA. I Finnally purchase the same car with the same options locally in Greenville for $837.00 less that what AAA was going to sell me the car for.I advise you to do your homework,and research before dealing with that company.Oh bye the way, I complained to AAA ,and they refunded my $25.00 for the quote.
  • Thanks for the info, Dannyo. Yeah, from other posts, I do believe that NC as well as Texas and some other states are cheaper than Colorado. I actually did ALOT of homework...edmunds,,, etc. and all were within $100-200 of each other. I will definitely contact dealers online and see what I can get. I appreciate all the incite!
  • bmr123bmr123 Posts: 60
    Why would you pay for a quote? That's the dumbest thing I heard all day. Just because it's AAA doesn't mean your going to get a good deal. These guys make money on the sale of the car, why would you pay for a something they are already making money on? You can request quotes through or go to the dealerships websites?? AAA is basically doing the same thing as going to and putting in a price quote request. I got my LE for 250 under invoice and my parents got a SL for 300 under invoice. You can get invoice pricing on this car. Just take the offer they give you and walk towards the door and they will come back with a better deal. It works all the time. Good luck and don't pay for quotes that's like paying for a test drive.
  • dannyodannyo Posts: 9
    Invoice for SL with options you listed is about 31,500. See Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book.
  • sabaurcsabaurc Posts: 3
    What does VPP pricing stand for and how do you obtain it?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,080
    Vehicle Purchase Program


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

    Need help picking out a make/model, finding inventory, or advice on pricing? Talk to an Edmunds Car Shopping Advisor

  • sabaurcsabaurc Posts: 3
    Has anyone out there bought an 09 Murano in the Memphis/West Tennessee area? I am looking to buy in the next few months and want to see what dealers might be the best to work with.
  • Not in Memphis but see my post from a page or two ago if you are interested in seeing the details of my 09 that I bought in Nashville. It was about $900 below invoice for a loaded SL. Search under user name martinrrrr.
  • Hi,

    I'm planning to buy Nissan Murano 2009 LE Super Black / Platinum Graphite with Black Leather, Hard Drive Navigation System & Dual Moon roof, Splash Guards & Floor mats.

    Could you guys please help me about right price?

    Edmunds prices are as below:

    MSRP Invoice TMV
    National Base Price
    A note about advertising fees $35,910 $33,073 $35,910

    Regional Adjustment
    for Zip Code Change - - $0

    Optional Equipment $3,265 $2,810 $3,265

    U01 Navigation System $1,850 $1,605 $1,850
    J01 Dual Panel Moonroof $1,170 $1,015 $1,170
    B10 Splash Guards $125 $100 $125
    L92 Carpeted Floor Mats $120 $90 $120
    (3 Piece Set)

    Color Adjustment - - $0
    Platinum Graphite Metallic

    Destination Charge $745 $745 $745
    Total with Options $39,920 $36,628 $39,920

    I inquired at few places they offer around $36700 plus taxes, fees which would end aroudn $40,000

    Is this rite price?

    I read article and it says it should be all included with Edmund's invoice price i.e. $36,628 including taxes, tags, fees.

    If any one has bought it recently or idea about this car, please reply asap?

  • musky300musky300 Posts: 7
    Just settled on this deal for my new Murano.

    2009 Murano LE
    Platinum Graphite w/ Black Leather

    Dual Moonroof
    Splash Guards
    Floor Mats

    MSRP: $39,920.00
    Invoice: $36,628.00

    PRICE PAID: $35,900.00

    $728 UNDER Invoice

    Tax (7% - Indiana) - $2,513.00
    Title & Fees - $120.75

    Total Out-the-Door Price: $38,533.75

    I worked 100% through email contacting Internet Sales Managers. I communicated with over 10 Nissan Dealerships in a 3-state area. Most initial prices came in between Invoice and about $500 over. Found one who was willing to work with me and that I formed a good relationship with and we got the price down to what you see above. I did not buy this at the end of the month...actually was the first week of the Month.

    This was in the Midwest...I know the area of the country can make a big impact on what dealerships are willing to do. My advice is to be willing to expand your geographic diameter from your home and get quotes from at least 10 dealers to get your "baseline" of what the normal price is for that area.
  • I was wondering, for those who bought an 09 Murano, did you get a gray Nissan Owner's Manual case? Or were the several manuals laying in the glove box with no case?
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