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BMW 3-Series 2006



  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234
    Shipo & Blueguydotcom

    Ok, read the Shipo crash course in negotiation. Sounds very logical and is what I have done in the past for my previous 2 vehicles. Tell me what you think of the following scenario. Because Edmunds does not have invoice pricing out yet on the 2006 330i, lets just use the 2005 330i configured as close as possible to my spec 06'.

    I will make some assumptions as well in this scenario, if the msrp of the 06' is $36,300 and the msrp of the 05' is $35,700 the difference being $600 bucks, I am going to add $600 bucks to the invoice price of my 06' spec.

    Item............................... Invoice $

    2006 330i........................... $33,265
    Destination......................... $695
    Metallic Paint...................... $430
    Cold Weather..................... $910
    Premium............................ $2,000
    Sport................................. $1,490
    Steptronic.......................... $1,210

    Total.............................. $40,000

    So, invoice on this would be approx. $40,000. MSRP is around $43,500. I just need to add Dealer profit. How much do you guys think is a realistic amount for Dealer Profit?

  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Your responses will vary from responder to responder, so here is my take:

    For the new 3-Series, I would consider $1,500 dealer profit to be "Fair", with $1,250 (or lower) being better for you (but very difficult to obtain given the newness of the car), and $1750 (or higher) being too much in the dealers' pocket.

    Best Regards,
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Gee thanks! ;-)

    What I forgot to mention is that the Domestic MSRP on that car was $47,395, giving me a savings of $5,215 before the sales tax (and the then applicable Luxury Tax) were calculated, which in the end saved me nearly another $600.

    Best Regards,
  • psyranpsyran Posts: 30
    Depending where you live in the U.S. and the availability of the e-90, I think it would be very fortunate for you to get anything off retail for the next few months. With a limited dealer allotment, why give a huge discount to you when the dealer can sell to the next guy for retail with a limited allotment? ( unless you have a buying history with the dealer). If you want discount, it seems the way to go is ED. Let us know if you are successful at negotiating any discount.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    I put this link up before. We have the BMW invoice and more important ED invoice prices:
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Hmm aprox 5k depreciation in 36 months.Would you have been better on a purchase and resale ? instead of lease ?Of course I understand the hassel of resale a vehicle at that price,ect...

  • Some interior pics have showed an "aux" input in the center console and the pics of the radio show cd, tuner, and aux on screen. I assume this means you can simply plug your ipod into the aux slot and off you go, right?
  • bigpapalukebigpapaluke Posts: 108
    Here's the technique that I have used in the past with every car purchase that I've made. Thus far, it hasn't failed me once. Thanks Blue for posting that link. Made this configuration very easy.

    2006 BMW 330i 6MT (Sparkling Graphite & Black Dakota Leather)

    Base Invoice Price $33,215.00

    Options - Invoice
    Order Code Description
    --- Metallic Paint (Sparkling Graphite) $430.00
    ZPP Premium Package $2,000.00
    Black Dakota Leather (ZPP)
    ZSP Sport Package $1,455.00
    4AC Poplar Wood Trim $-
    655 Satellite Radio $595.00
    Total Options $4,480.00

    Sub-Total $37,695.00

    Dealer Profit over invoice 3.00% $1,130.85
    Destination $695.00

    Total $39,520.85
    My Offer $39,700.00

    Tax @ 3% $1,191.00
    Tags $600.00
    Processing fee $299.00

    Grand total $41,790.00
  • armyguy1armyguy1 Posts: 1
    Thanks, blueguydotcom. The one price list not included is the overseas military price. It is $26,900 for the 325i and $32,300 for the 330i. You can arrange delivery at a stateside dealer. Previous posts have referred to these prices and others may want to know where they came from. You must be stationed overseas to qualify, however. A 325i may be my end of tour reward once I know I'm leaving Iraq...
  • planomlplanoml Posts: 244
    Yep! What I'm wondering is what else you can plug in.
  • greg0320greg0320 Posts: 1
    Very helpful information. Is same type information available for the "xi"? Also, is there any idea when the 2006 325xi and/or 330xi will be available here in the states?


  • novicenovice Posts: 64
    I too want to thank all the incredible information you folks provide. I plan on the 325xi when it's available. I'm thinking about the sports package. I understand it doesn't provide the sports suspension or the performance tires--both okay with me. But, does it still have the heftier anti-roll bars? That would be a plus in the car and I don't see why that wouldn't be part of the package but can't find the answer.


  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I've been known to be wrong before so don't stake your life on what I say, however, my understanding is that ALL "xi" models get the standard suspension, and nothing but the standard suspension, including standard roll bars.

    Best Regards,
  • eeltoneelton Posts: 3
    The previous xi models did not have a sport suspension option, but does anyone know whether that will be true of the E90 xi versions? The X3 does have a sport suspension option, and the xDrive in the upcoming 325/330xi is used in the X3.
  • eeltoneelton Posts: 3
    Another point about the E90 xi vs. the previous model. Although the weight difference between the old 330i and 330xi was 242 pounds, it may be less for the E90. At least according to the specs on the Edmunds site, the weight difference between the 530i and 530xi (with xDrive, which the E90 xi will have) is 166 pounds.

    I guess I see the desirability of AWD somewhat differently than many people on this board, as I've been driving an Audi A4 with quattro for six years. Audi people seem to see AWD as more of a plus than BMW drivers.
  • tex62tex62 Posts: 3
    I live near Dallas and just sent my configuration for a 325i out to bid to 4 different dealers:

    #1 - The first person told me that there is a BMW purchase policy not to discount beyond MSRP for the next 6 months. Has anyone else heard this story?
    #2 - The next person said that he would match whatever I came back with from the other guys but estimated that he could only go about $200.
    #3 - Another dealer responded with a best and final with no discount off of MSRP.
    #4 - Still waiting for a response since Friday from the last dealer...

    Anyone know what is true and what is fiction....
  • tex62tex62 Posts: 3
    What state did you order your call from?...and was it ordered via ED?
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    4.well see....

    Unfortunatly , there are plenty of ***** in the Dallas area that are paying full price on 2005 models.Whatever. Anyways, they are so arrogant they will wait on a poor sap instead of making a fair deal.You might try Center in Temple , especially if you want ED.

    Good luck,
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I've been active in this discussion on and off since 1998, and in that entire time I've heard nothing but non-complimentary things about the sales attitude of the Dallas area BMW dealers. Collusion I believe is the formal term for what they are doing. Fortunately for them other dealers (as in dealers not in the Dallas area) are not in on the same secret deal and as such the Dallas dealers cannot be formally charged by the governmental powers that be for price fixing. If you live in the Dallas area and you are willing to pay full price, then you're good to go. If you're not willing, then I've heard that down toward Austin or over toward Shreveport are the directions one can travel to get a much better deal.

    Keep in mind, I live in the frozen north (the last of our snow just finished melting today) and have never actually dealt with a Dallas area dealer, I'm just posting what I believe I've heard.

    Best Regards,
  • tex62 and others,

    I was actually quite surprised at the discounts available on the new 2006 3 series. I don't think dealers will be giving much in the way of discounts but I have had several dealers mention that they would knock $1000 off MSRP. I attrribute this to the fact that they have sold so many 2005 3 series with the incentives that they are worried that may have absorbed alot of the demand. Also, they are getting lots of 3 series in May, June and other competitive cars such as Acura TL and RL, Lexus and Audi are being discounted.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    They can easily "say" they will cut $1000 off MSRP if they feel like it, then make up the money elsewhere in so many other parts of the transaction or just plain not do it when the time comes.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Nail on the head my friend. Whats absurd is that one can deal in NY/NJ and not TX. My example:

    I briefly looked a month ago at a rare bird 2005 with CWP. As you can imagine not many to be found here in the South. After not such a great offer (with incentives)I made a very fair (and probably too high) offer. The response was "we offer good pricing up front to avoid the back and forth" your getting a great car,at a good price" "we stand by our offer" . dont let the door hit you..... ect ect

    Guess what ? said vehicle is still there, with 2006's at the port. Come July in TX will they move it with heated seats ? BTW another poster from NY bought exact equipped car last week for $1500 less than I was offered.
  • amt7565amt7565 Posts: 165
    I have been dealing with all the 4 dealers in the Dallas metroplex and yes it's hard to bargain with them. One dealer in particular seems like he will sell for close to what I want(about $33K for a $40K vehicle). But all this has only been done on email. I have not gone to the dealership to try to purhcase one yet.

    I am waiting for the new models to come out. So, I am in no rush to buy...also the feeling of driving a paid off car is sweet for the time being! I will buy one right away, only if I got a deal that was hard to resist!

    I spoke with a dealer in Temple/Bryan, and he has agreed to do ED with only a resonable profit. So, seems like I do have something lined up if I like the new models and do ED.

    There is a site someone posted here for rating dealers...I think it was or something similar. The dealerships in Arlington and Fortworth had very excellnt ratings. The ones in Richardson and Dallas had very very poor ratings.

  • pisciottapisciotta Posts: 54
    I saw the new 2006 3 series at the new york auto show and to tell you the truth I didn't care for the new styling, looks alot better in pictures!!!!
  • qtowne46qtowne46 Posts: 8
    Anyone here heard of if and when Bavarian is going to add the performance package to the E90? I realize the E90 will have more ponies then the E46, but a ZHP E90 would be radical.
  • dlw314dlw314 Posts: 7
    I saw the new 2006 3 series at the new york auto show and to tell you the truth I didn't care for the new styling, looks alot better in pictures!!!!

    Funny, I though the exact opposite when I saw it at the NY auto show ...

    I felt it looks better in person than it does in pictures, and I definitely like the new styling...

    I guess it's just different strokes for different folks... :)
  • tex62tex62 Posts: 3
    Thanks everyone for the feedback on the dealers in Dallas. Collusion in this area would not be that far fetched. I'm going to test the waters in Temple and see if these guys are hungry enough to sell me a car....
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    You say someone told you that "there is a BMW purchase policy not to discount the new 3 series beyond MSRP for the next 6 months"?

    Isn't this called price fixing, conspiracy, and all those other nice illegal things? Call your state attorney general.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I'm prognosticating here, never-the-less, here goes...

    My bet (were I a bettin' man, which for the most part I'm not) would be that we will see the E90 330i remain basically unchanged for the 2006 and 2007 model years. Starting with 2008 we'll probably see a 333i or even a 335i, which will of course boast of a 3.3 or 3.5 liter mill and nearly 300 of BMW's conservative ponies. As for an E90 330i ZHP, I don't think that will ever materialize. Why? Well, the E46 330i ZHP was in reality a Band-Aid slapped on the 330i simply because the G35 exploited a fairly big hole in the E46 line-up, namely no M3 Sedan. Assuming that the rumor mill is even remotely correct, BMW will not make that mistake this time around, as it seems that an E90 M3 Sedan is in the offing in a year or two.

    Best Regards,
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