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Jeep Liberty Diesel



  • The new Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck Synthetic 5w40 Oil is finally available from Autobarn, or equivalently for $6.99 per quart. I haven't seen it yet at Walmart. I gave up waiting last week and had the oil changed with Rotella 5w40 synthetic. So far, at 3000 miles, our '05 CRD is running great and getting about 23 mpg. The dealer upped the tire pressure to 35 psi, but I like the smoother ride at 32 psi, even if I'm giving up 1 or 2 mpg.
  • steve05steve05 Posts: 52
    Inferno Red Pearl Coat. There is an odd "tan colored" CRD in the GM parking lot where I work but I haven't found the owner yet. Found build date: 6/24/05 - I bought it 04/06/06 - over nine months old. The dealer did tell me it was in warehouse storage when I called. They promptly ran it out of fuel in the parking lot when bringing it out for me to see. There is a really neat little priming pump under the hood. Hope never to see it used again as I understand diesels running dry REALLY hate that. HEY! Can anyone tell me about the "Engine Block Heater?" Should I be finding a short 120volt cord under the hood somewhere to plug this little guy in next winter? THX in advance!

  • dzlmysterdzlmyster Posts: 15
    Don't be too quick to jump on the metric bandwagon...when we used to be on the Imperial system here in Canada, price of gas would change a penny or two an imperial gallon Now oil companies change up to 10 or 12 cents a litre which is over 55 cents a gallon and think nothing of how it affects the consumer. Government laughs all the way to the bank with taxes on the fuel as well. Price of gasoline most places in Canada now is around $1.089 CDN/litre at the moment. That is 4.95 CDN/Imperial Gallon or 4.138 CDN/US Gallon and our dollar is higher now than it has been for over 15 years or more. On the brighter side, diesel fuel is $1.019/litre and my fuel mileage on the '06 CRD is getting better all the time. I don't see the metric system as being a help to us in this case.


  • bvcrdbvcrd Posts: 196
    You can find it coiled up by the oil dip stick.
  • twocycle2twocycle2 Posts: 55
    "HEY! Can anyone tell me about the "Engine Block Heater?" Should I be finding a short 120volt cord under the hood somewhere to plug this little guy in next winter? THX in advance! "

    It's located coiled up by the oil dipstick.....get some of the plastic electric cord protective wrapping (like most of the other electric cords under the hood are wrapped in) and put the block heater cord in this wrapping to protect it.....I then ran mine over by the brake booster to the fender, around the right side of the battery, and rested the plug up front just above the headlight....I used a few electric ties to keep it in place along the really use, all you have to do is open the hood, plug it in, and then you can lower the hood overnight with the plug draping out the front above the grill....just be sure when you route it to carefully close the hood the first time to be sure there is no interference.

    Welcome aboard! Mine is the same far, 1700 miles with zero problems....I love it!!!!
  • twocycle2twocycle2 Posts: 55
    Has anybody who lives near Dallas/Ft Worth found a good dealer that is well versed on the CRD? While I have not had any problems, I want to know where to go if I do. Anybody had any experiences in DFW, good or bad?

  • bvcrdbvcrd Posts: 196
    I go left of the battery with no tape and no problems.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    dieselfumes1:Just thinking of what to say, to you with your CRD issues, makes me kinda of ill on how you must feel. I am not sure how to reach this zone rep. He was there on some other Dodge problem, and because I was at the service counter I was introduced to him. I am unable to even remember his name now.
    After all you have been through I don't have a clue as to what if I were you as to what to do. With a brand new engine surely it will be better than the last engine. No doubt you will be better off once you get it back? Before I signed any warranty paper work I would take a test drive and check out everything you can. If the slightest thing is not right I would refuse to take it until everything is perfect! I sure wish you the best, we are rooting for ya.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    dogmeat2: Ya maybe should have read the owners manual, it's not too late to read it now. My 2005 Limited had the same feature, I am not totally sure but I am thinking that that's on all the Limited Liberty's. Maybe ask your dealer. Well it did do as you asked, to get you in if you did not have the chip/fod key.....oh joy.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    leland_jackson: I went to our three local Wally's World's and they had no Mobil 1 syn. 0-40 or 5-40 or anything that was above 30! I was down half a quart and I wanted to put it in. I looked the entire oil section over twice, and finally ask to sales/tec for help. He said they are not going to carry what I wanted and that those Mobil 1 40 weights did not sell enough to be kept in stock, he could order some for me. I was thrilled to find out the oil DCX wants us to use is a pain in the neck to even get. He pointed out to me that Shell Rotella has 5-40 in synthetic, and here is the best part, Rotella is $3.92 a quart! Now not only that but it meets API SERVICE C1-4, CH-1, CG-4, CF-4, CF/SJ, SL. Fore sure one of these is just what we need, I hope. Anyone know for sure?
    Until las friday I was consistently getting 22mpg and twice I got 23. I never have had it on a trip in 12,700 miles. After having the two re programs done one engine the other for the transmission, this has been a huge improvement! The cruse control stays in even when going down and up a dip! The shifting in and out on small up and down parts of the road don't cause the trans to stay in OD. I can now get into OD at 56mph. And here is an even better result, 27.6 mpg! We went 83 miles while in full time 4X4 in a down pore of a rain! I thought this only happened to the other CRD owners that might know exactly how to figuar fuel mileage. So my advice if your CRD needs the tsb have them done. I still can't believe I got 27.6 MPG. Wow, I am happy, that's like getting a raise.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    dzlmyster: I did some math and that comes out to $3.88 a US gallon, and we are paying $2.80 a US gallon, or $.74 CDN/liter. Well I guess when we go on vacation to Canada we better plan on more for fuel, hey?

  • bvcrdbvcrd Posts: 196
    That's a crazy price when Rotella is just as good if not better. I run 37 psi in mine and get a little better than you. I guess we have smoother roads in Colorado.
  • We bought at Meador(02/05)but live by and use Grubbs in Bedford. I've mentioned Sean Tierney the parts manager. Apparently one of their new crd service customers (who bought elsewhere) called all over the metroplex trying to find a dealer who knew not to put 30 weight oil in it. Call Sean and then see the SM Gerry. Sean is a wealth of help and information about parts and service.
  • i am using amsoil in my crd. according to amsoil i just need to change filter at 6 months and top off with oil. can i take
    the oil filter off without loosing the rest of it?
  • zachinmizachinmi Posts: 228
    Higher altitude should have a positive effect on mileage. All of Colorado is high - even on the plains you're at 3000-5000 feet above sea level. And with the turbo you'll have little or no loss of power.
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    Dogmeat2....If you lock your cdr with the remote on the key, when you open the crd with the key manually the alarm will sound. But if you lock the crd with the key manually when you open the door with the key manually the alarm will not sound. If the alarm sound while you open the door the only thing that you have to do is to introduce the key in the ignition and the alarm will stop. Hope your like your crd......nescosmo.
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    Farmer52....Why don't you stay with the 15w-40 Amsoil have the 15w-40 on syn. I am on the 5w-40 Rotella and been thinking in changing for the 15w-40. I have an Sprinter van with a 2.7 common rail 5 cylinder diesel and it love 15w-40 it run smooth and quieter. I use delo 400.
  • synlubessynlubes Posts: 184
    i sell synthetic oil but i think dello 400 is one of the best petroliam oil out there isn't the sprinter engine pretty close to the crd
  • bvcrdbvcrd Posts: 196
    There is two schools of thought. One is the thinner air isn't producing the horse power as the thicker air down near sea level. I'd agree with that. The other is the thinner air offers less resistance, sort of like the Blackbird being able to go mach 3+ at 100,000 feet. I'd agree with that too. We laugh at people down on the flats that think they are high. Live at 10,000' for a while and then tell me that 3-5000' is high. No comparison.
  • unclebubbaunclebubba Posts: 80
    I have an '05' Liberty CRD that has more than had its share of issues. Those have been addressed and it runs really well now(over 15,000 miles). You will not have an issue with parts, I am confident of this! This is not about the engine as it has been about what DC has done to meet emissons standards for passenger vehicles. This little engine is not going away! Take comfort in the track record of the VM Moturi company. They build lots of diesels for the world market and have a reasonably good reputation.
  • playgabeplaygabe Posts: 31
    DC is making another BIG mistake not offering the new 4 door Wrangler with a diesel option in the US. The vehicles are made in US but the diesel is only avail for export. They will be avail with manual trans also. What a crock!
    Wonder when the auto Mfg. will start listening to the consumers and not bean counters!
  • manleymanley Posts: 72
    As to hybrids, I am still quite sure that you will need a new set of batteries every 4-5 years. At the prices I have seen, that would be like an engine rebuild. Not very cost efficient.

    The way that I see it happening is this:
    All of these folks buying hybrids, have basically done it all in the past 2 years. In the next 3 or 4 years the batteries are going to start dyeing. It is going to cost about 3 to 4 grand for a new one (like you said). Here is the kicker the old battery is now toxic waste, good luck getting rid of that, the dealers aren't going to take it for free. So you are going to have to pay a hefty recycling fee. Many owners aren't going to want to do that.

    Now you have a prius that was getting 50mpg when it had an electric motor doing all of its acceleration, but now its hauling around a useless electric motor, a died battery, and all the of the connective electrical equipment. The unfortunate owner of that this will probably only get about 20mpg to 25mpg out if it after that. Not to mention all the havoc it will play on the electrical system. The unfortunate owner of that this will probably only get about 20mpg to 25mpg out if it after that.

    Either they will not change there batteries and deal with low mileage or they will dispose of them on their own buy dumping on the side of the road somewhere. How environmentally friendly.
  • manleymanley Posts: 72
    I have been looking at this new concept (new to me anyway) for a compressed air Diesel hybrid. Screw electric motors, batteries, recycling fee, and the basic over complication of the cars.

    The engine will utilize the high compression ratio of the diesel engine and compress air, when you are slowing down, into a tank and when you leave from a stop half of the engine will be in two cycle compressed air mode and the rest of the engine is in 4 stroke diesel mode. Once all the compressed air is gone all of the engine is back to 4 stroke mode.

    The valving will have to be computer controlled but the concept is simple and it doesn't add a stupid amount of servicable parts. It would not only add milage but a ton of torque to the low end. WIN FREAKIN WIN, wish my libby had one.
  • revebwrevebw Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 CRD. Bought it in October in Seattle.
  • smokinjoesmokinjoe Posts: 4
    Hello all,
    This is my first post here. I purchased an 06 CRD about six weeks ago. I just love my little jeep. I previously owned a GMC with a 6.2 Diesel. Loved that old truck and ran the wheels off of it. When I owned that truck I was able to obtain a 2 quart oil filter that matched the threads and gasket surface completely ( instead of the oem 1 quart filter). I just did my first oil change on my jeep today and thought that filter looked a bit small. I was wondering if anyone had researched a larger oil filter that would match the threads and gasket surface perfectly??
  • bvcrdbvcrd Posts: 196
    I like to think the engineers at VM Motori knew what they were doing with the stock filter and have chosen not to second guess them.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    bvcrd: I have been at 13,000 feet twice each time for 8 days. I had to sleep with oxygen at night, and the Toyota jeep like thing was very slow that high. But then again so was everything else, like people, and lamas and other animals. In fact jets had a hard time taking off form La Paz, Bolivia. I do not want to go there again. I do not know how people get use to living there but they do.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    playgabe: Perhaps the real question is why did DCX put an engine in the Liberty that they knew would only be good for two years? Every maker knew what was going to be expected in 2007. V M Motori has an engine that meets the 2007 emission standards. The big issue is it costs a lot more! The diesels that go in the Ram in 2007 are going up by $3,000. at least. I heard as much as $6,000, and a diesel in total could cost $11,000. more over the Hemi. That's the real problem.
    How can the President call for more "green" friendly engines and yet kill the diesels that can use Bio fuel?
    The biggest joke is we subsidize farmers to grow corn that will be used for gas additive. Them they sell it to the company that makes it into ethanol, and when at the pump it's price is the same as unleaded gas, but gets 10% less mpg. To grow corm the energy cost to grow corn are more than to grow flax, which is a far better organic material to get ethanol. This is a major flaw in E-10 or E-85. In fact there are only less than 700 fueling stations in the US selling E-85! This is a pure stupid energy policy.
    Bio diesel is still trying to get standardized. B-20 in one place may be a lot different than a few other states away. Right now the only Bio fuel that is totally the same and safe is B-5 and below. Yet there are places selling B-20 and above that is not even close to the same from station to station. This is a royal mess, and who pays? we do at the pump thinking that all Bio Fuels are good because our engine runs quieter and smoother. (but not for near as long)
    The issue is to many different parts of the Federal Government have got their nose in the pie!
    So I am not sure how much blame goes to DCX, but one things for sure there's plenty of blame to go around>

  • bvcrdbvcrd Posts: 196

    I lived at 10,200' feet for 3 years before moving down to 8,000'. There is a simple answer. Acclimate. You have to get used to it, even when climbing Mt Everest, the folks have to do a little at a time for up to 3 weeks while there. What happens is your body puts on more red blood cells. It is like athletes do with blood doping. The problem is with some folks like me, there body makes way too much and there is a risk of stroke and clots. I have to have a pint drained off every month or so and so do a lot of folks. The good news is when we go back to Missouri, I am super man.
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