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Toyota Sienna 2004+



  • dtd98dtd98 Posts: 21
    Hi Hexn ,
    I too am looking for an XLE with package # 12.I'm in San Jose, could you please tell me what dealership you are ordering and how long it takes to get it.I really appreciate it.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    In case you didn't know, manufacturer's (except Saturn) do not dictate the selling price a dealer can sell a vehicle for. The dealer will try to sell it at whatever they can get.

    Holdback is money the dealer gets back from the manufacturer once the vehicle is sold and is usually calculated at 2.5-3% of MSRP and varies some by manufacturer. There may also be other incentives from the manufacturers which could vary over time. That is probably what your $282 is. I am surprised your dealer was so open with these numbers. They usually don't want to tell you much more than what invoice is. Then, even if they sell it at invoice, they are at least marking it up the the holdback and whatever other hidden incentives are in effect.
  • newcar35newcar35 Posts: 48
    The packages you are forced to get depend on what region you live in. You might try the "build your own" Sienna at the toyota website to see what options it allows you to see (I think it asks you for your zip code to determine what region you are in). If you are in the midwest area, go directly to, which is a web site created by the midwest toyota dealers, and will show you what options are available (or not available) on various vehicles. Of course, that's only accurate for midwest dealerships...
  • hexnhexn Posts: 16
    The dealship is S******Creek Toyota in San Jose. They told me 30 days. Hope that helps
  • dtd98dtd98 Posts: 21
    Thanks for your info. I've been there 1 week ago and they quoted me 7% over invoice through Costco program. By the way , can I mention your name when I talk to them. Who is the sale man and what color are you going to get? Again thanks and have a good weekend. I'll be there.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    What is that, Stevens Creek? It's ok to name the dealer, just please don't link to them, put contact info up or list the salespeople who greeted you, gave your dog a treat, let you use their net connection to post on Town Hall or promised you a bird dog fee for mentioning their name.

    But saying you got good service at Billy Bob Thornton's Toyota Center is fine.

    Steve, Host
  • hexnhexn Posts: 16
    dtd98, Better not mention my name :)
  • danhirschdanhirsch Posts: 20
    for 5% over invoice on 3/15/03 in New Jersey! Just be aware that the floor mats are extra - as are the mudguards. You need to get the Z1 package as well for the cargo net (which I feel is a waste with this great "trunk"), the floor mats and that all important first aid kit!!

    By the way, I found that with the 17" wheels, the step up to the van is a bit higher than the old Sienna - almost enough to warrant the running boards.

    It is a great van - you will love it.
  • Could you let us know what dealership you used. The local dealerships here in CT are looking for MSRP and I would be tempted to make the drive if I could save some cash.

  • dparlerdparler Posts: 22
    Hey, danhirsch and anybody out there who has a 8 seater .... how big is the 8th seat? We looked at an LE today but dealer only had the 7 seater on the lot. He thought the 8th seat fit between the two captain's seats on the 7 seater, which would make it rather small. Won't standard car seats fit in one? Is it large enough for a 5 year old child to seat between two older sibs ? Does the 8th seat ALWAYS have to stay in as seat or flipped oiver console or is it removable ? And can remaining two captains seats come together (without the smaller seat in there) or is it one single bench with a middle section that flops over? Finally, is all this described and answered somewhere?
  • newcar35newcar35 Posts: 48
    The 8th seat is narrow, and I think Toyota says that it can hold an infant car seat, but does not say whether it will hold a convertible or a booster. Since they specifically say an infant seat, I'm going on the assumption that a larger booster or convertible seat would not fit on it. I would really doubt that you could fit 3 car seats next to each other in that second row. Perhaps you could put a car seat in the outboard position, and a small kid who has no need for a booster seat in the center.

    It can be removed from the vehicle.

    The remaining captain's chairs cannot be brought together (unlike in the 7 passenger model).

    This used to be described on the Sienna minisite at toyota's website. I would imagine it is still there in the full Sienna description, you just may have to hunt for it a little.
  • The size of the center 2nd row seat was a concern for me as well. If you look at the picture on the Toyota web site, It appears that the center seat in the 2nd row can accommodate a larger convertible/booster. The picture I am referring to is on the Toyota website under the Sienna e-brochure tab.
  • shabbycatshabbycat Posts: 65
    it is narrower than the two outboard seats in the middle row, but the brochure does show an older child (about age 3?) in a convertible sized car seat which is larger than an infant seat. You can take the middle seat out, or better yet, fold it down to make a tray table (it has cupholders on the backside). If you do take it out, the two outboard seats are not captains chairs w/arm rests - they are simple seats. You could also leave the middle seat in and take out one of the outboard seats if you wanted - this would leave a comfy bench seat with a pathway to the back on the side. All of the middle row seats have cupholder/tray capabilities if you fold them down which I think is kind of cool.

    Hope this helps!
  • tjm6tjm6 Posts: 14
    Is it possible that the 2004 Sienna, which I just drove today, sits higher (i.e. higher ground clearance and/or seats situated higher) than the 2003? My wife noticed this first, and then I agreed that it seemed higher. As a result, we wondered whether it was possible that any changes could have occurred which would increase the center of gravity of the vehicle 2003-->2004.
  • The 2004 Sienna's ground clearance of 6.9" is 1" higher than the 2003 Sienna's of 5.9". The 2004 Sienna's ground clearance is also about 2.5" higher than the 2003 Odyssey, with a ground clearance of 4.3". I don't know about center of gravity. I have not seen any feedback concerning roll over tests yet.
  • leknlekn Posts: 78
    > As a result, we wondered whether it was possible that any
    > changes could have occurred which would increase the center
    > of gravity of the vehicle 2003-->2004

    Ground clearance does not always translate to center of gravity, which depends more on the engine/drive train placement and the chassis. Don't forget that 2004 Sienna has a much wider track and much longer wheelbase. So even *if* 04 Sienna has a higher center of gravity, it may still be more stable than 03.

    As for Odyssey ground clearance, I see some listed it as 6.4" instead of 4.3" which seems a bit too low for a minivan. Did not see it in the official specs though.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    I finally saw the '04 Sienna up close today at my local auto show. They had only two vans, an LE with many options, including DVD, and an XLE. (A salesman told me it was the first LE he's seen. I heard another salesman tell a woman that he had only two Siennas in stock, an XLE and a Limited, but would be getting more in next week.) I spent the most time in the LE because I would get a CE or an LE. Overall I was favorably impressed by the execution of the van. The styling is clean, making the van look smaller than it is. The D pillar reminds me a bit of the Previa. The driving position was good (sometimes height adjusters don't raise the front of the cushion enough for me; the Sienna's was OK). Whoever designed the glossy black interior trim should be fired. It was distracting even indoors (albeit a well-lighted indoors). I think the matte black trim used by DC, Honda, Kia et. al. is a smarter choice for dash trim--it won't show fingerprints like the gloss black trim either. The little storage compartments in the center of the dash, with damped doors, were curious. I was wondering what I'd put in there, since they were small and there was no sound-deadening material (otherwise I could use them for coin boxes). The shifter position was interesting, and although I'm not used to gated shifters I like the position better than, say, the MPV's long shift lever.

    Middle seat room was fine. I think the reviewer who said it was tight did not move the seats back far enough. The sliding seats (fore-aft) are a big plus. Just wish Toyota had stolen Mazda's side-by-slide idea so the middle seats could be moved together easily. There were several visible mounting holes in the floor, leaving an unfinished appearance. The seats (7-seat configuration) were not as comfortable as DC's captain's chairs, mainly because the cushions were a little flat for my taste, but good overall. The rear seat had enough leg room and head room for me (5' 10"). At first I thought there was no rear headrest, then I noticed they were retracted (for seat storage). That's something drivers will have to watch out for--making sure the headrests are pushed up for their taller kids/riders. Still, it beats having to remove the headrests in order to stow the rear seat, as on other vans.

    Storing the rear seat was easy enough, but I found Honda's mechanism to be more intuitive and easier overall, even though it's not spring-loaded like the Sienna's is. The springs give the seat a mind of its own I think. Also, I don't like that the rear seat doesn't stow flush into the floor like on the Ody and MPV; it gives an unfinished look and might be a problem when hauling large cargo. I also didn't like the seat mounts protruding into the rear seat well. But they were covered in plastic so they shouldn't jeopardize cargo.

    Now I'll have to find a CE or maybe an LE to test-drive. But so far the Sienna is on my shopping list, along with the Ody, MPV, and maybe the GCS (brand loyalty I guess--I've owned Caravans for 12 years running).
  • gtahobegtahobe Posts: 42
    Thank you for the honest description of the Sienna. When I was at the auto show, it appeared to me that the 3rd row seats folded flush with the floor. What detail did you notice that made it appear not to be flush? Maybe I missed something here.

    Also, has anybody actually carried a 4x8 sheet in the new Sienna yet? Yes, I know there are pictures of people loading it, but I want to know how tight of a fit it is between the wheel wells and how tight up to the back of the front row seats. Also, after the first sheet is in, how tall can you go until the sheets don't fit anymore?

    Thanks in advance.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    It's not much of a rise, but it's not 100% flush either. Look at the Sienna's folded seat, then at an Odyessy or MPV. You'll see a small but noticable difference. Now, this is really a small detail in the big scheme of things; maybe I expected near-perfection from Toyota with the '04 Sienna because of their reputation for quality engineering and because they've had a long time to study the competition and get all the details right on this van. And in most cases I think they've succeeded. None of the things I mentioned are "blocker" issues. Well, except maybe the gloss black trim. I really don't know if I'd want to live with that for the 6-7 years I expect to own my next van. It's hard to ignore. Maybe it will grow on me. OTOH, I've never seen gloss black trim on a Honda, and the '04 Ody is due out this fall...
  • dadoctordadoctor Posts: 6
    Ever here this term in football? Or drop back 10 and punt? In the past two days, I visited four different Toyota Dealerships between Central IL and the Chicago area. Here is my experience.

    The Sienna appears to be well built. I test drove a Limited and an LE. Not much difference in the ride(except I love leather). The 'kid' mirror is a nice feature. IT'S (Shhh) a quiet ride too. Pickup? It's not nascar, but it's not a noisy Saturn either. No eight seaters on hand(a limited supply)...which makes me wonder about those truth in adverting laws....hmmmmm...

    Certain dealers do not want to budge from MSRP citing that if Honda can do this, so can we least for a while. Customers can not pick and choose options packages that don't match factory allocations. If it happens to match what Princeton, IN is making, good for you.

    I must credit one salesman in the Chicago area who took the time to find two alternatives to my request which was like finding a needle in a haystack. He found a car allocated for another area(not built yet). When asked about bending from MSRP, he stood firm. I mentioned Columbia Fleet. After a 'meeting' with the manager, he responded with 500 under MSRP(a dogbone...but not a happy meal)and a possible mid April delivery.

    Prior to walking into this last dealer, I contacted Columbia Fleet who allows me to select the option package I need for 2% above invoice (meaning, invoice+options+delivery=(total invoice* 0.02)=total cost. The downside being extended delivery time (90-100 days). Although the salesman was a nice guy, his hands were tied. Thus, I had no choice but to walk away...drop back 10 and punt a quote to Columbia Fleet and will see what happens.

    My advice to the Toyota Dealers and to other parties: Don't underestimate the intelligence of prospects. The research and comparisions that I performed made me realize...MSRP is not acceptable. On other Edmunds boards, Ody's are being sold for under MSRP. Arrogence TURNED ME OFF FROM PURCHASING A VAN! I walked out of Honda in Joliet several months ago because of their arrogant attitude. Honesty and fairness attracts me given the amount of $$$ I will sink into a vehicle.

    Toyota should be agressively pricing these vehicles with good quantities on hand and ablity to custom order to customer specs, not the factory or sales plan. Toyota should increase their allocation of 8 seaters for CE and LE. CE's account for less than 5 percent in the Chicago region(may have been 1 percent). Only 14 eight seater LE's were made in March which should be increased substantially.

    As an example, I have friends who have two kids. I have two kids...If you travel as a party of 8, either someone is squashed or you need two vehicles. Another friend has 5 kids who owns a Chevy Vulture(Venture). He is very interested in the LE8. If a feature is being marketed, it should be available too. I can't wait to enjoy this van at a fair price.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Regarding availability, you do realize that this vehicle has just been released and most dealers dont have anywhere near their eventual full allocation yet, correct? Patience, my friend.

    Backy, reading your first post- thank you, it was very informational (even though I have no intentions of buying a minivan, I think that this one has so much to offer, perhaps it will change the way people look at minivans).
    One question though- cant the middle row seats in the 7 passenger version be moved alongside each other?

    Otherwise, my only other question would be regarding power- if Toyota is predicting 8.4 to 60, then either the posters here are used to very speedy cars, or Toyota's claims are off base, as everyone seems to be describing the engine as "adequate" "good", etc. In my understanding, 8.4 to 60 would be at the top of the class.

  • Yes, the seats in the 7 passenger version can be separate or moved along side of each other.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    Sorry if I was not clear about the middle seats. They can be moved together or separated, but in the Sienna you need to unlatch the seat, pick it up and relatch it to accomplish this. At the auto show, a Toyota rep tried and failed to do this when asked. In the MPV, you merely lift a lever on the right seat (it's on the right lower edge of the seat, very handy) and slide the seats together or apart. Since Toyota copied many other features from other vans for the '04 Sienna, I'm surprised they didn't copy this useful feature also (maybe it's patented?).
  • leknlekn Posts: 78
    >In the MPV, you merely lift a lever on the right
    >seat (it's on the right lower edge of the seat,
    >very handy) and slide the seats together or apart.

    If I am not mistaken, I don't think you can slide the seat in middle row forward and backward in Mazda MPV? Maybe it is difficult to design both features together; and Toyota believe forward and backward movement is a more demanded feature.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    I didn't look for fore-aft movement in the MPV, but I think you're right, it doesn't do it. Maybe because it would be less practical in the MPV, with very tight leg room in the back seat as it is. I did note in my earlier post how great the fore-aft sliders on the Sienna are. Now, I am not an auto engineer, but I can envision how they could do both fore-aft and side-to-side sliders in one seat bracket. It should be a simple matter of attaching the seat brackets to a sliding track, ala MPV, rather than to latch points in the floor. I think there must be some other reason Toyota didn't do the slide-by-side feature, e.g. patent rights, or maybe some restriction under the floor that prevented putting in the sliding track, which requires a well across the middle of the van. Anyway, I think overall the fore-aft adjustment would be the more useful feature. I make do just fine today with two fixed captain's chairs, and in fact my kids do better when they are separated!
  • stragerstrager Posts: 308
    is not driven by what customers want, IMHO. The objective is to maximize profit by packing in unnecessary options and accessories, not to mention the zillion possible combinations that can change every month. Incidentally, I read that Toyota derives 80% of its worldwide profit from sales in the USA.

    Try to find just a basic CE, LE or XLE. You won't find such an animal. I like Honda's pricing - they really keep it simple. It doesn't make all customers happy, but it's not deceptive and you know up front what you can/cannot definitely get.
  • ceo1ceo1 Posts: 23
    It would not be very wise to use Columbia Fleet to bargain. Not only won't you get any deal near 2% over, you may get dealers to complain to Toyota regional sales office. It is very likely that they would not be able to do any fleet business with Toyota.

    Good deals can only happen when the market is not very efficient. When you make the market efficient, everybody pays the same this case, MSRP!
  • hwyhobohwyhobo Posts: 265
    I was very excited when I found out that Toyota had finally decided to implement a telescoping steering wheel. I went to a local dealer and hopped inside. Unfortunately, the legroom is quite disappointing for a tall driver. It might be okay for short rides around town, but for a long drive it would be uncomfortable.

    So, while the idea of a telescoping steering wheel is commendable, the lack of legroom defeats it. Pity. It looks like a really nice van.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    >>> Try to find just a basic CE, LE or XLE. You won't find such an animal. <<<

    True, today. But wait a few months. Toyota is trying to double their Sienna sales in a down market in which minivan sales continue to slip and strong competitors such as the '04 Ody, '04 Quest, MPV, and heavily-discounted DC, Ford, and GM vans will fight for sales. To compete, Toyota will need to give buyers what they want, at a good price.
  • alexv1nalexv1n Posts: 248
    Just so you know, the 2nd row of seats in MPV do move fore/aft and side to side (in Japan's limited edition both seats can slide side to side - I wish they brought it here - nice set up). The seats don't slide fore/aft only in the lowest MPV trim - DX - which is no longer offered in the US anyway...
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