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    Regarding availability, you do realize that this vehicle has just been released and most dealers dont have anywhere near their eventual full allocation yet, correct? Patience, my friend.

    Backy, reading your first post- thank you, it was very informational (even though I have no intentions of buying a minivan, I think that this one has so much to offer, perhaps it will change the way people look at minivans).
    One question though- cant the middle row seats in the 7 passenger version be moved alongside each other?

    Otherwise, my only other question would be regarding power- if Toyota is predicting 8.4 to 60, then either the posters here are used to very speedy cars, or Toyota's claims are off base, as everyone seems to be describing the engine as "adequate" "good", etc. In my understanding, 8.4 to 60 would be at the top of the class.

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    Yes, the seats in the 7 passenger version can be separate or moved along side of each other.
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    Sorry if I was not clear about the middle seats. They can be moved together or separated, but in the Sienna you need to unlatch the seat, pick it up and relatch it to accomplish this. At the auto show, a Toyota rep tried and failed to do this when asked. In the MPV, you merely lift a lever on the right seat (it's on the right lower edge of the seat, very handy) and slide the seats together or apart. Since Toyota copied many other features from other vans for the '04 Sienna, I'm surprised they didn't copy this useful feature also (maybe it's patented?).
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    >In the MPV, you merely lift a lever on the right
    >seat (it's on the right lower edge of the seat,
    >very handy) and slide the seats together or apart.

    If I am not mistaken, I don't think you can slide the seat in middle row forward and backward in Mazda MPV? Maybe it is difficult to design both features together; and Toyota believe forward and backward movement is a more demanded feature.
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    I didn't look for fore-aft movement in the MPV, but I think you're right, it doesn't do it. Maybe because it would be less practical in the MPV, with very tight leg room in the back seat as it is. I did note in my earlier post how great the fore-aft sliders on the Sienna are. Now, I am not an auto engineer, but I can envision how they could do both fore-aft and side-to-side sliders in one seat bracket. It should be a simple matter of attaching the seat brackets to a sliding track, ala MPV, rather than to latch points in the floor. I think there must be some other reason Toyota didn't do the slide-by-side feature, e.g. patent rights, or maybe some restriction under the floor that prevented putting in the sliding track, which requires a well across the middle of the van. Anyway, I think overall the fore-aft adjustment would be the more useful feature. I make do just fine today with two fixed captain's chairs, and in fact my kids do better when they are separated!
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    is not driven by what customers want, IMHO. The objective is to maximize profit by packing in unnecessary options and accessories, not to mention the zillion possible combinations that can change every month. Incidentally, I read that Toyota derives 80% of its worldwide profit from sales in the USA.

    Try to find just a basic CE, LE or XLE. You won't find such an animal. I like Honda's pricing - they really keep it simple. It doesn't make all customers happy, but it's not deceptive and you know up front what you can/cannot definitely get.
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    It would not be very wise to use Columbia Fleet to bargain. Not only won't you get any deal near 2% over, you may get dealers to complain to Toyota regional sales office. It is very likely that they would not be able to do any fleet business with Toyota.

    Good deals can only happen when the market is not very efficient. When you make the market efficient, everybody pays the same this case, MSRP!
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    I was very excited when I found out that Toyota had finally decided to implement a telescoping steering wheel. I went to a local dealer and hopped inside. Unfortunately, the legroom is quite disappointing for a tall driver. It might be okay for short rides around town, but for a long drive it would be uncomfortable.

    So, while the idea of a telescoping steering wheel is commendable, the lack of legroom defeats it. Pity. It looks like a really nice van.
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    >>> Try to find just a basic CE, LE or XLE. You won't find such an animal. <<<

    True, today. But wait a few months. Toyota is trying to double their Sienna sales in a down market in which minivan sales continue to slip and strong competitors such as the '04 Ody, '04 Quest, MPV, and heavily-discounted DC, Ford, and GM vans will fight for sales. To compete, Toyota will need to give buyers what they want, at a good price.
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    Just so you know, the 2nd row of seats in MPV do move fore/aft and side to side (in Japan's limited edition both seats can slide side to side - I wish they brought it here - nice set up). The seats don't slide fore/aft only in the lowest MPV trim - DX - which is no longer offered in the US anyway...
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    MPV may have patented there method of moveing the seats.

    what about the legroom in the 3rd seat how does it compare to ody, and in real world use.

    wait--as time goes on options change, this is the time to get "early adopters" $$$$$ then reality sets in, especially as fall comes and inventories expand, what do you think will happen when the o4 ody hits the dealers????? as soon as ody changes for 04 come out sienna selling at discounts and better option packaging will arrive. what else is there besides ody and sienna for you people????
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    Link to some photos from another site

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    Full tank still showed full after 80 miles then started moving down.
    When gauge indicated 1/8 full the low gas warning light came on and trip computer indicated I had 15 miles left. After 10 more miles of travel and needle still showing close to 1/8 full, I gassed up. It took 21.1 gallons. How is that possible? Isn't it a 21 gallon tank? I appreciate any thoughts. By the way, FD 7 Pass LE in 50% highway and 50% city is getting 23 miles to a gallon (462/21) and the trip computer showed 23.7 miles per gallon.
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    My suggestion would be to contact the smaller dealers outside of the urban areas. With the economy and auto sales being down, you should be able to find dealers willing to get a sale even if it&#146;s not MSRP. Remember pricing is based on demand.

    I used Columbia Fleet&#146;s pricing in my negotiations with a couple dealers since we didn&#146;t need the van right away. They knew if they didn&#146;t match the price, I would go ahead and order the vehicle through CF. But I would only contact them if you intend to buy the vehicle. CF will probably stop giving out quotes if people just use them to get dealers to match their price.
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    Did I miss something? Last I checked, CF had written in to this board (on another string) and said that it can't sell individual cars to individuals; you have to be a business, ordering a car for that business. How is it that people are still calling them? Has anyone who doesn't have a business actually ordered a vehicle from them?
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    They have a program for employees of certain companies in the OR & WA area. But individuals can buy through them.
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    We thought for certain the 04 Sienna was the van we've been waiting 2 years to buy, but upon 3 test drives, I found the driver's seat to be excrutiatingly uncomfortable, so we bought a loaded MPV instead.

    Has anyone else had this seat problem? I don't think the vans are selling very well either. I think the dealers are trying to get MSRP +2k and the public is telling them to go pound sand.
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    I had a chance to look at the 04 Sienna yesterday. It's HUGE outside, but no bigger than the Previa inside. I'd like to see Toyota bring in a real minivan like the Ipsum or Wish to the US.

    jgeorgempv: My sentiments exactly! I drove my neighbor's Sienna XLE with leather seats and felt the driver's seat was very uncomfortable (felt like a hard wood chair), unlike any other car I've sat in.
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    Interesting about the seats. I am picky about comfortable seats but found a short test drive to prove that they were really supportive. Could you give your height & weight for comparison.

    For reference I also test drove the GMC Yukon a couple of times (last week) and even a short run produced a leg/butt cramp. However, my friend has a 2002 Yukon and the seats, now worn in, are amazing even on a long haul.

    I am assuming that some seats are like Birkenstocks. The harder materials will somewhat mold to the body in short order and last longer before losing support. I remember an article on the revised Yukon in 2000 stating that materials used in the seats were designed to last 10 years supporting a higher average weight compared to industry average.

    Just some thoughts.
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    The wife and I just returned from test driving a 2004 Sienna LE. This was the only one on the lot, although we are interested in a pretty well loaded XLE (leather, DVD, etc). From the Edmunds site, it looks like a lot of the packaged extras come standard on the AWD model (rear disc, traction, etc.). Does anyone know if the moonroof is standard on XLS AWD? It does not appear in the standard items list, nor does it appear in the option packages. Is it not available? Alo notice 6 disc in dash changer is also not listed.

    Is this just incomplete info on the Edmunds site, or are there really differences between FWD and AWD XLS's?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I just drove a CE Sienna for a week (800 miles)& it MAY just replace our old reliable (120K) Previa.....
    Most of the CE Siennas here in Jacksonville had no options...not even a Cruise Control!!
    But some equipped with Cruise & Roof Rack are coming.
    The week long drive was MPG averaged 22 MPG hwy/city on regular gas carrying 5 passengers & all of their gear...the basic sound system (6 speaker am/fm/cass/cd) was good (JBL not available on the CE models) & seat comfort was good (I'm 5'6") and I had excellant visibility....the outside mirrors are a good size without being too truckish...
    Wife & kids said the middle & rear seats were as comfortable as the Previa.
    The rear storage area is so deep our vacation gear didn't even block my view out the rear window!!!
    Plenty of power in the hills of North Georgia....

    A few negatives-
    No cruise control on the van I drove
    I had several differant people ride up front..two of them said the wiper on that side of the van was too small compared to the (larger) driver wiper....I didn't have a visibility issue from the driver prospective
    The interior colors are too light...the Georgia clay messed up the floor mats....I would consider the rubber "all-weather" mats if they were available

    We are still contemplating buying a CE but i would have to special order it with the rear disc brake package...
    Anyone in the market for a 1995 Previa LE?
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    An update. Sales guy from Dealer 3 in the Chicago area called back...came down to $750...but would not meet our $1000 off MSRP. I informed him previously that we had come up in options and from invoice. More importantly, I tend to set trends with friends and family thus can influence buying decisions and provide sales references. He didn't quite understand that a good reference is worth more than making 250 now vs $$$$ later.

    Dealer 2 in Central Illinois..the manager called back...what can we do to earn your business. My wife told him to match the deal, get us what we want for April, and we would sign...still wouldn't budge.

    Columbia complaints at BBB in Oregon and a member of the Chamber of Commerce in existence since 1993. To clarify CF only sells to businesses or individuals who work for companies that make fleet purchase...thus this limits their market. The downside..have to wait 3 months to get our van and need another car now. The upside...great price for a new model, the dealers must honor the vehicle warrenty, option packages are of our choosing. Just sent them a deposit check and need to pick a dealer for delivery.
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    Hi all, I'm trying to "build" my sienna on the toyota website. I pick Sienna, pick 2004, it gives me a Java Script Error. I click on Model, which it lets me do. However, when I click on Packages, it says that the session has timed out. I do all this in a matter of seconds, so I really don't think so. Anyone else experienced this and found a way to make it work?
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    I picked up our AWD LTD yesterday. Only 86km on it so far. Three times I have noticed a severe problem with the transmission. When I am going slow around a corner and then getting back on the gas again it doesn't seem to be in is just like it is in neutral. Then it drops into gear with a bang and on you go. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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    Oh yes, I have heard that a 2004 Sienna w/AWD does exist, however, I can't for the life of me get my dealer to tell me when I might expect to see one. Anybody got a any ideas???

    Thanks, Ken
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    Java stuff sometimes gives me fits too. Try again, and if you still can't get it to work, zap an email to the webmaster of the Toyota site (assuming you can get to a help/contact page). They can help you with your browser setting or help you turn java options on. Or just go hit the dealer this weekend - maybe some brochures or vans are in :-)

    Steve, Host
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    Don't know about Oregon. But a few dealers up here in WA have them in stock. I test drove an LE with AWD.
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    I have downloaded and printed the U.S. version of the Sienna Brochure and it seems that many of the features that are only available within an upgrade pkg are standard equipment on Canadian

    link to U.S. brochure download:

    link to Canadian brochure download: s.Go.Sienna-hVTVma7HsbhAyVXhqn1f8w/13.15?%2e%2e%2fsienna2004%2fv1- 51080e%2ehtml

    Has anybody actually taken the time to figure out (taking in to account the exchange on the dollar), which consumers are actually getting a better deal?
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    Can anyone comment on the leather seats in the 2004 Sienna from dealerships in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, or Florida. The reason why I ask is that leather on Siennas in the Southeast that are not ordered by the consumer is installed regionally and not factory installed. I live up North and need some feedback from someone who has seen one.
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    I have yet to see a case where Canadian pays more than US consumers for automobiles. I suppose this is reasonable given that the average Canadian income is lower than US if you take into account the exchange rate. From what I have seen so far, often, you need to multiply the cost of the car in US by about 1.3 - 1.4 to get the Canadian price, which of course, is lower than the actual exchange rate.
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    Thanks to everyone for their replies to my previous questions! I would also like some feedback on the "extra" options. Which of the following would you recommend doing?

    * Underbody & Rust Protection
    * Fabric Guard
    * Paint Protection with Teflon
    * Extra Care Protection

    Does anyone have experience with these programs and how well they work?
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    WOM---waste OF MONEY(money in dealer pocket--MIDP tell them to deduct pseudo services or go to another dealer
    I was some time ago looking a a car with leather, it was added to the sticker...i asked how is leather protected with "fabric protector" and laughed, he laughed too, with no comment. i moved on to another dealer.
    RUST PROOFING--LAUGH GIVE ME A BREAK check the brochure they describe the process...they are using galvanized metal as a dipping process before painting. LAUGH
    undercoating can decrease noise but come on now.
    Paint is already clearcoat and protected. like i said WASTE OF MONEY
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    Did anyone got a nice deal on Sienna '04 XLE AWD
    Limited in and around VA. Please let me know your
    dealer details and the deal details. I don't mind
    travelling upto Philly, NJ if I could get a good

    I really appreciate your responses.
  • SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636 you don't get your post deleted and have to re-post - be sure and only post the name of the dealership and the city/state. No posting salesperson's name, email or phone.

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    Last night I finally got a chance to drive an AWD Sienna. It was an LE (I am actually looking for an XLE, but this was all they had.)

    Biggest negatives: definitely a rougher ride than the FWD XLE I tested but smoother than my 96 Blazer, Baffling noise when rear windows are rolled down with the front up (really hurt my ears, but it sounds like this is a common problem with a lot of vehicles), and room available to reach rear seat with middle seats set next to one another.

    Biggest positives: look (it stands about an inch taller and I really liked the different feel of that slight increase), comfort, sound-level, handling (tried a hard-swerve to left followed by a hard-swerve to the right as a reviewer of a pre-production AWD model mentioned that to make the second swerve took a lot of strength as the steering kind of froze...this did not happen to me), body-lean was much better than my Blazer, room available to reach rear seat with a middle seat tumbled forward, and comfort in all seating positions at the same time (although I will likely not spend much time in the middle seats and even less in the rear seat, I require that I can feel comfortable in all the seats at the same time so if someone my size is sitting behind me, we can both be comfortable. Not many vehicles can meet this criteria. The Sienna does it well.)

    Other things of interest I thought of after reading some posts in this forum:
    Shifter-Even at my size, I had no problem getting up and walking from the driver seat to the rear of the no time did my knee or ankle come close to hitting the shifter. From the passenger seat, the only way you could move while at highway speeds, the shifter is even more out-of-the-way than for the driver. One would need to be extremely uncoordinated to hit the shifter while moving from the front to the back.

    Rear-seat: After some struggles figuring out how to get the rear seat to switch from up to flat and back, I realized the problem was not that it was difficult, but that I was pushing in the wrong places or at the wrong times. Once I determined the best way to do it, it was really easy.

    Middle seats: Again it took a little bit of time to figure out how to remove the seats, but it is intuitive enough for me to get it without too much time or struggle. I am a fairly large man so strength should not be an issue and I use that as a guide. If I am exerting too much, I am doing something wrong. Basically, if it is that hard for me, it would be impossible for my wife. Once I figured it out, the seats removed pretty easily and was pretty easy to shift and re-set into its other position.
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    Try to reboot your machine, then try again.
    If persistent error still occurs you have to check whether your browser is enable to run a script (javascript/vbscript etc).

    This how to :
    Lauch your IE (I hope you are using InternetExplorer) - go to tools - internet options - security custom level - security tab - click custom level - find scripting - all below the scripting should be enabled.

    Hope it helps.
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    Thanks so much for your help! When I go through AOL, get the same error. When I go through Internet Explorer - works great! Guess AOL has the problem? I contacted Toyota, they said they've heard the same complaint, but can't recreate it. Guess I'll just go through IE from now on!
    Thanks again for your help! Marcy
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    Is there anyone out there who has been able to purchase an XLE without being required to also buy package 12 or 17? I am interested in the ability to purchase the XLE with package 3 only.

    Thanks, Tom
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    If I go with the 04 Sienna, that is the package I want as well (package 3). I have not seen any on lots thus far just those loaded up with those high price packages you speak of. Maybe when allocation builds you will start seeing them on lots. The other way to go would be to special order it. However, if you do that, dealers will probably be less willing to negotiate.

    A Toyota dealer told me today to start looking for discounts on the 04 Sienna in a couple of months, so if you can hold out till then, it may be worth it.
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    I ordered a 2004 Sienna from Toyota Center in South Columbia, South Carolina well under MSRP with the package I wanted. You can order with factory leather. The cars that they have in stock (the whole Southeast) that have leather is installed regionally rather than at the factory. I live in upstate New York, but it's worth it to me to travel to South Carolina for the options and price I can live with.
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    tlewis4 states: "The other way to go would be to special order it. However, if you do that, dealers will probably be less willing to negotiate. "

    From what I understand, at a time like this, the best way to get a better price is to special order and have a willingness to wait for the vehicle. A vehicle on a lot is a potential new buyer. It is a car that can be test-driven and walked around and have its tires kicked. In a lot of ways it is worth more to the dealership on their lot than it would make for them to sell it. So, if they are going to sell it...they're going to get top dollar.

    When a vehicle is overstocked, however, the opposite is true. The dealership has too many in stock and don't want to order a special one. They need to move the inventory they have. The best deals in that situation are buying off-the-lot.

    Just my 2 cents, I guess.
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    The 2004 Sienna was shown on the Today Show today NBC for being a leader in safety in the minivan market. Its key feature was the three row airbag system.
  • samnoesamnoe Member Posts: 731
    will be the next safety thing in at least most minivans. Ford, which claims theirselfs for a leader in safety, will add to the new Freestar/Monterey a canopy system, which will detect a roll-over.
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    After almost buying an Ody for the past 2 years (and I'm a big Honda fan), we've decided the 2004 Sienna is the van for us. The split third row is a huge advantage with 3 kids, and the Sienna has many more safety features.

    We are interested in the XLE with Pkg 16, which includes everything except for Nav and 17" Wheels. The list price differnce between this XLE and the Limited with DVD is about $1,400.

    Do you think it's worth the xtra ~$1,400 for 17" wheels, HID, Wood steering wheel, laser cruise control, intuitive parking assist, and more chrome all around?

    I realize this is a somewhat subjective question, just wondering if people who are looking at a pretty much loaded XLE think it's worth moving up to the Limited.

    Thanks in advance.
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    I think Navigation is definitely worth more than Laser Cruise control, Parking Assist, HID. For the price difference, why not up the package to include both DVD RES and NAV? Don't you think the rearview camera in the NAV is worth more than Laser Cruise control and parking assist, which you will most likey not use?
  • montobahnmontobahn Member Posts: 11
    The Limited also has 4 wheel disk brakes.

    The laser cruise is better than I thought it would be. It is not a must have, but if it is there you will use it on city to city trips.
  • kgnw1kgnw1 Member Posts: 94
    It was worth it to me. I was looking at getting the XLE with GJ package 16. Got a price of $32,000, but really wanted the 17" wheels and the cost to add those after the fact would be outrageous. Also HID lights are nicer and those cost at least $500 to install aftermarket without the lenses or brightness control. Woodgrain steering wheel I could live without, but it's there. Sonar and the Laser Cruise Control are nice to haves and don't really care either way.

    You also get the auto-dimming electrochromic driver's side mirror and inside rear view mirror. We got our LTD for $34K with DVD and running boards.
  • danjaecksdanjaecks Member Posts: 54
    Does anyone know if the side/curtain air bags can be turned off?
    I want to get traction control, but Toyota only sells it with side air bags and curtain air bags. On long trips passengers in our van will sometimes sleep with pillows against the door or side, which sounds dangerous according to this quote from Toyota's web site:
    "... To decrease the risk of injury from a deploying air bag, always wear seatbelts, sit upright in the middle of the seat as far back as possible from the air bag modules and do not lean against the door. ... The force of a deploying air bag may cause serious injury or death. ..."

    So, can you turn them off when you want to sleep??
  • canuck13canuck13 Member Posts: 73
    I've got the AWD Limited. I drove to the cottage on the weekend in a big snow/ice storm. The laser cruise didn't work very well because the sensors were covered in ice/sand/salt etc on the way there. The cruise still worked but it couldn't detect if someone was in front. On the way home it worked great. It worked much better than I expected. You can set how far back you want to be from the guy ahead. It was not affected by someone passing you in the other lane. It has a little display that shows a picture of a car when it detects someone in front.
    When you approach someone very quickly it reacts very quickly and slows you down very even sets off an audible alarm and some lights flash. After setting your speed, you can toggle up or down in 5km/hr increments. I was very impressed. The HID lights are also much better that I expected.
  • newcar35newcar35 Member Posts: 48
    I don't know if you can shut them off or not, but the problem is easily solved by putting a couple of those "c" shapped, inflatable travel pillows in the car. Pop one of those around your neck, recline the seat, and you don't have to lean against the window and get a krick in your neck. Plus, you still get the protection of the side air bags. Win win!
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