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Toyota Sienna 2004+



  • choidschoids Posts: 16
    Has anyone installed VCR to a 2004 Sienna model with DVD option? When I saw a picture of DVD screen folded down, I didn't see the line-in jack. Do I need to get a different DVD player to add a VCR?
  • kgnw1kgnw1 Posts: 94
    RCA input is on the left side of the cabin when sitting forward inside. It's on the pillar behind the sliding door next to the normal 12 volt car outlet. You'll only have this input if you get the van with the DVD installed from the factory.

    In addition to the A/V input you also get 2 110 volt A/C power outlets, again only if you get the DVD from the factory. So you won't need an A/C power invertor for your VCR, XBOX, or Playstation.
  • beckyo2beckyo2 Posts: 24
    If you can't find an XLE awd in MO, try zip 62002 and that will give you the IL region and a whole different range of options. I live in St. Louis but am going to Danville, IL for my LE with pkg. 7 because that's where most of them were available and I got a much better price than in or around St. Louis.

    Good luck, Becky
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 33,299
    Stopped with my wife this weekend to look at the Sienna (she is considering upgrading the family car). Also looked at the Volvo XC90, and boy is the Toyota bigger inside!

    Anyway, a deal breaker to us (her) is the fact that she insists on a power drivers seat, which means you have to get the XLE (Guess for 27K they can't squeeze it into an LE). But, then you get the power hatch, which she hated. Plus you are over 30K now, pricey for a van.

    The only one in stock was a limited, MSRP over 35K

    2019 Acura TLX A-spec 4 cyl. (mine), and 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's)

  • broncoguybroncoguy Posts: 39
    I chatted with the Minneapolis District Manager yesterday and he as much as confirmed that the XLE AWD does NOT come with a moonroof.

    I also talked with the dealer who had called Toyota himself to determine what the deal was with the moonroof and he is pretty convinced that when he gets his first XLE AWD on the lot (mid-May) it will have a moonroof, but he will be the first one there watching it roll off the truck to verify it for himself.

    Personally, I am thinking the only way to get AWD and a moonroof is to go with a Limited. This really puts me in a quandry as the wife really wants a moonroof, but for the extra cost, I am having a hard time justifying it as the only other feature on the Limited that I want is the side curtain airbags. This equates to around a 3K jump from the XLE AWD with side curtain airbags. Tough to say a moonroof is worth that much.
  • I am not sure if Canada gets something different or not but in Canada you can get a moonroof in the XLE FWD or the XLE AWD. I have personally seen both on the dealers lot. Cannot imagine we get it in Canada and not in the US. I love the moonroof and would find it hard to get along without it after over 10 years of having one and prior to that having T bar roofs for about 10 years. Goodluck in your search.
  • jm38jm38 Posts: 27
    Before I order a 2004 Sienna,I see that the owners manual says it can use 87 octane, but recommends 91. Gas is too expensive to use 91 octane gasoline. Is there anyone out there who is using the 87 octane? Any problems with doing so? Thanks.
  • acedriveracedriver Posts: 131
    Usually, the Cost of 87 Octane fuel differs from 93 Octane by $.20. Assuming you fill up 20 gallons, that is a difference of $4.00 at every refill. 4 bucks is a small price to "treat" the engine of your $25K+ van. Also, you would get better mileage with 93 Octane and better performance.

    Go with 93 Octane and brown-bag your lunch :-)

    P.S: It is surprising how manufacturers recommend Octane 91 when the only ones available are 87, 89 and 93 !! :-)
  • s1ginss1gins Posts: 51
    Stickguy - It is amusing that you are balking at the cost of the Sienna especially since you are considering getting the Volvo. If the Sienna came in a Lexus guise would the price be easier to swallow? If you go with the Limited, I am sure the Sienna would compare very favorably to the Ford (I mean Volvo) you are looking at.
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    Just try both octanes. Go through a couple of tanks tracking mileage and see if it pays. If not and if the engine doesn't ping don't waste your money. Every person I have ever talked to who is in or has been in the oil industry says that if your car doesn't ping or knock use the cheapest octane.
  • jd_ottawajd_ottawa Posts: 20
    Maybe options differ per region. In Canada the XLE comes standard with a Sunroof.

    93 Octane cost more but you get better mileage. It would be useful if someone did a comparision using both fuel types to deternmine the true cost per tank.

    Anyway, assuming filling up every week of the year, the total cost is approx $200 and that assumes a 20 cent difference. I thought is was closer to 10 cents ($100 per year) but I am not sure.
  • broncoguybroncoguy Posts: 39
    samiasting, can you email me where you saw the XLE AWD with a moonroof? I marked my email public until I hear from you.
  • choidschoids Posts: 16
    Hey kgnw1,

    Thanks for your info. By the way, does most of the DVD option factory installed or dealer installed? Any difference in price or workmanship? I am thinking about buying Sienna with DVD + Nav when it comes out in June or new Nissan Quest.

  • I'm looking at the AWD version and see that it
    does not come with a spare tire. I did not notice any mounting holes either. The brochure says it's a dealer installed option, but, 3 dealers in the area don't know anything about it.

    Like to have snow tires and could not find any "run flat" ones in 225/60R17 or 215/65R16!

    Good snow tires make such a big difference (~3 times the traction) that I'll rather do FWD with snows than AWD with all-season's. Yet I was hopping to get AWD and snows!

  • kgnw1kgnw1 Posts: 94
    As far as I know right now DVD is factory installed. This is the only way to get the 110 volt and A/V inputs.

    But I heard someone from the Atlanta are got theirs dealer installed. But was missing the 110 output.
  • kgnw1kgnw1 Posts: 94
    You can get the spare tire for the AWD. It's installed behind the 3rd row seat. But it prevents the seat from folding down into the floor.

    Run flats are rated to hold up for 100 miles with no air. But don't know of any snow tires that are run flats.
  • bakelly11bakelly11 Posts: 64
    Our dealer told us it can be installed after the van arrives.
  • kgnw1kgnw1 Posts: 94
    Did the dealer say if the 2 built in 110 AC outputs are included if they install? Do you also get the RCA AV inputs as well?
  • Question about the optional spare behind the 3rd row seats. If you take the spare out, can the seat go down or does the mounting bracket get in the way?

    I could live with just having the spare for long winter trips and not carry it when I'm within 100 miles from home (I got AAA).

    FWD have a compact spare under the car..
  • Anyone find any run-flat or "nailgard" winter tires?
    So far all I found for winter tires are the following:

    Winter tires size 215/65-16
    (manufacture, model, and speed rating)
    Bridgestone Blizzak WS50 Q
    Dunlop Grandtrek SJ4 LT
    Goodyear Eagle Ultra Grip GW2 H
    Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice Q
    Pirelli Scorpion Ice & Snow T
    Pirelli Winter 210 Snowsport H
    Toyo Observe GP-4 Q
    Yokohama Geolandar I/T+ T

    and in size 225/60-17
    Pirelli Winter 210 Snowsport H
  • kgnw1kgnw1 Posts: 94
    I believe if you take the spare out you can operate the seat. Haven't seen this option installed so I don't know for sure.
  • Get a VCR installed under one of the seats by a professional place. If I were you, have a good place (NOT Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.) install both a DVD and VCR and screen for you. A friend of mine had his DVD & VCR with 7" widescreen installed for final price of $1,500 (tax + installation included).
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    I test drove a new Sienna today, and was favorably impressed. The body lean in the corners was a little more than what I would prefer. But the ride was smooth and quiet and the power is adequate. The first and second row seats are quite comfortable. The third row headroom and legroom are adequate, although the comfort of the seat itself is marginal. The folding of the third row seat is a brilliant design. The dealer had a CE and an LE in stock, both with $2995 "ADM" on a supplemental window sticker, and another $500 for some kind of sealant or protectant. I don't think I'll be doing any business with this dealer.
  • So the CE ended up costing about $27K instead of about $24K?
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    It was more than that. I don't recall what options it had. I remember that the LE was over $32,000.
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    Has anyone been able to compare the ride and handling of Siennas with 16 inch wheels vs 17 inch?
  • rj28462rj28462 Posts: 2
    It's not as simple as 16 Vs. 17.
    The AWD comes with 17" run flat tires.
    The non AWD 17" are not run flats.

    There is mention that toyota softened the suspension on the AWD models to compensate for the firmness of run-flats.

    I test drove an AWD Ltd, 16" FWD XLE, & 17" FWD XLE. My impression was that the AWD was very firm. This was the first one I drove and before I read about the run-flat/suspension. Next I drove the 16" FWD. Nice smooth ride. 17 FWD is a little firmer but I liked it better and that's what I bought.
  • choidschoids Posts: 16
    If the DVD screen is not factory installed, how are they going to install LCD monitor up on the ceiling? I don't want them to rip apart the fabric nor run the wire outside which is visible. That's why I prefer factory installed DVD system with RCA Line-In input for the VCR to be added later. I have far too many Disney tapes than DVDs, so it is more practical to have the VCR installed.
  • An LE for over $32K? Have they loss their God loving minds? For $32K, you should get dual power sliding doors, heated leather seats, and NAV or DVD RES, don't you think? That's outrageous! So how much was the CE? $29K ?????????????
  • That would be my concern with non-factory installed units too. However, my friend had the flip-down 7" LCD Widescreen installed on the Ceiling and I could not tell the difference! That's how impressive it was! I kid you not. You cannot see any kind of wires, screws, holes, bulky things, etc. I don't know how they did it, but it took them exactly 4 hours for these professional 3rd party to install 1) the flip-down LCD screen on the ceiling, 2) the DVD player under the right side 2nd row seat, 3) the VCR player under the left side 2nd row seat, and 4) the external antenna on the left outside of the rear window for the local television channels! It looks very impressive also because the color of the LCD unit matched the color of the interior of his Odyssey perfectly! That's very important! You don't want to have to hook RCA cables from your VCR to the DVD, do you? Those wires will be dangling while you are driving. I believe the RCA input jacks are on the ceiling, right? So where will you put the VCR? Hopefully, you will securely fasten the VCR, right? Why not install it under the seat permanently--secure and bolted?
    If I didn't see how good it looked, I wouldn't believe it myself! Hey, if you leave your e-mail on public profile, maybe I can forward the picture of the finished product for you! By the way, I own a Lexus LS400. Is that what you drive too :-) ?
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