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  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,331
    Why are you putting $4800 down on your lease? All that does is give BMW their money early and if your vehicle is stolen or totalled, you do not get it back.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • jeff33jeff33 Posts: 22
    I have a 3.0 x3 on order. The only options are the moonroof, automatic transmission, cargo net (my labrador loves to ride), metallic paint, and a built in radio with Sirius satellite. How long does it take to go from production to dealer? Has anyone tried using mid grade or regular instead of hi-test? I'm also having a tow receptacle installed to carry a bike rack, anyone else have one dealer installed? BMW has also offered an extended service contract - for $1200 they will service for 6 years or 100,000 miles. Any opinions on the value here?
  • jzack24jzack24 Posts: 9
    Just to clarify, the price your dealer is quoting you is for extended maintenance, not an extended warranty. It will extend the coverage of oil changes, inspections, brakes, etc. (but not tires). Whether it is worth it or not depends on several factors, mainly how long you plan to keep it. I believe the MSRP for this plan is $995, so your price is a little high. You can also buy this later on -- as long as your original maintenance has not expired.
  • scotth6scotth6 Posts: 43
    I ran my 2001 X5 3.0 for 45,000 miles with midgrade (89 octane) with no ill effects. I have already filled my X3 3.0 up twice with mid grade and a couple of times with premium and I can not tell any difference, you should probably not go below 89 octane. I never heard of an extended maintenance program but I am very familiar with the certified and extended warranty of 6 years and 100,000 miles which I believe does cost $1200. If its the extended warranty theres no reason to do it until 4 years from now when your sure you want to purchase it off lease. I had to replace the front and rear rotors on my X5 and they ran a couple hundred dollars each time. My X5 had 3 years or 36,000 miles free maintenance. Overall maintance is relatively inexpensive until 50,000 miles when you have to do a few expensive maintenance items.
  • vsromanvsroman Posts: 95
    I've posted some different color shots of the X3. They are available at:

    If anyone has pictures of missing colors, please email the pics to me at and I'll add them to the photo gallery.
  • gardencargardencar Posts: 293
    Thanks, vrsoman. It might be easier to just post the link:
  • atortoroatortoro Posts: 13
    wowow..never thought of that..thanks alot for the info!
  • vsromanvsroman Posts: 95
    I thought it was a link. Oh well! Glad you got it right. Hopefully, some of the folks who picked up their X3's will contribute pics of the elusive colors. Highland Green anyone?
  • Can you give me some more details, i can help you out, I am in Los Angeles too. Can you e-mail me.. same name "AshleyAndersin at aol". I would like to ask who your dealer is and that info is not allowed to be posted on the boards.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Dealer names and location are fine - just avoid posting names of individuals please.

    Check out the Rules of the Road at the top (#6); it's short and sweet.

    Steve, Host
  • tucker74tucker74 Posts: 12
    Thanks for the pictures, especially the bluewater one. The color is so difficult to accurately capture since it often looks like plain old silver unless parked next to a silver car for contrast.
  • vsromanvsroman Posts: 95
    Dear Host:

    How does one go about requesting a new board? I think it would be very helpful.

  • vsromanvsroman Posts: 95
    Not that we all haven't seen this color already!

    Still waiting for folks to email me pics of the other colors...send them to

    View the gallery at
  • jeff33jeff33 Posts: 22
    I enjoyed your slideshow. My Mystic Blue is to be made in less than two weeks. I test drove a blue water and a metallic black. I also saw a highland green on the lot. I didn't care for it, as it was more of an off green than I expected. Thanks for the photos!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Did you search for it? Sometimes new boards don't get categorized right and don't show up in the lists:

    BMW X3: Prices Paid & Buying Experience

    Steve, Host
  • lakshmanlakshman Posts: 47
    I am finally picking it up today. Anything that I should ask the dealer about.
    Any tips is appreciated
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Here's a minivan checklist that should give you some ideas.

    Steve, Host
  • lakshmanlakshman Posts: 47
    The list would be very useful!
  • atortoroatortoro Posts: 13
    Hi, i have just send you a message in my yahoo mail. let me know if you didn't get my message.
  • lakshmanlakshman Posts: 47
    One question to those who already took the delivery. My sales person did not give me a video cassette for X3. However, he gave me a 3 series cassette which I thought was very informative. Did any of you get a video cassette or dvd with information about your car. I believe the video is more informative than the manual.

    I picked it up from the dealer yesterday night and it was snowing in jersey. There were some disappointments, the sales person promised mats but forgot about it. Finally, he gave rubber mats due to the weather. I will go back to buy regular mats as the parts dept was close by then. Major shock was when I did not see the controls on the steering wheel. I thought I will get the steering controls as standard. I believe it does in 325i. I wish I had got the premium package because I anyway ordered the moon roof and on board computer. With just few thousand more I would have got a lot more.

    I drove to work (50 miles) this morning (using the Nav.) and the drive was great. It made me forget all the short comings. If I were to go back I would add the prem package. There were some flurries this morning and the road was wet. The car handled very well. Please note that I had mentioned earlier in this board that I was not impressed with a test drive. I think this is much better than many of the sedans (including my wife's accord). The brakes are good. The pick-up is fantastic as well. I drove only D, did not try the S D (sporty drive) yet.

    I got black with black interior. The interior is great. I got black because I did not like the different color bumpers. However, you can get the Aero package with diff colors.
  • lakshmanlakshman Posts: 47
    I cannot find the nav system and the spare tire at the trunk? Where is it placed?

    I drove the X5 just after the X3. X5 rides and feels more like a truck. Everything is heavier. 3.0 in X5 seems slower than 2/5 in X3.
  • harplayrharplayr Posts: 70
    Congratulations on finally getting your X3!
    The spare tire can be accessed by lifting up the floor compartment in the cargo section. I believe that the Nav is located behind the panel in the cargo section on the left hand side.

    I'm lovin my X3, the handling is great, and build quality has been excellent, no problems or rattles to date.
  • lakshmanlakshman Posts: 47
    Thanks for your comments. Did you get the video cassette for your X3?
  • harplayrharplayr Posts: 70
    No, I was not aware that there was a video cassette. I've had the car for a month now, so it probably won't help much at this point, but my excitement hasn't worn off yet. This car is such a pleasure to drive. I can't believe I actually enjoy my 1hr+ commute each day.

    Have fun with your new car, and when you're not driving, please keep active here. I've really enjoyed your informative posts.
  • ailenlailenl Posts: 2
    Nice photos. I am waiting for my order to come in and axious to know how the beige interior looks like. Did anyone got one?
  • vsromanvsroman Posts: 95
    Any advice on last-minute items that I could ask my dealer to throw in as part of closing the deal?

    For instance, does the X3 come with floor mats or should I ask for that now? Any other moves I should make before I put pen to paper?

    BTW, this is a lease if that makes any difference.

  • lakshmanlakshman Posts: 47
    I have a 1 hr commute each way and it has been a pleasure driving X3. I feel a lot safer driving this, with increased visibility and road grip.

    Carpet depends on the dealer. I think some give it standard. Some add that to their invoice and others don't. I am sure they will throw it in if you ask for it before giving the check and the feedback. They are really concerned about the 5 rating. Also, I did not want to strain the relationship with the salesperson in case I need to go back for anything.
  • lakshmanlakshman Posts: 47
    Monitor comes on everytime I change the track in the cd, even though I had turned off the monitor and closed it down.

    Anyone have the same problem or a solution?

  • mamgtmamgt Posts: 67
    Last weekend I picked up my X3 3.0, mystic blue, black leather, steptronic, heated seats, privacy glass. I would have really liked to get the pan roof but at 6’3” I need all the headroom I can get. Without the roof I have an extra 1.5”. I finally got a chance to take the car for a long drive on some windy roads and all I can say is WOW, what a ride! Handling is just superb. It seemed like the car was glued to the road through every turn. I now understand what BMW is trying to accomplish with this SAV category. The X3 is really more car than SUV and is exactly what I was looking for: an all wheel drive sports sedan with more room. The engine is so silky smooth. Even the manual shifting of the step is so refined. Brakes are superb. I feel in total control of the road at all times. The X3 really has to be driven to be appreciated.

    SUSPENSION: Much has been written about the stiff suspension. I have never driven the sport package so I can’t comment on that. But I have “tested” the suspension on a notoriously bumpy road that I have traveled on for the past five years. My Pilot does have a slightly softer ride, but I definitely feel more in control in the X3 and the ride is plenty comfortable contrary to what some critics have suggested.

    OVERALL HEIGHT: Even though some reviews said the X3 was only 1.5” less tall than the X5, it always seemed to me that the difference was more. So I actually measured both vehicles. The difference is almost 3.5.” It turns out the X3 brochure includes the roof rails to the overall height of the vehicle while the X5 brochure does not. That difference in height definitely contributes to the X3’s significantly lower C.G. and improved handling.

    2.5 VS. 3.0: Besides wanting enough power for the worst scenario like four other passengers in the car with AC running and traveling uphill, I also wanted the ride to be as quiet as possible. From other posts I’ve read about the 2.5, I have found the 3.0 to run about 200 rpms lower at the same speeds as the 2.5. i.e. at 65 mph= 2.050 vs. 2250; 70mph = 2250 vs. 2450; 75mph = 2550 vs. 2750. For most others this is probably not significant, but it was a factor for me.

    STANDARD SOUND SYSTEM: The standard sound is fantastic, even cranked up. Definitely better than the premium sound in my Pilot.

    HEATED SEATS: Love them. They heat up instantly and they’re amazingly comfortable even for my 6’3” size. The side bolsters give me plenty of support.

    SOUND OF DOORS: Like others have reported, the doors do lack a bit of that traditional BMW thump sound. I studied them at length and they are indeed solid and they close very nicely. I know that car companies do considerable research to get a door to produce the right thump sound which gives the perception of solidity. But the lack of the thump does not necessarily mean the door is not as solidly built. Perhaps the door just needs some additional sound deadening material. In any event, it’s not a biggie for me.

    BLACK BUMPERS: Don’t know who really started it, but I’ve never had a problem with the black bumpers. In fact, I like them. I also like the painted ones. But this is not a luxury sedan. It’s a Sport Activity Vehicle and the black bumpers give it that sporty look.

    INTERIOR MATERIALS: Though others have complained about the inexpensive looking materials on the dash, I really like that texture and almost rubbery feel of the dash. I did not get the PP. For one, I don’t like wood trim and there wasn’t enough aluminum trim to make a difference. I prefer the rather spartan look of the regular trim.
    CUPHOLDERS: Lets just say it’s not one of BMW’s strengths.

    FRONT STORAGE: If I had gotten the Nav, I would be complaining that there isn’t enough storage space in the front. But luckily there is a nice compartment for sun glasses etc. in the dash.
    AUTO INDOOR REAR-VIEW MIRROR: A pleasant surprise since according to the brochure it was not included in the non-PP and I thought I wouldn’t get it (though I really wanted it).

    ANNOYANCE: Don’t know if others experience this and perhaps it’s because I’m tall, but the illuminated “Pass Airbag Off” indicator above the rear view mirror is downright annoying when driving at night. Perhaps there’s a way to turn it off. Pretty much my only gripe.

    Sorry for writing so much. Thanks to all who have contributed to this board. I’ve certainly learned a lot from reading the posts. Good luck with whatever vehicle you end up with.
  • rudikamprudikamp Posts: 34
    Thanks for your detailed report on your new X 3.
    It was very informative.Good luck and enjoy.
    Best regards , Rudi
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