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  • m5x3m5x3 Posts: 23
    I've got to admit the privacy glass is not very dark. It may be cutting out some of the UV and might help a little in the summer, but the glass doesn't seem to make much difference at the moment.

    My dealer thought they had the homelink mirror assembly, but it turns out the X3 assembly is different from other BMWs using this setup, so mine's still not available, and neither is the CD changer.
  • Does anyone know if this can be added outside of the Prem Package? Is this something the dealer can install? It seems silly that you have to order the 3K prem package to get the convenience of a auto-rearvw mirror which is almost base equipment on other manufacturers...
  • mamgtmamgt Posts: 67
    I have to say, I like the fact that the privacy glass is not too dark. I provides some privacy, but it's not so dark that it obscures vision when checking the blind spot or backing-up at night.
  • I took delivery of my X3 2.5 on Saturday. I can't express how happy I am with my choice. One thing I discovered though, was how crucial the tire pressure is to the ride quality.

    When I picked up the car, the dealer had over inflated the tires by several PSI. I was shocked at how harsh the ride was on bumpy streets. This wasn't at all like my test drives. After I let some air out, and set to the correct PSI, the difference in ride quality was AMAZING!

    I'm wondering if this may be a partial cause of the vastly differing opinions of ride quality and overall comfort in the various reviews here?
  • The prodn date on my order confirmation was feb 8th but the dealer says it was produced on feb 18th. Isn't the prodn date given accurate?
    My car is still awaiting shipment.
  • I love the Silver Gray but also the beige interior but not sure if they will match... Does anyone have any thoughts or have seen anything like this?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,749
    Silver Gray with the Natural Brown? very nice.. At least on a 3-series.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I orderer black exterior. First I considered the beige interior as it looked good from outside. But, when I sat inside the beige was too bright. I wasn't sure if it will be enjoyable on the long run. Maintenance is another thing, even the slightest stain will be more prominent.
    I finally ordered black interior as I like things to be subtle.
  • ulepulep Posts: 63
    saw the leatherrete at my dealership. it almost looked like real leather. cant tell which one is which until yo touch them.
        the other day i checked the status of my order and it said "at the port awaiting a shipping vessel", i was shocked because last week it was already in transit and OC order tracking says it's en route. nobody can explain this to me. customer service said it should be at the vpc by now. and my dealer cannot confirm this too. did anybody have this experience and can help me with this. I'm sick of waiting, ordered my x3 silver grey in the first week of december.
  • mjmx3mjmx3 Posts: 17
    Ulep: as of today my X3 has the same status as your's "at the port awaiting a shipping vessel" when I checked its status via BMW's 800 number. However using BMW OC on line, it states it is at the preparation center. I believe the latter to be the true status as I have been "En route" for just over 3 weeks.

    I ordered my X3 the very end of November.

  • MSRP 43,345 -- Prem Pkg, Auto, Xenon, Heat Seats, Met Pt, etc.
    Sale 41,545

    Lease, 15K per year, 42 months, res. 53%
    Inception 1800 (700 sec dep, 1st pay, lic, reg)
    PMT incl 6% sales tax == $653.00
  • Is this a durable interior? With toddlers in car seats, will this surface be easier or harder to keep clean?

    Any advice? I'm thinking about dropping the prem pkg which means no leather.
  • ulepulep Posts: 63
    i think leatherette is durable enough. for me its better than fabric seats. i just dont like the rubberry feel when i touched it. but it really looks like real leather. easier to clean in my opinion.
  • ulepulep Posts: 63
    i was looking at the 3 series leatherrette, i dont know if the x3 has the same.
  • I just ordered the 2.5 with manual transmission. Anyone driven one yet? Seems odd to order a car without first driving it, but apparently the only way to get one to the dealership (Sonnen-Marin), and I will be under no obligation to purchase with full deposit back if not satisfied. I was unsure when to do the price negotiations, and asked my sales guy, we did it upon ordering. I told him I knew from the internet discussions that folks were getting around $1500 off MSRP, he did not bat an eye, and said he could do that. Makes me think he could go easily go lower. Now I'm wondering if I will be able to do any further negotiations upon delivery? Anyone have experience with this. And anymore drivers of the 2.5 to assure me that I'm not paying $$$$ for a slug.
  • shap1shap1 Posts: 77
    I have leatherette in my BMW and I love it. I have two young kids who have their muddy soccer cleats all over it. Not to mention the occasional piece of gum, pen mark, etc. It wipes clean with a damp cloth. The only negative is it doesn't breath like leather, so your back can get a bit moist in the summer.
  • mjmx3mjmx3 Posts: 17
    Ulep: Since your X3 is at the preparation center, your dealer can assign it a "Priority 1" status which will expedite its processing and shipment to the dealer.

    Hope this helps!

  • I have driven both models and personally I drive like a snail but I found there was a very noticeable difference between the two models. I felt there was a lag in pick up and I am not that picky since I drive conservatively. I was disappointed that the 2.5 didn't really get better gas mileage than the 3.0. I was once CERTAIN that I would purchase a 2.5 but now I'm not sure, it may be worth the difference.

    I got a price quote on a lease last month and I haven't bought yet but since my quote I noticed that BMW has lowered the money factor and is offering a lease incentive through March. I am getting the details on the lease from Car Man in the leasing section of Edmunds town hall. Hopefully, I will have a reply soon but if you are interested in the details you can just do a search using my name is the Lease section.

    I am wondering if I can get a better deal on a 3.0 a dealer might have on the lot as opposed to ordering my 2.5 with a few options. I don't want to get a premium package and all and that but I do want leather. If anyone has any feedback concerning this e-mail me at A-O - L.
    Are BMW dealers offering a bigger discount on the 3.0 as opposed to the 2.5?
  • As M5X5 mentioned previously the dealers are not correct in saying all x3's have gray carpet. My Black X3 3.0 arrived at the dealer today(ordered in late Nov) and I have black carpet with the terracotta leather. I think all prototypes sent to the dealers initally had gray carpet but they are not being built that way which is good. I wanted black carpet and thats what I got but the dealer said I would get gray carpet. The people ordering beige leather may not get gray carpet.
  • I have seen photos of the X3 with color matched bumpers. Has anyone else seen this and if so do you know if it is an available option?
  • mamgtmamgt Posts: 67
    I was also first leaning towards the 2.5, but after adding some of the options I wanted like power seats, auto air, fog lights, rain sensing wipers, on-board computer,etc. which are all standard on the 3.0, the difference in price was not that great--only about $3,000 plus. I never test drove the 2.5, but I was also concerned that with the AC on and a full load, I might feel the loss of power more on the 2.5.
  • ulepulep Posts: 63
    thanks!! i didn't know that. my salesperson told me that we may be able to pick up the vehicle on tuesday. but if it doesnt work out i will surely ask him about it.
  • I was at the dealer yesterday and they just received the accessory catalog for X3's and the only color matched bumpers they are aware of are part of the add on aero package which is $2595.
    You can now also get 19" rims and some other things but no garage door opener which is pretty stupid. I believe the new BMW assist which fits in the roof takes up the space so the opener will have to fit in the mirrow just like the one I had added to my M3 convertible.
    I would believe that you would get a much better deal on a X3 3.0 with a lot of options vs a stripped 2.5 simply because of the gross profit $ available. Typically the options would have a higher mark up to work with and the total selling price is higher so again you have higher gross margin the dealer can work with. I can't give you hard facts because I'm trading in an X5 so it complicates the deal.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    I have a 325 and notice the mileage is worse than with the 3.0 l. I suspect the lower mileage on the smaller engine is due to gearing. The 2.5 l gear ratios are different from the 3.0 The gearing helps the car get up and go to account for the smaller engine. So as a result, the engine runs at higher RPM's. I've seen discussions on the 3 Series forum that talk about cruising at 70. The 2.5 does it around 3,500 or so and the 3.0 does it around 1,000 rpm less (REALLY fuzzy on the numbers).

  • mamgtmamgt Posts: 67
    "I've seen discussions on the 3 Series forum that talk about cruising at 70. The 2.5 does it around 3,500 or so and the 3.0 does it around 1,000 rpm less".

    I guess that means the X3 3.0 would have a bit of a quieter ride than the X3 2.5 at cruising speed. Wonder if one could really tell the difference?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    I would think the 3.0 to be quieter, but I haven't driven one. My 325 is by no means loud. And it by no means rough. The BMW inlines are probably some of the smoothest engines out there, regardless of operating rpm's. Quietness would depend on the type and amount of insulation installed on the X3 since the engines are the same engine, just tuned (exhaust) differently (and probably a few other tweaks).

    I used to have a Honda Civic Si that cruised at 75 at near 5,000. Talk about noisy. But the Civic didn't have a lot of insulation either. :)
  • shap1shap1 Posts: 77
    My lease is up in June and I plan to get an X3. Based on the posts, I wonder when I should order to ensure a mid-June delivery?? Or maybe there will be more inventory at the dealers by then? Right now, my dealer doesn't have any other than a test model.
  • I would count on ten weeks for delivery but you have two other options. Your dealer can get you out of your lease real easy especially if your close to the end. I am trading in my X5 tommorrow for my X3 which I ordered in late Nov and my lease doesn't expire until May 15. I have done this twice before and its really no problem because the BMW's usually have such a high resale and residual value. As long as the car is in good shape without repairs needed and you haven't blown out the milage. The other thing the dealer can do is trade out with another BMW dealer for inventory. Any dealer can get a list of available inventory at other dealers and swap cars, it usually costs $2-300 to ship from another dealer if its not close.
    I have bought 9 new BMW's since 1995 so I have experience doing it both ways.
  • Just picked up my X3 3.0 today and so far it has exceeded my expectations. The all black interior looks very expensive and on par with any 3 series. I was pleasantly suprised to find out that it has automatic headlights which I wasn't aware of as well as an auxilary lighter/power plug for the back seat which I didn't remember from the test model. I would highly recommend the Terracotta leather which looks real nice with the all black interior.
    This is the first time I actually got to drive the sport package since the test model did not have it. I have the Y spoke wheel package with the wider rear wheels which by the way are Dunlops. The ride is dead even between my M3 and the X5 without sport package that I turned in. I would compare it to the 2001 330cic (convertible)
    I had which had the sport package with 17' wheels. It is comparable because the convertibles run several hundred pounds heavier than the coupes and sedans. The ride is not harsh at all so I really don't know where some of the test drive comments from some magizines are coming from unless they were prototypes. It is a lot tighter and lighter than the X5 and has a nice feel but soft compared to my M3.
  • How is the "thump" factor on the doors of your new X3? The demos felt a bit hollow. Also, what ext color did you choose to go with the black/terr interior? Did you get the upgraded sound system? If so, any thoughts on that?

    Congrats on your new X3!
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