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  • mamgtmamgt Posts: 67
    I generally do not have the time to pamper a car, but I do from time to time (about twice a year) use ArmorAll Leather Care on the seats. It cleans and nourishes the leather. There may be a better product out there, but that one seems to do the job for me.
  • My dealer told me that they started delivering new X3s in the last week or so. Since most orders are for the 2.5...

    let's hear some feedback!
  • wwillwwill Posts: 3
    My production date is 02-06-04 and my delivery date 02-09-04 (Netherlands). My sales man says these are the week numbers. Is that true?
  • I was at the dealership with my wife picking up her 2001 325XiT (the AWD wagon) which had just had its 30k mile inspection and replacement pads and rotors. The lease is up soon so we need to decide on a replacement. One option is a 2004 325XiT but we decided to test drive the 2.5 X3 since the price is about the same and an SAV is basically an AWD wagon with more ground clearance. I also drive an AWD BMW (a 2004 325Xi). We both used to drive RWD BMWs until we moved from a condo to a house with a long gravel driveway which becomes a long ice driveway in the winter months. We both really like BMWs but also like to get up our driveway in the winter.

    Our salesman gave us the key and plate and we drove off. The first thing we noticed was the bigger cabin (much more headroom). The second thing was how cheap the interior materials looked and felt compared with the E46 3 series and even the E36 (we have plenty of experiance with both models). I thought the cabin was comparable in quality to the old 3 series hatchback (318ti). The X3 handled well but when I was riding as a passenger I noticed how poor the ride was. I even began to feel somewhat car sick. I didn't really get to test the performance as there was too much traffic but I suspect the 2.5 does not work as well in the X3 as it does in the 3 series car.

    After the test drive we returned the key and a salesman asked me what I thought of the X3. I told him I preferred the 3 series because the X3 ride was too harsh and the cabin cheap looking. He did not disagree with my assessment.
    My wife and I got back into our 325Xis and drove away. We really appreciated our cars after driving the X3 and my wife told me after dinner that she wanted another 325XiT.

    BTW Both our cars have the BMW Navigation system, my wife's 2001 has the CD based system and my 2004 has the much better DVD based navigation system. Either system is much better than a handheld system (we have a Garmin handheld too). The handhelds cannot navigate you if they lose the satellite connection which can easily happen with a handheld. They also take some time to acquire a lock on the signal. The BMW system acquires a lock almost instantly, holds onto it longer (it has a roof mounted antenna) and when it does loose the satellite can still navigate using an internal gyroscope and connection to the cars computers for dead reckoning. Also the voice commands are integrated with the car's stereo system. In short, well worth the $1800.
  • mjmx3mjmx3 Posts: 17
    M5X3 and Scotth6: I recall you both had X3s delivered with the Sport Package. Can you provide any feed back on the ride quality yet?

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Today I drove a 3.0 X3 with automatic.

    Rides and steers like the X5, in other words "like a truck".

    How long do you suppose it will take BMW to figure out the secret of the Lexus RX series success?

    Other than the cheap looking interior and the truck like steering and handling the X3 is a perfect SUV.

    I will probably buy one for the adaptable AWD system alone, AWD with definite rear torque bias, but it would be nice to have some of the more upscale aspects of the RX.

    Oh, well, maybe like Eastern airlines the RX will come down to the level of the rest of the market. They're certainly moving in that direction with the mixed bag of wood and aluminum accents.

    When will marketing folks learn not to mess with success?
  • ulepulep Posts: 63
    that's funny. of all the post that i have read from both fanatics and haters of the x3 for 3 months, you're the only one who feels that it rides and drives like a truck.
  • But it certainly doesn't ride like an AWD 3 series. The new AWD system would be nice but the Xi system works well enough.
  • mjmx3- I still have not received my X3, as soon as I do I will let you know about the sport package and Y spoke wheels combination
    wwest- I subscribe to Road & Track, Car & Driver, AutoWeek, Automoblie Magazine and Motor Trend and read evry issue and have never heard the term "truck like" to describe an X5. In fact since I am trading in one having driven it for almost four years it is more car like than truck like since it is unibody and loosely based off the 5 series platform. Go back and look at just about any sport utility comparison over the last 3 years and most articles say that the X5 is one of the best handling and most car like rides of any sport utility. Your comments are totally off base and the X5 and X3 don't really target the RX. The RX is a smooth riding, quite and very luxury based sport utility but nowhere have I read that it handles as nice as an X3 or X5. Maybe BMW will figure out the success of Lexus sport utilies whenLexus figures out how to make a sport sedan or sport car. BMW outsells all Luxury makes of auto's in the US including Lexus. Lexus has more sales because they have 5 or 6 sport utilites.
    adgrant- an X3 or X5 is not going to ride or handle like a 325, you have 8 inches of ground clearance and a much higher center of gravity which I'm sure you know. If you r wife was driving maybe thats why you got sick in the passenger seat
  • furbyfurby Posts: 14
    I can't believe how hostile this X3 forum is. I track this group hoping to read up on the X3 and what people who have driven it thought of it. A guy went for a test drive and took the time to write up "his" opinion on the car and people are attacking him and one even made personal remarks on his wife's driving.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,792
    i agree, edmunds boards are about opinions, not trashing someone who doesn't agree with you. if you can't accept some opinions about this vehicle, at least don't to trash the poster.
    post something positive to make your point.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I have a 01 Porsche C4 for true road-handling experience, and an 01 RX300 as you already know. I have experience with/in a 93 Ford ranger and a 94 AWD Ford Aerostar.

    I have no question, personally, that the X3 handles/feels more like the Aerostar, a truck, than any of the other vehicles of my experience.

    Frankly the RX300 is a compromise between an LS400 with air suspension (MY LOVE) and a "HARD" SUV.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    one even made personal remarks on his wife's driving.

    That's what one does when one has run out of rational arguments. Let's stick to the issues and drop the innuendo and cheap shots.

    tidester, host
  • x3rx3r Posts: 21
    My dealer (and the international BMW X3 site section I believe) both mentioned that the Auxiliary connection could be installed to either accommodate an MP3 player in either the glove box or center console. Either way, according to my dealer, it is something that is dealer installed.
  • x3rx3r Posts: 21
    Has anyone received a quote from a dealer regarding the side running board option? The February issue of Bimmer magazine has a few photos of an X3 with the side running boards installed. Anyone seen them first hand yet? General impressions? I wonder a bit about how they might affect ingress/egress over an already wide door sill but they look intriguing.
  • mamgtmamgt Posts: 67
    Just like others have reported, the OC is lousy for tracking your vehicle. Why does the dealer even suggest tracking it online? It lists my car as scheduled for production which my dealer said would be 2/16. Yesterday I found out it was built on 2/1 which means I'll probably have it by the end of the month.
  • m5x3m5x3 Posts: 23
    mjmx3 - I reported earlier that I like the sport package handling and ride. Now we have a week and 350 miles on the X3 with the sport package, but not the upgraded performance wheel/tire package. The car came with 235/50/18H all season Pirelli Scorpion STRs. I got scared away from the performance tire upgrade by the nasty comments on this board as well as the Car and Driver review. To help calibrate my opinion though, we are both in our 50s, our trade was an E36 M3, our other car is an 2001 E39 M5 and we both dislike automatic transmissions, so we fit a pretty small demographic.

    I find the X3 ride very tight, firm and well controlled for a truck. I prefer the ride of the M5, not a fair comparison in my mind, but my wife actually said today she likes being a passenger in the X3 more than the M5. That could be because I can't seem to get to the same speeds as quickly in the X3, but it was an honest comment from her.

    The X3 comes as close to the performance that I desire as I have been able to find in a truck, the X5 and Infinitis being next on my list. I thought the RX330 that people keep bringing up on this board was a beautiful car that I would have considered for the styling and toys even though the performance is not what I wanted, but I couldn't consider it due to the fact that I could not find a comfortable driving position for my 6'4" frame. The center console interferes with my right leg.

    So I guess my advice on the sport package is that you should not back away from it if you like performance suspensions and you want what must be one of the most nimble SUVs on the market.

    And, by the way, this is still a very clean car - either my good luck for once, or a tribute to the quality control on this new product. BMW fixed a lot of the issues I had with the early production models they had for test drives last fall.

    We're very happy with the X3 3.0, the sport package and the 6-speed. I would order the same car if I had to do it over today.
  • Any concerns on the limited cargo space in the X3? Can I at least put two golf bags without folding the rear seats.
    Would the X3 hold its value after say 5 years like the other BMWs? I am a bit skeptical about the resale value.
  • It sometimes amazes me how differently 2 people can judge the same car. My experience was quite the opposite of yours. I have been in my 3 series for nine years now, and have driven the XI as a dealer loaner several times.

    First of all, I don’t consider a direct comparison between these as really a valid test as one is a station wagon or car and the other a SUV. A more fair comparison would be SUV vs. SUV. If I were in the market for another sedan or a station wagon, the 330XI would be at the top of my list. I was however in the market for a SUV, so I judged the X3 vs. other SUVs in its class.

    When I tested the X3 I was amazed how well it handled, with great road feel and maneuverability. I thought it was the closest thing I had ever driven to a 3 series sedan in an SUV. I have tested many SUVs and none were even close to the X3 in road feel, and handling. I found the ride to be a bit different due to the increased ride height, but by no means did it feel overly harsh or uncomfortable. As far as getting car sick, I was probably too busy grinning to notice. I found that the interior was of good quality, but not opulent. The interior seemed a bit different, but on a par with my 325I. The seats were comfortable and the driver position was good. There are SUVs with nicer looking interiors, but for me it was an acceptable trade off of the X3 handling vs. the “luxury” of the Lexus 330.

    I’m not suggesting your opinion is wrong, or mine is correct. For any prospective buyers reading this, I would take the “reviews” with a grain of salt, and advise that instead of relying on the opinions of drivers with conflicting views, that you go out and test one for yourself. There are a lot of good choices out there.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    I remember reading an article about the X3 a few weeks ago. The general tone was that it is so expensive with options that you can get an X5 for just a little more, so "why bother"?

    Do you agree with this>
  • The only way to get an X3 into X5 pricing realm is to load it up. The X5 near the X3 pricing is so stripped, it loses alot of the luxuries. I don't think they are the same buyer. Remember you can get into a stripped X3 for just over 30,000.00. Not bad for a car with Xdrive and roadhandling of a BMW. So I guess I'd have to disagree with that statement.
  • mjmx3mjmx3 Posts: 17
    m5x3: Thank you for taking the time to provide a background on your personal profile and your assessment of your new X3 3.0i with the Sport Package (SP). I ordered the SP on my X3 3.0i with the same wheel and tire package you did so your “real world” user comments and ride assessments are reassuring.

    Hopefully the Pirelli Scorpion STRs are part of the better ride scenario. I live in the Northeast and therefore I needed an all-weather tire so the higher speed rated tire and wheel package was not for me. I definitely needed a “best of both worlds” option.

    I am not familiar with the Pirelli Scorpion STRs. Does anyone have any experience with them?
  • aukemaaukema Posts: 19
    First, the price of an X3 and X5 is considerable different. Just price them! Drive an X3 3.0 and an X5 3.0 and you will feel a significant difference.

    If you want a used (1-3 years) x5 you can purchase one for almost the same price as an new x3.(But remember you won't get the Xdrive for another 1-3 years.) The X5 certainly has more lux interior and exterior design. If you are planning to keep your vehicle only a few years before trade and like a more refined ride, you should strongly consider a used x5. However if you desire a new car, enjoy an aggressive drive, want added interior space, are concerned about gas mileage, you should take a look at the x3.
    To be honest, I have just purchased an X3. I considered a used X5. But I like new. We were planning a trip to Europe this summer and the difference between the ED price for an X3 and US X5 was also a consideration. I liked the fun factor in driving a X3 vs X5. I personally like the spartan interior of the X3 and I like the gas mileage difference.

    I have been looking for a replacement for my 87 Pathfinder. The X3 is the first vehicle that has made me go through the dealer purchasing process.

    Good luck on your decision.
  • m5x3m5x3 Posts: 23
    One more comparison that I've already brought to this board before. I was very close to the purchase of a new X5 before I decided to wait for the X3 we're now driving. I saved more than $14,000.

    Most comparisons you see match the 3.0 versions of both vehicles. But I wanted the V8 acceleration in the heavier X5, and actually preferring the 6-speed, I have the X3 combo that is within a second of the X5 V8, 0 to 60, but about that much quicker than the X5 six. I loaded the X3 up with PDC, audio upgrade, nav, tinted windows, lux and sport packages, heated seats, etc. There wasn't anything meaningful (in my mind) that I could get on the X5 that I didn't get on this car. In the end, I would have had in the X5 an automatic transmission and V8 in an admittedly more luxurious package, but the seats would have been no more comfortable, the audio may not be as good, there would be no more space, and the X5 is heavier and less agile.

    Sorry if this sounds like an odd comparison, but at least to me it is fairer than comparing the small engine X5 with the large engine X3. The X5 and X3 are two fine vehicles targeted at slightly different buyers. If you want an X5, buy it and feel good about it - I certainly prefer it to its V8 rivals from other manufacturers. But don't deny yourself an X3 because you think it is too expensive when compared to its big brother.
  • m5x3: I reported earlier that I like the sport package handling and ride.

    Thanks for sharing your ride experience. I am still interested at X3 although there are several not so good reports about the stiff ride and cheap materials inside, particularly the article from Car & Driver. I wonder did you drive the non-sports package to compare with the sports package you are driving? I am seriously making a decision to buy the X3 or the TL in the next month or so. The stiff ride is something I am concerned about. Do you consider X3 stiff but supple?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,344
    I hear the same thing about the TL. Don't know if you have driven one yet, but something to consider.



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  • ulepulep Posts: 63
    i know a lot of people want to get their hands on this.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    The manual or the pastrami? (make mine on rye; looks mighty tasty).

    I think the Koreans like the X3 although this review does read a bit like some PR material. (Korea Times)

    Steve, Host
  • Completely agree with your assessment. I was considering the X5 V8 FULLY loaded before the X3 came out. Now, I have an X3 3.0, FULLY loaded on order at $13k less. In my mind, there are very few sacrifices I gave up as a result of this decision.
  • On Saturday, I test drove both an RX330 and the 2.5. I had driven the 3.0 a couple of weeks earlier and currently drive the MB M320. Although it has been a couple of weeks, I could not tell a difference between the 2.5 and 3.0. I can tell you that the 2.5 drives much better than the 330 and the M-Class -there is no comparison. My only question now is "How does BMW rate in reliability?"
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