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Cadillac SRX



  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I have been using regular and it seems to be working pretty well.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I have posted this in the other SRX thread and thought I would do so here.

    Took my car in friday for a rubbing/scraping sound in the engine.
    Heard only under light acceleration or slow cruise.

    It needed a new camshaft.

    They replaced both left side camshafts and all is quiet now.
    I will keep you updated.

    This is the second SRX that they have fixed with this problem.
  • I am looking to buy. the current rebate being offered ($1500) will expire 03-31-2004. does anyone know of any upcomming rebates? also, if i pay all "in cash", do you think i can get a better deal? thanks.
  • volvodan1volvodan1 Posts: 196
    When we cash the check from the bank, it becomes cash. Honestly a dealer would rather finance because of extra profit generated, even if it's 1 point. As a salesman it doesn't matter to me. Better than a GMD.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    There was also Instant Value Certificates that expired 3/19, but keeps getting extended.

    Each IVC is worth $500 and they can apply up to 4 of them depending on the vehicle.

    They used 2 IVC's on my SRX for a $1,000 discount.

    Ask your salesman how many Instant Value Certificates he will apply to the pruchase of
    the SRX you want.

    See if he bites.
  • I don't suppose any one else saw the story in the WSJ that GM has a 119 day supply of SRX in their inventory. GM may have to add some more incentives to move that large of an inventory of unsold cars.

    I turned 2100 miles in my new SRX today. Picked up the SRX on the 10th of March, no problems yet. Averaging over 80 miles a day, burning middle grade of gasoline, and getting about 330 miles between tanks. My wife finally drove the new SRX last weekend, after we traded in her Lexus RX300, last month. She had no complains what so ever. I did buy the extended warranty to 80k miles, four years to protect me from any problem in the future. As I'm hard of hearing, and what I do hear, I love the "XM" Bose Radio.
  • Thats odd that there is such a large supply of SRXs as they seem like a very good vehicle. I will say that for the longest time I didn't see any on the roads, although now I'm really starting to see them. It could be the price point as the SRXs get expensive when options are added, but so do most other luxury SUVs. And this one has some substance beneath the skin.

    If you love a variety of music(not the same old focus group inspired playlists aimed at the teenie bopper crowd) you will LOVE XM radio. I've had XM since November 2001 and would never want to go back to having just AM and FM radio to listen to. Before XM, I ALWAYS kept some CDs in my car so that when the crap started playing or the endless loop of commercials came on the radio, I could put in some sanity. With XM, I've gone weeks without listening to a CD in my car.
  • turboezturboez Posts: 7
    have been increasing month-to month, this month they were about 2800. Though that may seem miniscule compared to the RX, remember this is a relatively new vehicle and word-of-mouth is barely starting to spread on it. Also, this is an all-new vehicle for Cadillac in a completely different segment they've never competed in, so really people don't know what to expect from them.
  • pbeerspbeers Posts: 26
    If I remember correctly, Cadillac was planning on about 25K units of the SRX for the first model year. As of 4/3/04, they've produced just under 28,000 (from I imagine that sometime in the next couple of months they will switch production to the 2005's.

    We have about 1,600 miles on our V8 SRX, not a single problem, fit and finish are great, and drives fantastic; I still enjoy it every single time I get behind the wheel of this vehicle.

    turboez - I think you're right on the money with people not knowing what to expect. This is the first time we've bought from Cadillac and so far we're very satisfied.
  • Yesterday I visited my local dealer to have them correct the area code on my On-Star, and while talking to the salesman, I mentioned the WSJ story. We both agreed that Cadillac needs to do something about all the V-8's sitting around. This dealer has a dozen V-8s and only one V-6 in inventory. I don't suppose anyone knows how many or what percentage of the total inventory of SRX built so far are V-8, compared to V-6s. Does this problem hold true all over the country too many V-8s and not enough V-6s. Also the price different between the V-8 and the V-6 is rather steep, about six and a quarter. If only Cadillac had produce more V-6s than V-8s, then there might be more SRX driving around at this time. The salesman did say that they are starting to see an up turn in CTS sales. Regarding the XM radio, I love the lower channels, 50's and 60's, and also the CNN and CNBC channels. The only complaint I have is I which I could have gotten the Xeon Headlights as a separate option. These headlights are only available with a larger more expensive package.
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    Told me the very same thing. That in the initial allocation, dealers got loaded V8's whether they wanted them are not, so they still have all of these sitting around.

    IMO, the big uptick is due to V6's getting into the pipeline... dealer told me they sell very quickly.

    At some point they'll probably just deal on the loaded V8's to move 'em out.
  • hootch1hootch1 Posts: 12
    at the SRX, early in the production, my dealer had only a loaded V8 on the lot. They were told that the V-6 would not be produced until after the holidays. The salesman mentioned then that Cadiallac was making a mistake. It didn't take long for them to change the production schedule.

    That loaded V8 had to compete with fairly loaded '03 Escalades at a much lower price. Not for me but works for other buyers.

    The other mistake I think Cadillac made was bundling the MRC in the luxury performance package. This is the option that gets the most hype. I wanted it and would have paid the money but when I have to add the cost of the nav and all the other options it wasn't worth it. I see they're now going to offer on the RWD in '05. hat's a good move.
  • Picking up my SRX from Michigan as I have family that works for GM, this weekend. Got the silver smoke color with the ebony interior. Has navagation, DVD, all the goodies. So is this SUV going to be worth the money??
  • mainjbmainjb Posts: 2
    Does anyone know how to find out how many of a given car are selling per month? This question is based on postings detailing the number of SRXs sold to date. Just curious if anyone know how/where to find more specific info.
  • A loaded SRX V8 AWD can certainly top an Escalade in price and IMO, the SRX is worth every penny of it over the Slade. Not that the big SUV isn't bad, but underneath the skin the SRX is a FAR more sophisticated machine. If I were choosing between the two, the SRX would easily be my choice.

    Haven't seen any sales numbers, but I can say that I'm starting to see SRXs on the road more and more. Most I've seen must not be V8s as the V8s have a "Northstar" badge on the rear and most of the ones I've seen do not.
  • zeenzeen Posts: 401
    Is the V6 sufficient for my wife who is used to a GMC Envoy with the I-6? I am trying to keep the cost down and I can't see the need for the 8 unless the 6 is woefully underpowered.
  • Zeen;

    If I were you I would stick with the V-6, a lot cheaper than the V-8. Now when hooked up to the AWD system, may be a little less power than my V-6, RWD SRX. Compare the mileage numbers between the two cars, with gas costing about $1.85 down here, a V-6 will go further down the road.
    Yesterday I got a call from the GM call center, wanted to know if I had any problems, said none what so ever. Just turned 3,500 miles today, had the car since March 10th.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    The V6 RWD is plenty sufficient. I have nto driven the AWD version which is 200 lbs heavier.

    The V6 has tons of power around town.
    My recent road trip showed that acceleration above 75-80 mph is not huge.
    A 75 mph kickdown will only drop the trans down to 4th. At 65 mph it will drop down to 3rd and you get big acceleration.
    I made a climb up a 6% grade at over 80 mph with the trans manually in 4th and was able to accelerate. I probably could have gone 90 mph up the mountain without a problem.

    Lastly the hp curve of the V6 is flat as a board at higher revs. It has no upward curve like the V8 does.
    So you don't get the high rpm power that one expects out of a DOHC motor.

    Around town the V6 feels a strong as many V8s that I have drive and very close to a the low end power of a pushrod V8.
  • This is the first time I've visited this board and I'm puzzled why the constant references to the Escalade as an alternative. If GM is seeking an upscale target audience with the SRX , maybe they have missed. IMHO upscale people don't put the 'slade on their short list when they are trading in their Volvo XC, the 4matic E Wagon, 325ix wagon, etc.
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    Because they're on the same lot, which makes them competition for each other. Many people also still equate size and power with luxury, which starts the "why should I buy the little one when I can get the big one for the same money" thought train rolling.

    Also, the Slade's on the short list for a lot more "Upscale People" than those you mentioned. It probably outsells all of them combined.

    It appears that the SRX is doing fine now that they've gotten V6's into the mix... sales are approaching 3K a month. The best news for Cadillac is that it doesn't seem to be affecting Slade or CTS sales at all. They both had a record month in March.

    These sales are coming from somewhere else.
  • hootch1hootch1 Posts: 12
    The Escalade and the SRX are not in the same category, but at first the dealerships were given loaded SRXs with V8s at near $60K. Escalades have a certain cachet and the '03s were being offered at $8-$10K discount when the SRX was introduced. So the price was considerably less than the SRX.

    I prefer the SRX and did not consider the Escalade. We bought ours last November and picked it over the MDX and the XC90.
  • Hooch1, yes, I've read that at the launch the only SRXs available were fully loaded. Kind of like the Chrysler Pacifica which also had a slow start.

    So, what do the marketing gurus say? Launch a vehicle with lean pricing and then move up by adding options and pricing levels later? Or start high to establish a price point/status level and then expand down AND up? (Like the Porche Cayenne).
  • hootch1hootch1 Posts: 12
    with a wide array of options? It appears Cadillac did not anticipate the market well. On my first visit I was told that the V6s would not be available until January. The salesman told me then he thought it was a mistake. Then the MRC was bundled in the luxury performance package. Now they've broken it out as an option and next year will offer on RWD vehicles.

    So why not produce an initial run with some variety so that if you are wrong there will be some on the street?
  • quemfalaquemfala Posts: 107
    I've just started to shop around looking at SRX's, and appreciate the info on this site. It is a bit frustrating to try to find a vehicle with the options that I prefer. Also, to find that some items "not available" unless you take an expensive, and not desired, package; i.e.- no HID headlights unless I want the navigation system. Anyway, I'll keep reading and searching. Thanks for the help
  • adp3adp3 Posts: 446
    Volvo made the same mistake GM made. Cadillac lots had lots of V8s and few V6s. Same with the volvo XC90: lots of the 6-cyulinder, few of the 5. All the smaller engine ones sell, and the big engines sit. So much for the American love of horspower (not rally). With the SRX, the price of the V8 was just too much, even though everyone loves that V8. At least with the Volvo there were many people who preferred the 5 to the 6 from a driveability standpoint (the 5 has 5 gears; the 6 has only 4 gears).
  • adp3adp3 Posts: 446
    it's too bad GM doesn't have a factory delivery option like Volvo, where you can pull the option packages apart and buy whatever you want.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    A V6 SRX with Luxury package and Sunroof is over 43K.
    You can buy a V8 Toureag for 42K.
    A base V8 SRX is 46K.
    SRX's are piling up on dealer's lots. Even the V6s are sitting.

    This is what I would like to see:
    Current V6 is $38,690.
    Change to $37,200.
    This will make V6 lusxury package just over 40K.

    Drop V8 pricing 2K.

    SRX will now be more competitive and NO incentives will be necessary.
  • mbukukanyaumbukukanyau Posts: 200
    Pricing Cadillacs uncompetitively, with some products seems to be part of Cadillac's strategy.

    I read somewhere Lutz saying, they will kill incentives slowly and Charge more for their vehicles, sometimes limiting production. Cadillac is no longer going for Volume in sales, but price premiums. I think its going to take more than 10 Years to get there for Them. But, if you are driving a VW and someone is driving an SRX, and you know the SRX owner paid more for it than your VW, then there is Prestige.

    I think that is Cadillacs thinking.

    Buick is supposed to eventually cover Cadillacs back on Value luxury. If they can Turn Buick around with a theme like the Velite, then they can move Cadillac further up. So far its only a dream. We are yet to see.
  • IMO, the SRX is a superior vehicle to the Toureag. I'd also dare say most V8s are loaded up with options and not had for $42K. Speaking of euro SUVs, what do you think about the Cayenne? Despite the fact it is hard to swallow Porsche and SUV in the same line, I've seen a few lately and they are not bad looking. Just for kicks I checked them out on the web. Not bad at all inside. But man, they really get expensive with options. And the new V6 model which starts in the low 40s doesn't seem all that powerful.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Cayenne and Toureag weigh well over 5000lbs.
    I think some of them are close to 5500lbs!

    My SRX weighs about 4150lbs and has more power than the twins.

    0-60 for them is 9-10 seconds.

    Mine is about 7.5 secs and is quicker than my Intrigue was.

    It gets on down the road, especially off the line and in the midrange.

    Acceleration above 80 mph is not that strong, but at 65 it takes off.

    SRX will likely have fewer repair issues than the VW/porsche.
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