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Cadillac SRX



  • rplumrplum Posts: 48

    My business is currently leasing an SRX (V6 AWD) and this towing package (coded as V92 I think) is becoming a bit of an amusing problem.

    When we ordered the car up front, it was very clear that the towing equipment was imperative to us(raises the capacity from 1000 to 3500lbs I believe). Dealership/Cadillac indicated no problems.

    The car arrived without the towing package, and as it turns out, we were the first party to order the towing package (hard for me to believe after multiple months of sales but....).

    The Towing package includes an automatic transmission cooler (which had to be installed by the dealer, and presumably the receiver/hitch assembly). Finally the parts arrived for the A/T cooler, our vehicle was essentially the "trainer" for the dealership. But when they called us and said we could pick up our SRX, we found that there was still no hitch receiver assembly. Huh? As it turns out,Cadillac had never developed this hitch assembly, they were counting on the aftermarket (Draw-Tite/Reese, etc) to provide this.

    Guess what? 4-5 months later and there is still no hitch assembly available to fit the SRX! I am pretty amazed that Cadillac would accept our money towards the trailering package up-front and they gave us absolutely no indication that it was "not yet available". I just got back from the local dealer, and they are still telling us that the SRX hitch assembly is "under development" with no promise date for production.

    Cadillac Customer Service will be receiving a phone call shortly regarding this matter. I am still shaking my head over how badly this was/is turning out.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    SRX AWD V8 pulled a 0-60 time of 6.4 secs. and a
    0-100 time of 16.3 secs. 1 sec. faster than the
    Porsche/VW/Infiniti competitors.
  • rplumrplum Posts: 48
    This is a brief update to post 467 above.

    After a 30 minute call to Cadillac Customer Service (who also claimed to have no knowledge of a factory hitch assembly), I sutmbled upon some part numbers at another Caddy Internet forum.

    88961322 (Hitch)
    88963947 (wiring harness)

    I contacted my local dealer and gave them these part numbers to look up, let's hope the information is good. Still seems strange that I have to be the one giving Cadillac part #'s (if they are legit)to an official Cadillac dealership.

    We'll see what happens.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Does the bumnper have to be cut to fit the hitch?
  • mbukukanyaumbukukanyau Posts: 200
    A sedan based SUV is not the best tow vehicle. I am not surprised that GM had no tow equipment. There is a lot of truck Based GM alternatives to look at if you want to tow.
     The rainier is a good vehicle to look at. Its quite inside, premium quality leather, navigation and V8 option, with a good truck Chassis to towing.
  • wfwiiwfwii Posts: 2
    I had the towing package installed last week by Sid Dillons Cadillac in Fremont, NE. Looks clean, a nice design, but have not towed anything yet.

    I also had a meltdown of my Power Stearing system. Had to replace all the seals, they were installed improperly and the fluid went out in a matter of minutes. Have had 7000+ trouble free miles, until this event. Anyone else have this problem?
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    If I read the "Online Ordering Guide" correctly, a sunroof and XM radio will be standard equipment on the 2005 V8 models. This is interesting, since most dealers in our area have been ordering very few cars with these options, presumably due to the high cost (of the sunroof, anyway). It will be interesting to see if there is a commensurate MSRP price increase, or whether GM will seize this opportunity to effectively lower the price of a V8 SRX.
  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    Would anyone know where I can find out the Wheel size and brake rotor size of the SRX? I know the wheel size is 6 lug, but is it 6 X 5.5 or 6 X ?
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    I was talking to a Cadillac dealer's salesman today, and he said that there is currently a $1500 rebate on cars without a sunroof, in addition to the $1000 rebate on all SRXs. (Maybe this only applies to V8s, I'm not sure.) This suggests to me that the sunroofs are going to be included with the '05 V8s at little or no additional cost. He said that there is also "conquest cash" available to those who can prove that they own some other brand of car. Looks like they're getting serious about moving the SRXs.
  • I went to take delivery of my new SRX with the optional trailering package and I too was minus a trailer HITCH and when I asked they had NO idea. Turns out they went on the internet and found someone who had to add the HITCH and they told me they would have to cut out a part of the bumper - hmmm what does that do to the warranty if there were an accident? Well, I paid GM up front the money believing I would get a HITCH as you do on the Trailblazer and Escalada. Heck - I should have ordered the Escalade but I was ASSURED that the trailer hitch was available. I even had them write it into the contract. The dealership will do nothing for me... I can not tow anything.... but they were willing to take my money up front for the "TOWING PACKAGE" V92.
    The dealership was stupid enough to show me the posting they pulled off the internet - where another owner ordered the hitch and the dealer sold it to him at cost... but they won't make that same offer to me.
    I have not yet taken delivery of my SRX and have lost my enthusiasm for it - as I can't tow anything or add the bike attachment unless I fork out another $500-700 CDN (approx.) (Hitch parts plus labour)
  • I am curious as to how much MORE you had to pay (parts and labour) for the trailer hitch assembly after having previously paid for the V92 trailer package?
    I am steaming about this issue.
  • BE careful and do your research as to what you think you are getting with the towing package versus what you are getting!
    There is no hitch included and no hook-up for the trailer lights.
    They have to cut out the bumper and attach a hitch - must look awful!
    You pay GM a lot of $ up front for an over-sized rad and get little else... definately don't get a trailer hitch!!!!!
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I have seen an SRX with a aftermarket hitch that did not require the bumper to be cut.
    It did hang fairly low but it looked like there was enough ground clearance.
  • wfwiiwfwii Posts: 2
    It was just short of $400. It really is a clean design. If they modified my bumper, I can't see it. Supposedly, now rated to 4500 lbs towing capacity. I have not towed anything yet, but will be towing my trailer and my Harley, next month. Will post then on the experience.
  • ken5ken5 Posts: 11
    If you had a choice of NAV vs the Moonroof what would you choose. Both are spendy because the NAV is only included in a luxury package while the moonroof price is $1800 there is a $1500 rebate making the cost effectively $3300.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I am posting this in both the SRX and CTS forums.

    Talked with my service manager yesterday about the rearend whine in my SRX.
    He says most of them are doing it around 27-29 mph.
    Mine starts at 29 mph and goes all the way up to 70 mph.
    He has had another SRX in that is much louder than mine.

    They could always install another gear set, but he wouldn't guarantee that it would solve it.
    He wants me to wait until Cadillac comes up with a fix before he does anything.
    Which I am okay with.

    The upshot of this post is to let you guys know that Cadillac is well aware of the problem and as of yet does not have a fix, but he expects there will be one soon.
  • perlmaneperlmane Posts: 1
    Which version of the SRX is this? The V6, V8 RWD? AWD?
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    B4Z has a RWD V6 base model.
  • bigdaddycoatsbigdaddycoats Posts: 1,058
    May sales - 3253, new record since launch.
  • stuckstuck Posts: 2
    Is anyone else having a problem with driveline/transmission thumps or clunks during tip-in or tip-out of the accelerator such as in slow and go traffic or when making turns? I'm informed this is a CHARACTERISTIC on the all wheel drive SRX. Mine is the V/8 model and this problem is driving me nuts. GM apparently know of the situation and admit to some complaints but I suspect they do not know how to fix it--so take the position it is a CHARACTERISTIC--funny I have never heard of other makes with all wheel drive having such a condition(maybe I'm wrong however !!). There has been some reference to an accumulation of LASH in the front and rear driveline systems being responsible so if that is the case one can only expect the condition to get worse as there is more wear on any/all moving parts. My selling dealer has shown get concern in this regard and followed up with GM who stated " do not attempt any repairs for this condition since it is an operating characteristic" There has been a GM bulletin issued to cover the complaints being #99-04-20-002B.I do have more comments and questions but would like to have some input from others.
  • ppdrppdr Posts: 2
    I have a SRX and would like to have a DELPHI XM radio that I can switch to my other car and to home. I have the sunroof and GM did not offer the satellite radio, does anyone have any experience with it.
  • huskerhusker Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Cadillac SRX does anyone know where you can buy an after market hitch for this car?
    The dealer can get one but they want around $450 for it I think that is too much as I have seen some SRX's and there is nothing to the hitch. We only want it to put a bike rack on it.
  • fergi1751fergi1751 Posts: 1
    I'm wondering if anyone else feels like the rear door is heavy to open. I am a healthy woman in my thirties and I feel like I really have to tug and pull to get my rear door to lift open. Am I doing something wrong? I feel like after paying so much for a "luxury" SUV it should have some button/remote feature to "pop" the rear door open; something similar to a trunk release button. Is there such a feature and I'm missing it? Let me know. Thanks.
  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    Mom is getting ready to get out of her 98 Deville. (Less than 50k miles!)
    She has had a SRX demo (6, AWD, Roof, BOTH lux pkgs., lumbar ) for 3 days now.
    She percieves it to be smaller than her Deville and likes the fact that she sits up higher in the seat. Not to mention the adjustable pedals and AWD here in snow land !

    Plus plenty of room for her doggie, grandkids, and all the stuff she can easily carry on shopping trips or her annual winter fun in Daytona Beach! (Why AWD I ask?)

    She is a GM retiree......
    The sticker is $47800.....GM deal $42300
    Her only other deal is 0% interest.....NO rebate cuz of roof!

    One dealer has a base 04 FWD with no options $38000 msrp. GM site won't show employee deal price. Have to visit dealer....hmmmmm
    The only one so equipped here in central NY !
    COLOR....UGH !!!!! Its that light green color....Like the Seafoam Green my 96 Deville had...........

    BTW...The kids want her to get a 'Lade wit dubs !
    She sez TOO BIG !
    We will see what she does !..............LOL
  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    While browsing these forums and the GM Family First site I discovered a few things.......

    NO tow pkg. equipped SRXs at 5 dealers in CNY with that option.
    GM shows 2 codes
    V92 trailer equip. (NO hitch) $250
    VR4 trailer hitch Dealer installed $350
    I guess ya don't have to order both at the same time. I am sure a RV shop or U-Haul can fix you up with the hitch.

    w/roof 0% int. only 24 mths. etc
    w/o roof $1500 AND 0% int. only 24 months etc.

    Current GM owners (Employees, retirees outta luck !)
    $2000 cash.............Northeast region only.
    Check GM Buypower for your area.
  • 1bud11bud1 Posts: 1
    BUD M.
  • adp3adp3 Posts: 446
    I like the SRX, but am really not thrilled with the looks

    I just saw my first red one. My GOD, this car looks great in red!
  • drippsdripps Posts: 3
    Not much action here on SRX forums. I just bought my 2005 SRX V6 with Luxury Performance package and AWD. I am so thrilled with this car. It's much more comfortable than my BMW X5 ever was. I love my new bells and whistles--learning the navigation, playing with XM radio and that incredible sunroof!!!! My SRX is blue chip with light grey interior....just beautiful!
  • Yeah not much action here lately. This year I moved to condo; no longer have 3 parking spots; planned to sell Mercedes SL500 convertible + 2002 Escalade and buy 1 new '05 SRX w/ Ultraview sunroof. SL is sold. At dealer's invitation drove heavily optioned '05 V8 up and down mountain passes for 110 miles-- was very impressed how fun car was to drive, the spacious seating, electronics, etc.

    Minor gripes: blind spots looking rearwards in corners, relative (to Escalade) small sideview mirrors, smaller fuel tank, compact spare, funky deal w/ receiver hitch. I don't have kids and will never use the electric 3rd seat-- would prefer storage but car cannot be optioned that way. Wish car had some of the other high end options like adaptive cruise control or air conditioned seats. Hmmm. Dealer has new silver+ebony SRX ordered for me arriving next week; still deliberating. Very fun car but I still like my '02 Escalade w/ 24,000 miles... --Christoph
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