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    The tsbs listed in the ownership section are written by whom? Are they distributed to the dealerships? I assume the dealers have access to them and it would not matter that I'm in Canada?
      I'm having a problem that sounds like NHTSA #250938 vibration/shake at highway speeds(in my case over 90km/hr)The dealer said there is no such listing and never heard of it.
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    I had the same problem with my power tailgate. The dealer replaced a switch and the switch-lift motor. this solved the problem.
  • sitedriftersitedrifter Member Posts: 19
    My 5* tested all voltages and all are within specs. They also tested other Pacificas on the lot and they do the same thing, "mirrors do not return to saved positions, they are just short of the saved position"

    I am waiting for the 5* to contact me with their final conclusions(maybe today) which are based on testing and that Chrysler says mirrors not going to saved positions is *normal*. Of course there will be more updates as this situation progresses.
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    the dealer should be able to look up by the Service Bulitin Number. I give then that number not the TSB number and they look it up. its a chrysler number. Just print it out the screen and ask them to look that TSB up ... should be the same TSBs in Canada ... good luck, eh? (sorry couldn't resist) ...
  • kylerckylerc Member Posts: 17
    thanks cluelesspa,I try calling them on monday.
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    Good Evening,

    I have been getting an "Error" message when trying to play a CD in the DVD player? Sometimes it happens when I play the 1st CD then another day it was the 3rd slot. I have no problem playing a CD in the CD player, just the DVD player where I keep all 6 slots filled.

    I tried using a CD cleaner disk today and still get the Error message. I have tried different CDs in the same 1st slot, it accepts the CD, then it starts clicking and making lite grinding noises then in about ten seconds the display shows "Error". I could not find in the manual what the "Error " message signifies as a possible problem. Any one have any suggestions/ideas before I take it in?

  • pssimonpssimon Member Posts: 144
    It was "mean" cold here in NJ over the weekend.... single digits. The car sat untouched on Saturday. Sunday when I went to start it, it almost seemed like I was having a dying battery. It cranked really slow and the car alarm started to sound before it caught and started. Mind you I only have the car since 7/11 (one day short of 6 months!).

    Shouldn't the battery been stronger than that in only six months? Has anyone else noticed this?

    This morning (Monday) when I started the car it started a little better, but seemed to require some effort. After it started, I put it in Drive as normal. I felt the transmission slowly go into gear. By that I mean it seemed like it was slipping slightly as it engaged. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    Live in Duluth Minnesota (150 miles North of Minneapolis). Couple weeks ago we had some very cold weather with high temps around zero. Our 2 month old Pacifica had a strong you would expect. Somethings not right if you are having problems when it is that "warm".
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    We had some colder temps here (about 10'). Car started fine in the morning - it was garaged though. After sitting outside, early afternoon, car would barely start. Took about 4 cranking periods before it actually started. The same time, we lost power to the locks and windows. Took to dealer for repair. They ordered a new lock module and REPLACED the battery. They stated that the battery was not registering as 'good' when hooked up to the diagnostics computer. Don't know if this is a common problem or not. (Car is 2 months old.)
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Member Posts: 648
    had the pac for 6 months and no problems. daily use though so never sits more then half a day. at end of day after works sitting out all day in 10 degree temp started fine...

    no slow cranking or anything...

    just put snow tires on it... should really grip with Pirelli Snow Tires. got them cause the tire dealer had them in stock from a canceled special order and let them go for his cost :-)
  • rickstratrickstrat Member Posts: 25
    After a long trip, our Pac sat for a few days. My wife went out to start it and there was just clicking, so we had to call AAA. It was garaged, but I was also testing out some DVDs while it was parked. My wife blamed me for "messing around" but maybe it was a weak battery. I'd never killed a car before by running down the battery with dome lights and the stereo playing for a few tests. I also had figured that after a 2,000 mile round trip, the battery would have plenty of charge to it! Maybe I can show her this post and get some dignity back!
  • russklassrussklass Member Posts: 389
    We had a bout of sub zero weather (Buffalo, NY area) and experienced no starting problems. It started instantly, same as in warm weather. Have had ours for 8 months, 20,000 miles.
    Clueless: Let's see how your Pirellis handle the snow compared to my Dunlop Snow Sport M2s! I'm pleased so far, but have noticed that the acceleration traction is better than the braking & steering traction.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Member Posts: 648
    we should meet half way in Erie, PA and drag race LOL ... actually so far acceleration is good on light snow. but there really isnt alot of Torgue in the Pac with the weight.

    braking and steering ok.. the nice thing about these newer snow tires are they are H-RATED !!! and ride quiet for a snowtire. they are only marginally louder then the all seasons. plus handle on dry pavement nicely up to 70 mphs.. at 75 it just barely starts to feel lose... nothing major just notice its not as firmly handling

    the only other downside is it is more likely to pick up small rocks in the wide tread when driving on drive pavement.

    not sure about the tread wear. on tirerack see the Pirelli's arent rated high on tread ware but they also have them down as TR rated when they are now H rated. I got them for $20 over Tirerack prices when you factor in the higher cost of mounting and ballancing if I bought at tirerack.


    front end rumble ... still have the rumble sound as well from the front suspension. anyone else have this problem beside myself and the other posted earlier? its like he said, a low rumble in the suspension, i find over multiple bumps like the suspension wont settle down. single bumps sound ok but multiple ones sound like something is lose. have to check the mudflap theory still. forgot that when I last brought it in (too many other things on the list)
  • ecicero1ecicero1 Member Posts: 10
    I mentioned your noise may be coming from the mud guards inside the rear wheel wells, not the mud flaps. You can check this by pushing up on the mud guard directly behind the rear wheels. I had this problem it it was solved by riveting the guards in place, replacing the plastic faseners. I hope this will help.I also had the mud guards inside the front wheels riveted which were loose.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Member Posts: 648
    oh... well I doubt that is the problem then. this sounds like the other poster said. a low sounding rumble like something is loose in the suspension ...
  • sitedriftersitedrifter Member Posts: 19
    Went to the 5* today to get my complete work order.

    The 5* verified the mirrors do not return to saved positions. Tested voltages per Chrysler and voltages were normal. Chrysler states to 5* the mirrors are working properly and there is nothing wrong. 5* can't beleive they took this route but thinks a TSB might surface on this issue. I understand the dealer has no control over fixing the problem when the manufacturer does not know how to fix it so I am not upset with them (dealer), but rather Chrysler. I would like Chrysler to handle it better then they (Chrysler) are and I will be contacting them tomorrow.

    Keep you posted

  • imidazol97imidazol97 Member Posts: 27,106
    What're the recommended oil change intervals for extreme driving and highway driving?

    2014 Malibu 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT,

  • chinkapin02chinkapin02 Member Posts: 4
    I believe that the suggested oil change interval is 3000 miles. Regardless what type driving you do I suggest 3000 miles, heck oil is cheap and the best insurance for your engine.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Member Posts: 27,106
    My noncomputing friend has been told 6000 miles and he let the quickylube place put in synthetic for an extra $29.

    I told him 3000 miles had be about right. He does short trips 1 mile and less, with occasion 10-15mile trips. This is in SW Ohio weather.

    Are there any lube fittings on the suspension that need to be greased on the Pacifica?

    2014 Malibu 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT,

  • imidazol97imidazol97 Member Posts: 27,106

    My 98 LeSabre has 8, ball joints and tie rods.
    I wish my 03 had them. I know they're greased and haven't gone bad, because I grease them. I had an earlier Ford and replaced the plug with fittings to grease them. The LeSabre doesn't have a replaceable plug for fittings. You just wait until the joint wears out and fails.

    2014 Malibu 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT,

  • alisacalisac Member Posts: 19
    Well, I FINALLY got my Pacifica last nite, and I adore it. I have never been so excited to drive a new car before.

    That being said, I am fumbling my way though all of the settings, and trying to be true to my manual by reading before doing. I can't figure out a couple of things tho. When I am in the EVIC - I don't see to have access to the mini-trip functions, the amount of gas remaining, and mileage functions. My model is fully loaded EXCEPT for the navigation system - Is this a part of the nav system?

    Also, the EVIC default display is the number of kilometres left to the next service - can I turn this off??

    Many thanks....

  • alisacalisac Member Posts: 19
    Thanks - but I *did* read the manual (and found the steering wheel controls)

    But I don't know where I can find the gas info in the EVIC - I toggle thru the choices, and the only one that takes me to "sub menu" is *Use factory Defaults - no* and that takes me to a a bunch of choices, like driver's seat, lights etc... but NOTHING on gas mileage and the like...

  • russklassrussklass Member Posts: 389
    There is no "instant mileage" or "fuel remaining" in the EVIC menu.
    There IS "distance to empty" and "average fuel mileage". These are accessed via the "step" button.
  • alisacalisac Member Posts: 19
    What screen display do I have to be on in Menu to press step to access Distance to Empty and Average Fuel Mileage??
  • alisacalisac Member Posts: 19
    OK - if it is *really* that simple, then I now feel like the people who couldn't find their steering wheel radio controls...!

    I will go outside shortly in the subarctic and try it. Many thanks in advance for when it works!!

  • b25nutb25nut Member Posts: 202
    Alisac, don't feel bad. It took me a week before I figured out how to access gas info on the Mini-Trip Functions. The Quick Reference Guide makes it very clear how to do it, but since I was determined to learn the entire owner's manual, I never even looked at the quick way. The manual on page 127 is not very clear. It starts with "Mini-Trip Functions - If Equipped". I thought that since I had the navigation system, there was a posibility I couldn't access the trip functions. The "If Equipped" just put that doubt in my mind. The section of the manual on pg. 127 should start with "Step Button - Push this button to cycle through all the Mini-Trip functions" instead of putting it at the end on page 128.
  • alisacalisac Member Posts: 19
    ...for making me feel better. I, like you, have not looked at the quick guide either. And ironically, MY assumption was the exact opposite of yours...that since I did NOT have the navigation system, perhaps mine was not equipped with that option...

    I agree - the section on the EVIC could be much clearer - It wasn't even that clear on how to access the controls by selcting NO to "Factory Settings - Default". Perhaps the quick guide has that as well, but I haven't looked at it....

    This is truly a great place for all things Pacifica. It was thanks to the posters here that I ordered my extra 2 headphones through Ebay and saved a few hundred dollars.

    Thanks again to all of you. :-)
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  • pssimonpssimon Member Posts: 144
    My ECIV display has gone black. No information at all.... and yes, I tried using the buttons to scroll through as I have been doing until now, and nothing!

    The other side where the odometer and gear information is located is still working as is everything else on the dash.

    Has anyone else seen this? What's the remedy?
  • pawpawpuppawpawpup Member Posts: 1

    We bought a FWD Pacific at the end of December and really like the car. Unfortunately, we soon discovered nickel sized motor oil leaks on our garage floor and took the car back to the 5* dealer. They said the oil pan gasket needed to replaced and did so.

    The very next day after bringing it home, the car started leaking oil again--this time in little puddles :-( We immediately returned it to the dealer, who said that the part that was installed turned out to be defective and they would order a replacement. We're supposed to have the vehicle back on Tuesday, but were just curious if anyone else has had problems with oil leaks...we sure hope this doesn't turn out to be a continuing problem.
  • alisacalisac Member Posts: 19
    OK, so thanks to mrl325i and the rest of you, I now have the EVIC down pat. However... I seem to be challenged by the DVD Rear Video system remote control. When I give the kids the headphones and want the sound in the speakers to go off, the manual seems to tell me to press the headphone button on the remote. But it never works quite that simply, and always seems to require different buttons - Today, it worked (speakers went off and headphones stayed on) after I pressed the power button on the remote - and the screen was on at the time. Which makes me wonder why it is called the power button, since it didn't power the unit off at all, but switched the sound from the speakers to the headphones...

    Can anyone with this system shed some light on this process - i.e. what sequence of buttons I should be pressing once I put a DVD in and I turn the headphones on?

    As always, many thanks for the answer I am *sure* I will find here...

  • arbucklearbuckle Member Posts: 2
    I owned a chrysler car some years ago and it was a terrible experience. However, the new Pacifica is the type of car I have been looking for. So, I called my local dealer in New Jersey and asked if the car needs warranty work would they offer me a loaner car (as my current infinity dealer does).
    The short answer is NO. If a company wants to promote a new product and it's reliability then it should be willing to back up their claims by standing by the product.
    I am self employed and can not afford numerous trips to the dealer to fix problems on a new car that should not be there. If any dealers are reading this post go ahead and reply. I would love to know your position.
  • pssimonpssimon Member Posts: 144
    Interesting regarding a loaner. I was specifically told that if the vehicle had to be kept overnight for repairs (don't think they separated warranty vs just broken) I was entitled to a loaner. This is a Chrysler policy, not a dealer policy! I suggest you check again!

    See the link below: ne-18-03-p3.htm
  • ms_mayorms_mayor Member Posts: 113
    Pssimon is right about the loaner deal. It's an offer that is extended to all purchasers of Pacificas and Crossfires. I received my 'Service Contract' in the mail about six weeks after my purchase.

    Further, the contract is not just to provide a loaner if the car has to be held overnight. My paperwork specifically states that a 'First Day Rental Allowance' provides a rental for any same-day mechanical or maintenance service. The only time its not covered is for repairs necessitated by collision.

    I have the coverage for 3yrs/36k miles at no charge, and did not purchase any type of extended warranty to get this.
  • pssimonpssimon Member Posts: 144
    The loaner is provided WITHOUT an extended warranty. That is part of the standard purchase! It is NOT an extra purchase item.
  • jamesarm97jamesarm97 Member Posts: 18
    Does anyone else have problems with tire vibrations? It seems to be the worst when it is cold out and I drive the car for the first time. I only use the Pacifica a few times a week and I get a vibration that seems to come from the front right tire. It feels like one spot on the tire because it changes with speed. It goes away after about 20 minutes of driving. The problem is I don't drive the car much and it doesn't take me that long to get to work so it seems it always has the problem. It is an embarrasment to have a $40,000 car and have someone ride in it with this problem. I read somewhere else that someone said this was just the way the tires were because of the material they are made of. I find this hard to believe. I am waiting for the Radio fix before I take the car in to get it looked at because I want everything fixed at once. I have a few issues with other TSB's I want fixed also. There is a TSB for tire vibration but I don't know what they fix with it.

    - James
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Member Posts: 27,106
    What speed does it occur? Are your tires the usual Michelins? If so, there should be _no_ tire problems. You may have a weight missing, low tire pressure, misalignment, etc.

    Let the dealer work on it immediately and get paperwork each time, in case you have tire problems after the car is out of warranty.

    2014 Malibu 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT,

  • grbelotegrbelote Member Posts: 25
  • twoof1twoof1 Member Posts: 308
    Quoted directly off of the Chrysler web site:

    "Purchase or lease a Chrysler Pacifica or Chrysler Crossfire, and you automatically receive the Chrysler Premium Care Plan, including a NO CHARGE complimentary loaner vehicle anytime your vehicle requires service during the first three years or 36,000 miles."

    I used it when I had my first complimentary oil change done and also had my hitch installed at the same time. The only downside is it is usually a rental car. On my Infiniti, my loaner is usally a Infiniti right from their lot (but I certainly did not pay Infiniti prices for my Pacifica). All in all, it's a great program that no other domestic manufacturer offers.
  • arbucklearbuckle Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for all the tips, with this new information I again called my local dealer and asked about Chryslers Premium Care Program... Guess what! They did not know about it.
    I e-mailed Chrysler directly to understand why they offer a program that the dealer is not aware of (and of course acknowledges).
  • twoof1twoof1 Member Posts: 308
    My advice would be to run away as fast as possible from that dealer!

    One of the largest problems Chrysler is going to have trying to move upmarket with their product is the weak link in the chain, the dealers!!

    I heard on the radio yesterday that the Chrysler dealer network will be spending about $1,000,000,000.00 (2 to 3 times what they have been spending) over the next couple of years to upgrade the dealerships. Chrysler will continue to try to move upmarket with their product by introducing a record 25 new models in the next 2 years. If only they could buy competent sales, service, and dealer management!
  • alltorkalltork Member Posts: 13
    My local area dealer - 10 days wait for service-also dealers do not have decent inventory of stock to troubleshoot with - You are right however, dealers are not what they could be - but then again how many younger people want to be an automotive tech- (not many) - at least this milwaukee dealer is trying - My options in this area are limited.
  • ruskiruski Member Posts: 1,566
    how much do Infiniti dealers charge for scheduled service? my friend had a Q45 and I remember seeing his price sheet with some big numbers. :0
  • twoof1twoof1 Member Posts: 308
    I have had my '03 G35 serviced at my dealer mainly because I can get in & out with a free loaner in just a few minutes. While I may pay a couple of dollars more, it more than makes up for it in convenience of not having to wait or rent a car. My last service included an oil & filter change with Mobil 1 synthetic (about $7.00 per quart), full system check, top off fluids etc. cost $63.00 and I had a brand new FX 35 loaner for the whole day free of charge.

    I am in sales so for me being off of the road is just taking money out of my own pocket. Having a free loaner is an additional incentive that was an important component of my buying decision on both my Infiniti AND on my Pacifica
  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,083
    My service prices for my infiniti FX are the same or less than my 300M was and I service it less often 3750 vs 3000. My 3750 chare was $36, 7500 $63 (includes tire rotation), 11250 was $36. Each time I brought it in I got a free loaner g35 twice and an I35. The car was also washed and vacumed when I picked it up. Quite a departure from the Chrysler service I got.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Member Posts: 648
    Alltork .. I sent you an email to your email address in your profile here. wondering if you can send me the name of the svc tech and phone number so I can put my svc in tech in touch with him. to discuss what you already have done to try and fix the front right suspension rattling issue.
  • ruskiruski Member Posts: 1,566
    You could get Mobil1 Synthetic for much less at Wal-Mart. Something like $18-20 per 5 quarts.
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Member Posts: 647
    Sam's Club has Mobil 1, six quarts for $23.
  • twoof1twoof1 Member Posts: 308
    I'll take my own oil in.
    The point for me is the convenience of the loaner for both my Infiniti & my Pacifica
  • chonkorechonkore Member Posts: 9
    My PAC is a FWD base model. The problem starts three days ago. I filled the gas the day before, and drove about 10 miles after that and got home. The next day when I started the car, the gas pointer was at the middle of the meter! Although it came back to like normal position after driving several miles, it keeps repeating the problem every day. Now I have put about 120 miles on it (total around 1,300 miles) and the gas pointer has been down to only 1/3 of the full capacity, how could that be? My average MPG was about 19-20. Did anyone has the same problem?
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