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    it seems like several people in this forum have experienced problems with the speakers. Some people are calling DC directly to claim the problem and DC answers like this we do not know anything about this.
    Me too when I went to my dealer and had them take a look or an earful, told me that this problem is not known.
    Today I called my dealer and asked him if he reported the problem to Chrysler and he said that there was nothing to report unless he is replacing or repairing somthing on the car.
    That means that I will let them replace the speakers even if they will be the same quality.
    Maybe this will chrysler give a kick to initiate some action.

    I encourage anybody who has this issue to involve your dealer and do anything (even if it means to replace the speakers)to report this problem to DC.

    good luck!
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    Are the people having speaker issues all have the 5.1 surround?
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    I have only had my Pacifica for about a month, but I absolutely love it so far! I have had no problems with it whatsoever, although the gas mileage has not been quite up to EPA estimates, which is a bummer (though it's still better than a large SUV). However, this is the car that finally meets all of my needs--not too big to park, but comfortable for 4 all the time and the 6 we need occasionally, with lots of nice luxury features for a very reasonable price. Also, not a minivan, which was crucial for me! Is the $25,950 you were offered for AWD? And what options were included? I believe rock bottom price in California is 24K (including 3K rebate) with FWD and no extra options. The Envoy, which I looked at also, is much more truck-like. The Odyssey is a very nice vehicle if you don't object to the van thing...
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    Long story short (well maybe not)...went to the dealer, tested several cars...all the same, but service manager didn't hear it. Another tech sat in the car with me and did hear it, but not to the extent I did. They said nothing they can do but put new speakers in, and could only put in what is stock. Went to two different car audio speacialists. Both said they could hear it, and thought it wasn't the system or the speakers, but the medium I was listening to (cd). The first one took the cd I was listening to and told me to wait in the car...a few minutes later, he motioned for me to come in. I went in and he had me stand in the middle of the audio room and played the tracks I was listening to on the cds. I noticed the same problem, not quite as pronounced (but the room was not enclosed like the car is). Turns out I was listening to $1600 speakers. He went on to say that he could put in a $7000 system (and he would love to sell me that), but that it would not make a bit of difference b/c the problem is the way they record certain cds, not the system or the speakers. (What he actually said was "I would love to sell you a $7000 system, but you would probably get in your car after picking it up and drive right through the window because you would be so pissed off that it didn't fix the problem).

    Both of the audio techs said that the amount of channels the system picks up is much greater than what is laid down on a cd (that is why the dvds sound awesome, the recording quality is better.) The reason my other cars did not have this problem is because the system on those cars did not recognize the channels, and thus blocked them out. The audio techs said it would bother them too, and went into an explanation about how cds are recorded, but said that is the price you pay for having the better system (it was meant to give theatre quality sound on cds/dvds). Most commercial cds are not recorded that way. They also said that to compete with cd buring/copying and downloading, most music comapnies will be using a dvd format for music cds within the next couple of years, and that will fix the problem.

    When I asked them why my classical music cd didn't do it, they said that most classical music cds are recorded with a much better quality than mass produced cds.

    I would not believe it if I didn't talk to two different, independent sources, but that is what the consensus is.
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    So does this have to do more with 5.1 dvd player? I have tried the cd in the cd player and the dvd player and they both have the same problem. I think I even hear it with the radio, just not as bad. I think I will try connecting my MP3 player and play some of the same songs and see what I hear. I just don't understand it, I traded in my 300M with the same brand stereo, Infinity with 11 speakers. All the same CD's I listen too in the Pacifica never had a problem in the 300M.

    The car stereo shop I took my car to seemed to think it was the tweeters or amp. Like the tweeters were getting too much of the low frequencies and could not handle it. He did not seem to think it was the amp because it did it even at low volume

    ps: I thought audio cd's only had two tracks, no more. 5.1 dvd players take the audio and format it for the extra speakers. DVD's can have two or more extra audio tracks that are used to get 5.1, 6, etc channels.
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    Ok my system is the standard system and I have the problem. So nothing to do with the system it seems like. Jamesarm is correct. I'm a musician and I have a little bit of knowledge how music is recorded. when the songs are being recorded they are recorded on tracks, that means there are several guitar tracks, drum tracks, bass, keys. Most top artist use up to 40! tracks for one song. After the recording the song gets a mix on two channels, stereo dolby surround. After that you have a master and from that they make the copies. OK, one more thing nowadays everything is digitalized and everything is cristall clear whenthey put a CD out. The dolby surround 5.1 is on 5 channels, front left and right, center and back right and left. This system is found on DVD's.

    My opinion is that the tweeters are the pain. They are probably only taking 5 watts or 10 max. That mean's for some frequencies they are too weak for the Stereo system in the car. I have been told that the stereo standard puts out 2 x40 watts and the intermezzo puts out 3 times 60 watts. to take these frequencies you need tweeters that can take that power, go in any shop and ask for tweeters and how many watts they can take. I've found some pioneer's tweeters or even infinity has tweeters that take at least 40 to 60 watts.

    I am convinced that the speakers built in the car are the cheapest you can get. I bet they only can take max. 10 watts.

    One other explanation i can give is with a guitar amp.If you play the amp only half the volume it will play the clean sound of a guitar, but if you open up the volume the sound comes distorted. This is because the amp can only take so much, if you overdrive it it distorts the sound.

    Anyway I played the same CD's in my wife's new Acura and there is not one bit of a distortion. I played the CD on my cheap boombox, no distortion, on my home system ...nothing.

    So I believe that the two sound techs were full of crap.

    I will also involve a friend of mine, he is a sound technician for over 20 years. I will post his answer later.
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    It does not happen on in point...we watched "Sweet Home Alabama" on a recent car trip....the soundtrack was awesome...but if you listen to a cd with the song "Sweet Home Alabama" the problem exists. The dvds sound just like you are in a theatre, no problems at all.

    When I went into the 2 different car stereo shops, they put my cds that I am having a problem with into the best system/speakers they had...same problem, more in the right channel than the left (same as in my car). Both shops said it had to do with recording problems on cds (e.g., cds are not made as high end as the dvd format, and the system picks up channels that are not on the cds, and that is why you don't get it on the dvds.) I do not notice it on the radio or dvd (and believe me, I looked for it). If you are noticing it on the radio or dvd, it is possible that you have a defective speaker or two. But the audio guys told me (and they were completely independent) that it was that the system was very good, and that it picked up the deficiencies in the cds.

    Like I said, both shops told me that they would love to sell me upgrades (to the tune of $7000)but that wasn't the problem. They both said it was the medium I was listening to.

    Strange to think that some cds would have this problem, but like I said, I sat in the audio room of both shops and heard the same things on the best systems they had.

    If you are considering changing your speakers, I urge you to go to the shop that told you the tweeters were a problem and have them play the same cds you are having problems with on the same type of system and listen to the different speakers. Please let me know if you find anything that works better, as I hate to think that I can't listen to what I want to without going nuts.
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    I hear what you are saying, but I listened to the speakers you are talking about, and there is the same problem, I promise. Believe me, I do not want to live with this anymore than you do, but all I can say is that I absolutely do not have this problem on dvds, or even the radio (which is an analog signal, so you don't get the same range.) Also, I do not get this on all of my cds, only some.
  • xineannxineann Member Posts: 37
    That it does not matter where I put a cd in, the probelm exists whether I put it in the cd player or the dvd player. But, actual dvds sound awesome, right down to the last detail (better than my home system, which is pretty good) which is why I do not believe it is necessarily the speakers.
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    After you posted it, I realized that all of my problems revolve around the acoustic guitar portion of songs/cds (Sarah McClachlan, Nina Gordon, Sarah Brightman). As a musician, do you know more about the recording of this? I will test every cd I have to see where the problems are to try to nail this down, but like I said, on completely different systems with completely different speakers, the problem exists on the aforementioned cds.
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    I don't know which model/options you are looking at, but here in San Diego, a base model FWD after the $3,000 rebate is advertised at $23,777 at every dealership. The dealership I went to had 55 Pacificas on the lot (with different configurations), so the inventory here is very high, and with the new VLF (aka car tax), sales are down in California for all cars by approximately 33%, some more, some less (according to Sunday's San Diego Union Tribune)so dealers are begging for buyers at least here in So CAL.
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    Thanks for the info regarding price in San Diego. I am in Riverside. Not far from you. Maybe I should go down there. But then this fleet guy ask me to beat his price anywhere else and he would match it.

    The Model I am interested in (sorry for not including this in my previous post) Pacifica FWD, Silver metallic with light taupe interior cloth, standard features(no goodies, I can add the DVD system myself later),Locking gas cap and wheel locks. Pretty basic unit.

    Also one other thing. If there is so much trouble with the Stereo system, maybe I should cut my costs even more by asking them to not even have a stereo installed. I can install my own system for free and get a better quality system then the ones they offer. Just a thought.

    I keep thinking tweeters. I have read every post on this site. Its got to be a wattage problem. Tweeters cant handle the power.
  • jamesarm97jamesarm97 Member Posts: 18
    The crackling does not happen on all songs but most of the CD's currently in the cd changer do have the problem. I have noticed it seems to be in the voice region, when a singer holds a note or something like that. It happens alot with Annie Lennox and Peter Gabriel and Enigma. I think I will take our sound generator home tonight and connect it to the aux inputs and see if I can duplicate the problem with a particular frequency range. Definitely seems to be a overdriving of the tweeters. The local sound shop here is willing to work with the dealer to track down the problem. He does not seem to think it will be a big deal, just needs a go ahead. He did not want me to have to pay. He would try something really simple like disconnecting one tweeter and hooking up another brand and see if it has the same problem. That might narrow it down to a tweeter flaw or amp problem. The regional rep for Chrysler will be meeting with me tomorrow to look at the problem. I have two case numbers open with them so I don't know why the say they have no reports when someone calls them with this problem. There should be four or five calls into them from what I have read on this board.
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    Another thought would be that the wiring can cause static. That means the speaker wiring if it's too close together to the speaker will cause static. I am waiting for some answer from my buddy.

    Accoustic guitars are high pitching. That means they give high frequencies out. Still the music engineer when he is recording an accoustic guitar should level those high pitches out and balance them. I still don't believe the CD's are the issue. Try your CD on your home system! see if it's crackling there too.
  • xineannxineann Member Posts: 37
    Now that is something I didn't consider. I am going to check with a few other car stereo shops and see what they say, and listen to things on their systems. I did try my cds at home, and honestly, there is a little distortion on some parts, but not as bad, but then again, my house is not as cramped as my car so who knows. One other thing that I noticed was that when my daughter was watching Shrek in the car, the soundtrack (which includes "All Star" by Smashmouth) sounded awesome. I am going to see if the neighbor's kids have the Smash Mouth CD, and try listening to the same song on the cd to see if the problem exists there.

    Can you tell me what other types of things come through more on the tweeter portion (i.e., would a high pitch soprano voice be more tweeter? What about instruments other than acoustic guitar?) That might help me to know what to look for and try to explain.

    Jamesarm, let me us know what the rep says, and let us know what you find out when you try other speakers.

  • xineannxineann Member Posts: 37
    I have been trying to find out, but have not been able to (even the dealer claimed not to have that info). That might help when talking to the car stereo shop.
  • xineannxineann Member Posts: 37
    They both said the same thing the first ones did.
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    If DVDs sound, the speakers and amplifiers can not be the problem. If the DVDs sound good on the same roads where other things sound bad, it almost completely rules out the wiring in the car. If some CDs sound good and others not, it can not be the CD player. That only leaves the specific CD being played.
  • patty64patty64 Member Posts: 22
    I've also experienced problems with static coming from the speakers. I agree with the theory that it is the tweeters being overdriven. When I'm playing well recorded cd's with good dynamics, I notice the tweeters cracking. If you listen to the guitar leads from a recent, well recorded Eric Clapton or Santana cd you will hear it. It is not limited to acoustic guitar. I do not have the problem in my T&C or on my home system. I am the worlds's finnickiest person when it comes to audio/video and seem to notice the even the slightest problems. I first noticed these problems back in May, the very next day after picking up the car. I posted these issues, but no one seemed to relate until recently. I know for sure that the dealership guys will not be able to resolve this until chrysler recalls the system. There is another problem that no one has mentioned that has to do with the surround processing (although someone touched upon it when describing the mix from cd to dvd). Since the sound system has to try to decode 5.1 channels from 2, it is putting noise in the center channel (not in all cases, but I've noticed it on quite a few cd's). If you listen carefully you'll notice that the center channel makes a swooshing sound. Almost sounds like pink noise. This I believe is the fault of the decoder. I'm going to the dealer this week for my first check-up although I suspect this is going to lead nowhere. I can't imagine these guys will have the slightest clue as to what I've just described. Finally, there is definitely a problem with the radio tuner. Reception is terrible.
  • pumarolopumarolo Member Posts: 17
    I tested my own recorded CD, which we used for demo. We recorded on hardisk recorder, mixed everything on pro tools and mastered the CD. The master got another boost before production. We used approx. only 10 tracks! Costs of production= $800.00, one sound engineer involved.

    By my surprise my CD had almost no crackling or distortion!

    So if the big cracks are spending morer than $1 million Dollars on a recording and can't control those horrible cracklings, with their 10 sound engineers and the better equipment, then they should hire my engineer.

    I tested again the same CD's one of them is Matchbox 20 on the song bright lights for example, on the part, baby, baby ...when your love is gone..... Just him and a piano.

    My home system didn't make a pik. While the car system distorted several times.
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    Wow, sounds like you have one hell of an engineer there. Although I am very disappointed that it looks like nothing can be done (although I will continue to pursue whether or not there are any options), I am glad to know that you got a good sound from your cd. It makes me think that what the 5 people I have talked to about this outside of the dealer might be right (I guess I didn't want to believe it.)
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Member Posts: 648
    OK I am going to sound in on the issue (LOL)

    I do think its the 5.1 Sound processor that is the culprit. I am guessing that no matter where you play the cd it still comes out 2 wires (left and right channel) to the 5.1 sound processor. I am guessing the sound processor doesn't know how to properly handle non 5.1 encoded sound sources.

    My theater sound system at home works fine when I run my CD player through it. I can even emulate surround sound with certain settings on the theater prologic system.

    If its the 5.1 amplifier processor that's the problem ... not a cheap fix.

    right now I have been buying DVD music concerts instead :) sound great (got Jimmy Buffet and James Taylor concerts and also a multi music video DVD that came with my Toshiba home DVD)
  • xineannxineann Member Posts: 37
    Two people told me pretty much the same thing, they said there should be a way to turn off the prologic (but there does not appear to be). They both said on their home systems, there is a switch, and if you play a 2 channel cd with it on, it sounds awful. That might be the problem (there just needs to be a way to turn it off), and if it is, and Chrysler could fix that in newer models (if they felt so inclined), and perhaps those of us with issues could be made happier. In the meantime, great idea buying concert dvds.....classical music cds seem to work very well too.
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    Thanks for the page #19 for changing the liftgate button. I had read the manuel and still missed it. The button works like it should now. The car was delivered with the instant action instead of per manuel
  • xineannxineann Member Posts: 37
    That helped me too, I was wondering about that, I was constantly accidentally lifting the gate ( barely had to touch the thing). Mine was apparently delivered with the instant action as well. I never even would have known to look in the manual about it, just thought it was "operator error" on my part.
  • deezldubdeezldub Member Posts: 15
    There was an Ebay listing that was supposedly for a Pacifica that, right on the remote had an
    X2 next to the rear hatch button indicating that to open the hatch you needed to press the hatch button twice. Is this something new or programmable, or a function of the remote? gory=40016&item=2442707256
  • ramzey28ramzey28 Member Posts: 130
    I bought my Pac on 10-7 and car was made on 9-03. Our remote has a x2 for the power liftgate, you must hit it twice. I think the post-Aug models have that.
  • maxmommaxmom Member Posts: 62
    I'm interested to know if they have added a strap of any kind to the back of the 3rd row seats.

    This has been one of my few complaints. We lower the seats on the weekend to haul three sets of golf clubs, but forget to return them to the upright position.

    I go for groceries on Monday and have to climb up into the back to lift the seats.

    Okay, no vertically challenged jokes! I'm sure I'm not the only 5'4" mom dealing with this.

    I called DC customer service and, when they finished giggling, they said they would place it on a list of adjustments to be reviewed.
  • jamesarm97jamesarm97 Member Posts: 18
    I just got a call from the car stereo shop that was looking at my Pacifica. He took the door apart and connected a few different tweeters to the right side. The bad news, it is not the tweeters. He said the new ones did the same thing, make that crackling, rattling noise like a bad speaker with the CD I left him. He also said he tried the same CD on his car stereo (which is not cheap being the owner of a car audio shop) and he did not have the problem at all. I think he even has a DVD player with 5.1 surround. He also tried it on their mixer (what ever that is) and it sounded great. He said he has only heard of a CD sounding bad a few times in the past and it was more of a distortion / problem when it was cranked up loud, not at a low volume like we are having. He thinks it is probably the amp. I remember one person saying they don't have the DVD option so there shouldn't be a surround processor on his unit. The audio shop said he has seen a bad batch of sterio units before and had to order from a different batch it get one that worked.

    Can everyone that reads this and has the problem or does has not experienced it post the date of manufacture and type of radio (DVD / changer / single) and also post if they have called Chrysler and and recieved a file#. I emailed [email protected] and got a call back the next day. The local rep did not seem interested in finding a fix for this problem. I will look at posting a song or two that can be burned by others to see if they have the same problem.
  • xineannxineann Member Posts: 37
    Mine is a pre-August, 06/03, I have the DVD/CD changer and the 5.1 Surround.

    I listened to the same songs that had problems on my car at the stereo shop and still heard the problems. One of the guys offered to let me listen in his car, he said he has similar problems, so I will do that. My dealer did not seem interested in fixing it at all (as a matter of fact, the Service Manager claimed not to hear the noise, and of the two techs that listened to it, only one heard it). The one service guy believed what the stereo shops said, that it had to do with the processor or whatever, and is going to start calling a tech at Chrysler (this was yesterday when we went to pick up the car after having some minor work done). They oferred to let me talk to the area rep as well. I will try that too. I have a file #, and will update them based on what you have said.

    The stero shops I talked to all thought this was pretty normal though, and said that the only way to fix it would be to replace the system with one that is not that sensitive. Since I do not have a problem at all on my dvds, I don't want to go to the expense of putting a different system in my car. Like I said, it does not do it on all of my cds, only some, and never on radio or dvd. But that is just me.

    One more thing, if you burn a cd and try to play it, it sounds even worse than the original (I tried that to see if it would help). I mean, the cd I burnt sounded AWFUL instead of just bad at certain parts.
  • xineannxineann Member Posts: 37
    When I listened to the same cd in several Pacificas on the lot, both pre and post August, the same thing happened, so I find it hard to believe that it is just one batch. I think there is a mismatch, or like the sound techs told me, if you listen to a cd in prologic, it will sound awful. They said the problem as they believe it is really that you cannot turn the prologic off, which almost every other system they have seen can do. We cannot find a way to do that (probably because it does not exist!)
  • xineannxineann Member Posts: 37
    I'm 5'7", and I have to climb in too. Basically, once the thrid row is down for me, it stays there until I need it! Fortunately right now, that is very rare.
  • xineannxineann Member Posts: 37
    I just read my post, I meant 5' 7", not 57", and I still have to climb in....
  • ramzey28ramzey28 Member Posts: 130
    I have on each 3rd row seat, a plastic handle grip to pull back the 3rd row seat into a up right position, quite easy.
  • pumarolopumarolo Member Posts: 17
    I was supposed to go to my dealer tonight to have my speakers changed, and after I read your post I canceled and told my dealer to contact the Crysler representative to tell him that me too have this problem.

    I also invited my dealer representative to read the posts here so he sees that I am not the only one who is experiencing this problem.

    to xinnean: burned CD's are always the worse quality. Let's say you burn a CD from an original commercial CD. THere you loose alittle bit quality. If you burn from a CD-R you loose again, and again and again.

    The commercial CD's are all printed from the same Master CD. That means that the first CD has the same quality as CD number 1,2 million.

    I am still waiting the answers from my buddy. I will keep you posted.
  • maxmommaxmom Member Posts: 62
    I have the recessed latch handles, if those are the ones to which you refer.

    Yes, it's very simple to pull the seat back up with those (after I climb up into the back to get to them.)

    Therein lies the rub.
  • mrl11777mrl11777 Member Posts: 154
    "to xinnean: burned CD's are always the worse quality. Let's say you burn a CD from an original commercial CD. THere you loose alittle bit quality. If you burn from a CD-R you loose again, and again and again.

    The commercial CD's are all printed from the same Master CD. That means that the first CD has the same quality as CD number 1,2 million."

    Not true. Digital media is an exact copy -- it is only ones and zeros. You are thinking analog -- like cassette or video tapes where the copy is always somewhat degraded.
  • maxmommaxmom Member Posts: 62
    I like to keep the third row up unless I need it for hauling something. One reason is that I use paper grocery bags and with them a week's worth of groceries, for my small family, soldier perfectly behind the 3rd row seat.
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    It sounds worse, in any of the three cars, at home, whatever. Could be my computer that I use to burn cds, or the software (My computer is newer, but a low end computer and the software was already on it, I didn't purchase anything) I was mearly pointing this out because jamesarm97 posted that he would burn and post for download a song he was having problems with. I am certain that if I copied this song, it would not sound good.

    On to the other issue of cds...I listened to an Alice in Chains cd on my way to work. No problems at all, crystal clear. Makes no sense to me......
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 26,676
    HAve someone else burn a cd for you -- same
    music. See if theirs sounds bad in same way.
    It could be the alignment of the cd writing vs the alignment of the reader in the car.

    2014 Malibu 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT,

  • jamesarm97jamesarm97 Member Posts: 18
    I haven;t really had any problems burning CD's and listening to them. Most of the time when I copy a CD it reads the audio tracks digitally, unlike it used to long ago using analog.

    Someone commented on the Pacifica's radio sounding like a $20 boom box (tweeter crackle). I would have to argue against this. I have had $20 boom boxes that sounded better playing the CD's that I have problems with. I have a few ideas I am playing with to try and cut out the crackle but I am not giving up on Chrysler finding a solution either.
  • bluefish04bluefish04 Member Posts: 1
    Just purchased our Pacifica last weekend. Drove great, really awesome all around. Brand new, 200 miles on it. But wait, I looked under the vehicle to find the suspension and stabilizer bars completely covered with rust. I looked further and found rust on the metal bracket behind the dashboard that supports the dash and components. Anyone else have these items? I am concerned and will address with the dealer on Monday as I am scheduled to add the satellite radio. A little unnerved at this point.
  • jamesarm97jamesarm97 Member Posts: 18
    I looked at my tires a few weeks ago and noticed that the front steering rods or stabilizer bars (can't remember which ones) were rusted also. I didn't think much about it at the time. I have 2000 miles on my car, bought it in July.
  • jamesarm97jamesarm97 Member Posts: 18
    Does anyone have a service manual that shows the radio / amp. I would like to get a copy of those pages. There was talk how the 5.1 process could be causing the problem but the surround processor only decodes to the front, rear, center and subwoofer. The tweeters are just driven by a crossover from the front left and right speakers. I don't hear and distortion coming from those, just the tweeters. There was also one person that just has the standard CD player, no DVD that has this problem. I would like to look at the audio as it goes into the amp and see if it is distorted.
  • jamesarm97jamesarm97 Member Posts: 18
    I connected my mp3 recorder to the right tweeter and recorded a sample of what the problem sounds like for those that have not been able to duplicate it. It will only play in one of your speakers and you may have to turn up the volume. This was recorded directly from the tweeter connection, not using a mic. It sounds good until about 15 seconds in then you should hear the crackling / pops that we get from the tweeters.
  • russklassrussklass Member Posts: 389
    I must have a tin ear ... I don't hear it.
    On my Pacifica with the 5.1 system, I had the center dash speaker replaced soon after I got it. I believe the cone was cracked.
  • pumarolopumarolo Member Posts: 17
    I am the guy with the standard system who has the same problem as yours. Many thanks to your sample. I can hear it clearly after 16 seconds. I have the same crackle.

    Ok my buddy who is audio technician gave me two possible causes for the problem.

    The first one he says that the spool might scratching the magnet at the speaker and that is causing the crackle. His second analysis is that the car is producing weird resonance waves to the speaker, but because the crackling appears also on lower volume level he thinks is the reason one.

    Now let's recap a little bit. You had your speaker replaced, right and did not fix the problem, your car audio shop put other speakers and did not fix it.
    Well maybe the problem is the system itself. On the web page they have a basic understanding of car audio. Under amps they explain that most factory systems are weak, that is why people put an additional amp to boost the power of it.

    At my last visit I was told that the factory system had 2 x 40 watt, I am just wondering if this is true. I requested at Infinity to send me the specs, but til today I did not receive anything. Also on the car manual I could not find an audio system manual and spec. I told my dealer service technician to provide one.

    I am getting frustated about it and if we don't come with a solution soon I will make my dealer change all the speakers if this is not fixing it than they should change the system as well, until it's fixed.

    Let's keep in touch and provide any of information that will help to identify the problem.
  • jamesarm97jamesarm97 Member Posts: 18
    I have been looking on the internet and did see a lot of references to a resonance frequencies and tweeters causing problems. There are notch filters that are used to get rid of them but you need to know the frequency. It definitly is not an overdrive problem because I can hear it down to a volume of 9. I was on a long drive today and my sons were going through my CD's asking for me to play some. I heard it on two of the four we played. One of the songs did not have any words and was mostly bass and I heard it alot. I even heard it from the radio. It could be the crossover is not cutting out the lower frequencies and the tweeters cannot handle them. I just cannot explain why some songs have them, some do not. DVD's do not. The amp in my car is supposed to be 300+ watts. I want my old 300M radio back and I don't want to put in a new one because of the looks and integration with the steering wheel controls. If I can get the wiring diagrams I would be willing to disconnect the amp and try another one. I think I will send another email to CEO of Chrysler with all of these messages and also send them the link to listen to and give them the name of a CD to try.
  • xineannxineann Member Posts: 37
    I heard it on your download, and it is the same noise I sometimes hear.
  • buck142599buck142599 Member Posts: 1

    I am stationed in Germany and just bought a Pacifica. Love it, but the Nav DVD is only for the US. I have tried to call and get a European replacement disk. I was told that one doesn't exist. Is this true? If not where can I buy one.

    Thank you,
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