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Chrysler Pacifica: Problems & Solutions



  • I have noticed this too - when driving on a bumpy road there is a rattle in the dash - seems more in the middle/right side. I'd be interested in finding out if anyone knows how to resolve it!
  • rever2rever2 Posts: 15
    Just a thought, is there any thing in the glove box that is causing it?
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    other areas beside glove box to check is the ashtray area and also keychain as the keys sometimes rattle against the dash as well due to the placement of ignition ... Also check the panel next to the floor (mine came lose by itself one day) came back to the car and saw this plastic panel on the passenger floor area
  • fyi i also noticed a rattle on the driver's side when on the highway. turned out to be a vibrating cap on the plug of the engine block heater.
  • mrus1mrus1 Posts: 5
    I have had my Pacifica in to the dealer twice for this mysterious rattle and they can not duplicate it when I bring it in for service. Has anyone found any answers? It is driving me crazy.
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 202
    All my mysterious noises have been traced back to my keychain, like cluelesspa said, or something my wife has put in her door pocket on the passenger side, like her glasses.
  • A couple months ago patty64 on this discussion board said radio reception on the a new Pacifica was bad. Has Chrysler resolved the issue? My Pacifica is a few weeks old and the FM radio is pathetic. I live in a rural area of northern Arizona with small to moderate mountains. Older cars (95 Eagle TSI, 99 300M and even an 89 Mustang Conv.) are/were capable of running the roads between here and Phoenix without constant station changes. Anyone find a fix yet?
  • pssimonpssimon Posts: 144
    Prior to my getting my Pacifica, I read the notes regarding the poor radio reception. I was quite concerned that here I would have this really expensive vehicle and the weakest part would be the simplest... the audio reception.

    Turns out I was pretty surprised. I can easily pull in Philadelphia radio stations 50+ miles away in Atlantic City, NJ, over 50 miles away. The reception appears to be no different than my previous vehicle, a 1993 Eagle Vision TSi.

    Looks like my fears were for nothing. I really don't have a rational answer for why some people have have poor signal reception. It might be a grounding problem... who knows. Make sure you bring it up to your dealer. Let them collect the statistics. Maybe something will come of it.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    ditto on no problems here and with the hills in pittsburgh its still avg reception. BTW I have the optional stereo with the subwoofer... maybe its the standard stereo is different ?
  • My Pacifica came with the "Satellite" prep pkg and I added the Inifinity "Intermezzo" sound system. Problem is when I call Sirius to activate, they need some unique ID of the unit. They tell me if I press the "CD Eject" button and the "Time" button simultaneously and hold them for three seconds, this unique ID will pop up on the screen.

    Well, it hasn't popped up, and the dealership looks at me cross-eyed when I ask them how to get this unique ID out of the unit. Anyone out there with any experience with activating Sirius?

    Thanks in advance!
  • sgtjimsgtjim Posts: 13
    Did you add the dealer installed Sat radio unit?
    The Chrysler Accessories page list the radio at $175 plus a $125 template kit.
  • patty64patty64 Posts: 22
    I have not brought the car in for service yet. I'm waiting a while so that I can accumulate a few things I notice require attention. I hope this can easily be fixed since it is a real annoyance. One thing I find interesting when discussing audio (and video for that matter) is that many people can't tell the difference between clean reception and poor reception. No offense to the people on this post - I'm speaking in general terms. This area seems to be very subjective. People perceive sound differently. On a similar topic, I have the deluxe 6 channel surround system. I'm not sure what type of surround sound decoding scheme is used because there is no information anywhere on this topic, but certain cd's I play sound distorted in the center channel. The information is out-of-phase. I have a feeling this is going to be hard to resolve. I'm interested if anyone else has experienced this and if they've found a solution.
  • went on a long trip recently..

    during the drive, with the air conditioning cranked and playing a dvd movie, i noticed that the temperature control LEDs above the audio system faded out. gave it a tap and it came back! this doesn't sound normal.

    anyone else experience this or similar?
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 202
    I mentioned by temperature control display fading out a couple of months ago but no one said they had a simular problem so I thought mine was unique. The ATC display just goes blank for no apparent reason. By pushing either the Auto Hi, the Auto Low and/or the On/Off buttons, sometimes only once or twice but many times six times or more, the display returns. It has been a mild irritation, but is the only real complaint I have had with my Pacifica, which must think I'm about to bring it in to my dealer to check out the ATC display since for the past five days it hasn't fadded out once.
  • thanks b25nut

    yes, one of the worst kind of problems is an intermittent one. funny thing is that it has'nt happened since.

    once i bring it in to my dealer i will post their diagnosis...
  • I was bothered by a persistent rattle in my wife's Pacifica while on a long trip recently. While driving, I could swear that I heard it come from the glove compartment area. When I was a passenger, I could swear it was coming from the driver's door area. Turns out it was from a pair of sunglasses in the overhead sunglass storage area. Just the glasses rattling around - easily fixed. Hope this helps those of you that have had this pesky rattling noise.
  • sheriksherik Posts: 1
    I have experienced the same rattle in the dashboard. The rattle was more in the steering wheel though. Every time I would stop, move forward, turn left or right I would hear it. I took it in when I did the 3,000 mile service not to the same location that I bought it from because this dealer was closer. They took off the steering wheel then some and stated that the entire dash needs to be taken apart because the piece that is making the rattling sound is near the fire wall. They said this would take a week to do!!! But they could not do it because they were too busy and to bring it back to the dealer I purchased the car from so they could deal with it!!! What horrible service. Has anyone else located the problem with the rattling?? Other than the noise and service problems I really like the car. I will let you know what turns up to be the noise--the car is going to the dealer I purchased it from tomorrow.
  • jmellonjmellon Posts: 8
    Thanks for everyone's response since I asked about the rattle noise in our Pacifica's dash. We have looked into each potential cause that everyone suggested, and have had no luck. We've ruled out the keys, the sunglasses holder, the map pockets, or anything in the glove box. It sounds like there are other cases out there similar to ours. We haven't had time to stop by the dealer to have them look at it, and were hoping that someone had discovered the cause before we take it in. Has anyone had any luck? Thanks again.
  • hayemhayem Posts: 8
    I have had my pacifica now for 3 months and have hit the 7000 mile mark, I just started getting a whistle/ hum from my steering column when I anm turning, it happens every now and then, not too often but enough for me to notice. I havent gone to dealer yet for fear of them keeping my car too long and or for the whistle not to show up when I have them test drive it. Any body else have a Whistle!!!!, other than that my car has been great and a real treat to still be driving, I still Love it!!!!
  • I have had my Pacifica 3 months and have had multiple problems with the lift-gate. It works randomly-I can't figure out wait causes it to work sometimes. Also, my horn goes off while I am driving, and stays on for up to 2 minutes. Has anyone had similar problems-particulary with the horn? Also, on four different occasions it would not start and had to be jumped. It has been back to the dealer three times.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    wow ... that sounds like an electrical wiring problem... nothing like that EVER has occurred in my first 4000 with the car. Also my inside door edges are painted (in reference to the other thread) I have a Butane Blue Pacifica and the door and the gas cap insides are painted and clear coated....

    all so far is the stupid weather strip on the above the rear opening under the top of the rear hatch ... (dumb design) fell off and also had a huge hunka plastic that turned out to be the splash guard protection for the belts fell off and I ran over it pulling into a parking lot....

    One Question for everyone at about 80 mph do you hear a kind of rattling (buffeting) of the inside wheel wells in the front of the car? it sounds like a very faint tapping coming from the front wheel wells.
  • pssimonpssimon Posts: 144
    Yes, I have also heard the buffeting, flapping noise coming from the front at lower speeds (65+). I have no clue what it is. When I take the car in tomorrow morning I plan to mention it to the dealer. We'll see if they know anything about it. I'll pass along what I find out.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    hey pssimon : "flapping noise coming from the front at lower speeds (65+). " ....

    hehehe umm you don't want to know how fast my Pacifica has gone so far ...

    oh the tip = Check your air pressure cold (meaning in the morning after sitting all night) my pressure was 30 psi coming from the factory... putting in recommended max 33 psi (on the driver inside door sticker) added almost 1 mile per gallon... so on highway now got up to almost 18 mpg and city was 15.5 mpg avg 17 all around. I was about 1 mpg less before... the tires are rated at 40-something psi max
  • olrdvolrdv Posts: 53
    Guys, I hope when you bought your Pacifica you were not looking for a MB at Chrysler's prices!!
  • pssimonpssimon Posts: 144
    Had the car in today and mentioned the flapping noise. Turns out there is a TSB (didn't give me the number) regarding this. It is a problem inside the wheel well.

    Ask your dealer the next time you have your car in.

    Whether this fixed it... don't know. I'll have to wait until next week when I get the car out on the AC Expressway!
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    COOOOOL I will ask about the TSB (I assume that means Tech. Service Bulletin) ... I have to have it in for the replacement of the belt splash shield that fell off anyway next week....
  • pfschimpfschim Posts: 29
    So here is my rattle follow-up.

    A week or so I posted about a significant rattle coming from the center console of our Pacifica. Sounded like a box of silverware being shaken, and appeared on moderately to very rough pavement.

    Coincidentally, Chrylser called to do an initial quality satisfaction survey and I mentioned the rattle. They set up an appointment as soon as I was able to bring it in.

    Had the 5 star shop foreman ride along. After initially suggesting that "noises are difficult to pin down" he heard the sound immediately and they took the car for 2 days.

    Turns out that a major dash assembly attachment to the firewall/frame was never completed (no bolt I think) and that was the cause of the rattle. They fixed it and now all is well.

    So all's well that quiets down so well, but what with the rattle problem (albeit fixed) and a few plastic bits falling off here and there, I'm a little leery of the Chrysler quality claims at the moment. I guess we'll see how it goes. The local 5 star shop, Codirolli in Livermore, CA, was very good, so I'll keep the faith a while longer.

    Happy Driving to all
  • pssimonpssimon Posts: 144
    Glad to hear you got your problem solved. At least they figured it out quickly and didn't put you through much grief to get it corrected.
  • pssimonpssimon Posts: 144
    Got the car out on the highway after the "flapping" was addressed. Well... maybe it wasn't. I think I still heard it this morning. maybe even louder. I'll check tonight on the way home. Admittedly, it is a very minor problem, but still! I didn't really want to go back to the dealer so soon, but...
  • russklassrussklass Posts: 389
    The Chrysler TSB # for the splash shield rattle is 2301703, dated June 13, 2003.
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