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Chrysler Pacifica: Problems & Solutions



  • pssimonpssimon Member Posts: 144
    I have a question regarding using the Digital Navigator. While playing with it at a stop light, I noticed something called Folders. Is that used to hold a "trip" that has multiple stops?

    I am putting the car on a cross country trip and we have a few stops along the way. Is this where I can keep all of the stops in one place or should I just enter each of the stops as a destination, and each day move on to the next one without using the Folders?

    Any suggestions are appreciated..... Paul
  • macwm1macwm1 Member Posts: 10
    The folders in the Navigation system are a way of organizing the addresses that you are saving. We use them based on locations we frequently travel to, as well as one for our friends.
  • dmsammiedmsammie Member Posts: 2
    I am down to the wire about to buy a Pacifica. If you own one, do you think I should buy one? Why or why not-what kind of problems should I be aware of? If you got your money back today, would you buy another Pacifica?

  • b25nutb25nut Member Posts: 202
    I've had my Pacifica since April and since I don't have the requirement to climb a rocky 45 degree slope, it has fulfilled all my needs for hauling passengers and cargo, along with giving me the feel of luxury. My only problem (inconvenience) has been an AC display that fades in and out, which my dealer will fix when the backordered part comes in.
       The Pacifica gives you (as the Dec. Motor Trend says) "top-drawer build quality" and the best safety ratings possible. Safety features add weight, so acceleration suffers a little. But what's more important - beating a BMW from a standing start or the peace of mind that you will survive virtually any accident?
       I have checked out all the competition before and after my purchase. Ones that came close to Pacifica in price were either too small or didn't offer enough luxury. Those that came close to matching or exceeded Pacifica's features (like more power) cost $10,000+ more. I have not had one moment of regret with my purchase.
       An interesting fact to go along with Motor Trend naming the VW Touareg their 2004 SUV of the Year is that the V6 powered version takes 10.8 seconds to go 0-60 vs the Pacifica's 9.9. It takes VW's V-8 (with premium fuel and lower gas mileage) in a $49,000+ package to beat the Pacifica. The Touareg (and RX-330) has a great interior but no third row seat. The Touareg would be my second choice (if I don't factor in my wife's opinion) but even if I could afford the VW, I would still pick the Pacifica.
  • spnteachspnteach Member Posts: 7
    Does anyone know if it is possible to put a carseat (for a 4 year old) in the 3rd row seat?
  • raymond20raymond20 Member Posts: 1
    I have 400 miles on my Pacifica. When I hit a bump or hole in the road there is a thumping noise coming from the rear of the vehicle.Had it looked at. Everything tight on the rear suspension.Anyone have a problem like this.
  • swschradswschrad Member Posts: 2,171
    take everything out of the trunk, including any well covers that remove. got to be something banging around in there.

    it could be the trunk lid itself or the rear seat, but you're going to get a big shining "NTF" on the repair order if you don't do this first and show the guys it's empty before you take 'em for a ride in the shotgun seat.
  • ms_mayorms_mayor Member Posts: 113
    Can't remember exactly where the posts were, but a while back someone mentioned a similar type noise when opening/closing the hatch.

    Turns out that the license plate is only attached on the top, and the banging noise was the bottom-half of the plate as it tapped the rear hatch. Maybe that's the noise you hear.

    If it is, the solution could be in sticking on a couple of pieces of felt or rubber on the back of the plate to 'soften' the tap.
  • jamesarm97jamesarm97 Member Posts: 18
    I'm glad I am not crazy, I am also having this bad speaker sound on my new Pacifica. I have lived with it long enough (4 months) so I took it in. They ordered new speakers and they put them in yesterday. They did not even bother to test it after installing them or they would have noticed the same problem. I had them bring around another new Pacifica and I tried a CD in the radio. I heard the same problem if not worse. They acted like it was no big problem and there was not much to do about it. I traded my 300M in for this and it had a great sounding radio made by the same company (Infinity). I took the car by a good car stereo shop and had the experts listen to it. They agreed and thought the problem was probably the tweeters. They said they would work with the dealer and help then track down the problem (bad tweeter / missmatch) if they wanted to. The dealer checked the database and said there have not been any other complaints like this. Every one that is having this problem should tell their dealer of this problem and get them to submit it to Chryler as a problem so we can get it fixed. I don't enjoy my new car because every time I drive it all I do is listen for the noise / crackling sound. I even memorized the CD / Tracks / Time on songs where the sound is really bad. Try the newest Enigma CD / Voyager, Track 6 at time 1:09. It is really bad there. I am calling the area supervisor to see if they will work with the local car stereo shop and let them fix it.

    - James Armstrong
  • pumarolopumarolo Member Posts: 17
    As I metioned on my prevoius post I have the same problem. And I have to say that I am really getting tired of the noise. I just can't believe that on a car like the P has such cheap speakers. The crunchy noise is notable already when I listen on a volume level of 12. I will bring it in or announce my problem within the next few days.
  • jamesarm97jamesarm97 Member Posts: 18
    I just got a call from Michigan. They are going to schedule the area Chrysler representative to look at my car so they can listen to the problem with the speakers. Should be next week sometime.
  • swschradswschrad Member Posts: 2,171
    in a relative's new ride, it was more a click than a thump when the plate was tweaked in the slipstream and was tapping on the trunk lid.

    but one more thing to try.
  • pumarolopumarolo Member Posts: 17
    Which Audio do you have? Is it the standard one or the upgrade. I wonder if it's not the stereo itself that causes the fuzzy noises. Maybe it does not have enough power (watts).
  • pumarolopumarolo Member Posts: 17
    I went to my dealership tonight with the problem.
    We tested my audio system and he agreed that there was a light distortion or fuzzy sound at some frequences. Then we tested a different Pacifica with the same audio system and there was the same problem. Another test we did on a Pacifica with the Intermezzo system, there was the sound a little better but there was still a fuzzy distortion. We tried to change the treble and bass to minimize the high pitches. A final test we did on a Grand Cherokee Jeep with the intermezzo System and god was the sound terrible. I mean there was no distortion but the sound overall was terrible.
    Anyway our diagnostic was that the tweeter speaker is the problem. The standard system has a 2 x 40 watt power outlet. We believe that the tweeter at the door are too weak to absorbe the sound and power from the system. I am not an Audio proffessional, I might be dead wrong with this. Anyway the dealer told me that all he can do is change the speakers, but I believe that wouldn't change anything. I told him about the jamesarm97 case and I will update him with any news on that. For now I guess I have to live with these speakers.
  • rasldaslrasldasl Member Posts: 74
    Just a guess but maybe the spare is not securely winched up under the vehicle.
  • russklassrussklass Member Posts: 389
    My Pacifica, 5.1 Intermezzo system, was delivered with a defective center dashtop speaker.
    It was replaced, and I couldn't be happier with the entire system.
    Most of my listening is books on CD/tape, some jazz, 50's etc, and have yet to encounter a problem.
  • monark49monark49 Member Posts: 58
    We have the standard system plus the cd/dvd changer and have not heard any of the above noises? Good bass, good treble,(both turned down below max. boost). Old 50's, Brubeck,and the latest Rod Stewert and Streisand. They all sound good to our old ears and we also traded a 300m for the P.
  • i987i987 Member Posts: 2
    Has anyone heard the details about the new recall on the Pacifica?

    It has something to do with a fuel line problem. Sorry I can't give more specifics.
  • dimosdimos Member Posts: 1
    Hello what kind of a fuel problem do you know of???
    My Pacifica has a fuel ping from about 500 miles since I got it brand new.
    The 4 dealer ships I took it too told me its ok , that the chip running the gas lean for emissions. If any one has the same kind of a problem please respond so I would know if I am the only one. And if any one knows anything on that fuel line recall please late me know thank you….
  • harryomaraharryomara Member Posts: 5
    I just recieved my pacifica two weeks ago, the paint is glossy on all the interior edges of the door frames, except for the frame of the lift gate where it is dull. Is this normal to all pacifica's or do i have a problem?
  • b25nutb25nut Member Posts: 202
    My liftgate frame does not have a gloss coat. I'm pretty sure that is normal.
  • reenneereennee Member Posts: 2
    I have had my Pacifica for just under 2 months and have been back to the dealer for a few problems. First was the fuel pump sending unit that went on the fritz - there would be a chime and the gas gauge would drop and register Empty. Then by magic, the level would go back up to where it was previously. It was an interesting ride to the dealership with all the chiming. It took the dealership just over a week to get the replacement part and fix the problem. Lucky for me, I got a loaner car for the entire time.

    A few weeks later, I developed a water leak, coming in on the driver's side frame between the window and the windshield, leaking from a circular indent on the frame. The dealership re-did the drain for the sun roof. Now I wait for the next rainy day to see if the leak returns.

    The next visit to the dealership will be to replace a piece of molding on the top of the vehicle, just over the drivers door - it won't stay down. I can't wait for the 3,000 mile check up. But overall - still enjoying the car.
  • jamesarm97jamesarm97 Member Posts: 18
    I just found this information: Chrysler is recalling 10,000 of its new Chrysler Pacifica wagons to install a secondary clip to the fuel line to keep it secure. Chrysler spokeswoman Ford said one customer reported that the fuel line could become loose, but the automaker had no reports of any injuries.

    The recall on the 2004 model year Pacifica includes those vehicles built before mid-April this year
  • monark49monark49 Member Posts: 58
    The only "Ping" or gas knock that I get is in climbing steep hilly roads like the Tenn. mountains. Its there all the time in those conditions and thats with premium fuel. On flat land like Illinois I use regular with no ping. Anyone else notice this in the mountains?
  • minicoopercatminicoopercat Member Posts: 17
    I to am getting static in my speakers, even at relatively low volume levels. It doesn't happen with all types of music though, but it is more noticeable when playing CD's than the radio.

    I wish Chrysler could get a solution for this, since I don't want to listen to only the radio or only certain types of music or even worse, turn the stereo off.
  • ramzey28ramzey28 Member Posts: 130
    What is everyone getting for gas mpg for city/highway and what grade are you putting in? Manual says 89 (not sure if its worth the extra 10 cents per gallon if performance is the same?)

    I have been getting 16.6-17.6 around town (rural though), used 89 for first 800 miles just put in 87...no pinging that I hear and getting 1 mpg better.
  • boiler1boiler1 Member Posts: 56
    I'm experiencing some knocking on relatively minor uphill stretches. The four speed transmission doesn't help the situation any. I have not tried a tank of higher octane fuel yet but think that might do the trick.
  • maxmommaxmom Member Posts: 62
    I have had the pinging for awhile now. I changed to 93 octane some time back hoping to stop it. Went in for 6K service today with that being my only complaint.

    They can hear it, but say there is nothing they can do until Chrysler sends them a software update. Maybe if enough of us complain, they'll come up with a fix.

    BTW, I'm switching back to lower octane fuel.
  • b25nutb25nut Member Posts: 202
    I've always have used Chevron 89 and have never experienced any ping or knocking. My mpg averages 17.9, but I also drive fast.
  • pssimonpssimon Member Posts: 144
    I just came back from a 2100 mile trip from NJ to Fla. My average for the trip was 21.2 mpg using 89 octane. After the trip, the car now has 9200 miles on it. I had hoped that by now it would have started to improve in efficiency, but I guess I was wrong. The A/C was only on from lower South Carolina and south.

    If I had to find a fault with my Pacifica, the only one I can really find is the gas mileage. I was hoping for a lot better than this. I have the FWD version.
  • ms_mayorms_mayor Member Posts: 113
    21.2 is only 0.8 off the top-end of the EPA estimate. I'm curious as to just how much better would you have expected?

    I'm currently getting between 16.5 and 17 on 89 octane, but almost all around-town driving. On longer trips (1-2 hour drives) with 65 mph highway driving, that figure goes up to about 18.5. I can honestly say that I'm okay with it, since I'm falling within the stated estimates. Maybe not the top end, but at least not less than what was 'sold' to me.
  • pssimonpssimon Member Posts: 144
    I may be just under the "rated" mileage, but on my other cars over the years I always found those numbers to be low... some times as much as 25%. Hence, I was expecting to exceed the rating on this car as well. Guess I won't!
  • xineannxineann Member Posts: 37
    I have the Infinity Intermezzo Surround System. I also have some "crackling" (for lack of a better term) with certain types of music. I do not get it on the radio, or on my DVD's, just on certain CDs. If I put in a CD that is more rock or pop, I notice it, but when I put in my London Symphony Orchestra CD, it sounds as if I have the best seat in the house. When we have a DVD in, it sounds like we are in a theatre...it is better than my home theatre system.

    I haven't mentioned it to the service department because I don't think that ripping out the speakers and tearing apart my car will help at all. I think that there are certain frequencies that just do not gel with the tweeter portion of the speakers...a definite design flaw. Maybe if enough people report it to Chrysler, they will work on it to improve it in future models, and thus be able to replace speakers in existing vehicles with the improved speakers. Otherwise, people will be ripping apart their cars to replace speakers with speakers that still have the same issue.

    My car goes in tomorrow for routine stuff, and I will let them know my thoughts on the issue.
  • rickstratrickstrat Member Posts: 25
    Is there any way to change the keychain to require a double hit to open the power liftgate? My wife was sitting in class and looked out to see the rear wide open (of the car!). Must have hit the button by accident. Could be a problem this holiday season if it happens at the mall after a couple of unloading trips. My Stratus coupe requires a double hit to open the trunk, but then relatches if not fully opened w/i a minute or two. Anyone know if it is possible to reprogram? BTW, I did not get a chance to search the manual about this yet.
  • russklassrussklass Member Posts: 389
    You are surely missing more than the liftgate programming by not reading the manual!
    You can program the remote to require holding the liftgate button down briefly rarher than a quick press. This solved the same concern for me.
    Reading the manual will allow you to program many other features which will enhance your enjoyment of your Pacifica.
  • rickstratrickstrat Member Posts: 25
    Is there any way to change the keychain to require a double hit to open the power liftgate? My wife was sitting in class and looked out to see the rear wide open (of the car!). Must have hit the button by accident. Could be a problem this holiday season if it happens at the mall after a couple of unloading trips. My Stratus coupe requires a double hit to open the trunk, but then relatches if not fully opened w/i a minute or two. Anyone know if it is possible to reprogram? BTW, I did not get a chance to search the manual about this yet.
  • ulrikaulrika Member Posts: 2
    We have owned our Pacifica for just over one month and have approximately 1,600 miles on the vehicle. On 4 separate occasions, the car has stalled when coming to a complete stop. So far, this has occurred only in the morning when the car is at or close to normal operating temperature ~ usually after driving 2 miles or so. It's not happening the first time I stop the car or apply the brakes (happens the 4th or 5th time I stop or slow down the car). I am not using the Autostick feature at the time. I've taken the car to the dealer and they upgraded the "software" but this has not fixed the problem. Is anyone else experiencing a similar problem? Thanks.
  • pssimonpssimon Member Posts: 144
    Has anyone had this experience.... my NAV system reduces it's volume on it's own. I have set it for level 3, and maybe a half hour later, or the next time I use it, the volume is reduced. Thursday, it went from level 3 to level 1 on it's own.

    All comments greatly appreciated!
  • monark49monark49 Member Posts: 58
    You said in 235 that the manuel shows how to program the Keyfob to require holding the keyfob button longer before the liftgate opens?. All I see is that it needs to be held for 1 second to make it operate. I have also found my liftgate open accidently and would appreciate info on programming it differently. Right now it opens with just a slight touch on the button.
  • russklassrussklass Member Posts: 389
    Page 19 of the owners manual describes activation of the "button delay" feature for the liftgate remote.
    Set it to require holding the button down briefly, and most accidental activations will be eliminated.
  • kalathiparambikalathiparambi Member Posts: 18
    fyi my dealer said that there was a problem with the front axle gaskets which was causing the clicking sound. they have ordered the parts. apparently there is a TSB associated with this.
  • kalathiparambikalathiparambi Member Posts: 18
    fyi my dealer tested the ATC display with a DRB (whatever that is) and no faults were found. there are also no TSBs associated with this problem.

    B25NUT, in msg 209 you mention that your dealer has ordered the part to fix this.. can you tell me what it is since i am still experiencing this problem intermittently. thanks.
  • jamesarm97jamesarm97 Member Posts: 18
    I just experienced this Stalling problem Sunday (see post #63 and #91 of Care and Maint and #237 here). I was going about the same speed, 40mph and put on the brakes to slow down / come to a stop while making a right hand turn on a yield. The car then became hard to steer and the oil light came on. The engine had stalled. The funny thing was I really could not tell the engine was not running because the Pacifica is so quiet.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Member Posts: 27,146
    Sounds like a software problem. When the power steering pressure goes up to turn the wheels, I believe... most cars change the engine mixture and speed to handle the load. Try turning the wheels at a dead stop; when the load hits the engine, most cars don't slow down at all because the computer has compensated for the extra load already.
    When the car is slowing, the engine is getting only enough fuel to keep it turning. When the power steering load hits, it's not keeping up to fuel the engine and maintain engine speed.

    2014 Malibu 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT,

  • surfanetsurfanet Member Posts: 2
    Hey Everyone,

    I am currently researching the New 2004 Pacifica and really like what I am seeing. I decided to go to Edmunds for the real inside scoop. I have noticed that there are some problems with the Pacifica...ie, gas ping, stereo crackling, low mileage.....but overall it appears that most owners are happy with their purchase.

    Please tell me...Is the Pacifica really a great buy? My wife is wanting a Honda Odyssey or a GMC Envoy. I believe they are way over priced. Though I wouldnt mind the Odyssey, I just cant seem to get a really good deal. They both sell for about $32,000.

    I was offered a purchase price of $25950.00 Fleet.
    I also live in California, considering that prices are a bit higher here than the rest of the Country.

    I would like as much input as possible before I make a decision. Thank you everyone.

  • xineannxineann Member Posts: 37
    Has anyone with speaker problems had an effective resolution? I only notice problems on certain cds, but it is driving me nuts. Also, it is not practical to expect that over the next 5 -7 years, while I own this car, that I will not be able to listen to what I want, especially since I paid for the upgraded system. Based on other's experiences here, I do not think ripping the speakers out will help, and I am wondering if anyone took their car outside of Chrysler to have them replaced, and if that helped at all.

  • b25nutb25nut Member Posts: 202
    My ATC Display was fixed on Friday. It works perfect now. My service rep says it is a problem that has been corrected on all new production vehicles. They replaced the A/C controlller head that had an internal failure. Its part number is 5005064-AI with a description of "control A 24024185".
       I talked to a friend this morning that I tried to convince three months ago to buy a Pacifica. He purchased a Lincoln LS instead. Now he is going to sell the Lincoln because it is too hard to get in and out of! Superior acceleration doesn't seem to be as important anymore.
       Surfanet, you'll love the Pacifica. Take the plung, especially at that price.
  • xineannxineann Member Posts: 37
    Our service department looked on the data base and said they did not find any complaints about the speaker problems. We then called DC about the speaker problems, and they say they have no complaints, which I find hard to believe since several others here have mention that they went into the dealership, and even on up to Chrysler about them. We started a file with DC, but who knows how much good that is. We are going back to the service department today to have them look at it, AGAIN, and about another thing (the back of the front seats are coming off, it appears that the clips are either missing or broken. I should mention we have had the car just one week.)

    I love this car, and would just like to be able to listen to whatever I want, not jsut the radio and classical music cds (so far the only ones I own that do not appear to cause the same crackling,static sound).

    If anyone has issues with the speaker quality, please make sure you report them!
  • ramzey28ramzey28 Member Posts: 130
    Just a heads up, My air bag light has stayed on since I purchased my car. It went in today and a new module was order to fix issue. Anyone else have this issue. Seems like a fluke. Car has been great. Love it so far. The only other issue which was fixed in about 15 minutes is my rear wiper ran off the glass.
  • ramzey28ramzey28 Member Posts: 130
    I think the Odyssey is a great van but to me you either want a mini van or something different that has some attributes of a minivan. I had 2 T & C for a total of 4 years. They were great but I wanted something different that had features of a minivan, suv, and sedan. The Pac fit the bill. The Envoy has less ground clearance than the Pac, and rides like a truck. Just read most of the reviews. See motortrend regarding the 04 SUV of the year...The SUV was so low it punctured the oil pan on light off roading. The ride, layout, features of the Pac are far better than both of the ones you are thinking about. But they are all truly different from each other. Hard to compare-- It really depends on what you feel is right. For me, I needed the minivan due to my kids ages. Once my 2nd child it 2 1/2, I was ready to shed the minivan. Most of the stuff you hear are minor and with 70-80k sold --- I think the 1st year model issues are small. Hope that helps...Plus the Pac for 27k for AWD is a steal --at least in the Northeast.
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