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Chrysler Pacifica: Problems & Solutions



  • Has anyone had any problems with tire balance after tire rotation.?? I'm having a major problem.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 23,517
    What brand of tires do you have?

    Were they rebalanced after the first rotation?

    My friend just got his FWD Pacifica and I'm curious what problems he may run into. His has Michelin MXW4Plus on it.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • pssimonpssimon Posts: 144
    Interesting you should bring up the tire balance thing. I just went in for the 6K checkup. Included with that was a rotation. When I finally got the car out on the highway, I thought I detected a vibration that wasn't there prior to rotation.

    I have the Michelin Energy tires. I also have a FWD Pacifica.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 23,517
    Bet they rotated without rebalancing or just ran a balance and if they were close didn't rebalance. The first rotation usually has the most change in the tires with Michelins. After that you can rotate without rebalancing on some of them. I loved NTB stores because they rebalanced each tire for rotation -- no hassel. Sears tries to skip the balancing. Saves 4 minutes of employees time. Until you come back because they didn't rebalance when they rotated...

    I like to stay there to watch. Then you know that the torque wrench twisted off the stud because it had been put on wrong by the previous tire mechanic and cross-threaded. When they use a torque wrench to remove it FAST, it heats up, binds, and breaks the stud. They don't like to tell you when they do that...

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • Got the Pacifica back from the dealership this afternoon. According to the service invoice and I quote "Customer stated smoked like car on fire....Let run and raised on hoist to inspect, can find no fluid leaks. Did DRBIII diagnostics on controllers and has no fault error codes. Made sure all fuids were full. Reset MCM, test drove twice and all systems are operating properly." They used 1/2 tank of gas (Doughnut runs????).
    The tech stated that maybe it was a plastic bag or something similar that got caught under the hood...sounds like he was grabbing for something to tell us and I am not buying it. If it was a plastic bag there it surely got cooked and would have left some residue. If this problem pops up again I will post an update.
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    Stoney 39, actually it is possible that a plastic bag got caught between the exhaust pipes and smoked when burning. It is possible there is no visible residue after that. What I don't get is why the check engine light came on ?!

    Also "no error codes" ?! Even some 15 years old cars store an error code after the check engine light is activated.

    I wonder if you have a brand new engine under the hood and you don't know ! Half of the gas tank could be used for the new engine break-in, not for doughnuts. Enjoy your new Pacifica.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    I once caught a plastic bag. It partially melted and got stuck under the exhaust pipes. It made quite a smell until it fully burned off.
  • My tires were rotated at 6000 miles and before rotation I did not have a balance problem. Tires were not rebalanced after rotation. Told the dealer I had a balance problem. Balanced tires and found left front out round, dealer replaced tire. Still have balance problem. New tire was out of round. Dealer put spare tire on left font rim and that did away with 90% of balance problem. I'm taking a 600 mile trip soon, so I agreed with dealer to make trip and advise them after trip. There is a Technical Bulletin # 2200203 that addresses tire balance. It pertains to the Nylon used in construction of these MXV4 Pluss tires.
  • There were previous posts by b25nut and Kalathiparambi back in August regarding their ATC displays fading in and out. I haven't seen any follow up posts mentioning if the problem was ever resolved. My Pacifica has this problem on a daily basis now. The dealership said they couldn't figure it out and would have to get back to me. Has anyone else had this problem resolved? If so, perhaps you can tell me where you had it serviced so I can have my dealership call them. Thanks in advance.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 23,517
    Were the tires balanced on a road force balancer?

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 202
    My temp display still fades in and out. I've been too lazy to take it in to the dealer and have been telling myself to wait until some other minor item may need fixing but everything else is working perfectly. I plan on taking it in next month.
       The fact that the tire pressure light does not go on when the Pacifica is started had me concerned if the system was working at all. Two weeks ago we drove to Las Vegas after an oil change and general service check and half way there the high tire pressure message came on. After cooling down I found that my serviceman had put 42 lb. of pressure in the tires. So the system does work.
  • All I know the balancer is new and a computer balancer.Could you share some info on the road force balancer. Thanks
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 23,517
    Go to for a link on the home page to find a shop in your area that has the Hunter 9700 balancer. Actually if your car has had the problem since new the dealer should handle trying this for you at their cost.

    The balancer holds the tire against a rotation steel drum and measures how much the tire compresses under load at different points along with the weight difference. The weights are put on to compensate for the springiness differences. If a GM tire is more than 17 units, GM suggested replacing it on new Buicks having a shake problem when new. Read / search in Bonneville Problems discussion group for road force and balance problems. Because the A-arms are aluminum and so light, the cars really are susceptable to minor movements in the rotating wheels now.
    Hope this helps.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • had my tires rotate, ballanced and 4 wheel allign at a Firestone/Bridgestone store. no problems at any speeds upto 100 mphs so far :)

    they took off all weights and reballanced all tires. Allignment is a @#$@# with the tires having no bead for the allignment tool to attach to ...

    The only thing is the tire sensors need resetting every rotation and its not a purchasable part from the dealer (according to Firestone) ... I am guessing you can buy the M300 one that comes with the car... but having to have Dealer retrain the tire sensors every time I get it rotated sucks.
  • We've had the same problem in our Pacifica. In our case, the temperature display fades in/out, sometimes goes completely out. No combo of random button pushing or tapping gets it to come back.

    My wife took the car to the dealer today for routine maintenance, and told them about it. They say they have no idea what's going on, have never heard of such an issue. They told her to bring it back once the problem recurs....

    By the way, my dad upgraded to a mercedes and gave me his old 300 M as a gift. Funny thing is the exact same thing happens with the 300 M temperature display (but worse, it's blank 95% of the time). I checked the 300M discussions but couldn't find any posts related to this issue.

    Regardless, I think Chrysler Corp and the dealers have to have an idea about this as it's beginning to sound like more than coincidental bad luck.

    Look forward to finding out who gets the answer first, hopefully before our warranties expire!
  • pssimonpssimon Posts: 144
    I think I confused my HVAC system. It knows not to turn the compressor on when the outside temperature is low enough. That works well. But not leaving well enough alone, I had pressed Auto Hi after it had been in the Auto Low mode. Realizing my mistake, I went back to low and the display and control went away. By that I mean the system stayed in the low heat mode, but I had no temperature control. All I had left was the icon with where the fan was blowing. I couldn't even turn it off! No buttons worked.

    I had to stop the car and power down to reset the system to get things back to normal. Any one see yet?
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 202
    I just talked to the service manager at my dealer about the fading temperature/AC display. He is familiar with the problem. He told me to bring it in to verify that it is the problem he thinks it is. If it is, it sounds like a more than one day fix.
  • I love my Pacifica even with its new car problems. I agree with olrdv in msg #86. For those lamenting that the Pacifica is built by Chrysler and not MB should check out the J D Power 2003 Vehicle Dependability Study.
  • Thanks for the information about the Hunter 9700 balancer. I'm having rebalanced with the Hunter. I'll advise.
  • I had the same problem when I got my car and this only after two days. I called my dealer and he suggested to bring it in for inspection. After inspecting the car they told me they had to order a new dash board display and change it.

    Due to my 3 days satisfaction warranty I was able to get a new different car. They were good about it and now I am not experiencing any problems, except the speaker problem. I just can't beleive that this audio system is so cheap.
    It sounds like a 20$ boombox.

    I will bring this up when the car is due for the oil change.

    A question to the host. Why was my post 135 removed?
  • pssimonpssimon Posts: 144
    I have a question regarding using the Digital Navigator. While playing with it at a stop light, I noticed something called Folders. Is that used to hold a "trip" that has multiple stops?

    I am putting the car on a cross country trip and we have a few stops along the way. Is this where I can keep all of the stops in one place or should I just enter each of the stops as a destination, and each day move on to the next one without using the Folders?

    Any suggestions are appreciated..... Paul
  • macwm1macwm1 Posts: 10
    The folders in the Navigation system are a way of organizing the addresses that you are saving. We use them based on locations we frequently travel to, as well as one for our friends.
  • I am down to the wire about to buy a Pacifica. If you own one, do you think I should buy one? Why or why not-what kind of problems should I be aware of? If you got your money back today, would you buy another Pacifica?

  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 202
    I've had my Pacifica since April and since I don't have the requirement to climb a rocky 45 degree slope, it has fulfilled all my needs for hauling passengers and cargo, along with giving me the feel of luxury. My only problem (inconvenience) has been an AC display that fades in and out, which my dealer will fix when the backordered part comes in.
       The Pacifica gives you (as the Dec. Motor Trend says) "top-drawer build quality" and the best safety ratings possible. Safety features add weight, so acceleration suffers a little. But what's more important - beating a BMW from a standing start or the peace of mind that you will survive virtually any accident?
       I have checked out all the competition before and after my purchase. Ones that came close to Pacifica in price were either too small or didn't offer enough luxury. Those that came close to matching or exceeded Pacifica's features (like more power) cost $10,000+ more. I have not had one moment of regret with my purchase.
       An interesting fact to go along with Motor Trend naming the VW Touareg their 2004 SUV of the Year is that the V6 powered version takes 10.8 seconds to go 0-60 vs the Pacifica's 9.9. It takes VW's V-8 (with premium fuel and lower gas mileage) in a $49,000+ package to beat the Pacifica. The Touareg (and RX-330) has a great interior but no third row seat. The Touareg would be my second choice (if I don't factor in my wife's opinion) but even if I could afford the VW, I would still pick the Pacifica.
  • Does anyone know if it is possible to put a carseat (for a 4 year old) in the 3rd row seat?
  • I have 400 miles on my Pacifica. When I hit a bump or hole in the road there is a thumping noise coming from the rear of the vehicle.Had it looked at. Everything tight on the rear suspension.Anyone have a problem like this.
  • swschradswschrad Posts: 2,171
    take everything out of the trunk, including any well covers that remove. got to be something banging around in there.

    it could be the trunk lid itself or the rear seat, but you're going to get a big shining "NTF" on the repair order if you don't do this first and show the guys it's empty before you take 'em for a ride in the shotgun seat.
  • ms_mayorms_mayor Posts: 113
    Can't remember exactly where the posts were, but a while back someone mentioned a similar type noise when opening/closing the hatch.

    Turns out that the license plate is only attached on the top, and the banging noise was the bottom-half of the plate as it tapped the rear hatch. Maybe that's the noise you hear.

    If it is, the solution could be in sticking on a couple of pieces of felt or rubber on the back of the plate to 'soften' the tap.
  • I'm glad I am not crazy, I am also having this bad speaker sound on my new Pacifica. I have lived with it long enough (4 months) so I took it in. They ordered new speakers and they put them in yesterday. They did not even bother to test it after installing them or they would have noticed the same problem. I had them bring around another new Pacifica and I tried a CD in the radio. I heard the same problem if not worse. They acted like it was no big problem and there was not much to do about it. I traded my 300M in for this and it had a great sounding radio made by the same company (Infinity). I took the car by a good car stereo shop and had the experts listen to it. They agreed and thought the problem was probably the tweeters. They said they would work with the dealer and help then track down the problem (bad tweeter / missmatch) if they wanted to. The dealer checked the database and said there have not been any other complaints like this. Every one that is having this problem should tell their dealer of this problem and get them to submit it to Chryler as a problem so we can get it fixed. I don't enjoy my new car because every time I drive it all I do is listen for the noise / crackling sound. I even memorized the CD / Tracks / Time on songs where the sound is really bad. Try the newest Enigma CD / Voyager, Track 6 at time 1:09. It is really bad there. I am calling the area supervisor to see if they will work with the local car stereo shop and let them fix it.

    - James Armstrong
  • As I metioned on my prevoius post I have the same problem. And I have to say that I am really getting tired of the noise. I just can't believe that on a car like the P has such cheap speakers. The crunchy noise is notable already when I listen on a volume level of 12. I will bring it in or announce my problem within the next few days.
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