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Chrysler Pacifica: Problems & Solutions



  • maxmommaxmom Member Posts: 62
    Yes, 89. I switched to 93 for a couple of tanks as someone had suggested this might stop the noise, but it didn't.

    My Service Manager called this afternoon just after I had posted and he is actively pursuing the fix. He did say that often these types of fixes that might affect emissions have to be thoroughly tested before release.

    To the naysayers - I'm not worried. I love my Pacifica and wouldn't trade it for two T & C's. I was not naive enough to think that there wouldn't be the occasional issue with a brand new model. I am confident that any issue will be resolved.
  • sunmanav8sunmanav8 Member Posts: 2
    Before you attempt to replace the OE Infinity amp you should know that this is a digital amp and in the case of Intermezzo has dual DSP's that are programmed to produce surround sound. You will not get this with an aftermarket analog amp. Also, both versions of the Pac amps contain custom EQ's that optimize the spectral and spacial characteristics of the audio to the Pac's cabin environment. I'm not aware of any aftermarket amp that can do this either. I recommend you address the issue with a new radio before diving into the aftermarket. The amp is attached to the floor panel in the right rear of the vehicle. If you remove the rear storage bin you'll see it - will have an RCE or RCY label on it. Good luck.
  • soulman4soulman4 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks sunmanav8....I dont have the surround system in the car, but am thinking of beefing up the stereo a bit by adding an aftermarket amp (with EQ) and some new speakers. I have done this in the past with other vehicles. Of course I will keep the beautiful Pacifica dash in tack and untouched. I will probably use all the existing wiring but just add a different amp. I will thoroughly check this out before I do it though...
  • millpark26millpark26 Member Posts: 14
    I have had my Pacifica for just under 2 months. I read where someone recently had a problem with the fuel pump sending unit that went on the fritz - there would be a chime and the gas gauge would drop and register Empty. Then by magic, the level would go back up to where it was previously.
    This started happening to me, yesterday. Anyone else having this problem?
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Member Posts: 648
    has anyone with the new radio replacements (I assume that would be the less obtrusive and easier for the dealer to change out) tested the sound QUALITY? is the dynamic sound quality reduced now with DVD movies audio ?

    the DVD sounded great before so wondering if the fix will reduce the output quality... and I assume then that DVDs have lower audio recording levels and being incoded into 5.1 surround just sound better spacially with the digital amps
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Member Posts: 648
    anyone feeling a slipping feeling between 2nd and 3rd gear when just lightly on the gas? it seems like the transmission is slipping and then grabs into the next gear when in slow moving traffic just between 2nd and 3rd

    Also noticed lately a strange noise when going over rough bumps on the road... a low rattle sound. I think I heard this before on my Mazda when the tie rods went bad but that happened at 60k on my mazada. my pac has 12k !! have to have that checked when I bring it in for my recall on the electrical fuel wiring thing
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Member Posts: 648
    did you check the trailer Hitch... if you have a trailer hitch installed the rattling of the hitch is transfered right in to the car. I have a stainless steel billet hitch and ball and it has some free play and when I hit a bump the rattle is very loud inside. FYI
  • ecicero1ecicero1 Member Posts: 10
    I am having the same problem as message #365. The gas guage registers empty and it chimes low fuel. The guage the goes back to where it was half full. This happened twice in one day. I have less than 1800 miles and two months old. Haven't had it in for the problem. Anyone have this problem?
  • ecicero1ecicero1 Member Posts: 10
    Just returned from the Chrysler Dealer with the gas gauge problem outlined in messages #365 & 369. They are aware of the problem which is faulty contacts on the sending unit located inside the gas tank.I was informed to drive through several tanks of gas, and this would wash the contact points clean and maybe correct the problem. If not, the gas tank has to be removed and the sending unit inside the tank replaced.It is a major repair.
  • mbjbmbjb Member Posts: 39
    I recently had the same problem. I only have 900 miles and have went through a couple of tanks of gas and the problem has gone away. I guess the fix the dealer prescribed in post #370 is correct. I will let everyone know if the problem re-occurs.
  • ecicero1ecicero1 Member Posts: 10
    I had the same noise from the rear suspension. Check the mud guard inside the rear wheel wells. They are held by a plastic fastener, which comes loose. The problem was corrected by the dealer by using pop rivets in their place. The plastic fastener used cannot support the weight of the mud guard it needs several rivets to hold it in place.
  • sitedriftersitedrifter Member Posts: 19
    Pacifica is 5 days old and I noticed the memory system for the seats/mirrors etc does not work properly with the mirrors. When I press S1 or use my keyfob, the morrors only move a little and never into the correct position. I tested by changing the settings to different positions (mirrors) and while the seats seem to work, the mirrors still just move towards the correct position then stop. The mirrors themselves work fine when adjusting manually.

    I am guessing there might be a CLEAR memory routine that I could use as opposed to just re-programming as it does not work. I am bringing it into the 5* tomorrow but they are acting like I am doing it wrong (programming ) but I'm not and know how to do it since my 300M worked fine for 3 years. If there is a trick to clear/reset the unit I would rather do that then head off to the dealer.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • commofficercommofficer Member Posts: 50
    Well we have owned our Pac since the 4th of July and we are still pleased with it. Mine was built in April of 2003 and is an AWD model with aftermarket leather as the only option. I think that the problems I have had with the poor paint quality have been solved by the latest respray of the tailgate. Paint QA has to be held to a better standard on these vehicles if they really want to compete against the Pilot and whatever else has three rows of seats in the same price range.
    The biggest problem we have had was the squeak coming from the front end. This was solved by the replacement of the transfer case and some bushings. Not a small fix in anyone’s book but under warranty which is all that matters right now. It drives smooth as silk now or as close as you can get in a 5,000lb, AWD, station wagon. Yes I said "STATION WAGON" and I will say it again because it really is a station wagon. I am 36 with a wife and kids and am damn pleased with having this new station wagon.
    My next concern is the inability to open the rear hatch while in Drive. Say you are at Lowe’s and you pull up to the curb so that someone, wife, can throw a bag in the back and then hop in the car. The hatch won’t pop open. Any ideas?
    Radio is fine and really sounds good. Of course we are listening to “Silly songs by Mickey” most of the time but the few times we get to listen to something good it sounds fine. Headlights are really nice and bright. Seats are very comfortable and I just has a disk replaced last June so I can give you a pretty good read on seats.

  • sitedriftersitedrifter Member Posts: 19
    I took the Pac into the 5* today and they agreed the mirrors were not going to the exact saved position. The dealer pulled a new Pac off the lot and changed the memory module. The same thing occured and even on the Pac off the lot. We talked about the memory system maybe not be adjusting fully but it is leaving precise adjustment to be done by the driver. Could be, but my 300M was not like this. The dealer is opening a trouble ticket with Chrysler on Monday. I will post what they find when I hear from them.

    I do want to say thanks to Buhler Chrysler of N.J. for pulling parts off a new car on the lot. I know they do not have to do it but their service has always worked hard to make the customer happy. A main reason for my repeat business (bought the 300M from them)
  • azpacificaazpacifica Member Posts: 20
    Don't count on a few tank loads of fresh fuel to "clean" the contacts. Mine has had the same problem since mid-October with frequent quiet periods. But during the last 1000 miles it drops to zero and chimes at least every twenty miles when the tank is below a quarter. I hate to have them go into the tank but I guess there is no alternative......
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Member Posts: 648
    Just wanted to say - KNOCK ON WOOD- (not that I havent had other problems) but have not experienced the fuel gauage problem at all. I have over 12k miles on it. I do use REDLINE gas cleaner all the time (get it at PEP Boys)... put in 1/10 bottle every other tankful of gas.

    I did have the radio problem (just got them to order the replacement (gave a print out of this message board :-) thanks for the model numbers I needed them to order guys and gals

    I still have the clunking drive to reverse transmission (anyone know what TSB that was mentioned - what number ? so I can refer the dealer. they did not know of any and called it normal.) will have them look at it next weekend when they put in the new radio unit.

    And will check the Mudflaps !! thanks it was really annoying as the roads around my dealership are pretty good and not a lot of big bumps just pot holes. and it only rattles when going over bumps. Not sure if its the mudflaps but hey anything is worth the checking out. It sounds more like the struts are shot on the Pacifica then a rattling.

    What does the sound of the bearings going bad up front sound like ?? hope its not that but its only sounds when I go over a lot of little bumps quickly... like the suspension wont settle down ....
  • mrl11777mrl11777 Member Posts: 154
    RTM. Safety feature. Vehicle must be in park and unlocked for the buttons to work. What is the big deal about that?
  • rickstratrickstrat Member Posts: 25
    I have the automatic lift and am wondering if anyone else has the same problem I have. Not sure if it is a cold weather problem, but the automatic lift doesn't always want to go up. It will hesitate and beep every couple of seconds like there is something obstructing it and eventually gets all the way up after an eternity of beeping. The car is garaged and free of ice/snow when this happens. Also, sometimes the manual override to open the hatch will not disengage and the door gets stuck and is semi latched, but not locked. Can't push on it to get it to lock and can't open it manually either. The only way out of that problem is to hit the transmitter to open, it senses an obstruction (its own locking mechanism!) and then relocks itself. Anyone else have these problems? Is it time to go to the dealer? It doesn't happen everytime so it will be hard to duplicate.
  • patty64patty64 Member Posts: 22
    Can someone please tell me what the fix to the static from the speakers was? I'm going for a service visit next week and want to make them aware of it. I mentioned it last time I was there but they were unable to reproduce it. They found a defective center channel speaker that has been ordered. This is unrelated to the radio/amplifier problem.
  • commofficercommofficer Member Posts: 50
    Thanks. I did read that in the manual after the post. I have never had a car that wants to keep me from opening a door because it is in "Drive". The rear hatch should open from the outside if I push the handle in to make it open, period. It's not a power hatch. When you pull up to the curb, in traffic, you really want to load the car quickly. If someone stays in the driver's seat then there should be no reason for the added "Safety Feature".
    Can you explain the reason for the 4 screws, 3 prongs and the hose clamp that need to be removed to look at the air filter? This car is not made for someone who wants to do any of the maintenance themselves. I have emailed K&N to see if they are planning a replacement filter and filter housing.
    I got it back from the body shop the day before X-Mas, fix of production paint pin holes, and they forgot to clean the compound material off and neglected to put the PACIFICA and All-Wheel Drive name plates back on. I think the name plates will remain off but the lack of "Attention to Detail" seems to be a little disconcerting.

    We still like the wagon though and hope it is smooth sailing from here.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Member Posts: 648
    maybe because of Car Jackers (they keep the doors lock) also I have mine to auto lock once your start the car forward. I am guessing the hatch is auto locked already when you pull up to pick someone up. Try put into park, hit unlock and wait for the person to open the back (see if that works)... if you are stopped anyway, should not be a big deal to be in park.

    as far as the autolift question posted = I never have that problem. I have the autolift and even if cold outside and the car is in the garage, it still works flawlessly. sometime a little slow on the opening but thats the struts on the gate (no way to oil them)...
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Member Posts: 648
    did you have the LEFT/RIGHT selector set to LEFT OR RIGHT? I know on a rental vehicle (not Pacifica) I had, if you had the selector in the middle setting, the mirrors would not auto move.
  • sitedriftersitedrifter Member Posts: 19
    They do move , just not to the complete saved positions. Still waiting to hear from Chrysler. Will post what they say.
  • ramzey28ramzey28 Member Posts: 130
    I know the manual says it wont work at certain cold temps but if you have it in the garage, I would think it would work. Mine has been great, didnt want the option but now glad to have it. The annoying peeping is a pain, everyone looks over to see whats going on. Makes you feel stupid.
  • lisalemonlisalemon Member Posts: 1
    I bought a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica (fully loaded) in August. It was the
    most expensive vehicle I ever purchased and I was really excited about
    it. Unfortunately it's been one headache after another. Currently I am
    driving a little crappy Chevy Cavalier because my Pacifica has been in
    the shop for more than a week with no exact date in sight of when the
    transmission work and recall work will be completed. The car knocks and
    bangs, it's died on the highway causing me to lose steering and braking
    ability and needless to say I'm now wishing I never bought it.
  • ruskiruski Member Posts: 1,566
    where does it knock and bang?
  • dajamiradajamira Member Posts: 4
    Hi All,
    New to this board. Just got a new Pacifica last week and love it! My only issue is with the beeping on the power liftgate. Not only is it very loud in our quiet neighborhood, but I have some hearing sensitivity and the tone/volume is very uncomfortable in my ears.

    Does anyone know if the beeping can be toned down or turned off?
  • ramzey28ramzey28 Member Posts: 130
    I dont think so...I think its a safety thing. Probably another gov't regulation....
  • patty64patty64 Member Posts: 22
    I hate to keep asking, but does anyone know what the fix is to the speaker crackling problem?
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Member Posts: 648
    the solution was in POST 353

    Both of the Pacifica radios (RAH or RBP on faceplate) have been modified to reduce their output voltage. These radios should be available from Mopar for dealer orders. There are also amplifier changes going into production in Jan 2004 that further reduce the susceptibility to clipping.


    I have my dealer ordering a new replacement with the RAH or RBP faceplate code. Dont know if it fixes it but will find out soon hopefully :-)
  • eric112eric112 Member Posts: 9
    We are also experiencing a stalling problem with our Pacifica (exactly as described in posts #237 and #342.) In our case it happened four times when braking from a speed of around 45 mph to a stop at a light. The dealer had not experienced this problem before and said that they contacted Chrysler Corp. and that they too had not had any other complaints. The dealer was able to recreate the stalling problem after we left the vehicle overnight. They thought that there might be a hairline crack in the throttle and replaced it. That seemed to solve the problem (4 weeks with no stalling) However, yesterday when slowing to make a left hand turn across traffic in a 50 mph zone the car died in the middle of my turn. Fortunately I had enough momentum to roll to the ditch (without power steering as that dies too) thus avoiding being hit by oncoming traffic. This one really shook me up and I won't drive it again until they can assure me the problem is resolved. I would really appreciate any feedback as the dealer doesn't seem to know what to do with it.
  • millpark26millpark26 Member Posts: 14
    Luckily, my Pac hasn't experienced the engine stalling that you & others have begun talking about. I've had the issue with the gas gauge needle going crazy a couple times but, knock on wood, it's stopped acting up after the one day it happened to me.
    I had a Ford that used to stall on me like you referred to in your post. Being from N.J., this State is notorious for its traffic circles. There was nothing scarier than being in a traffic circle and having my car stall AND lose power steering. The dealers were dumbfounded as well in diagnosing the problem but, it turned out to be some sort of fuel line sensor that went bad.
    Hope you get an answer to your problem!
  • azpacificaazpacifica Member Posts: 20
    For those of you with 'crashing gas gauges with lots of chimes", apparently DCX has a software fix. My dealer's service department said that replacing the sender unit is NOT the fix. My Pacifica will get the new software on Monday afternoon. After a week or so I'll let this board know if the problem goes away.
  • azpacificaazpacifica Member Posts: 20
    I've had the same problem when slowing from about 45MPH to make a quick u-turn. The Pacifica stalled about a quarter of the way into the 180 turn leaving me heading into a curb and sidewalk. Luckily, there was nothing heading towards me so I was able to stop the car, restart it and back it away from the curb and complete the turn. Please let us know what you find out - my dealer was unable to duplicate but as I said to them, they probably weren't aggressive enough.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Member Posts: 648
    just sharing a great resource mentioned before :


    you can see all the tsbs for the Pacifica. I use this all the time and give them the TSB number to look up when I bring it in... :-)

    just did a search and nothing unfortunately listed for the stalling issue. Just pick vehicle>year>ect to Pacifica then click the check box to see details and dont pick a component and you will get all 21 TSBs
  • ecicero1ecicero1 Member Posts: 10
    Has anyone found the answer to the "dancing chiming" fuel gauge? Any answer to the memory system not working with the mirrors? I have both problems,only 1800 miles. I live in a small town and the service department admitted they are not up to speed on repairing the Pacifica. Any information would be helpful when I bring it in for service.
  • alltorkalltork Member Posts: 13
    clunking noise like a loose shock at low speed- 10mph right front only - dealer has replaced sway bar links and rack and pinion - no help - any others with this problem?
  • azpacificaazpacifica Member Posts: 20
    Well after my service department invested an hour or so trying to get the new software downloaded they discovered that Chrysler pulled back the version that is needed to fixed the "crashing fuel gauge accompanied by lots of chimes" problem. They will call me when it is ready again....
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Member Posts: 648
    check the search for TSB link that I just posted... the third one in the listing of TSB for Pacificas is probably what you experiencing. Have the same problem, they are fixing it today (have a loaner car)...
  • cdercder Member Posts: 3
    Like message #151 from Cluelesspa, I have just lost power for all buttons on the driver side door. Has anyone taken their Pac in with outcome?
  • sitedriftersitedrifter Member Posts: 19
    5* called today and told me Chrysler Corporate said the memory issue is normal. The dealer told me they are escalating this issue because: "How can it be called a memory system when it does not return to the *saved* position?"

    Go Buhler Chrysler!

    I also opened a trouble ticket with Chrysler and advised them of the problem and the dealer not accepting their initial answer.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Member Posts: 648
    mine was intermittant ... but got me worried because all the other doors worked and the driver when it went dead wouldnt lock ... even though the car said it was locked!!! anyway, its the door module. I think it couldnt take the static shock everytime I got out of the car (cloth seats) ...

    replaced module and worked fine ever since (the only other thing is the door relay. forget which number it is) under the hood the relay/fuse box is near the front driver side wheel...
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Member Posts: 648
    got my radio replaced with one of the recommended faceplate numbers. and now sound is 90% better. almost all gone with a few slight static... but tons of improvement over originally. so with the new amps, this problem should be gone. havent had a chance to test the DVD quality but sound quality seems unchanged.

    Just got it back today after they kept it for 2 days to do that and the antisway bar link fix for the front suspension rumble. sounds like that is fixed as well. its drives funny right now as the new antisway bars settle in. was very stiff responsive... kind of sports car like but too responsive. calmed down after the first 10 miles or so...

    had the transmission boot installed. sounds quieter from drive to reverse (just a click instead of CLUNK) ... they said they added antiseeze to the tranny last visit ?? didnt have that on any of my reciepts... oh well.
  • reenneereennee Member Posts: 2
    Part II of Post #222
    My fuel gauge chiming problem returned just before Thanksgiving. The dealership told me that it appeared to be a localized problem - only showing up in NY, PA, DE & NJ (at the time only 7 cases, with mine being a repeat) - no other State, not even Canada - the suspected cause was the gas. The dealership was able to have Engineers drive out from Detroit and take my gas tank and the remaining gas as well as another Pacifica's, with the same chiming problem, gas tank and gas back to the lab for testing. Not sure of the outcome on the testing, but I ended up with a new gas tank and a 2nd new sending unit. While the car was in the shop, I had a demo Pacifica to drive and that one developed the same problem with the fuel gauge chiming. I called the dealership and was told that if you add gas, the chiming will stop - sure enough it did, but didn't "fix" the problem. So far I haven't had any more chiming unless I really have a low fuel situation. Hopefully this problem can be fix soon
  • ecicero1ecicero1 Member Posts: 10
    I live in Arizona and have the fuel gauge problem. I was told it is a computer chip problem. Do these guys know what they are doing??
  • eric112eric112 Member Posts: 9
    Wish I had an answer to report back, but unfortunately no. Our Pacifica has been at the dealers since 12/31 - Chrysler has given them some "ideas" to try, but nothing definitive as of yet. We're trying to be patient as the dealership seems to be making a genuine effort to fix this, however this is a brand new car and I don't think it's too much to ask (for a car in ANY price range, let alone this one) for it not to stall out repreatedly in the middle of traffic. Also, we didn't sign onto these rather sizeable car payments so we could enjoy the luxury of driving an Enterprise rental... This is a huge safety and liability issue for Chrysler and they should be giving it their utmost attention.
  • cdercder Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Cluelesspa, I also have cloth seats so maybe that is the reason. The car is going in Monday.
  • sitedriftersitedrifter Member Posts: 19
    Bringing the Pacifica into the 5* today for electrical diagnostics between the switch to mirror motor and memory module to mirror motor.

    Will keep the board updated.
  • sitedriftersitedrifter Member Posts: 19
    Bringing the Pacifica into the 5* today for electrical diagnostics between the switch to mirror motor and memory module to mirror motor.

    Will keep the board updated.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Member Posts: 648
    The radio is 95% better but occasionally I do still get static when playing CDs. I noticed that the Quality of DVDs and MUSIC CDs are slightly less (but that may be psychological)

    Does anyone know when the new replacement AMPS come out and what MODEL or Version is the fixed AMPS?

    the Front End Rattle is still there. like something is lose when going over lots of little bumps fast. the anti sway bushings didnt help but I do feel the steering is much better with the fix. More responsive then before :-)

    I will check into the mudflaps thing next. the weird thing is, I don't hear it in the back so doubt its the mudflaps.

    Transmission sound is better by about 75% quieter when shifting from Drive to Reverse. So it did seem to help that.
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