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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tvkwtvkw Posts: 9
    gardencar, congrat! for your new RX330. Can you tell me the dealer name that was offering their remaining stock for $36,544? Is it only for a shor period of time? Thanks
  • I am in the market for a new 330, but there is only one Lexus dealer in town, who is not willing to budge on the price (almost a monopoly). What is a fair price for a 330 with NAv and RES.
  • Sounds to me like your dealer is trying to run a monopoly and figures he's got people by the proverbials. There's no reason he should be acting like a Volvo (XC90) dealer. I live in Northern Cal and the discounts are routinely $3k-$4k as soon as you step in the door. They are even higher in Southern Cal. It's part of the Lexus December to Remember Sales Event.

    I don't know if you want AWD, although I'm assuming you'll need it. I'm also not sure what RES is. So, I'd suggest you use to make your purchase or to get an idea of fair pricing and get different zip codes, as far as you're willing to drive or even fly. This is so you can input the zips to see what prices are across the state or even out of state. Carsdirect will even hook you up with dealers directly if you want to go into a showroom. You can also use the TMV pricing service right at this site. Click on New Cars . However, if you punch up your own area code, seeing as there is only that one dealer, the TMV might only show his pricing. It is important that you get some zip codes from outlying areas. Once you find some good quotes from out of town dealers, see which ones are willing to pick you up, deliver the car to you, or even fly you to their dealerships. I remember reading a post where a lady wrote about how her entire purchase was done over the internet and the car was delivered to her doorstep, complete with a demo session.

    You can also read my post, #624, where I relate my RX 330 buying adventures. Hope this helps, and good luck with your purchase. You're gonna love your RX!
  • Tried to e-mail you the info, but did not go through for some reason. Something to do with the way your e-mail is written. Can't say any individuals' names on this post but the cheapest quote came from the internet dept. of Coliseum Lexus of Oakland. However, they are not offering at this time. Suggest strongly you try the internet manager of Stevens Creek Lexus or Serramonte Lexus as they were the most willing to deal. Good luck with your shopping and hope you choose the RX!
  • Has anyone seen an RX330 with cloth interior? I read that cloth is standard...but I can't seem to find one.
  • I have bought the RX330 with just a few $s less than $3000 discount. NY would offer $200 more but felt not worth the potential problems. Maybe I could have done better than this but have no idea about the right price in central NJ. I know people get much less discount from the same dealer.
  • Don't mean to sound naive, but when someone says that they paid (for example) $40,058 for an RX330 with PT (Premium Plus Package)and NV (Navigation system with camera),is the Sales Tax included?

    The Dealer invoice base price is $30,996, the NV is $1.980, and the PT is $2752, which comes to $35,728. Adding invoice prices of $172 for 18" alum.alloy wheels, $55 for the cargo mat and $40 for wheel locks, brings the total dealer INVOICE cost to $35,995.

    Then,adding $625 for delivery, processing & handling fee and finally $438 for LDA, the grand total dealer INVOICE cost comes to $37,058.

    So, again, if someone says they paid $40,058, does that mean they paid $3,000 over the dealer invoice cost of $37,058, on top of which they paid SALES TAX ? (which would be over $3,000 in California). That would be the 'out the door' price to $43,000.

    My wife and I would sincerely appreciate some clarification. Thank you.
  • I believe the configuration you are talking about
    RX330 FWD premium plus with nav and rear camera, 18' wheel = cargo mat and wheel lock invoice i think around 37,152 - actually the MSRP on this one is 42,478 - a lot of times when they say they paid - before taxes and all. I got one for my friend for 39,000 that is 3478.00 of the sticker price and 1848 over invoice. plus all the taxes and doc fee and reg fee! I hope this helps - and from west texas here .
  • Congratulations on your vehicle purchase. What dealer did you purchase at and what options did you get? I plan on going to Lexus of Englewood tomorrow to see what kind of deal I can get. Enjoy the vehicle!
  • The MSRP is $41,688 and the dealer is in Bridgewater. How was your experience today? Hope you got a better deal.
  • The posting #624 has been very helpful in negotiating with dealers. It is still a haggle, as it always was. When you think you have an agreement, there is something else. On this list, I assume the "price" means that before sales tax and license. Nevertheless, the internet, including this list, is a boon to buyers and must be a bane to dealers.
  • I'm glad you found my posting helpful. Yes, the price is before sales tax and license. Price OTD was $41,139.00. The sales tax was a whopping $3600! And, yes, it is still a haggle, Lexus dealer or not.

    E-mailed you the sales person's name. Sorry the reply to your e-mail was so late. We've been out of town. Will try to call you later today.
    Good luck with your shopping if you haven't bought your RX yet!
  • Without driving to CA, what can I expect to pay for a 2004 RX AWD w/Prem Plus pkg (No NAV, No DVD, no ML)in the Boston area? Or Rhode Island?
  • Typically, 5-8% off MSRP sticker.
  • gardencargardencar Posts: 293
    In CA we have a great website called carsdirect.
    com, where you simply punch in your Zip code and build your car with the options you want. Then, you have a choice to buy it from them or a local partner dealership, or take the price and run with it yourself. The TMV section of this website does a very good job as well. Good luck and have fun while you shop!
  • Ok, everyone. I read this board before buying and just didn't feel like it gave any detail. Unfortunately I had to relearn this whole process and I'm going to give full detail here so maybe someone can get some use of this. I have already bought my car so I don’t know how much I’ll come back here to answer follow on questions. I’m an amateur – and the day after new years – forgive the grammar.

    Step 1: Shopping for cars for about three weeks, I have learned to ignore looking at MSRP if the car is a Ford, Kia, or a Lexus. Look at the Edmunds or Carsdirect invoice price and go from there. We can reasonably assume that is what the dealer paid for the car I believe.

    Step 2: Find a car on the lot or ask the salesperson to find one for you. Get generally what you want and go. I’m sure your time is valuable if you’re looking at a 40K+ car. Lexus is in Japan. We are not going to have total say in every little option – just get within reason. If you get everything – good for you – but 100% matches are going to be rare.

    Step3: Get independent invoice price anyway you can. I started at the Lexus dealer on Dec 30th by bringing up the carsdirect site on her (Lexus salesperson) computer right there in the showroom on the car I was interested in. We entered the options off the sticker on the site and got the invoice for my car below.

    AWD version of the car, Heated front seats, Nav system, Towing package, Performance package, Cargo Mat, Wheel Locks

    Invoice for 39,754 on carsdirect. Sticker was 45,713. There was also some white sticker next to the main sticker that they tried to say raised the true sticker to $46,713. B.S. – always ignore those “sucker stickers”.

    Step 4: Start negotiating from Invoice with some key things in mind. I have not bought a car for a while and forgot how this works and ended up paying some extra. The dealer is going to try and find profit anywhere in this process. You will get a price but in the final signing room with the “finance person” they will try and then add some extra items. Just keep that in mind now and I’ll get back to this.

    She (Lexus salesperson) smiled at me and said “December to remember we can offer you this car for $44,000”. I told her “no” and said that I would offer them a profit of $500 over invoice to help them with their year end quota. I got a big speech about how they were Lexus and didn’t do invoice negotiations blah blah blah.

    Well, It was 6:00 at night and I was tired so I ended up after 3 trips to the managers office for $41974. That is $2220 over invoice. They seemed totally happy with it. I think you all can probably go a little lower than that. $2000+ is a good profit I feel. If you want to do better than that I recommend you tell them your price, GET UP AND LEAVE, and tell them to call you at the end of the month if they need a sure sale to push a car. The $41974 is what most of you are looking for. But if you want the out the door cost – read on.

    Step 5: Do final paperwork with out the door cost in mind. I was then taken to the “finance person”. She offered extras like extended warranties, security protection, front rock chip protection, etc. You can do better than I did here if you want. Again, I was tired and wanted to get going. For $1847 I got the Lexus extended warranty that got me 7 year / 100,000. This is not taxed which is good. But the $598 I spent on paint and leather protection/guarantees were. Tax was (Seattle@9.1%) $3573 Fees were about $200. Altogether I paid $48172. But you can get OTD for less than that if you want to stay totally strong with the “finance person” who is actually part follow on sales person.

    Step 6: Do finance if necessary. I had a $3300 trade in and gave $7500 down (did not have to however) and they gave me 4.5% finance rate that I will look to se if I can get a better rate. Payments are about $700 for 59 months on the $37407 I have left to pay.

    Summary: That is the brutal truths of my experience here in Seattle. I think I did ok, but If I had to do it today with the above knowledge, I think I could have done better. The end of this is that the car is great and it’s going to maintain resale. If I have more to add on my ownership – I will post it in that forum.
  • jeffmust2jeffmust2 Posts: 811

    You negotiated a discount of 8.2% off the MSRP ($3739); that's excellent for any part of the U.S.

    You bought a "mop & glow" package for $598; most experienced buyers think that's way overpriced for what is essentially an interior/exterior detail job.

    You bought a factory extended warranty that is really 3 yrs/50k miles beyond the standard 4-yr/50k warranty that came with the vehicle; the RX has proven since it came out in 1999 to be the most reliable midsize car-based SUV on the market according to Consumer Reports surveys.

    Also, you could buy that same factory warranty over the internet from any Lexus dealer in the country undoubtedly at a lower price. And I believe you could do so up until your RX's 3rd birthday assuming the mileage is not beyond 36k (check the website for details).

    IMO, in sum, you got a great deal on the purchase but gave some of it back in the F&I office. But it's a great vehicle and now it's yours - enjoy!
  • With reference to posting #624, mine of #637, and the very interesting new #641.

    I trusted #624 on his price, $37,600, because he seemed intelligent and had chosen the identical car we wanted. We did not allow dealers to negotiate up from this figure, except for sales tax and license, plus a state-imposed $5 tire fee. We did not pay the dealer $45 for "documentation."

    The problem with the strategy of #641 is that he had not determined the out-the-door price before going to the dealer. It is easy to forget that car dealers do this every day. Even if you are a psychiatrist, you cannot outwit an expert salesperson.

    We dealt almost entirely by email. If a dealer refused the price, as did Pleasanton, or carried on about the documentation fee, as did Oakland, we dealt with other people. Stevens Creek, Serramonte, Concord, and Magnussens all agreed on our terms. The only one of these who could provide the car in the color we wanted, Neptune Blue, equipped as we wanted, on December 31 was Magnussens Fremont.

    Once it was clear that there was no moving on the price, no extra options, no nonsense, Mike promised to get us in and out in 30 minutes. Of course, it was easier because we were paying in full by check, with no trade in. He kept his word. For personal reasons, my wife and I missed our original appointment by more than three hours, but Mike was efficient and positive.

    He answered questions as asked and tried to sell us nothing extra. By the way, he thinks that the hybrid version will not be actually for sale here for as much as 18 months.

    The dealership was extremely busy, perhaps due to the end of the year. As soon as we arrived, we began the work.

    If you really do not like the haggling, I recommend arranging a specific out-the-door price in advance. It makes the whole experience much more pleasant.

    Happy New Year. Will let you know how we like the RX330 in a few days.
  • cmm6cmm6 Posts: 3
    I am thinking of purchasing an Rx330 for my husband. I am also looking at the volvo xc90. My husband has never been obsessed with cars. He could really car less what he drives. My concern is safety for our 3 children and comfort. I currently have a Lexus 470. This is the fourth Lexus that I have owned so I am a big fan. My question to you men out there is, do you think the Rx is a ladies car like some have indicated?
  • 642 and 643 - right. I gave some of it back. And the strategy of having the out door price befroe you go to the dealer is a good one also. I just rushed it and would not not do it again. Hey give me some credit for bruising my ego a little here for the greater good!
  • jeffmust2jeffmust2 Posts: 811
    It takes a man to admit that...

    Overall, you still got a good deal and you'll have piece of mind on any repair costs if you keep it for 100k mi or 7 yrs.

    We have some wealthy friends that buy a new Lexus LS every couple of years. They always ask my opinion on what the new one should cost with certain equipment and, after giving them a target price, I always tell them, "Now watch out - the dealer will likely give you that target price on the new one - but too little on your trade. It's 3-yrs old - but only has 12k miles and ultra-clean so you should get at least $xx,xxx for it, ok? Your net difference to drive the new one out the door after the trade-in should be around $xx,xxx includes taxes, DMV, and some minor fees -if it's much more than that, give me a call from the dealership."

    And, every time, they end up paying a LOT more (without calling me of course)..."Well, the one with the "good" color had a lot more equipment"...or..."The only one with the right equipment came with the extended warranty (at 4k miles a year?!)"...or..."The owner himself said that this demo one with 5k miles was better than new because it had already been serviced (uh, the 5k Lexus service is n/c)."

    You get the idea; it's always something. For the 5-10% of educated buyers, the other 90-95% more than make up for it.
  • starrinstarrin Posts: 10
    Well if you look back at some of my previous posts -- I was angry at an experience I had in a dealership here in NJ.

    I took the advice here and shopped elsewhere. Once I got the the best price I could find in the tri-state area, I called the salesmanager of the troublesome dealership. I explained my best offer and he beat it by five hundred PLUS he had the exact car coming in next week.

    It is an AWD, Bamboo Pearl, NAV, -- Prem. Plus vehicle MSRP $44038, got them down to 42k (excluding tax and tags). Maybe not the best price, but this was the best I could do. I dealt with at least 10 other dealerships.

    My wife loves the car, especially the camera and adjustable heated seats.

    I was pleasantly surprised when they threw in the clear coat -- I would never buy this option anyway. Also threw some tire blow out warranty. They never asked me if I wanted an extended warranty, but I figure this will be coming in the mail.

    Overall, my experience was very good -- except the first time we showed up to this dealership. In looking at edumnds -- it looks like I got a below average price -- but what I liked most is that we did not wait but one week for the car.

    Just wanted to say thank you to all that helped me out in this endeavor.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    No names of individuals please. Thanks (it helps deter the occasional shill post).

    Steve, Host
  • I wish others who bought a new Lexus would post a detailed description like 3000PSI. This will greatly help others in their purchase.
    Thanks again.
  • kbsrnkbsrn Posts: 11
    First, I'd like to thank everyone for their postings. It gave me an idea of discounts. I bought my Savannah Metallic Rx330 on Dec. 30th at my local dealership in Augusta. I actually also had calls out to Greenville, Columbia, Savannah and 5 in Atlanta. I was looking for one with Nav/ML Audio with DVD optional which are pretty hard to find around here. Local had one with MSRP $45,298 and they said they'd take off $1800. I told them discounts were running at least $3000 from what I read and I'd have to think about it. They called me later at home and offered $3000 off. In the meantime, I'd found one with just the Nav. and standard audio and got a dealer in Atlanta to go from the MSRP $42,478 down to $38,862 (3616 diff). I was almost ready to accept that offer, but called my local dealer and told them that the one they had with the Nav/ML Audio and DVD had a higher markup and should have even more off or I'd go to Atlanta. They upped the discount to $3800. I told them make it an even $4000 and I'd come write a check. They agreed. I think they were anxious to make another sale before the New Year. Don't know if they would have come down any more or if Atlanta dealer would have beat them, but decided to get local and keep them happy since they'll be servicing and they give free loaners and car washes. I picked it up on the 31st and we went on a trip to the inlaws and put over 300 miles on her in 2 days. I have a couple questions, but will post them in the other discussion since this is long enough and will be more appropriate elsewhere. Happy New Year!
  • Well thanks #650.

    Just be honest people, it is anonymous. It doesn't help people if we just put "I got a great deal" we need numbers.
  • jeffmust2jeffmust2 Posts: 811
    Way to work the phones - dialing for them discount dollars! Great deal. Enjoy your RX.
  • Two weeks ago I purchased my RX330 from Lexus of Highland Park. Here are the details so it may help some of you out there:

    This was a purchase not lease with no trade-in.
    2004 AWD Flint Mica

    Options Included:
    PM Premium Package
    HH Heated Front Seats w/Rain sensing wipers
    PL Power Lift Gate
    WU Wood/Leather Steering Wheel Wood Shift Knob
    WL Wheel locks
    C1 Cargo Mat

    Total MSRP (incl. destination of $625.00): $40,798.00.

    Dealer cost: $36,373.00.
    Purchase Price: $37,500.00 (plus tax of $2,440.92, title of $143.00, doc fee of $52.57). No other charges.

    This is $3,298.00 off list and $1,127.00 over dealer cost according to my calculations which meant a dealer gross profit of 3.1%

    I financed through the dealer at 4.25% for 60 months with $10,000 down.

    Hope that helps.
  • They don't list their inventory and appear to be just a copy of the main Lexus site. Why?
  • I've brought this up before regarding $ off msrp people are getting off their new RX330's. Are all you getting these $3,000 to $4,000 with non trade deals. If so, I continue to be surprised as to how many people don't have cars to trade or are able to and have time to sell their cars they were driving prior to their RX330 purchase. I got $2500 off my RX330 in IL when I traded. I had to work to get a good price for my trade and still get $2500 of the RX330. Overall with some effort I got a good deal. I did have to purchase from a dealer about 100 miles away because my local Lexus dealer wanted to low ball me by several thousand on my trade. Also when you sell on your own and have no trade the additional sales tax can be significant as my trade was worth $32,000. This trade saved me at 6% ($1920)not having to pay additional sales tax. I am curious that no one seems to mentions trades when they discuss the deals they got on this message board. Maybe I sell and buy new cars more then most (every 2 to 3 years) and have high end cars that may be more difficult to sell on my own. My experience in selling newer cars on my own is that most people who are buying higher end cars have trades. I feel it takes more time, skill, and "holding your ground" to get a good deal with a trade. I'm afraid that we don't hear much from those RX330 owners who bought and traded because too many times dealers work the numbers so many feel they got a good deal but really did not. I feel it is worth taking additional time to research and get a good deal when buying a new car when you have a trade, especially when the trade is a nice, clean one.
    This procedure makes getting x amount off msrp deals seem easy.
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