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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 142,577
    Nope... no names...

    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • All,
    I've followed the forum for 2 months. Thanks for the great info. It's my turn to tell my buying experience. Got 2007 RX 350 AWD, prem +, 18", no Nav. for $38-K (including destination charge but not TT) on 10/31 in a local dealership. List price was $43K. It's end of month. If you want good deal, you might need to wait 4 more weeks.
    Driving is great.

    Can someone tell the comparison between Gx470 and Rx350? Gx is 10K more, but has the same hp.
    Good Luck. -- Z
  • jacks2jacks2 Posts: 45
    Can anyone recommend a Bay area (California) dealer where they have had a positive buying experience? Also does it make any difference on the selling price by initially obtaining a quote via internet or Costco? Interested in leasing a RX350.
  • jacks2jacks2 Posts: 45

    What dealership in the Bay area? Did you first obtain an internet quote or work with the fleet manager? If so how close was the final selling price to the original quote?
  • Got the almost same quotes from Putman and StevensCreak Lexus. There were room to negotiate, especially at the end of month. Both internet fleet managers were nice, just depend on what deal you will get. For my case, I got better offer from Putman.
  • Have you purchased your car yet? I'm looking also in the Houston area for a car similar to what you described. If you've purchased the car, where did you end up?
  • What's the recent price for RX350 AWD without Nav? The best quote I've got is 39.5k. Thanks!
  • I'm from Houston and finally gave up on Northside and went to Sewell in Dallas. It saved me over $2500. I just picked up my wife's RX350 last week with FWD, PT, NV, HH, FT, TO, front window tint and pinstripe for $40,598. Drive out was $43,417. My wife loves the car! Good luck.
  • :confuse: Hi Everyone,Looking to purchase a rx350 and the best price so far is from a dealer 35 miles away. We do have a lexus only 6 miles from our residence.So my ? is will the closer dealer honor the vehicle's warranty.Some dealership's want you to return to where you purchased,but is lexus classier?
  • Just wanted to share my experience. I think this board saved me a lot of money. I found a 04 RX330 FWD w/nav,RES,Levinson sound system and all the other option. I got it for $31,000 and the GM threw in certification for 3yrs/100,000 miles and the latest update for the nav. Oh yea it also has the chrome wheels which was an additional $2500 originally. Best part is my wife really loves it and gave me what I needed for my trade. It was a great experience. The car had 33,000 miles. Thanks to all of you for your posts.
  • Does anyone have experience buying a car in a different state than the one you live in? I don't want to pay for a title in a state other than the one I live in, and then have to re-title it. Ditto for the license plate. How does a dealer sell you a car if you don't have a local address or want it titled in their state?

    I figure I probably need to buy my car somewhere other than North Carolina, where I live in order to get a good deal.

  • Paid $37,700 (including delivery, not including tax or tags) for the MSRP $43,056 car in PA. They have too many of them and can't get rid of them. 18" wheels, premium plus, tow prep, heated seats with RS (no nav). People in the market aren't buying this SUV. I was told the 2008 model will again be out in spring (don't know if this is true or not). Invoice according to is $38,544. There are incentives to the dealer, although dealer denies it. Couldn't get the exact amount, may be based on year-end or month-end sales. At this price dealers are definitely still making money on this deal.

    Be careful with sticker, there is a $44,348 car out there that is the duplicate of the $43,056 car except with an added tow hitch. This is because Lexus dropped the price mid-year, but the older stock still exists. Unscrupulous dealers will not tell you this and will pretend that this car has more in it than the $43,056 car, it doesn't.

    $37k month-end (definitely year-end) will probably take the $43,056 car. This is excluding tax and title but with delivery. We paid $100 for title, using existing plate. Dealers are pretty desperate to get rid of the stock on this vehicle. Very low demand on the RX right now, not an "in" vehicle for some reason. Would have waited until end-of-year but wifey's car is off lease and needed to get her something to get her to stop shrieking about it.

    Not my style on the car, but the wife likes it. Definitely a chick car.

    Good luck.
  • The lowest quote I got was $37,200 for the $43,056 variety (RX350 AWD, Premium Plus package, etc.) Going to wait until the end of the month to see if I can get another $200 off. Might wait until the end of the year.

    Have heard that the dealer incentive on the 2006 LS is $2500. Not sure what the dealer incentive on the 2007 RX is. Suspect it is something similar. Dealer admitted they are moving "very slowly".

    New Jersey. Go Giants!
  • Slower sales should be expected as this is a
    model car that's approaching its third year
    in this particular model, plus the competition
    is heating up. Remember, I believe that the
    RX300 was the benchmark that has begun the
    crossover SUV interest due to gas prices and
    various other advantages over a traditional
    SUV. Just like Motortrend says, "may not be
    the benchmark that it once was", the RX sure
    has one nice cabin to sit in though!
  • Hi sxylxy,

    Where did you find your rx350 pretty fully loaded for $43,050? - State, City, Dealership would be appreciated. I am close to buying and that beats any price I have seen for same vehicle.

    Thanks, and enjoy your new SUV...I have a '04 rx330 (after spending 10 years in a wonderful es300) and love it. Just have a need for another.

  • Can you reply with the dealership and city in PA that you bought from. We're close to buying the same model and the best offer from the local dealer is $39k. Thanks!
  • I live in NM. We have 2 Lexus dealerships in the entire competition at all. I am thinking of buying online. Has anyone had any dealings with
  • I live in NY and got mine from CA most recently at price $1200 below (kelly blue book)invoice from Mission Viejo. At the very begining I was a little worry about buying one out of state without even inspecting the car by myself.

    The sales person that I worked with is outstanding. I fully trusted him and asked him for car inspection etc etc.

    The transportation is good and costs only $700.

    You can get one made in Japan in CA.

    Let me know if you want the more information.

  • What are deals people are getting for Rx350 FWD,
    premium or nav in texas?

    premium msrp: 40841
    Nav msrp : 44146

    Both normally come with HH+FT+C1+WL added.

  • rho72rho72 Posts: 5
    Just placed a deposit in TN on a RX350 FWD SUV level 3 package with navigation/premium plus/18 in wheels/rain sensing wipers with heated seats/towing prep/wheel locks/cargo mat (MSRP $44,306; invoice $39,045). Negotiated price was just under invoice at $39,000. Will be picking up the car this weekend.

    The board was very helpful. I'm not sure why but the pricing in the south and southeast is not as aggressive as the rest of the country, especially southern CA. But, I was able to get under invoice with some diligence and patience. Contacted dealers in TN, AL, GA, NC and KY. Closed deal at the end of the month; got the car in TN, about 2.5 hr from where we live. The best prices in the southeast I had seen prior to this were about $1000 over invoice.

    Thanks to everyone for posting about their experiences. It really helps.
  • charles12,

    What's your car's config and what wasn't included in the invoice-$1200 price (mats, delivery, etc.)? What was your OTD price?

    Also, how did you get your RX transported to NY (can you provide any pointers, please)? I talked to a sales person at Mission Viejo a week ago, and he wasn't sure if they help with transportation (I live in the Seattle area).

    You could reply in private (my email is specified in my profile). Thank you!
  • Here is the price that he gave to me.

    AWD $37000
    FWD $35600 (destination included).

    Invoice e.g for FWD kelly blue book = $36692; edmunds = $36963.

    The only other fee is $45 document and around $25 other CA fee.

    Premium plus pakcage (HID/AFS)
    18" wheels with all-seanson tire/heated front seats/rain-sensor/headlamp washers/cargo mat/wheel locks.

    You should check the transportation cost before buying it out of state (I guess you can get made in Japan ones from Seattle but not here in east coast - one of the reasons that I want to buy it in CA. It happened to be a very good experience dealing with the sales person Mr. R - first letter of his first name - sorry I can not give the name to you here. Please send me email if you need his name or if you can figure it our from the R I give to you mention that charles give the infor. to you).

    Go to dependable auto shipper web site and figure how much it will cost you for transportation (the cheapest price that I could get). Use Pick up in CA and terminal in Seattle and your own car insruance.

    Send me e-mail if you need more information

    Good luck.
  • :shades: I am ready to buy an '07 in the Tampa area and looking for Nav, Premium plus. MSRP is $44,300 where in CA did you get the deal? I have plenty of flier miles and wouldn't mind saving $$$ and driving back.
    Thanks jb
  • Due diligence looking at best pricing in the country. I do business in the DC area and would buy a car there and drive home to Florida. Can you provide the dealer contact information please.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 142,577
    We don't allow the exchange of individual salesperson contact information via the forums... This includes offers or requests by e-mail...

    So... name the dealer, city and state... and, let the rest of this slide...


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • rho72rho72 Posts: 5
    Lexus of Knoxville. You can email me for more information. I would be surprised if you get anywhere close to what I got for my RX350 in Atlanta. I contacted all Atlanta dealers; the best any of them would do is $3800 off MSRP (~$1000 over invoice). IMHO, the Atlanta dealers are arrogant; they didn't think I could get a better deal in TN. Obviously, they were completely wrong.
  • jjj7jjj7 Posts: 6
    What's the OTD price you paid?
    How do you handle the document and license?
    Can send me through email.

  • For FWD it is $35560 + $45 doc + $20 or so other fee = $35620 (OTD from CA). You have to pay tax in your state when you register the car.

    Mr. R will handle all these for you.

    More infor.? send me an email.
  • Hi all,

    Here is the quote that I have from a dealer in NJ.
    The MSRP: $45706

    FT-18" All Season Tires

    HH-Heated Seats with Rain Sensing Wipers

    NV-Navigation with Back up camera and Bluetooth Technology

    PT- Premium Plus Package

    TO- Tow Option, no hitch

    C1-Cargo Mat

    WL-Wheel Locks

    But that sale man told me that he will give me this one for $41,900 ( before tax, doc,etc...)
    I don't know if this is a good price or not.

    I'd prefer for a VN package but they said this package is not available in North east area. Is that true?

    Please help.

    Thank you.
  • jjj7jjj7 Posts: 6
    Your email is private, I can not see it.
    I was told by another dealer in CA that they only accept cash for out of state purchase. How's your case. I contacted the dealer you mentioned and haven't get a response yet.
    Yuo can email me (I put my email open)

    Thanks a lot.
  • Talked to dealer today in PA who said the RX only comes fully loaded w/ nav or fully loaded w/o. With nav msrp 45,700 and he offered 2800 off msrp. Being that others on this site are getting 5000 off msrp i didn't accept the offer. Can anyone direct me to a dealership in PA or neighboring states? Thanks.
  • I do not know how to email you - where is your email address?

    Either finacing or cash is OK for them. I put $5000 in credit card to earn $250 from lexus credit card.

    Go to and click "about us".

    You will see Mr. R name (first letter first name). He will help you for everything. Mention Charles, he should give the price that he gave to me. Post your experience if any.

  • chasvchasv Posts: 13
    You can do better. I have no idea about the VN package.
  • chasvchasv Posts: 13
    Somebody just posted a few days ago about a deal at or below invoice from Ray Catena Lexus. They're in NJ.
  • Thanks Chasv. must have missed that one i will give them a try
  • What dealers have you checked with and the prices they quoted?
  • What is the best price that you have found? I am also looking in PA and NJ.
  • dap53dap53 Posts: 1
    I was hoping I could ask you for some advice. When you mentioned your OTD price, were you including taxes and the other misc. charges or just the price of the vehicle? Any clarification would be appreciated.

  • Charles, I would like full details about purchasing from Mission Viejo Lexus. Please let me know how yours was configured and how much over/under invoice you paid. Also, were you charged an advertizing fee, doc fee, etc.?

    Regarding email, carspace members can email each other by using the email link on the top right of each post. For the email addresses use the format: 'member', substituting one's actual carspace name (in your case, charles12, and in mine pvsurfer) for 'member'.
  • FWD/premium plus/18" tire/heated seats/rain sensor/wheal lock/cargo floor mat/

    $35600 + $45 DOC + $25 other ca fee - all paid to the dealer.

    Tax paid in home state when registering the car.

  • jjj7jjj7 Posts: 6
    I am closing to finish a deal exactly the same as yours. I went to my credit union to get finance and there is a problem with the lien holder issue. The tile will be done by myself after I receive the vechicle (weeks later), the credit union won't finace it if the title is not done by the dealer. How do you solve the case? let the dealer do the title (out of state) or show some other document to let your bank give the loan?

  • I just bought an RX350 2007 AWD/premium plus/18" Aluminum Alloy Wheels/Towing Prep Package/Cargo Mat/Wheel Locks for OTD $40,902.09 (8.25% tax). The color is Bamboo Pearl. The price before TT should be about $37,450. OK deal?
  • Hello, Charles how was your experience at Mission V, CA
    I am looking for AWD, with navigation and premium plus pakage with a MRSP 05 45706
  • The deals looks good and can u pl provide the dealer name and location?

    Thanks. :)
  • I'm going to be purchasing after Christmas and would like to know if anyone has purchased in Houston. I may go to Dallas as last resort and that California price is looking pretty good but I'd like to stay in Houston. What has been anyone's experience with the Houston dealers?
  • It was a great experience with ONE of the sales persons.

    You might be able to get one at about $39200 for the conf. you want.

  • I did not do finacing. I paid $5000 with credit card and the rest of them by check (You might be able to find some bank giving 3.99% life time "loan" such as Chase Bank and ask them to transfer the money to your bank account. You can pay by cash and pay your loan at a lower rate for years to come if you like).

    The dealer sent me a CA owners certificate of the car. I used that to register the car and have the tilte in my home state.

    Hope this helps

  • The best price I have found for your package is $41,724.

    All of the prices on this site that are invoice or lower are from the west coast.

    I have not located anyone willing to sell at invoice or lower on the east coast. Even Fleetrate will not sell on the east coast at invoice or even cloase to invoice.

    Buyers on the east coast are at a disadvantge. :mad:
  • chasvchasv Posts: 13
    That's not true. There are places that will give it to you for invoice in the tri state area and have been reported here. Ray Catena in NJ is one and if you try the NYC are you will get the car for invoice but not much below. I know this for a fact.

    Is there any chance you come off as too eager to buy this car?
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