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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Vietmy:

         Here in California, I pay 7.75 sales tax. Here is the breakdown on my car - Premium Plus Package and Navigation - that I purchased three weeks ago.

    $37, 721 sell price

    $2,927 sales tax

    $307 license fee

    $45 documentaion fee

    Total out-the-door price of $41,000.
  • Curious, what is your total cash outlay for up front fees, sales tax (incl in payment I imagine), and payments for 36 months?


    Are you getting 15K mi/year or 12K?


  • Hey ShawShank that was a fantastic deal...congrats...what dealership? I have been trying off and on for three weeks, and although I want Nav, I can't come close to your deal. It wasn't Lexus of Norwood/Walpole was it??
  • Hi,


    It seems like you got a great deal.


    Which dealership did you get this from?


    Thanks for your help.
  • mflcprmflcpr Posts: 1
    Could you please provide the name of Lexus dealership?
  • Sorry, folks, I've been offline for a few days.


    Yes, Pirateman, it is Lexus of Norwood. Tweak to my #s, MSRP was $42,500 and neg price was $38,800. Also, I too asked about NAV, but for some reason, you pay 100% for this option, instead of the cap portion (40%), so it was an extra $50 a month.


    They are very solicitous, and make me feel very comfortable regarding service, etc. so I recommend them, just go prepared.


    Here's the lease calculator I used.

    The 330 typically has a 58% residual, and you just need to know the interest rate. You'll have a good payment # once completed. I know interest rates are up a tick or so v/ year end, but would assume with some haggling, the payment should compare to mine. Make sure you watch the fees at the end.


    Good luck!
  • Negotiated Price : 36800 ($150 Below Invoice - MSRP - 41400)

    Tax: 2837

    Doc Fee + Place etc: 160


    Total Price Paid = 39600 /=


    I guess I got a good Deal.
  • danldanl Posts: 6
    Does anyone know what the dealer holdback is for an

    RX with a sticker of 41,453. This would be helpful.
  • jco2jco2 Posts: 2
    According to the Edmunds data, holdbacks for Lexus represent 2% of the "base" MSRP. That is, the MSRP of the vehicle excluding the cost of any optional items. For a 2005 RX330 AWD that would be 2% of $37,175 or $744.


    I'm also looking for info on recent deals (in the Central New Jersey area) to determine what the dealers are willing to offer.


  • Hi Everyone,

    I will appreciate if someone can point me to the dealer in California that is currently providing excellent price.


    Last month Lexus of Mission Viejo was selling below invoice but I was not able to take advantage of the deal. This month, when I am ready to purchase, the price has gone well above invoice:-C


    I am interested in 2Wheel Drive RX330 with Navigation. I live in San Jose, CA but am willing to get the car shipped from distant dealers.


    Thanks again.

  • briegelbriegel Posts: 139
    Try the Internet Sales group at Lexus of Riverside!
  • chicagocar,

    Great deal! Could you tell us where you got this deal, and who you worked with?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    Don't ask for salespeople's names - please see the red text below!



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  • I bought the car for Arlington Lexus – based out of Arlington Heights, IL. I got the delivery on Dec 31st that may be the reason I got below invoice.
  • I have an 04 rx330, thinking of trading it for another with a Navigation system, Mark Levinson audio and Laser cruise control. Are they worth the extra money? Would like to from those that have these options and your experience with them.
  • Chicagocar,

    Thanks for the info. You are probably right about the deal timing (unfortunately for me!).
  • Hi Chicagocar,


    Could you pls let me know the option(s) you have? also is it AWD or FWD?


    I really appreciate your information...
  • jco2jco2 Posts: 2
    I'm expecting delivery, by the end of the month, of an 2005 RX330 AWD in black onyx with ivory interiors. Includes the Navigation system with the premium plus package (HID headlamps, heated seats, 18" wheels, accessory package, wooden steering wheel, etc..).


    MSRP= $44833 (including Destination Charge)

    Negotiated Price=$41280 ($3550 off MSRP)

    36 mo. lease term, 15K miles/yr

    Money factor=0.00145 (3.5% interest)


    Monthly payments = $570


    Residual is 58% for a car with no Navigation system vs. 54% with it. I thought that was counter intuitive, but seems like in 3 years the Nav system will be somewhat outdated and people won't be willing to pay the extra amount for this option, so banks discount it).


    The salesperson indicated that residual percentages are expected to be adjusted (decreased by 2%) next month (probably a BS scare tactic). The dealer (a large volume Lexus retailer with 100-200 cars on the lot) had very few RX's with Navigation systems in stock. I'm waiting for mine to be built and delivered in the next 3 weeks or so.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    The salesperson indicated that residual percentages are expected to be adjusted (decreased by 2%) next month (probably a BS scare tactic).


    Not necessarily - the closer it gets to the 2006 model year release date, the older the 2005 is going to seem, and will be worth somewhat less in 3 years.


    It sounds like you got a good deal anyway, so I hope you enjoy your Lexus! Once you get your vehicle, share your ownership experiences with others in our regular Lexus RX330 discussion.



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  • Hi folks. I needed help in understanding whether the following is a good deal:


    04 RX - AWD, PP, Heated seats, 19K miles (certified) from a lexus dealer at $34K


    Thanks for the information
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Could you break down the $34k? Is that including taxes, title, paperwork, etc.?
  • What were your fees? I feel like I was hosed on mine, just want to confirm.
  • 2005 RX330 AWD, Premium Plus,18" wheels,heated front seats with rain sensing wipers,6 disc CD,cargo mat & wheel locks-MSRP $42,483.

    PAID $38,150 on 1/19/05. Some Pacific NW dealers will negotiate via email & phone.
  • Sylvia,


    34K does not include tax, title and other fee. I thought it is still a good deal.
  • tamu91tamu91 Posts: 14
    Who has the best deal going these days in the greater Houston area? I'd be willing to travel even to Dallas if I can save thousands.

  • windy6windy6 Posts: 57
    I got 3500 off msrp just by asking in Austin, and it's closer than Dallas and not as boring a drive.
  • tamu91tamu91 Posts: 14
    windy6, can you post the details of your deal (year/model, MSRP, color, options, price paid, etc.)? Thanks and I presume you deal was with Lexus of Austin.
  • tomw8tomw8 Posts: 6
    Got mine on 1/20/05 in Orange County, Calif. Same Premium Plus package, same MSRP of $42,483, paid $37,433 through carsdirect - $5,000 below MSRP. Very good experience dealing through carsdirect and the dealer who had the car. Was pleased to see that it comes with the Michelins instead of the Goodyear tires (saw the posts on other boards about tire wear). Will have it delivered next week.
  • briegelbriegel Posts: 139
    Can you tell me what dealer you got this from? Are you having it shipped to the PNW, and if so did that price include shipping? Thanks!
  • tomw8tomw8 Posts: 6
    Sorry if I confused you. I meant my car is identical to the one purchased by the guy in Pacific NW. I live in Calif, and the dealer is delivering the car to me (about 40 miles away) since I don't have time to pick it up - delivery is free, don't know if they charge extra for long distance. Dealer was Longo Lexus of El Monte.


    Good luck.
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