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Hummer H3



  • h1vch1vc Posts: 295
  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    I didn't know you were on line right now too. Did you see that I edited my last post and added questions about the sketch? Just making sure...
  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    Yes, that's the one. I was just generalizing, because the site for the H3 is

    I'd rather not post my email address here, but if you go to my website and go to "Contact," there's a link to my email there.

    Thanks! I hope you find it... By the way, is that magazine on the racks still?
  • h1vch1vc Posts: 295
    I think so, saw it last saturday in a mall bookstore. Haven't been to a store since.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Why in the world would people want to buy it knowing full well that the only off-roading that they'll do is at the soccer field and also knowing that you'll be spending waaay toooo much on gasoline? The only benifit over a $23,000 TrailBlazer LS is the Hummer styling. Who'd pay $10K for that?! I know I wouldn't. I consider the Chevrolet Tahoe a bargain next to the Hummer H2.
  • The main reason I would buy an H3 over a Trailblazer is because of it's off-road ability. I'm one of the 10 to 20% who actually takes their truck on rugged terrain to see the sites of Arizona. But I also need a comfortable daily driver. And, most of my commute is on the highway, so my '98 Jimmy 4x4 gets about 22 MPG, which is better than most, making it slightly more economical than a majority of 4-Wheel-Drive SUVs.

    The Trailblazer's ground clearance SUCKS, so, as much as I liked it when it first came out, I've ruled it out. It's too expensive to lift the thing with the front drive shaft running through the oil pan. Also, your dollar figure is way off. Any Trailblazer that would be equipped the way the H3 will, would be an LTZ 4x4, with a sticker of about $33,000. So that argument doesn't make sense. It really comes down to style and utility.

    As far as fuel economy, the H3 is built on the GMT 355 platform, shared with the Canyon/Colorado, and will probably house either the new in-line 5 or 6 under the hood. So, depending on the weight, the mileage should be close to what the Trailblazer/Envoy/Bravada/Rainier get. It may also have the new cylinder shut-down system, aiding in better fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

    To each their own...
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,173
    didn't the Gov. just pass a law stating that ALL SUV's have to now make a certain MPG for City/HWY?

  • Truckin' Magazine has a new spy shot of the H3. It's the same cloaked version of what we've seen, but this picture is great. You can really see a lot more detail, even if it is covered in black. I LOVE the ride height!
  • Off-Road Magazine has the same pic that the new Truckin' has, plus 2 new ones. One is a close-up of the rear, and the other is a PhotoShopped version of what Brenda Priddy & Co. think it may look like. I think their prototype is a bit off, especially with the front bumper, and Trailblazer headlights and side mirrors.

    I'll scan the pics in as soon as I can, and post them.
  • mkarpmkarp Posts: 22
    What is the time frame for the H3 to go on sale? I love the looks of the H2 but too $$.
    Off topic for a second, any news on a diesel in either the H2 or H3?
  • kram18kram18 Posts: 45
    I read something about the H2's current engine compartment being too small to fit the duramax diesel in, but that when they redesign the H2, (2005?) they will enlarge it to make room for it...
  • The schedule I've heard is that the concept will be shown at the auto shows this Winter, and the production version will arrive at dealerships next Fall.

    There's also a rumor that it may debut at the SEMA Show next month, but I doubt it. The same rumor stated that there might be something else "big" coming from Hummer. One can only surmise that they might either have a pre-release of the H2 SUT, or introduce a re-designed H1, from what the GM spokes person alluded to.

    There's a sketch of a re-designed red H1 that Mark Stehrenberger drew, that appeared in Motor Trend & Truck Trend, which is also on the website as a design possibility for the H3. Here's that link:

    There's no way that's a sketch of the H3, because it looks like an H1 with H2 cues. Motor Trend never said it was an H3 design, and Stehrenberger had a couple of sketches of the H3 in Truck Trend a few months ago, that follow the shape of the vehicle in the spy shots we've seen.

    So, it's possible there might be a re-design of the H1, but I doubt whether Hummer will have 3 new products coming out so close together. They may have a concept of the H1, though, that they'll introduce. Who knows...
  • This may be a bit rough around the edges, but here's my work in progress of what I hope is close to what the H3 will look like:

  • Where'd you get those pics?! Please keep us posted!!!
  • theo2709theo2709 Posts: 476
    Pics of the pickup-ified H3 concept for NAIAS are in this month's Car and Driver. I would post a scanned pic, but those danged copyright laws ruin everyone's fun. The hood slopes down just like the H2.

    Preliminary reports claim the production H3 will have a turbo Colorado I5 (think Bel-Air).
  • You're going to make us wait until we can get to a magazine rack? We all post scanned magazine pics all of the time, and no one has been sued or even given a stern warning. The only time I've seen someone get "strong-armed," was when spy shots of the 2003 4Runner were posted on the internet before it had been introduced, and Toyota asked the originator to take them down.

    Thanks for passing along the info, and I hope you reconsider!
  • - 95e3d351faa0/fa6ef252.jpg

    See, was that so hard?

    2005?! I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG!!! I hope that info is incorrect, and previous reports of a fall of 2004 release are actually right.

    This looks AWESOME! If the SUV version looks this great, it WILL be my next truck. Why do we have to be tortured so...
  • theo2709theo2709 Posts: 476
    Be warned tbcreative. Harry was almost busted for *summarizing* a Car and Driver article.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    *summarizing* a Car and Driver article.

    Summarizing and extensive quoting or quoting of material in its entirety are NOT the same! Copyright laws permit the quoting of SHORT excerpts of copyrighted material in the "Fair Use" provisions.

    Now, carry on!

    tidester, host
  • It's not even worth Car & Driver's time, especially if I didn't scan the image, let alone post it, and I'm certainly not profiting from it. So, it's basically passing along information that's available in a somewhat unrestricted internet.
  • Unveiling pics!!!




    MAN, DOES THIS LOOK COOL!!! I Can't wait for the SUV version in Detroit! I think this looks cooler than the H2. I'll be first in line to buy the SUV version!
  • h1vch1vc Posts: 295
    For bigger pics go to the following site. There are more pics than just that one, 9-26, just change the 26 after H3T-
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Cool! Can't wait to see the SUV version. A yellow or sunset orange with a brushed aluminum trims must be a hot seller. What's that red thing on the tire?
  • I was hoping for an introduction of the production H3 in Detroit, but no such luck. I'm hoping for Chicago or New York, but I'm not holding my breathe. So, here's my version of what I hope the H3 looks like. I know it'll loose things like the built-in winch and tow hooks, and the silver rockers, but I can dream, Right? Hope you like it...

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059 use regular html tags so you need to surround the address with brackets like this: <img src="address here in quotes">

    tidester, host
  • I mean lose, not loose, of course...
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