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    I suspect there are more then a few Hummer owners who are more then 30 minutes from their dealer..and some an hour of more away from their dealers. So this is a good question. Are there any GM dealers who service the H3..other then a Hummer dealer.. .
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    does anyone know if there is a dealership in the chicago il. area i can deal with to get an H3 ? maybe a salespersons name. thanks.
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    We just got an H2. Our dealer is about 80 minutes away. They told be to get regular oil/filter/lube and inspections at a local GM dealer (5 minutes away) and warranty/recall stuff back there. They reminded me that they have loaner vehicles and are 5 minutes from a mall with shuttle service.
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    Does anyone know which dealers in the dallas / fort worth area will accept the GMID certificate?
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    I live in NJ and I couldn't find any dealerships that would accept the GMID certificate; in fact, my local dealership (less than 5 minutes from my house) actually had the ba**s to add a $2500 "adjusted market value" fee to several of the H3s on their lot. Needless to say, I didn't buy from them. I bought from Hummer of Columbus in OH and they were an absolute pleasure to deal with. I really cannot say enough good things about them. They even drove the car out to me for free!!! If you're anywhere near them (less than 1000 miles or so), I highly recommend buying from them. Just to give you an idea of how big the price difference is, my local dealership quoted me a price of $699/month on a 36 month lease (no money down, just the bare minimum fees that are paid upon signing). I didn't even bother to run the numbers through my lease calculator because I knew they were trying to rip me off. I am now paying $534/month for 36 months on a vehicle with the same equipment. Do the math - I'm saving a bundle over the life of the lease.

    Bottom line - be patient and do not pay sticker price for this vehicle. The amount of money you'll save by buying from a dealership that honors GMID is staggering. You'll save so much money that you could even get a one-way plane ticket to wherever you're buying from and drive the car back yourself. I could have done the same but how could I pass up free delivery of my vehicle? Plus the mileage didn't count against my lease allowance anyway.

    I was getting impatient and almost paid full price, but I'm so glad I waited. I got the exact color combination I wanted (black on ebony/morocco leather) and I'm totally thrilled with my purchase. Not that this even matters, but you wouldn't believe the number of compliments I've gotten on this car in the 1+ weeks I've had it. I think I've already gotten more compliments on this car than any other car I've ever owned. It's not perfect, but what car is?
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    psywzrd, I'm in NJ too and I almost got an H3. I couldn't get past the bad gas mileage and how underpowered the engine was, so I passed. Also the lease rates were ridiculous. But anyway, getting back to my point, Royal Hummer in NJ wouldn't accept the GMID but James Hummer did. I worked with a nice woman there named Beth for a while and I felt bad I couldn't buy a car from her. Anyway, just letting any other fellow NJ buyers that a few weeks ago James was accepting them.
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    I wish I knew that James Hummer accepted GMID - I would have bought from them. I actually contacted them about 2 cars they had in stock that I was interested in and they never got back to me. I guess I should have contacted them again, but Hummer of Columbus was so nice and accommodating that I really wanted to buy from them. I agree about the lease rates being ridiculous though - 7.75% interest is very steep but the high residual (64%) kind of offset that for me.

    Anyway, about the car itself - I'm actually pleasantly surprised with the gas mileage and the engine power. I used to have a Yukon Denali and the mileage on the H3 is definitely better, although the Denali did have more power. After the Denali I got an FX35 so I expected to be disappointed with the power of the H3, but it's more than adequate for me. It's obviously nowhere near as nimble as my FX, but it has a much smoother ride and I'm sure it's going to be a beast in the snow. Also, the gas mileage is pretty close to my FX (16/19 vs. 16/22). Most of my driving is city driving anyway, so that's basically a wash. The other good thing is that I don't have to use premium gas with the H3 - I use 87 whereas with the FX I had to use 93. That will save me a few bucks at the pump over the next 3 years.

    To each his (or her) own I guess. I'm very satisfied with my purchase so far - I just hope the H3 doesn't suffer from 1st-year problems like so many other cars do.
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    Is the GMID Certificate for a specific GM vehicle or any GM vehicle?? :confuse:
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    GMtv - H3 Announcement - Click on the Hummer channel on the upper left..

  • psywzrdpsywzrd Member Posts: 35
    horns: GMID is good for any GM vehicle.
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    I contacted dealerships in Dallas/FW area regarding a discount on the H3. Of those that responded, the only one that offered any type of discount was the one in Fort Worth. We did not discuss GMID because I was unaware of it. The other dealers said no discount. So, I would start with the FW dealership and ask for the Hummer sales manager.
  • horns1976horns1976 Member Posts: 56
    Jun, Frank Kent Hummer in Fort Worth offered $500 off sticker since I am an "out of area" customer. That's not much. I contacted them via email. I suggest you do the same and mention that you are "out of area" if that is the case.

    The San Antonio dealer also told me no discount. A Dallas dealer also told me no discount.

    Have you checked with Hewlett Hummer in Georgetown, TX (wherever that is). Sometimes an out-of-the-way dealer is more motivated to deal.

    Don't know who will take GMID certificate.

    I am not affiliated with any of these dealers and I know we are not allowed to post salesman's name, etc.
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    I emailed the internet sales managers for all the DFW dealers and the Georgetown dealer. Sewell Hummer Plano and Classic Hummer are the only ones that responded that they took the GMID on the H3.

    Anyone have any updated information on the turbo availability?
  • ildoildo Member Posts: 13

    Thank you very much.
    I am contacting them.
    hope I can get a better deal.

    also, is it possible that you post what kind of price you are getting from them?

  • horns1976horns1976 Member Posts: 56
    Jun, based on what I have read here and elsewhere, not sure I will pursue H3. Will have to think about it some more.

    If you have not already done so, get the GMID certificate. There are posts in this forum about it. If you can find a Hummer dealer that will accept the certificate on an H3, then there's no haggling over price. Keep checking until you find a dealer that will accept the certificate. That's the way to go. :)

    Not to get off the topic but are you considering other vehicles as well?? Do you have a trade-in?? Based on what I have seen online, trade-in values for GM vehicles have come down in the last 3 weeks. :(
  • ildoildo Member Posts: 13
    To own a HUMMER is my dream. :)
    and now H3 seems affordable.
    so, if I don't buy H3, H2, then I don't think I will buy other vehicles. I do need a SUV though.

    also I have a car to trade in, a 1999, Ford Escort ZX2, that dealer said they can take it as 1.5k, but I think I can sell it locally for more, maybe about 3k, at least 2-2.5k
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    :surprise: I must be dumb, what is a GMID is it a general motors employe discount if not how do you obtain one looking at the H3 concerned about the 5 cyl low power. any input from off road drivers thanks
  • boikoboiko Member Posts: 82
    Can you get the larger wheels and tires without getting the Adventure/Off-Road Package..?

    ...and if you know...... is there any downside to getting the larger wheel/tire combination -ie. does gas mileage or ride (on road) quality suffer..?

  • aaigohornsaaigohorns Member Posts: 6
    They tell me you can get the larger tires without the adventure package, but the dealer charge is as much as the Adventure Package itself - about $1,000, which is outrageous because the tires are only an inch larger.

    The dealer told me that they've been doing them on more than a few H3's because you get a more aggressive look and a not as stiff suspension.
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    Can I combine my GM card earnings with the GMID price? Am I eligible for special financing with the GMID price? Thanks.
  • horns1976horns1976 Member Posts: 56
    As far as I know, you can always use GM Card earnings with incentives but I can't say for sure since I don't work for GM.

    Up until 6/30/05, there was an extra $1,000 GM Card bonus on certain vehicles. H3 was not included. Had I wanted to buy an eligible vehicle, I would have gotten the employee price plus my GM Card earnings plus $1,000 off of all that. So, that would have been $1,000 below actual dealer cost less my actual GM Card earnings. I verified with the dealer that that was the case. That's some discount!!! No wonder GM is in trouble, unfortunately.

    To answer another post, GMID is discussed in earlier posts in this forum. All you have to do is send an email to the ID listed and you will get the GMID certificate good for special pricing. However, from what I have read here, not all dealers are honoring the certificate on the H3. :(
  • horns1976horns1976 Member Posts: 56
    Jun, did you see post #354?? Sewell Hummer in Plano, TX and Classic Hummer in Grapevine, TX are accepting the GMID cert. on the H3. There you go!!! Get the certificate, find the one you want and you can get it without any haggling over price. Heck of a deal!!! :)
  • horns1976horns1976 Member Posts: 56
    Jun...this is off the subject and you probably already know this but the H2 gets about 9 mpg. My brother bought one when they first came out and he traded it shortly thereafter due to the terrible gas mileage. They definitely need to put a diesel in the H2!!

    Obviously, the H3 is powered by the 5-cyl. so that it will get decent gas mileage.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    I don't know much about the certificate program - only GM employees can pass them out to friends and family, right?

    How much info do we need to provide to the employee to be able to get a certficate in the mail?

    Steve, Host
  • psywzrdpsywzrd Member Posts: 35

    All you need to do is provide the last 4 #'s of your social, your date of birth and your email address. That will register the certificate to you for 6 months (it also will help you get another certificate in the event that you lose the original email).

    Also, I believe you are correct in that GM employees pass them out to family and friends. There is a surplus of certificates right now because the current Employee Pricing program gets you a better price than GMID - therefore, the employees have no need to give out certificates right now; however, we all know the H3 doesn't qualify for the Employee Pricing program since it's an '06 model.

    GMID was a huge score for me and it saved me a ton of aggravation (and money) since I didn't have to haggle over price.
  • ildoildo Member Posts: 13
    you are so sweet!
    thank you so much.
    9mgp for H2 is a big problem :(
    that's why H3 is so hot now.
    I am sending emails out to those dealers, see what kind of deals I can get.
    that one in San Antonio is too pricy. 38K...

    btw: which is better? leasing or purchasing?

  • horns1976horns1976 Member Posts: 56
    Jun, you are absolutely wasting your time!!! All you need to do is get the GMID certificate as described in this forum many, many times. Then, take the certificate to one of the two DFW dealers that are accepting the certificate (see earlier post). You get the vehicle for a set haggling. No hassle.

    If you try to make your own deal without the certificate, you're not gonna' get diddly off on the vehicle. Do yourself a big favor...get the certificate before you do anything else.

    Another suggestion...before you buy the H3, take a thorough test drive. Check out the controls and the visibility, especially the visibility to the rear. There have been several posts about the small windows and one from a member who backed his new H3 into a pole because he couldn't see out the back of the vehicle. Also, make sure the seats are comfortable. I have read good things about the comfort but, from what I have read, the seat controls are very hard to reach when the door are closed. :( Make sure you are satisfied with the performance of the 5-cylinder engine. If not, pass it and hope for a turbocharged version.

    Regarding leasing vs. purchase, I can't speak to that since I have never leased a vehicle.

    I'll get off my soapbox now. I hope I have been helpful to you.
  • humvhumv Member Posts: 13
    anyone know when or if superior blue metallic is already available. Love the color but haven't seen it yet. curious if anyone has it or knows about it. ;)
  • cz3cqgcz3cqg Member Posts: 25
    Three discount programs that GM offers presently

    GMS = Employee Pricing, ~5% below invoice, Usually available to GM employees and their family members, eligible for 6 purchases a year

    GMID = GM in the Driveway, ~1% below invoice, Available to customers not affiliated with GM in any shape or form. Employee is eligible to issue 2 certificates per month until Jan '06. Purchaser supplies birthdate and last 4 digits of their SSN to allow the employee to issue a certificate number.

    SUPPLIER = Supplier discount, Same as the GMID program but this certificate number is issued by the company [Affiliated with GM because they are a supplier] to it's respective employee.

    The GMS and GMID/Supplier price are printed on the Dealer Invoice. The price is set when the deal involves the GMS or GMID/supplier pricing structure. Present the Certificate number to the dealership [Dealers are not required to accept any of the programs, but that is rare except for certain models ie Corvette] and essentially the deal is done. One stop pricing, In the door, Hassle free deal, Out the door.

    I hope this explains the GM discount programs.

    Presently, GM is offering GMS pricing on all 05 models except for the Vette and GTO. Therefore you do not need the GMID certificate for the 05 models. The 06 models will use the GMID certificates unless GM applies the GMS pricing to them and that is unlikely at this point.
  • ildoildo Member Posts: 13
    those information are really useful, thanks a lot.

    actually, I did ask Richard about a GMID, and he said he will send one to me at the first week in Augest.

    also, I tested H3, and very happy about it, the only thing is the power, the accelerate, but I think I can live with it.

    so if I can get a good deal with GMID, I think I will buy one. :)

  • hunter4x4hunter4x4 Member Posts: 3
    :shades: :confuse: Great information could someone please direct me to someone that might have a GMID certificate they do not intend to use? I plan on purchasing an H3 in september thanks to all for great info and help
  • lstephenslstephens Member Posts: 1
    I've been searching this forum for how to get the GMID certificate, but can't find any of those posts. I see, give last 4 digits of social secutiry #, etc., but not WHERE or WHO to contact. Can you point me in right direction?
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Exclusive Inside Line Q&A: Hummer's Susan Docherty (Inside Line)

    (Lstephens - check out post 315).

    Steve, Host
  • horns1976horns1976 Member Posts: 56

    SEND EMAIL TO: [email protected]



  • humvhumv Member Posts: 13
    There is no lease program. I priced out the H3 at Gold Coast Hummer NJ the other day with the GMID discount. I didn't even load it up too much (lux package, automatic, running boards, sun roof). The lease payment came to 650 a month with 12000 miles a year for three years and nothing down (after the discount). That's more than the Hummer H2, a Porsche Boxster, even a BMW 3 series four wheel drive. Is this dealer messing up some figures. HELP :confuse:
  • horns1976horns1976 Member Posts: 56
    humv...I'm curious about the GMID discount price on this vehicle. Can you post what the sticker was and what the GMID price is?? Thanks.

    I'm no leasing expert but $650 a month is a lot. You can lease a Lexus RX400h hybrid for less than that but there is a down payment. What was the residual value on the H3 lease??

    By the way, did you drive the H3?? What's your impression of the 5-cyl. engine??? Based on what the Hummer head honcho said in the report posted here, I don't see a turbo anytime soon. Perhaps an aftermarket turbo?? That might void your warranty. I know someone who had an H1. He had an aftermarket supercharger installed. Subsequently, the motor blew up and he had to pay for a new motor out of his pocket. Ouch!!
  • fultonpubfultonpub Member Posts: 6
    regarding the engine and turbo possibilities.....Check out the forums for the Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon trucks. They have the same engine and alot of the owners of those trucks are adding aftermarket performance parts including turbo's and superchargers. Its definitely another route to go to up the peformance of the engine from current specs.
  • psywzrdpsywzrd Member Posts: 35

    You must live close to me, because I also priced one out at Gold Coast. First of all, they told me they wouldn't honor GMID on the H3. Secondly, they quoted me a price of $699/month on a 3-year lease. I hate to say it, but they're crooks. I didn't bother to run the $699 figure through my lease calculator because I knew it wasn't right. These are the same guys that tacked a $2500 "adjusted market value" fee onto several H3's on their lot.

    Are they telling you that they'll honor GMID on the H3? If so, the pricing is set already so they can't just make up a lease price - it is what it is. There's no way $650/month is right if they're honoring GMID. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere (maybe James Hummer Outlet). If not, contact Hummer of Columbus in Ohio. They were awesome to deal with.
  • humvhumv Member Posts: 13
    Well to answer your questions,
    The Price before discount was 36,300. After discount it was like a shade under 33,000. I'm not sure on the residual value but I can get back to you on that. Funny thing you ask about the power. I currently am driving a C-class amg which has about 350 hp at 3500lbs so it does feel underpowered. But that's a good thing for me, i'm tired of slipping and sliding everytime it rains, never even thinking about taking the car out when it snows, and being pulled over ever five feet. On the other hand my mother drives a G500 SUV and she had the option of going for the AMG version. A good friend of mine just traded in his H1 Diesel and I liked the speed and feel of that truck as well. All in all i'm trying to say that for SUV's i prefer something that isn't too fast, i think the speed should be left to the sports cars and for the trucks it should be a less quick ride. That's my oppinion. And about your friend with the H1...sorry to hear it, wish him luck.
  • psywzrdpsywzrd Member Posts: 35

    I'm not humv but I'm glad to post my numbers here. The sticker on my H3 was $38,060 and the GMID price was $34,755 - that's a huge difference. The residual on a 3-year, 12000mile/year lease is 64% and the interest rate is 7.75. I'm paying $534/month and that's with no money down. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

    Again, I think the 5cyl is more than adequate for this car. You don't buy a Hummer to blow people off the line and you certainly won't in an H3; however, it's got ample pickup off the line and there's plenty of power in reserve for passing. I'm still able to beat a good majority of cars off the line and the H3 actually handles really well (great turning radius). Plus, how can you beat 16/19mpg in a Hummer?

    I'm sure they'll come out with a more powerful engine eventually (maybe not this year but in a year or two), but I have no complaints about the 5cyl right now.

    And don't forget - this thing is a major head-turner!!!
  • stlhummerstlhummer Member Posts: 4 has the best leases
  • shawncmushawncmu Member Posts: 4
    I just reviewed virtually all the messages on the bboard, paying partiuclar attention to the ones concerning performance. I absolutely agree with the complaints about the H3's performance. I drive a Chrysler T&C minivan now and it totally out performs the H3 in my opinion. I also had my wife test drive the H3 and she agreed that performance was bad. And the complaints about the seat controls, poor visibility, and the lack of back seat comfort space are all accurate. However, I test drove a manual and loved it. The extra control of the manual made the H3 *seem* more powerful. My order was placed in late June but I still however have not gotten an ETA. I hoping they will tell me it is shipping in the next week or so. Also, the two dealerships in the Pittsburgh area seem to be honoring the discount programs. Through my employer, I am eligible for the supplier discount but I have immediate family that works for GM so I will receive (hopefully) the "real" employee discount on the '06 H3. I say hopefully because you never know what can happen even though my salesman said it would be honored.

    Lease: the manager at one of the dealers told me that the lease program for H3 was very bad in his opinion. He said you could lease an '05 H2 for just a few bucks more a month.
  • ildoildo Member Posts: 13
    I put deposit for a black H3, black leather interior.
    Luxury package, Chrome wheels, Chrome appearence, Chrome steps, sunroof, auto, Trailering hitch, XM,
    MSRP: 38K
    downpay: $2500
    2-year lease.
    $700 per month!
    final balloon: 28K

    is that insane?

    what kind of price will be "fair" for above configurations?

  • rromerorromero Member Posts: 6
    If I ask the dealer will he/she provide me the actual dealers cost. My spouse works for Lowe's Home Improvement in Tucson AZ. Her company offers a discount that offers the customer the vehicle at dealer cost plus 4%. How can I guarantee the dealer is giving the actual cost?
  • rromerorromero Member Posts: 6
    I currently have a green H3 coming in August. The dealer said the superior blue metallic will not be offered for a few months. It was available for a short period to intise response, which it did then was taken off the color list.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Member Posts: 1,739
    If I ask the dealer will he/she provide me the actual dealers cost. My spouse works for Lowe's Home Improvement in Tucson AZ. Her company offers a discount that offers the customer the vehicle at dealer cost plus 4%. How can I guarantee the dealer is giving the actual cost?

    Why not just go to the dealer, aren't they giving the real employee discount which is below dealer invoice?
  • rromerorromero Member Posts: 6
    The H3 is not part of the discount.
  • shawncmushawncmu Member Posts: 4
    Others may provide better informaiton, but I think you can equate dealer price with invoice price. (The real dealer price is complicated because of the kickbacks they get from the manufacturer. I think a kickback is typically referred to as"holdback".) The invoice price can be obtained from a number of places including edmunds. So just get the invoice price and multiply by 1.04 to get the selling price. You may also be able to contact GM or GMAC for the dealer price as well. If you happen to know someone that works for GM, they can enter the employee web site and get the most accurate and up-to-date costs. Becasue of the employee pricing program, anyone can get cost information from the GM website for the eligible '05 vehicles but not for '06 H3. I hope this helps.
  • shawncmushawncmu Member Posts: 4
    I am not an expert but those lease terms don't look good. You are paying $19300 total to lease the H3 for two years. That amount is more than 50% of the MSRP. And I guess the 28K balloon means they are saying the residual on the H3 after two years is 73% (=28K/38Kx100) which seems very high. So what this means is that the H3 has went from a 38K vehicle to 28K vehicle in 2 years (a depreciation of $10K) but they want to charge you almost double that to use if for that amount of time.
    The only other thing I want to mention is that there are some very good websites out there that explain the details of leases (taxes, money factors, residuals, etc.). I learned a lot but unfortunately forgot most of it.
    I hope this helps.
  • rromerorromero Member Posts: 6
    The base price I saw on the H3 sticker read $29,599, Edmunds shows $26,476. Do you think the dealer will honor the edmund price. I have a deposit on a H3 with sunroof, adventure package and auto Transmission. With taxes he quoted me $37k and some change. That does not include my GMID discount. Does this price seem fair? Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.
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