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    If you don't mind me asking. How much did you pay for the h3 after discount?
  • m2845m2845 Member Posts: 6
    After the GMID Discount, the H3 came to around 35k fully loaded. It was priced near $39k. With $9,400 down, I am leasing it for 2 years at $147.00 a month. After 2 years the buyout is at $28,000. The reason I took this approach is because, next year I will be buying a new house and I need the creditors to see a low monthly payment and low total balance on the H3. After the two years, if I still like the H3, I will either buy it or get the H3SUT that will be out next year.

    Hopes this helps!
  • boikoboiko Member Posts: 82
    You are right 1% below invoice...GMID/Supplier Discount - have no idea why I said 1% above 8-)
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    I am still waiting for the manual trans to get here. Did anyone get to drive one yet? I need opinions.
  • ivansalazarivansalazar Member Posts: 2
    Has anybody used the GMID discount and bought an H3? If you did do you mind letting me know how much you you payed for your H3? :)
  • boikoboiko Member Posts: 82
    I sat in an H3 the other day and couldn't help but notice the height of the passenger and driver windows. They do seem a bit short.... Just for the heck of it I would like to measure the height of my Nissan 1990 300ZX windows against the H3's..

    For anyone who knows...what is the height of the H3's side windows..?

  • cz3cqgcz3cqg Member Posts: 25
    A few people who have used the certificate have reported anywhere from 2300 to 3300 dollars saved off the MSRP of a H3.
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    my father in law works for general motors, when he purchased his last vehicle, he went to several dealers, for the same vehicle, and each one gave him a different lease rate, i told him i thought it was a fixed 6.5%, he called gmac, and they told him that the lease rate isnt set by gm, its set by the dealers themselves, so you may have to go an hour or 2 away depending on where you live, to find another hummer dealer, but it might be worth it, if its 2% points lower, or look online,
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    AWESOME Test Drive today, I must have one! We did not get down to the final figures. The one that we were looking at was pretty well loaded $38,210.00, does anyone know the mark up? I have driven a Ford for the last 15 years, after browsing the forum, I noticed that everyone was talking about a GMID Certificate, what is this and how do I get one?? I want to get the best price for my money. I have been looking at many different make and models, this H3 is Awesome, it is 1st on my list. Thanks in advance for your help.
  • jrhoade2jrhoade2 Member Posts: 2
    The certificate that you all are talking about is this the GM supplier discount? Thanks, Jimmy
  • spunkyspunky Member Posts: 5
    How do you get the Supplier Discount Certificate??
  • jtownsend2jtownsend2 Member Posts: 2
    Picked up new Hummer last night from dealer in Columbus. Checked with different dealers and not all were taking the "gm in the driveway" certificates. Columbus was great to buy from, no haggle, no extra charges . The certificate was easy to acquire thanks to this family thanks you!
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    Go back on this message board.There are several posts as to who to Email for a certificate.
  • neobitzneobitz Member Posts: 8
    It's been a few days since I followed up on this thread. It's great to see others getting their H3 now.

    I bought mine at the Columbus, OH dealership - great people to work with! I've had my H3 for a few weeks now and I must say that it is a lot of fun to drive... I'm having more fun driving this than an H2.

    The main concerns that people have -- the take off power and the smaller windows, well, after driving it for some time, you don't even notice. You do need to look a little closer out of the passenger side windows when changing lanes though.

    For those that bought an Avalanche - don't for get to burp that thing. You know... with all that tupperware on them.

    As for the H3, I have to fight my wife for it now!

  • m2845m2845 Member Posts: 6
    I bought mines in Cleveland with the GMID cert. So far, I have no concerns or problems with the V5 engine. It has been truely a joy to ride.
  • cz3cqgcz3cqg Member Posts: 25
    Hope you really like and enjoy the vehicle. I am glad the deal went smoothly for you. Sounds like Hummer of Columbus [Ohio] made the experience enjoyable. Anyone else who wishes a Gm in the Driveway [GMID] certificate just email
    [email protected] or [email protected] and we will try to issue more on July 18th when GM gets back from our shutdown. The GMID certificate is equivalent to the Supplier Discount that GM gives it's suppliers.
  • cz3cqgcz3cqg Member Posts: 25
    Neobitz, Burp the Av? I do believe the Av has a little bit more power, has more storage space and overall a better looking vehicle. When GM quits installing the cladding on the 07 Av, I am getting an H3.
  • spunkyspunky Member Posts: 5
    Thank You Nortsr1!

    I did get my certificate tonight, I am going to the Dealer in Greenville, SC in a couple of days to see if they will take the Certificate. I appreciate everyone's help!
  • cz3cqgcz3cqg Member Posts: 25
    Give us a report on how the deal went and what dealer you bought your H3 from. Not all dealers are accepting the GMID certificate, so if we can give the names of the dealers who are, this will help people searching for the certificate accepting salesman.What kinda of savings did you get [average 2300 to 3300] and was there a amble supply of trucks to choose from?
  • jiml985jiml985 Member Posts: 4
    I emailed Richard for a certificate & he got back to me right away - so thanks to him & all for the information. One question I have is - does anyone know if dealers are taking the certificate when you order a vehicle from the manufacturer? Or does it only apply to trucks already on the lot? (maybe it varies from dealer to dealer?) Thanks
  • cz3cqgcz3cqg Member Posts: 25
    Some dealers will honor it with trucks on the lot but I think most would accept it on an order. Now orders may be limited because they are made in Shreveport where there build the Canyon and Colorado pickups. So if Demand goes up and the supply is tight, the order may not go thru or the discount pricing may be discouraged or stopped by the dealers. Some do accept the certificate like Hummer of Columbus, Ohio. Spunky is looking in Greenville SC for her H3 and hopefully she will let us know if that dealer accepts the certificate. If there are any H3 purchasers out there who used the GMID certificate, please let us know the dealer name, location and how you were treated. This will help others.
  • spunkyspunky Member Posts: 5
    I have called about 7 Dealerships within a 200 mile Radius of where I live in South Carolina, they don't even know what a GMID Certificate is. All they can talk about is the "Employee Incentive Program" for 2005 Vehicles. They will not even listen when I try to Read the E-Mail from GM to Explain the Program to them. They would stop me and tell me that the "Hummer is a 2006" model (as if I did not know) and they will not honor it.

    :mad: JERKS at "FLOW HUMMER" - WINSTON SALEM, NC -I had one Salesman in Winston-Salem, NC call me everything but a "Liar", he told me that the Certificate was an "Internet Scam", that Richard Ott was not real and I made this up. He also stated that there was not "Anyone" in the US that would discount an H3, but if I did find anyone, I should drive any number of Miles to purchase it, then I should call him and he would come and pay me Full Price for the Vehicle, WHAT A JERK!! I have NEVER been treated so POORLY when it came to purchasing a Vehicle. I guess that he thought that since I was a "Woman" he could treat me anyway he wanted (Wrong), BMW is looking better every phone call.

    I am not going to let this get me down, I know that there is someone out there that would be "NICE" and would work with me. If anyone knows of a Dealer that is Nice and wanting to make a Dollar instead of making people turn against GM, please let me know.

    I have never Owned a GM, but this has really been an experience! A Hummer H3 is not made of GOLD, they are just an Awesome" Vehicle, so is the BMW that I have been looking at plus they have an Excellant Interest Rate on all of their vehicles and they really roll out the "Red Carpet" for their Customers!
  • garykygaryky Member Posts: 9
    Sounds like the dealer there is a real jerk.
    I have a GMID Certificate and a dealer in Lou KY will accept them. I am trying to sell my explorer first and then I am ordering a Yellow or Slate Blue H3. I spoke with the GM of the dealership and convinced them to take it. Now they will take the GMID certificate for in stock or order. I would tell them if they ask you have a friend that gave you the GMID. Gary
  • m2845m2845 Member Posts: 6

    Send me an email at [email protected] and I will give you a list of the dealerships in Ohio and the salesperson names that have accepted GMID cert. Tell them your story and if you ask them nicely, they might call a dealership in your state and explain what a GMID cert is. You can also call GMC direct and have them contact a dealership on your behalf and explain to them what a GMID cert is. Keep in mind that dealerships can also reject the GMID cert. but at least they will have a clue on what they are and how they work!!I have used a GMID cert. 2 weeks ago( Thanks Richard) and saved about $3,300.

    Hope this helps! :)
  • cz3cqgcz3cqg Member Posts: 25
    Thanks GaryKy and M2845 for letting Spunky know that there are dealers out there willing to accept the certificate from future buyers.
  • spunkyspunky Member Posts: 5
    Thanks Richard!

    I just sent you my email address.

    If anyone else has any information I would appreciate the help.

    My E-Mail address is [email protected]
  • humvhumv Member Posts: 13
    I e-mailed the AOL address posted on this board a couple of days ago but haven't gotten a certificate # yet, would anyone know why? Also, I'm curious if anyone knows which dealerships in New Jersey will accept the GMID...please reply if you do. Thanks. :confuse:
  • rx8docrx8doc Member Posts: 7
    In the middle of the transaction and waiting on my GMID to arrive, but the dealer says they are giving us the GMID discount. Thanks forum and Richard. I am stalling till the 18th when I hope to have GMID :D . List was a little over 36K and quote was 33K with GMID. Keeping fingers crossed.
  • fultonpubfultonpub Member Posts: 6
    I just got back from the Flow Hummer dealership in Greensboro, NC. they wouldn't accept the GMID cert there either. They said no one was accepting them on an H3. I told them dealerships were and they were very surprised. In the end they couldn't meet my price so I walked. If anyone knows a dealership in NC/SC that is taking them please post.

  • cz3cqgcz3cqg Member Posts: 25
    Spunky ran into the same problem with Flow Hummer if you read back. The dealerships we know that will accept the certificate are, Hummer of Columbus, Ohio, Bachman Hummer of Louisville, Kentucky, and Moore Cadillac Hummer of Richmond, Virginia. Future buyers of the H3 have reported purchasing or will be buying using the certificate at these dealerships. Dealerships have the right to refuse the certificate. Ordering a H3 from a dealership will probably increase your chances of them accepting the certificate. Buying out of stock with the discount causes many dealers to say NO Thanks to the certificate.
  • rx8docrx8doc Member Posts: 7
    Will know for sure on Tuesday if it all goes thru. If it does I will post price and discount. I talked to my salesman and he says they do not get paid commission on a GMID sale. Is this true? :confuse:
  • fultonpubfultonpub Member Posts: 6
    What is the avg wait time on an H3 order these days?
  • cz3cqgcz3cqg Member Posts: 25
    The dealership makes money on the employee discount, therefore they do make money on the GMID. Not as much as a regular sale but they do make a little. With a vehicle in the order system, maybe 6 weeks with 2 weeks delivery. A vehicle in hot demand, could be a little longer.
  • stlhummerstlhummer Member Posts: 4
    Lynch Hummer, in St Louis accecpts GMID with NO PROBLEM. Was there today and finished the deal with them. Great to work with.
  • stlhummerstlhummer Member Posts: 4
    its about a $3000 discount. try hummer ST Louis
  • 00boxsters00boxsters Member Posts: 202
    My wife and I just returned from the semi-local HUMMER dealer after driving both the H3 and H2.

    The H2 was (as you would expect from a $15 to 20K more expensive vehicle) more luxurious and better riding. We liked the third row seat for a child and the touch screen navigation/cd system neither of which was available in the H3 as well as the GM Employee discount. Height over traffic and acceleration were better than the H3 as well.

    The H3 was a more managible size and an extra 5mpg or so does not hurt. The reviews in car magizines seemed to like the interior of the H3 better than the H2 but we did not find it that way, as above. The interior room was much tighter in the second row than in the H2. The acceleration was adequate.

    My wife likes the H2 but I am leaning more toward the H3 because of the better economics and less Bling Bling. The H3 did not do the offroad mini course because it had the side foot bars. The H2 was impression on that course.

    What are your compare and contrast opinions?
  • humvhumv Member Posts: 13
    Hey, I'm just following up on the GMID certificate. Wondering if you would know if i can order an H3 without physically having the certificate number and just use the number when I pick it up. Also checking how sure you are that you or your friends will have enough numbers. Thanks again, Sincerely, Kiren. :shades:
  • rx8docrx8doc Member Posts: 7
    They have put off the sale till they find the document from GM they need to close. I wonder why it would be that hard. The good news is that I hav had the car for the last three days (dealer plates) so I do not doubt they will go thru with the sale. It is just strange they find it so difficult to finish their paperwork. I did save 3300 on the price of the Hummer H3. And it was off the lot. Luxury ed. with sunroof and sidesteps. 20.5 mpg on a long trip over the weekend.
    Thanks again to the forum for help.
  • cz3cqgcz3cqg Member Posts: 25
    Thanks for the update and possession is yours.
  • cz3cqgcz3cqg Member Posts: 25
    We can get you a certificate but the demand is pretty high. It would be better if you did order, to mention to the dealer that you would like to use this GMID certificate. You don't need the number to order.
  • tom4h3tom4h3 Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone had luck using the GMID cert in Boston area?
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Member Posts: 648
    saw one at the local dealer and would much rather have a used h2 then the h3 for the same price. No NAV no DVD and not much space in the back was some of the major downers for a $30k vehicle. but the big no go was the weak 220 hp motor! what were they thinking? forget about trying to tow a small enclosed trailer (like a motorcycle trailer) in summer up a hill..

    was not impressed at all. the H3 looks tough on the outside but just doesnt have the stuff to back it up. not in the same class as an H2 little brother. plus the 2nd row of seats dont fold down totaly flat :(
  • humvhumv Member Posts: 13
    Did any of your hummer dealerships throw in service for 3 years with the car. I'm aware of the warranty but i'm curious about service such as oil changes and whatnot, my dealer says i have to pay $530 for some 3 year service deal with GM. :mad:
  • humvhumv Member Posts: 13
    (in reference to the dealer who said the GMID is made up and no one is discounting H3's) hey spunky, give me this guys number and his name, i'm gonna give him a piece of my mind :mad:
  • cz3cqgcz3cqg Member Posts: 25
    Interesting concept there, You pay the dealer for 3 years to cover your H3. See I always thought that GM had a 36 month / 36000 miles warranty on most vehicles and anything above that you could pay for thru Major Guard etc. Maybe they are offering something really special! I've never run into any specials like this before.
  • rx8docrx8doc Member Posts: 7
    Well we finally got our H3 with the GMID discount but it took the dealer a few more days to get it done. I am not sure if they will do another GMID certificate. The salesman was not too happy about his commission cut. and they are getting full MSRP still. Over all it was a great time. And we love the car. Ray
  • jiml985jiml985 Member Posts: 4
    rx8doc - I am considering the Richmond dealer as one of my options. Can you tell me the name of the salesperson you dealt with there? I don't want to decide to go with them and then have trouble getting them to deal smoothly with the GMID certificate. If you'd rather e-mail, I'm at [email protected] Thanks!
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    No contact information such as names of salespeople, phone numbers and so on should be posted on the Forums.

    Also, I recommend against displaying your email address in a message - it's better to make your email address visible in your user profile.

    tidester, host
  • rx8docrx8doc Member Posts: 7
    To make a long story short. I do not know if the Richmond Hummer dealer will do another GMID. It seemed they were not as happy about it (at least on the salesman's level). But it has been done. Check with the sales manager and ask first then have him give you a salesman.
  • vanman1vanman1 Member Posts: 1,397
    Will any GM dealer service an H3 (given it has a common engine with the Colorado) or does it have to go back to the Hummer dealer? Reason I ask is..closest Hummer dealer is about a 30+ minute drive on the highway.
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