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Subaru Legacy/Outback 2005+



  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    Thanks for the reviews, I'm glad the car is selling well there. It's interesting that you blokes got the Macintosh stereo, but still no nav. We got the GT 5MT, but no 3.0R version. Does the Aussie version of the legacy come from Japan? Is it the JDM version? It seems our 2.5 GT is a US only model, I don't see that it's available anywhere else in the world, where they get the 2.0 Turbo.

    I also noticed you have sheepskin seat covers as an option. Are they popular there? ;-)

  • Actually, the increase in sales are attributable to the same trick I used on my wife. I got her to test drive it! About one test-drive is all it takes. The GT grabs you!.


  • moutbackmoutback Posts: 39
    Wow, the 3.0R-B looks really sweet at I guess the right-side drive markets get it first.

    But what's with the rear bumper and exhaust tips with the US Outbacks? Why don't we get the cool chrome tips and the cut-out bumper that the Asian and Euro Outbacks get? Strange

  • Tom,

    We get the 2.0 turbo Legacy (5EAT only), but the same 2.5XT Forester that you guys get. In the UK they only get a 2.0XT Forester. I assumed the US got the 2.0 turbo GT, so thanks for correcting me on that, but I did notice you get a 2.5XT Outback when we don't. All of these cars are assembled in Japan, so apart from local variations (eg we can't use Isofix kiddie seats) then I guess ours are JDM.

    Having driven the 2.5 turbo Forester and the 3.0 in my Outback, I think the pick of the bunch would be a 6MT sports suspension Legacy 3.0. But of course you don't know if SoA will make that one. Maybe someone should ask? Or can someone from SoA tell this forum?

    I think Sat nav is not considered a market norm here. Most Australian cities are pretty easy to navigate around as we make 'em big flat grids. And because people don't really drive city-to-city (too far) then we don't really need it as much (maybe in rental cars it is a good option, but each one is different and they seem to take a while to work out how to operate them). Better to get the stereo!

    Otherwise Ken - thanks for the oil change feedback. I don't drive very hard so I'll wait until 3000 miles.

    And Tom - re sheepskins. Surprisingly popular given that the seat coverings are pretty good. Anyway, after you are finished with your sheep, what else are you supposed to do with the skins?!!!

    - Aussie Outback
  • pato01pato01 Posts: 6
    What experience do you have with gas mileage (post-break-in) for the 2005 2.5i (non-turbo) Outback with 4EAT (auto) trans? What about for the 2003-05 non-turbo 2.5L Forester with 4EAT (auto) trans?
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    AO- (Can I call you that?)

    I wonder if your made in Japan cars are better assembled than ours? It probably makes them more expensive though. I for one would be glad to pay the difference.

    If the 3.0 6MT had a little more torque, I'd say it's the one to get. It's just shy of the surging torque we get with the 2.5 Turbo (it's what puts the grin on your face!) I wonder if the 2.0 is the same?

    I was thinking the sheepskins looked really comfortable- they sit only on the middle of the seat. I guess it's a regional option, since I didn't see it available here. But my question is, what do you do with the sheep before you turn them into sheepskins? ;-) They look like they'd be nice to have here in the colder climates during the winter. But how do you get gum out of them? ;-)

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    I assumed the US got the 2.0 turbo GT, so
    thanks for correcting me on that, but I did notice you get a 2.5XT Outback when we don't.

    Aussie OB, a further point of clarification: Our 2.5 Legacy GT and 2.5 Outback XT turbos put out 250 horsepower, whereas the 2.5 Forester turbo puts out 210 horsepower.

    The 250 HP is the same as that found on the new H-6. However the torque is also 250, whereas the torque on the new H-6 is only 219. So our 2.5 Legacy/Outback turbos feel more powerful than the new H-6.

  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 845
    ft-lb for torque or Nm ?


    PS HP are similar but ft-lb and Newton*meter are not. Some use W (Watts) for engine power too.
  • avizivaviziv Posts: 29

    I see that the XT Limited comes with "perforated leather". This means that it has many small holes in it - right? Any opinions as to how easy it will be to clean? My current car has solid leather that is very easy to clean - a requirement to traveling with kids... Any experience our there?

    p.s I guess the closer I get to making the purchase, the pickier I get. Maybe I should just get it over with? :)
  • kenskens Posts: 5,869

    My opinion is that the assembled in Japan vehicles probably have the small minor details done better like carpet tucks, panel gaps and the like. Keep in mind that the major parts (engine, drivetrain) in our US-assembled cars are directly from Japan.

    I would also be one to pay a premium for an import, but so far I've been fairly impressed with the build quality of my Legacy GT wagon. There were a few items that I thought could use a little more attention, but overall it's a rattle/squeak free tight ride.


    We have a 16 month old daughter so I'll let you know how the perforated leather cleans up! I would imagine a soft brush or a vaccum would get "stuff" out of the perforations.

  • fkozilfkozil Posts: 65
    I've only had mine for 21 days and not even 1000 miles but my trip computer shows an average fuel economy of 23.4 mpg.

    Most of my driving is rural/back roads with varying speeds. After 1000 miles, the engine will be "broken in" and mileage should get better.

    After break-in, I'll put some highway miles on too.
  • tasdisrtasdisr Posts: 25
    I know this has probably been asked before. I am probably going to trade my 03 Acura TL- type S in on an 05 Legacy GT ltd sedan sometime soon.
    I had considered a new TL, but price and tranny problems have put me off.
    How do Subaru's stack up quality and reliability wise? Is it as comfortable
    as the Acura on long drives?
    Will I regret making the switch? I am not a fast driver but like the idea of having AWD and knowing that I have the power on tap if needed. I have test driven the GT and it seems to ride as good as my Acura.
    Thanks for any feedback!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    You'll love it, buy one and we'll welcome you to the Subaru Crew!

    Note that with kids, the mess is usually on their safety seat or booster seat. If you want, just put a towel or liner under the seat to catch spills.

    My back seats still look great, with 5 years worth of kids back there. The safety seats, OTOH...

  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    The new TL is a nice car, and except for the lack of AWD (a big downer) would be a great car too.

    However, I bought my GT LTD because of the AWD- FWD doesn't even come close in terms of handling, especially when the weather gets bad. The other reason is I was very impressed with the design of the car. Almost everything was very well thought out, the interior is nicely appointed (especially for a Subaru, maybe not as nice as the new TL though) and the car is solid. I have been extremely happy with my car, more than any car has made me happy in a long time (and I have had quite a few)

    Reliability wise, it's early to tell. I'm sure it will have no problem getting you to 100K miles (even domestics get you there these days) but Acura's are usually quite reliable too.

    It is comfortable on long drives to me, but seats are very size dependent- I find some seats comfortable that my friends don't, and vice versa. It is quite adjustable, and I haven't heard any complaints except the parking brake can ride against your right leg if you're tall.

    One caveat, if you're not a fast driver, this car may accidentally turn you into one. There's such a rush when the turbo kicks in you just want to experience it- unfortunately by the time the rush is over you're going 90mph! Just be careful of your speed.

    I don't know what else you're considering, but this is a great car, fun to drive, comfortable, quiet, and with AWD will get you where you need to go short of a blizzard. If you regularly drive in blizzards, get an OB.;-).

    If you're nervous about the reliability- lease one. You'll even get 3 yrs free maintenance with a lease. Uh, I'm starting to sound like a saleperson. Sorry.

    hope this helps ;-)

  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551

    I'm sure some of the tolerances and the attention to fine detail is better on the JDM cars. Although I too am impressed by the overall fit and finish of my car. There are some very coarse roads around my house which is rough on a car, but my Subie is almost noise free (not totally though). I rode around in my friend's v6 XLE camry, also new and noticed a lot of noise coming out of the dashboard. And that's a very quiet and well built car.

    I have not had my kids put the perforated leather seats to the full test yet (thankfully) but I'm sure it will be easier to clean than cloth. Probably not as easy as non-perf leather though.

    Just clean up spills quickly and you'll be fine.

    Or you could get sheepskin seat covers from down under. ;-)

  • avizivaviziv Posts: 29
    What is the point of having perforated leather anyway? Is it an aesthetic thing or is it supposed to keep you cooler? If it was really better than solid leather, then wouldn't they have put it also in the H6 cars?

  • kenskens Posts: 5,869
    Perforated leather keeps you cooler. I also like the way it looks.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    It breathes better.

    I have solid leather on my Miata, and on a hot day, it's gets sticky/wet.

    Even with 2 kids I'd prefer perforated leather.

  • samiam_68samiam_68 Posts: 775
    A question for all who have had their '05 models past the break-in period: What are your actual MPG numbers? Specifically interested in the OBXT 5EAT. Thanks.
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    I'm at around 1500 miles, which is still break-in if you ask me. Last few tanks have been 20.5-22 mpg average (at the end of the tankful). I have a 70 mile round trip highway commute each day, with a lot of suburban driving on each end. Weekends is almost all suburban driving. Also note that I am still having a lot of fun with the 5EAT in sport mode! Once I settle into geezer mode, I am sure the mileage will get 1-2mpg better. I used to alternate between fun mode and geezer mode in my previous Outback, and it does indeed have an effect on gas mileage.

  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    The average mpg has on ocassion dipped into the 19mpg range during the tankful, and instantaneous mpg is all over the place. That's why I wait for the end of the tank to mentally record the average.

    I had a long-term rolling average going since the car was new (on trip B) but accidentally reset it last week. It had indicated about 20.5 mpg.

  • moutbackmoutback Posts: 39
    Same here--around 20-22 mpg after 1500 miles with my OB XT Ltd. I live in DC, and driving around the city lowers it below 20, but it can quickly get back up to 23 on the highway if I keep it under 3000 rpm.

  • tasdisrtasdisr Posts: 25
    Thanks for the feedback. I agree the new TL's interior is very nice and the car is fairly priced for the content. But some of the features
    I could care less about. I won't use the Bluetooth feature and although the DVD-A audio sounds good, I am not going to rush out and buy
    new discs. Acura has had automatic transmission
    problems the last few years also.

    Also the Acura dealers are not that willing to discount much on the TL, whereas the Subaru dealers are. The Legacy GT ltd with auto trans,
    subwoofer/amp, wheel locks,perimiter alarm and auto dimming mirror is over $3000.00 less than the Acura.
  • We have 1200 miles on the car, and our gas milage on a Subaru Legacy i 2005 is...drumroll please... between 14 and 17 MPG. Pretty bad.
    We live in Los Angeles, and the car is driven 25 miles a day over surface streets, with lots of traffic and stop lights every other block.

    Does that sound like reasonable milage considering? It sure isn't the 22 city advertised!
  • samiam_68samiam_68 Posts: 775
    That is REALLY bad. My Forester XT driven in heavy stop and go traffic still manages 20 MPG. My old Legacy ('96) never got below 23, no matter how much traffic I sat in. I live in the NYC metro area, so we have no shortage of traffic jams here.
  • Confirming that as per previous posts, our 3.0 Outback gets 14mpg around town, but up to 26mpg on the open road.

    I was pretty surprised by the town figure - I expected it to be about 18mpg.

    Also - Tom - in regards to what we do with our sheep - well...we might be getting a bit off topic here! Anyway, being a New Zealander who now lives in Australia (albeit after 4 years in the UK 2000-04), I know better than to get into discussions about sheep with folks from bigger countries - it only ends in tears (mine)!

    Final word on the topic? Apparently sheepskins work well in summer as well - wool is an extremely good insulator, so for example in summer, you won't get that clammy back feeling from driving with leather seats. Can anybody confirm and boost our lamb exports to the US?!

    - Aussie Outback
  • urmezurmez Posts: 20
    We are torn between a XT Limited and a GT Limited. I know we cannot go wrong with either but we would love to hear from people who might have been in the same boat as us. What did you purchase?

  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    It all depends on if you will actually use the extra off road capability of the OB. Coming from a full sized SUV that never did more than a gravel road, I realized I didn't need the extra clearance and capability for the 99% on road driving I did. (But if I really wanted to, I could- this was the excuse to buy it anyway) So it was a no brainer- the GT LTD handling is much better than the OB on paved roads, is marginally faster (very marginally, though) probably will get better mileage with lighter wheels, and you could get it in more monotone colors (there are only 3 choices with the OB). Now if you drive in deep snow in the winter- the OB will probably do better- but then you could always put snow tires on the GT, but you won't have the clearance. ;-)

    I hope this helps. In the end, you win either way, they're both great cars, the OB handles pavement pretty well and the GT will do some of the easier rough stuff which is more than most people ever get into. Sometimes I think I should've bought the XT, but then I go drive some twisty roads and all thoughts of the OB fade away with a smile.

    Good luck! ;-)

  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 845
    Are you using Imperial or U.S. galons ?

  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    I was in the exact same boat, and was leaning towards the GT until the very end. The idea being that I was replacing two cars -- a WRX and an older Outback -- with one, and the GT was the no brainer compromise. Then I thought about all those times I go skiing or kayaking and have appreciated the extra ground clearance of my previous Outbacks. So I got an XT Ltd in the end. I would have been cringing driving a GT through 12" of new snow, but it was a piece of cake for my old Outback and that had less ground clearance than the new ones!

    I do like the looks of the GT better overall, but I love the Outback's champagne gold color with the black side/rear skirts and black interior. It was about the only color choice I liked on the Outback. On the GT wagon, I would have been happy with silver or atlantic blue.

    SO for me, it came down to ground clearance in the end. As far as I am concerned, that is the main reason to choose an Outback over a GT. For regluar on-road driving, the GT is probably a better choice and it's cheaper too!

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