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Subaru Legacy/Outback 2005+



  • rambo5rambo5 Posts: 37
    Does Subaru have any plans to offer satellite radio in the near future? I'm quite surprised that this is not offered in a new model.

    It seems insane to spend 30 large on a loaded Outback and then take a trip to Circuit City for an aftermarket upgrade.
  • chassolchassol Posts: 95
    Haven't played with the SPORTSHIFT yet and won't till after 1000 miles/ Feels good though just driving with normal automatic setting.

    Have you figured out all the bells andd whistles on yours yet?

    Wild you have the Forester XT too. Both are great cars, but when you slam (gently) the door on the GT it really sounds solid...............
  • beanboybeanboy Posts: 442
    I'd like to hear more! Both are near the top of my list!

  • bat1161bat1161 Posts: 1,784
    Congrats to both of you. Enjoy, and let us live vicariously through your experiences.

  • Outback 3.0R! The order went in 2 weeks ago, and it is due for delivery June 22.

    Up until recently, I was convinced that the Forester XT would do everything I needed. But once I drove it and the Outback together, the Outback proved a nicer day-to-day option.

    Would I notice the performance difference? Here in Australia, 15 mph over the speed limit (normally 60mph limit) loses you your licence. So the outer reaches of on-road performance driving might not be reached.

    Note we don't get the Outback XT option. You have to go for the Legacy GT which is $10k more than the Outback, and still with the 5AT. I don't see the benefit.

    The FXT was as quick as expected...but I am a bit biased against turbo vehicles. Great handling, quick acceleration, but the lack of linearity really bothers me. Interior better than previous Subs, but still not great - leather seats that didn't look or feel special, cheap fittings and no trip computer?! How else could one keep an eye on the outrageous fuel economy which would no doubt be duly noted by my better half. On the same note, I drove a WRX about 5 years ago and I knew I could never own a car (no matter how good it drove) with an interior which lacked any sense of occasion.

    I also drove a Mazda 3 and 6 (not strictly competitors, but each $10-15k cheaper - maybe I didn't need to spend the big bucks to the get the same buzz). Both were a major disappointment. Poor quality interiors, tinny feel. And what is with the boomy interior in the 6? I could feel a headache coming on just during the test drive - from the lack of refinement.

    Back to the Outback - no manual transmission was a problem. I've never owned an automatic, and always hated driving them. I didn't know if I could live with it. The sportshift definitely helped. I guess to nitpick the engine felt a bit gutless low down, the transmission could have been quicker/smoother (and either paddles or steering wheel shift buttons might be preferred). The interior was good - BMW good. A few laps of the test drive circuit led me to believe I could live with the transmission to get the rest of the benefits.

    Our pricing here is A$50k for a base 3.0R, and about A$59k for the "Premium Pack". The 3.0R lacks the sunroof, the leather (you get the suede), the VDC, and the side and curtain airbags. All for a saving of $9-10k. I ask you, folks - what do you do? Sunroofs I don't really use except as a toy. And in Australia it is usually either too hot or too cold. Leather - I could live without it. VDC - I've never believed greatly in to having the car take too much control from me - the way I see it (contrary to some other posts), you have to take responsibility for the way you drive, VDC or no. Airbags? Now that is a toughie. As I have never been in an accident (except for being hit by a small kangaroo - they bounce along next to you and then make a dive for the front of the car; no I don't know why either), I see the likelihood of needing airbags as almost nil. But how would I feel if the wife or a child was killed/injured through not specifying it? Tough decision. In the end, the money solved the problem. I couldn't afford the extra cash. It seems in North America, your options are better priced and you have more choice. We don't get much chance at specifying. So the 3.0R it was.

    On to price - a phone call through to a car broker revealed a dealer who would sell at $3k below list. My A$50k on-road became A$47k.

    Which colour? Silver resale is better, black looks average when dirty or scratched. White - no chance. The two blues? They seemed a risky choice, so silver it was. I think in hindsight the lighter blue (Atlantic pearl?) might have been the best choice. Still, that is what happens when you buy down the miss out a few details in your haste. Like figuring out which colour interior we get. I think (and hope) silver matches with the lighter colour interior. Although it will no doubt raise some staining issues later, it sure (IMHO) beats sitting in a grey or black interior day after day.

    Finally - a recent look at the website revealed a special offer which neither of the 2 dealers I spoke to had told me about. $2000 worth of extras for $275. Roof bars, luggage pod, tow bar (hitch in USA?), and an oil cooler for heavy duty towing. A great deal - I needed the roof bars anyway, and I'm always in for other freebies. Luckily, the dealer let me qualify even though the order had already gone in.

    But here is a question. I can't ever see myself doing heavy duty towing. Will fitting the oil cooler have any negative effect? Should I ask them to miss it out? Any thoughts welcome.

    I will give driving impressions in 2 weeks - and I promise it will be a shorter post!

    - Outback Aussie
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 24,878
    The oil cooler won't hurt if you don't tow. I actually like to get a HD or tow package if available, just to get the piol cooler, trans cooler, bigger battery, etc. even though I never tow anything.

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Fabric on the A-pillars is expected in the near luxury class. Bimmers and Volvos have them.

    Congrats chassol. I like your fleet! I'd love to hear you compare and contrast the two once it's broken in.

  • kevin111kevin111 Posts: 991
    "Anyone know of a reputable aftermarket sunroof/moonroof installer in the Phoneix area?"

    - I can not think of their name off-hand, but one located by the Scottsdale airport off of Scottsdale road. They were recommended to us by a dealer in the metro-Phoenix area. 7 years and reliable. I can get the name possibly over the weekend. Just remind me.
  • ozman62ozman62 Posts: 229
    I think the power lock button configuration is a security thing isn't it? Maybe the centre console bin carpet was a JDM piece? Ha, ha.
  • snowbirdsnowbird Posts: 120
    Thanks, Craig, for your input. Hope SOA will follow up on that, too. Water leaks from a new car is never good!
  • grove4grove4 Posts: 95
    I thought I would respond to your forester xt/05 legacy gt comparo.I have a black premium package xt.The forester is great bopping around town, haulin stuff and tight parking lots at the grocery store.And it is a real sleeper.The legacy is like a touring car with great handling comfortable ride and more back seat room.Oh yeah,the back seat in the forester is pretty tight for two adults.I have a 6 week old and the car seat in the back between the two front seats makes me tilt the seat back up some.So I would never drive to far with it,couple hours or so tops.Also the xt is not quiet inside,not loud but just not as tight and quiet as the legacy.In my honest opinion I feel like the xt forester premium pakage at 28k should be a little cheaper when you compare it to a legacy.But last year the new legacy wasnt out and I wasnt interested in the old legacy.By the way Im 6ft3 so maybe you wont have any back seat issues.I have back seat issues with alot of cars.Usually Its only my baby in the back anyway.But I wouldnt sit back there in the forester.Also the forester doesnt have power seats or dual climate control and is more plasticy inside.It doesnt have a 5sp auto.I guess the more I think about it I would get the legacy wagon b/c it seems like a better deal when you add it up.Really unless you you get a totally loaded fxt at around 25k or so I think the legacy wagon is a better deal and a better car for the money.Other people might not think so but its not hard to figure it out,they have the same motor so that cant be compared.I think the fxt needs more soundproofing a 5sp auto with steering wheel controls and dual power seats and still be 2k less than a legacy gt wagon or no comparison.Just my 2 cents.
  • kenskens Posts: 5,869
    XM Radio: I don't think it's unreasonable not to have XM radio as an option. It's just starting to catch on and not everyone wants it quite yet. If it continues to grow, I'm sure Subaru will add it as an option.

    Outback Aussie: Congratulations!

  • sandwoodsandwood Posts: 3
    My parking spot is off an alley and has a relatively tight and narrow turn in. I currently own an audi wagon (a4) and, if I'm not careful, it sometimes requires a two point turn to park and to exit the parking spot. this is ok for me, but my wife tends to be uncomfortable with it.

    I've been considering the new legacy gt wagon. it is about 3 inches longer than my car, but it has a smaller turning circle. my question, then (and maybe it is a dumb one, I don't know) is whether the smaller turning circle will *definitely* translate into it actually being easier to park the legacy over the audi, even though the legacy is longer? I'm not sure. does the longer wheelbase have any relevance? the steering ratio?

    It wd be nice if the subaru dealers would give me a 24 hour test drive, but that doesn't seem likely. any input would be appreciated. if the turn in is easier, I would have an easier time justifying the legacy over, for example, a wrx.
  • kenskens Posts: 5,869
    Unfortunately, I don't think smaller turning radius always translates into easier to park. For two cars the same physical size, yes, but the A4 is a shorter car.

    I think the only way to find out is to try one!

  • kevin111kevin111 Posts: 991
    Even as these two are becoming popular, there is still a debate on which to get. XM is more popular, but Sirus is making a name for itself.

    With this being said, it seems like it would be more of a marketing ploy by either to be standard in a particular automobile (yes, I think this is the case with the Acura TL).

    Especially since both charge a monthly fee.
  • jchagtdijchagtdi Posts: 55
    Sorry if this has already been answered here.

    I know the auto GT has steering wheel shift buttons, but are manual transmission GTs equipped with steering wheel mounted audio controls? These are found on all uplevel Accords, Altimas, 6s, and Passats, so one would expect a car like the Legacy to have this feature. Oh, let me guess, I have to buy a $34,000 VDC to get remote audio controls too?!?!?????

    What's up with getting soaked when you open the door of an '05 Legacy? We can nit pick about lack of XM, stability control and remote audio controls, but I feel badly for anyone in the Pacific NW or in Florida who deal with lots of rain on a regular basis. It's shocking to me that this could have been overlooked in an otherwise superbly executed vehicle.
  • salbaby1972salbaby1972 Posts: 165

    If raining, etc...:
    1. Open door.
    2. Let water run off. (Make sure to keep are away from falling water.)
    3. Wait until water funs off door gasket and exit car.

    Problem solved?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Water still might drain inside the car, get the seat and/or carpet wet.

    Just open the door slowly, give the rain a chance to drain. The doors are double sealed, so let the 2nd seal catch the water.

  • grove4grove4 Posts: 95
    I had the legacy for about three weeks and never noticed this.Last saturday it rained hard all day and nothing abnormal happend.I dont get what all this talk is about.Nothing is any different from any other car.
  • kenskens Posts: 5,869
    I haven't been following the XM vs. Sirius developments so I'm not really qualified to answer (I like to schlep all my tunes on an iPod). I think Lucien was cross shopping the two so he might be able to give more insight -- you can catch him on MTM or the FXT forums.

    Right, and there's the issue of the monthly fee. It's fine that the feature is "standard" on some vehicles, but it's usage isn't free. It sounds more like a win for XM or Sirius at this point.

  • salbaby1972salbaby1972 Posts: 165
    I rather have a input jack on the head unit for my MP3 and WMA's before XM.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Right, and there's the issue of the monthly fee. It's fine that the feature is "standard" on some vehicles, but it's usage isn't free. It sounds more like a win for XM or Sirius at this point.

    I thought the internet collapse taught everyone that not charging for your product wasn't a valid business model!!

    We pay for satellite or cable TV. This just extends the business model to radio. People who drive in areas of poor reception or who want to have a certain format/genre with them all the time, satellite radio is a great solution.
  • kevin111kevin111 Posts: 991
    "We pay for satellite or cable TV. This just extends the business model to radio. People who drive in areas of poor reception or who want to have a certain format/genre with them all the time, satellite radio is a great solution. "

    - I don't know. My CDs seem to do a great job in playing what I want. The MP3 solution sounds very viable too.
  • salbaby1972salbaby1972 Posts: 165
    How about a dealer installed XM radio option and a standard input jack. We both win! Subaru needs to offer XM as a dealer install at least for its premium-ness.
  • snowbirdsnowbird Posts: 120
    How does the armrest extension (as an accessory) work? When extended, wouldn't it interfere with the parking brake, which is next to the center console? Thanks.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    - I don't know. My CDs seem to do a great job in playing what I want. The MP3 solution sounds very viable too.

    Different solutions for different folks. CD's and MP's are just one more thing for me to take care of. I currently don't have a need for satellite radio as Boston has plenty of over the air choice. I do admit that in my car, I carry 3 CD's - Shrek, Shania, and some Disney Radio one. None are for me!!
  • snowbirdsnowbird Posts: 120
    Good to hear nothing happened to your Legacy. Hope the OB is built the same way. Will try to open the doors slowly, as suggested. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  • joajoa Posts: 8
    Thanks for the reply, Kens. My wife doesn't like the head room in the 04 and I really love the 05, but that price. I looking at spending 27K max. leaning towards used vechile w/AWD-wagon or suv size for famliy needs. Any suggestions?

    Do you (or anyone else know) if the 05 2.5xt 4 cyl.(I think) have a good amount of power? I go to Tahoe a bunch and wonder how it does on hills.

    Thank you,
  • I am also looking at a 2.5i Wagon. I live in the South Bay. Carlsen in Redwood City and the Santa Cruz dealer have good reputations. Stevens Creek does not, but you should check for yourself. If you have just emailed for quotes, most likely the dealer isn't going to offer you their final price up front. You will have to negotiate to get near the invoice. has the 2.5i wagon for $900 over invoice, about $23K with the automatic. I think a price point around $22750 would be possible if you negotiated your pants off. The 05 legacy is definitely an attractive vehicle, but there is still a great deal of competition plus huge incentives and rebates from other manufacturers. Good Luck and let us know how you fair.
  • kenskens Posts: 5,869

    I don't believe there is a big difference in headroom between the 04 and 05. If headroom is a must-have, you might want to check out the Forester. The Forester XT also gets the 2.5 turbo and has gobs of power. The 04 Forester Xt is probably selling at a very competitive price too.

    The 2.5 turbo will do great at Tahoe. I currently drive a 98 Forester S 5MT and despite the altitude, it does fine on I-80 and I-50. The turbo is far better at higher altitudes than a normally aspirated car because the turbo can maintain intake manifold pressure. I can imagine how much better it will be when I drive up there for snowboarding!

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