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Lexus GS 300/GS 430



  • docnukemdocnukem Posts: 485
    Then I guess the simple answer is to trade-in your GS for an M.

    (That would be only one change...If simplicity is not your style, you could make two changes and change both your phone and your carrier...)

  • lexi300lexi300 Posts: 36
    Bring some tinfoil with you (and maybe also an Altoids box). Ask the valet to wrap the key completely in foil (and perhaps put it in an Altoids box). This will keep the key from talking to the car. It will also help save your key's batteries.

    I live in a townhome where the garage is on the street level and the area I like to keep my key is immediately above. In order to stop the key and car from talking all the time, I put my key in foil in a cookie tin. Works wonderfully.
  • ao2ao2 Posts: 44
    Do you think the electro-magnetic bag the EZPASS (toll pass) comes in would work too??
  • ikey78ikey78 Posts: 28
    The following is based on the 2005 LS 430 Bluetooth phone but I am pretty sure that it applies to the GS as well.

    The phonebooks can be shared between different phones. Once you upload phone book entries to the car you can use them with any phone that you pair with the system.

    It is true that the V710 is one of the few phones that will not allow you to upload any phonebook entries to the car. Also there is no way to enter the information into the car using the Nav screen. The only thing you can use is a log of dialed or received numbers but the numbers are not visible when driving.

    One workaround is to upload the phonebook using another phone that has Bluetooth. As far as I know this phone would not even have to have any phone service so you might even be able to get one on ebay for a good price if you cannot borrow one. Once the entries have been uploaded you should be able to use them with the 710.This is obviously a bit cumbersome if you have a big phonebook but it is definitely doable.

    Of course you can always use the actual phone keypad especially if you store the numbers on speed dial but I agree that it partially defeats some of the purpose of Bluetooth.

    Once the numbers are in the phonebook you will have to transfer them to the One Touch dial section of the car system in order to use tham while the car is in motion as the actual phone book function is disabled while the car is moving.
  • ao2ao2 Posts: 44
    Thanks....that was helpful.

    The phone book function & keypad dialing being disabled when the car is moving is rather annoying....has anyone gotten the dealer to bypass that disabling??
  • ikey78ikey78 Posts: 28
    On the LS 430 there is a speed sensor wire that can be cut. This results in full functionality of the phone while the car is moving including the ability to use the virtual keypad when placing a call and during a call (to get into voicemail etc.) and access the phonebooks and phone settings. This does not affect the Navigation functions such as sensing where the car is or heading. I am not sure if this would work on the GS but I suspect it will.

    In order to do this you need a wiring diagram and the ability to access the back of the Nav system. Mine was done by a car stereo installer who has done many other cars as well. The Lexus dealers will not do the work but they may be able to unofficially refer you to someone who is doing it in your area.

    Obviously it is never a good idea to be distracted when driving but a lot of people would use the smaller cell phone keypad for these functions which in my opinion is more dangerous. In many cases including my own the passenger is actually using these Bluetooth phone features when the car is moving.
  • lexi300lexi300 Posts: 36
    Yes, I believe you could also use the electro-magnetic bags like the EZ-PASS comes in. Just make sure it's completely sealed.

    This is easy enough to check. Put the key in that bag, and see whether the car responds (puddle lights, ability to turn car on, etc.).

    Good luck.
  • armen6armen6 Posts: 17
    How come there are no comparos on popular AWD models? C&D loves the M, but what about the AWD trim? Is a part-time system as good as the lighter GS full-time system? Does 280 hp in the M outdo the 245 in the GS? I want a full head-on comparo before I drop 45+ on one of these redone models. Any thought on the engines/drivetrain/ergonomics differences? PS- am ready to test drive both after holiday weekend.
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    If by "outdo" you mean outaccelerate, almost defintely yes.

    Motortrend got 7.2s 0-60 for the GS300 AWD.
    Motortrend got 6.3s 0-60 for the M35 RWD.

    So the M35x will probably do 0-60 in the mid 6 range.
  • vroommdtvroommdt Posts: 11
    Does anyone have any experience with the time it takes to get a GS430 on special order? I ordered red with black interior in mid March and was told it would be 120 days. That would put it in Mid July. Now I am told it is scheduled for "production" in July and it will be "allocated" in August. I am trying to find out what "allocated" means and when I will actually take delivery! I feel like I am being jerked around and am losing faith in the vaunted Lexus Service. Comments, experiences, please. :mad:
  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    There are many causes of delay w/ special orders. The salesman has no control over what goes on between the factory assembly order to the dealership delivery. The salesman wants to get you "invested" in the car by taking an order and may express an overly optimistic opinion of when to expect delivery. After delivery, Lexus service is more direct between you, the purchaser, and the service dept. Toyota/Lexus can put pressure on the dealer for a laps in service but the dealer has little leverage in speeding up manufacture of a special order car. IOW, It'll come when it arrives.
  • luvboxrsluvboxrs Posts: 47
    I've scanned past messages, but I'm going to bring up this topic again--

    I'm in search of a phone that works with the GS430 Bluetooth with minimum hassle/problems.

    I currently have Sprint and I'm very happy with the service (ex-Verizon customer). There are no Sprint compatible phones according to Lexus--only Cingular has phones that are compatible according to them.

    I would be willing to switch service in order to get something that works right. I'm either going to have to pay full price for a new phone from Sprint or pay to get out of the contract and switch carriers, so either way I'm looking at an investment at getting this working. I want to make sure the money is well spent and I end up with something that works.

    I'm surprised this is so difficult. My dad has an Acura TL and his Bluetooth was so easy (he's 65 years old for cryin' out loud and can't figure out his DVD player but he got his Bluetooth phone set up and working perfectly with his Acura).

    I love this car, but I'm a bitty bit disappointed in how complicated the Bluetooth is turning out to be.

    Can someone help me out with either 1) Sprint phones that work with the GS430 (I hate LG brand phones, I think they're junk) or 2) recommend another service provider and phone that will work with this system.

    I don't mind spending the money to get this working, but I do want it to actually WORK after I spend all this time/money!

    Thanks everyone!
  • jo2jo2 Posts: 41
    Hello Lisa,

    I have the treo 650 with sprint which is a complicated PDA phone and it works but it took a long time to get it to work. This is the only phone that sprint has that I found that worked. The trick was the car never gives you a message that it found your bluetooth signal. If you end up getting the phone shoot me an email at [email protected]
  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWPosts: 2,787
    Check with your local service Sprint to see if the Sony-Ericsson T608 is compatible. This phone is available on eBay, but you must buy one "locked" (or programed) for Sprint. Then before buying, double check that this phone is compatible with Lexus Bluetooth.
  • jonesok1jonesok1 Posts: 97

    I use a Motorola V3 RAZR from Cingular with my GS430 and it works flawlessly. The only hitch is that you have to download your phone book numbers one at a time to the GS430 and it's a bit cumbersome, but other than that it works great once you get them ported over to the GS430's memory.
  • luvboxrsluvboxrs Posts: 47
    Thanks for the replies. I spent all afternoon at Sprint and Cingular and it looks like I'll probably be switching to Cingular.

    The Sprint guy was nice, and even brought their only BT phone to the parking lot (an LG) and tried to get it to pair up. It didn't work. That leaves the Treo 650 as my only option. I have a PDA (which I love) but I'm unsure about the Treo's capabilies as a phone. I want a decent phone, and the Sprint guy was honest and said the Treo isn't going to work as well as a phone as other options because it's a PDA first, and a phone second. Plus I'll have to pay $600 for it. :( If I was sure that the Treo wasn't going to give me spotty cell service, I might give it more consideration, but I went through years of frustration with Verizon, dropped and missed calls and I don't want to do that again!

    I checked out the Razr at Cingular. I'm encouraged that it works perfectly with the GS430.

    Continuing the research......
  • flchrisflchris Posts: 1
    When you had your gs300 windows tinted did the tint cover the whole back windoe or did they go around the light? If it is all the way hoe did they do it?
  • jo2jo2 Posts: 41
    After some careful research I been able to link together the bluetooth with the Treo 650 with Sprint. However... It's still sounds very choppy and I have to repeat myself several times. Does anyone out there know if this is a bluetooth thing in general? Does all bluetooth sound choppy and garbled?

    Or should I try and find another phone that works better with the GS 300 bluetooth?

    What is your experience in general with bluetooth car function?
  • jonesok1jonesok1 Posts: 97
    I think the choppiness is more a function of the phones connection to the service than the connection to the bluetooth. My RAZR is not choppy. I leave my phone in the center console and it works perfectly through the GS430's speaker in that location, even in fringe areas. However, if the air conditioner is full on, or pointed at the microphone over your head, it can make it more difficult to be understood on the other end. Turn down the air first before making a call.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWPosts: 2,787
    If you're switching to Cingular, check out the Motorolla v551, much less expensve, easier to use buttons, and a quality Bluetooth phone.
  • hobbohobbo Posts: 1
    My Nokia 6230 (Cingular) works perfectly with the GS 300 ... never take it out of my pocket. The dealer set it up and I didn't pay close attention, but he pushed a button on the GS and one on the cell phone and it seemed to set up itself. Numbers in the address book had to be downloaded individually though.
  • vroommdtvroommdt Posts: 11
    What has been the experience with the original equipment tires on the 2006 GS430? They seem to come with either two types of run flats (Bridgestone Potenza RE040-Z rated and Turanza EL42-V rated) which I haven"t heard much good about, and two high performance summer tires-Dunlop SP Sport 2030-Y rated and Yokohama ADVAN a10B, also Y rated. I'm interested in handling on dry/wet, noise and ride comfort. My guess is that the Dunlop would give better mileage based on the specs- but is there any real experience to date? :confuse:
  • luvboxrsluvboxrs Posts: 47
    I decided to switch to Cingular in order to get the Bluetooth working in my GS. I didn't want to switch from Sprint, but paying $600 for the Treo which "mostly" works wasn't a good option for me. If it worked with no glitches, I might have done it.

    I ended up paying $100 for the Razr (after rebate) through The V551 was $50 after rebate. I'm sure they're both nice. It was a hard decision. I don't use the phone for internet, music, photos, etc. I just need a phone, ya know??

    Thanks for everyone's help with this....
  • indy5indy5 Posts: 2
    They cut around the light and sensor. Looks fine.
  • indy5indy5 Posts: 2
    I moved from Verizon to Cingular with the V3 RAZR phone. Works great.
  • On the subject of cell phones, does anyone know what particular CDMA - Bluetooth phones will work on my 2006 GS 300? Most of the Bluetooth phones out there are GSM models. I first thought about getting the Motorola V710, but after reading all the posts about problems with downloading the phonebook, I reconsidered. If you can't download the phonebook, you really can't use the 1-touch dialing features while the car is moving. You can manually assign numbers (up to 18 I think) using the outgoing/incoming log, but the numbers won't appear on the screen while the car is moving. So what good is that? I did a search on the net and found 2 possible models: the Nokia 6255i and the Motorola E815. Has anyone tried using those phones with the GS 300/430, or does anyone else have any other suggestions on what other models might work (CDMA/Bluetooth)? (I really prefer using the flip/clamshell models).
  • luvboxrsluvboxrs Posts: 47
    I may have this wrong, but from what I've researched Cingular is the only company that has BT phones that are confirmed to work with the Lexus. And Cingular is a GSM network. So....I guess that would mean there are no CDMA phones that are approved to work with the Lexus.

    If you read back, folks have gotten the Sprint Treo 650 to work, albeit with glitches, some of them serious enough for me to not choose to go with the Treo and switch from Sprint (call waiting disconnect problems). The Sprint rep took an LG PM-325 out to my car and tried to get it to work to no avail. He also discussed that several of their latest models were supposed to have BT capability, and showed up in the store without it. Too bad, because I really liked my Sprint service--no problems whatsoever. I'll switch back if they get a BT phone that works with my car.

    As for the phone book, I haven't seen a post yet regarding any phone where someone was able to download the entire phonebook. With most BT Cingular phones, people are forced to download one at a time.
  • iwangs04iwangs04 Posts: 22
    Hello all,
    I’d been out for a while. I’m the guy who posted the original question of GS vs M. Just want to thank to those who replied to my question. It seems that the majority of responses are in favor of the GS. Some also had provided great ways of how to compare them then make decision, thanks again.

    The things that I am attracted to the Infiniti are the performance (more HP) and the price that caused me to have a second thought. Because, at times I’d feel a little unhappy for getting something that costs more for a less value, i,e performance is in this case. But now my mind is 95% go for the Lexus, I don’t want to carry a burden of regret feeling later on for longing for a GS if I buy something else.

    Lexus, in general, has been the best car overall since its debut (This is a fact. from consumer reports by JDP, auto trend, etc, you know what I mean.) However, it needs some improvements in the performance and handling areas, as it currently stand is seemed behind Infiniti, BMW, and Mercedes, etc, although many are very pleased with what it's already. Hopefully not for long when the new model, GS460, comes into play in a very near future, which perhaps will cover the latter. Lexus’ design and style are very handsome and elegant with luxurious appearance. The reliability/value is at the top notch, no doubt about it. In my book, Lexus has always more prestigious/superior than the Infiniti in most aspects. I know from experience, because I have been a long time Toyotas owner, from Camry, supra & 4runner, and i know how well and reliable they are.

    $ is the major factor, for me, for making decision on a purchase, however, personal choice/taste overcomes that, which sometimes I’m willing to pay extra for the thing I want, be fond of, and for the quality. At first, I had BMW 5 series in the mix. As you all know, BWM is an ‘Ultimate Machine’ and it’s famous for handling, performance, power and luxury all that. In status, it’s classier than Lexus but not that I care for. While ago, test drove a 525, and it’s a fine machine. The handling feels nicely as advertised, but the power is not so impressed me much. Perhaps the power on a 540 model would give justice, but the $ sticker is too steep. I did little research and some say that BMW seems to have more problematic than the Lexus. Of course the repair/service is not cheap either, not that I have extra $ to burn nor I can’t afford, but it would be too irksome to see it happens… I know a guy who owns a 2002 M3; it has visited the dealer for few times already. The problem is that it produces too much power which causes other things break…This may not a fair reason to mention here. Anyhow, BMW is out my list…for now.

    I have great passion for cars and like to read about it a lot, especially in the consumer discussions as this. It’s certainly a great place for reading pleasure. It’d be nice if one has lot of dough ($). I’d know how to fulfill my satisfaction by purchasing variety of makes and models for every couple years. It seems some people here in this forum are doing that, changing from one model to the next in a few years. That’s just too awesome man. Life is good, isn’t it? Good for you…I am enviously inspired.

    Best regards,
    Happy motoring…
  • ao2ao2 Posts: 44
    The V710 works very well with two issues: 1) The phone won't ring (Does anyone know how to fix this???); 2) The Phonebook issue.

    I took someone elses advise and bought a BT phone on ebay for $30. I use that to upload the phone numbers.

    Bottom line, if Cingular works well in your area, you're probably better off switching. If you're like me and Cingular stinks where you are, then this is the best work around.
  • ao2ao2 Posts: 44
    The Siemans S56 allows you to upload all your phone numbers to the LXS at one time.
  • luvboxrsluvboxrs Posts: 47
    Can the dealer turn off the bing bonging of that dang seat belt alert??

    My mailbox is 1/4 mile from my driveway and YES I realize my seatbelt is not on when I got back in my car from getting my mail and NO I don't think I'm going to put it on for the short drive around the corner.

    It's driving me bonkers.
  • Re: Bluetooth/CDMA compatibility with the 2006 GS 300.
    What about the LG VX8100? Has anyone tried this model yet?
    How about the Nokia 6255i? Or the Motorola E815?
    Any advice/information would be appreciated.
  • lexi300lexi300 Posts: 36
    I picked up a Motorola E815 from my local Verizon store today. (I may or may not keep it, since I'd just bought a Samsung SCH-A890 a few months ago with new-every-two, but Bluetooth is enticing.)

    The phone works fine with the Lexus GS300. It creates a permanent Bluetooth bond, and allows calls. It also allows breaking and reforming the Bluetooth link, so you can leave the car or have a private conversation if you need to.

    However, like all Verizon phones (except maybe the Treo, I don't know), it does not allow you to download your phonebook. You'll need to use the phone to make calls, or else load in your most-used numbers by hand into the car. Verizon won't let their phones support the OBEX Bluetooth profile, so data can't be transferred.
  • Thanks ao2 for the response (as well as to the others who responded to my posts --ikey78, luvboxrs, lexi300). One question: When you used another BT phone to download the phone numbers, did it have to have service, or did you just buy the phone on ebay, input the numbers and transfer them to the GS without activating service? What phone model did you buy on ebay? If the phone used to download the phonebook doesn't need service, then I guess I will try this route and use the Moto E815 as my service phone (since lexi300 advised that the E815 will not download the phonebook).

    Still waiting to hear, though, from others who have tried to use either the Nokia 6255i or the LG VX8100.

    Thanks again.
  • lexi300lexi300 Posts: 36
    I don't know if Verizon is selling the VX8100 yet, so you may not find many people with experience using it.

    Any phone that can pair with the GS300 and that supports the Bluetooth OBEX profile can download a phonebook. The phone doesn't have to have service. It's purely a data exchange between phone and car. No more than 500 entries will transfer per phonebook.

    I'm not too worried about the lack of ability to transfer the phonebook because the car won't let you use the phonebook while it is moving. All phone functions work from the phone, though, so in my case it's just easier to use the phone to dial using the phone's phonebook or speed dial keys. The audio automatically comes over the car audio without having to specifically switch it (as long as a Bluetooth link has been established between phone and car, and this happens on car startup if everything is set right).

    So, for me, sequence is:

    Get into car.
    Start car.
    (Bluetooth automatically connected.)
    Want to make a call ... use phone.
    Car automatically mutes radio and diverts audio to car audio
    Close phone and have conversation over car audio.
    End conversation by hitting steering-wheel button to kill conversation.

    I know some people would prefer to use the car's touchpad to make a call, but for me I am almost always moving while wanting to make a call, and it's a pain to have to stop the car to activate the keypad. I have a few numbers programmed into the car's speed dial choices, and that is available even while moving.

    Best wishes -- enjoy.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Anyone know the reason why Lexus dealers don't have their new inventory on theis websites?
  • luvboxrsluvboxrs Posts: 47
    Ok, I got the Razr in, and it pairs up no problems. Transferred the phonebook over--one at a time, but that's no big deal. Problem is, how come the display doesn't show caller ID info when I get an incoming call in the car? It just rings and the screen says "incoming call". I'd really like to see at least the phone number of the incoming call...does anyone know what I'm doing wrong??
  • ao2ao2 Posts: 44
    I bought a Siemens S56 because it seemed to be the cheapest one, and it was the only one I could find that would allow you to upload ALL numbers with one click (as opposed to entry, by entry).

    It was not activiated, and it doesn't need to have Cingular Service connected for the bluetooth to work.

    Cost me like $30.

    Does the E815 ring on the LEXUS?? Because that's something my V710 won't do.
  • sdajsdaj Posts: 6
    Has anyone considered the ill-effects of the Smart Access Key. It transmits a frequency
    every second of the day, 24 hrs a day. Having that in your pocket next to your body all day long might not be a good idea in the long run. I emailed Lexus/Toyota and they said they were operating within U.S. regulations. Funny that's what the tobacco and asbestos industries used to say. I emailed Lexus/Toyota again and asked if they plan on putting an on/off button on the Smart Access Key. That way health conscious consumers could turn it off while not in use. Those who don't care about their long term health could leave it on all day. Lexus/Toyota responded with they don't plan on making any changes to the Smart Access Key.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    Even before SmartKey ever came along....alarm clocks give off radiation that could harm your health, you have a cell phone next to you which is probably more harmful than SmartKey, not to mention the computer you sit next to....and the list goes on and on.
  • lexi300lexi300 Posts: 36
    I keep the smartkey in foil in a cookie tin when at home, not so much to protect myself but to keep the battery in the smartkey from wearing out prematurely -- since where I store my key is close to the car when it's in the garage.

    However, realize that the smartkey only operates over a very short distance -- tens of meters. This is the same as things like WiFi and Bluetooth that are on all the time. Cell phones are so dangerous because they give off 0.6 W power to get a mile or more to the nearest cell tower. The smartkey will be many, many fold less powerful than that.
  • lexi300lexi300 Posts: 36
    The phone -- the E815 -- rings when it is connected to the car by Bluetooth. But if you leave the phone in the trunk or something, I don't think the car rings. I haven't gotten enough incoming calls to notice, but I'll try to play with it over the next few days and let you know.
  • lexi300lexi300 Posts: 36
    Does anyone know of a software program that could be used with a laptop with Bluetooth connectivity to download a phonebook into the Lexus GS300?
  • ao2ao2 Posts: 44
    What ringer do you have the 815 set to when it rings??

    Am I the only one who cannot get the v710 to ring?
  • ao2ao2 Posts: 44
    You've got to be joking??? You actually called/emailed Toyota about this? You've got way too much time on your hands.

    Keep it in your shirt pocket if you're afraid of destroying your breeding capabilites.
  • howardg1howardg1 Posts: 14
    The one Leuxus dealer in the MD/VA area whos inventory is available on-line is Lexus of Silver Spring. Go to, and click on the Lexus dealership. None of the others that I am aware of have their inventory listed on-line.
  • sdajsdaj Posts: 6
    Shirt pocket, pants pocket, back pocket, coat pocket, side pocket what does it matter. Think ao2 Think!!! In 20 years you may wish you had given this more thought.
    If possible ill-effects on your long term health are of no concern to you then think of it another way. On an average day the amount of time your Smart Access Key needs to be on to allow you to enter and start your car and later to exit and lock your car might be a grand total of 5 minutes. Why does your Smart Access Key need to be on the rest of the 23 hours and 55 minutes of the day. Why???
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    sdaj: There are so many radio waves going through your body every minute of every day, I doubt the Smart Key will make any difference. If you are concerned, go to a camera store and pick up one of those lead lined bags that people use to cary film through x-ray machines with and keep the Smart Key in it.
  • jo2jo2 Posts: 41
    Has anyone out there paired the new Blackberry 7250 with Verizon to the GS 300?

    If so were you able to transfer the phone book as well?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated
  • ao2ao2 Posts: 44
    Or...maybe you could get your dentist to sell you that lead vest he uses when taking xrays
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